ONCE UPON A TIME ,WE WERE FRIENDS……..swaragini (intro).

Hi guys i m new to here and from tamilnadu . My name is maha and i m studying now. I m not that much fluent in english and if u found any grammatical mistakes then please bear and dont bash me please my little heart will suffer …….

Guys now i m going to write a story based on love and revenge and the characters are not only from swaragini this story will contain all my fav characters ok now the characters are

RAGINI KANNA – a beautiful girl and morden as well. She can do anything for her friends and also a adament girl. Completed 12th std in bangalore . Age 18

SWARA KAPOOR – a sweet and bubbly girl , kind hearted not a bold type but not also a innocent girl . She has dream for her love . Completed 12th std in mumbai but due to some issues she came to study in south. Age 17 .

SHALINI MAHESH – a beautiful and innocent girl but she can face anything for her friends . Completed 12 std in chennai . (Imagine shalini as ISHANI from MATSH) .

guys these are the main characters i will tell the other characters later if u like the character sketch then tell me if not then also tell me i drop it here please tell me guys i will post the prologue tonight then u decide till then take care . Bye

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  1. Amazing dear…….pls continue.

    1. thank u so much ASHMOOR

  2. loved ragini

    1. s ragini had a very good role in my story . and thank u for commenting lisa

    1. thank u sindhura

    1. thank u j

  3. Continue dear

    1. thank u dear angel

  4. Ragz_teju

    nice keep writing

    1. thank u ragz

  5. Woooowwww!!!! Maha ur new FF…m soo excited…m eagerly waiting for d next …. but why u said u are new here as u have one more FF..**thinking**.. anyway thank u…

    1. sorry kakali because i m not that maha i m maha lakshmi and i m new here and this is my first ff. thank u for commenting please keep support me like this

    1. thank u ammu

  6. SNY

    Vry nyc…

    1. thank u SNY .


    1. thank u banu

  8. awesome update soon

    1. thank u j

  9. Nice plz continue I too frm tamilnadu so same pinch can I call u akka

    1. ooo my sweet sanch u can call as what u want. i m just 16 .and thanku for liking my intro.

  10. Mahaaaaaa please continue yaar love swaragini intro. Your little heart will not get hurt as. Your intro is wowwwwwwwww. And yes you haven’t write any ff on swaragini. anyway I will support you my dear. Update soon

    1. thank u soooo much my dear and well i post my prologue already but it is in the review and ya this is my first ff . once again thank u so muchhhhhhhh

  11. Akshata


    1. thank u akshatha

  12. Scooby

    Mahe thangachi.. super start da.. do post prologue..

    1. thank u akka .onu sollava nengalum and nivi akkacum dhan nan ff eludharadhuku inspiration.

  13. Mica

    so tempting

    1. thank u mica .

  14. Cutiie

    nice…but make swaaan

    1. i will tell u that later and now thank u so much cutiie

  15. Astha

    Shalini – ishani……. Tamilnatu ponnunu prove panra….. Urave uyre effect super ah velai seidu…..
    Coming to intro….. Simply superb…. Hope rag has important role in this ff.. Continue dear. Waiting for 1st epi. Keep smiling n rocking.

    1. haan unmaidhan aana story south base la adhanaladhan shalini nu select panninen and thank u akka .

  16. Loved swara

    1. keep loving her and thank u

  17. Hey
    U too are frm tn
    Actually I am also frm tn
    Chennai or somewhere else
    Giving uravey uyire ishaani to shalini effect ah
    Coming to the intro
    It was fabulous and if u are making pairs then pls make it swasan

    1. hi roshni akka i m from salem thank u for liking my intro.

  18. Hi dear
    U too are frm tn
    Actually I am also frm tn
    Chennai or somewhere else

    Coming to the intro
    It was fabulous and if u are making pairs then pls make it swasan

    1. thank u akka .i m from salem.

  19. Ohhh soryy Maha… i got confused…colllyyy… hope u dont mind… n once again great intro…loved it… eagerly waiting for d next…u r just 16,, then m too bigger than u coz m 17…((hahaha silly me))

    1. haan its ok never mind and thank u di and ya i post my prologue it is on the swaragini page please read it na

  20. Hey super, plz continue .I’m also from chennai

    1. thank u

  21. I have already read it n alsoo commented dear.(i have done my word). u just reply(as it’s ur work)…

    1. i too done my work . thank u di.

    1. thank u s

  22. like it carry on…

    1. thanku teja

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