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RECAP : swaraglu nok jokes and finally mr.handsome entry..


episode starts with rv asking the boy

Rv – hey devil u scared me yaar , n how r u man ?????

Swaraglu was confused and the boy get down from his bike and said

Boy – u know about me right i need a thrill in my life and u can watch me right see i m perfectly fine and looking hot as ur friends said (pointing towards swalu ) .

Rv again burning in jelousy and somehow he controlled and said

Rv – and as i said he is my friend k…( interrupted by the boy )

Boy – karan wahi frm pune second year mechanical. ( all are wrong my friends lol )

Rv – and this ….( again interrupted by karan )

Karan – this is ragini ur chilhood frnd and this swara and this is shalu shalini am i correct

Swalu mouth again like “O”

Rag in confussion – but how ( interrupted)

Karan – u want to know that how i know u all right!! Because i have a seventh sense .

Rv – karan no lies ok ragu i told u na he is my fb friend and i m the one who said him about u all he is just lieing .

Karan – ok now if ur explaining session is over than…..will be friends.

Swalu looked at ragini .then ragini nods and

Swalu – friends..(and shake his hands).

Then karan forward his hand to ragini and rag also gives him a hand shake .then swara said

Swara – we are getting late for class shall we go .

All nods their head and planned to meet at interval in canteen then all left to their respective classes

1st year mec.class

Swaraglu was on their place . There trio was talking with their new friends . Then sid came in by seeing him all stood up and sid placed his books on his table and said

Sid – sit down and first of all i told u na that feel me as ur friend only friend ok not more than that ( giggled )
Ok jokes apart give me respect as ur friend not as a lecturer ok understand

All nods and sid starts to take class .whole class is silently listening him and finally the lesson got over and sid closed his book and said

Sid – ok frnds……

Everyone was surprised by his words and he notice everyones reaction

Sid – what happen guys y r u all looking me like this am i looking like a other species!!!!!

One boy getsup and said

Boy – no sir i think u mistakenly call us as ur friends

Sid – ooo my dear i said na i m ur friend so whats wrong if i call u as friends ????

Boy – sir we r lucky to have u as our proffesser

Sid – omg please call me sid no sir ok

Boy – ok sir offff sorry sid

Then sid continues

Sid – ok frnds if u have any doubts u can ask me now

A girl rises her hand and sid ask her to getup and said

Sid – tell me reena what is ur doubt

Reena – sir sry sid where are u from i mean u r looks like a bollywood hero (lol) but u r speaking tamil also so thats y

Sid – idhu ippo romba mukkiyam ( is this is really important now ) ok anyways i need to clear ur doubt ya u r little bit correct my father is from pune and mom is bangalore but we setteled in tamilnadu so i know all the three languages are u clear now

Reena nods and sid said

Sid – ragini dont u have any doubts

Ragini stands up and said

Rag – no sid but y r u particularly pointing at me

Sid – not like that i just ask u because u r looking confused

Rag – no sid i m clear

Sid – pakka ???

Rag – pakka…

Then the bell rings and sid said

Sid – ok frnds bye see u in next class ,take care.

All – bye sid

Interval , in canteen swaraglu was seated in a table and rv,karan also came there by seeing them swaraglu said

Swaraglu – hi rv!!!!

Swalu – hi karan!!!!

Karan,rv – hi girls !!!

Karan – kya hua ? beauty abhi bhi gusa me ho kya ?

Raglu and rv gave a wierd look and karan said

Karan – kya hua ?????

Swara – oohh karan chodo ye logo ko , ye aise he because ye sab ko hindi nahi malum hi (* me too lol )

Shalu – ohhh hello idhu tamil nadu ok inga tamil theriyalana dhan thapu ( this is tamilnadu ok if i dont know tamil then that is wrong )

Swara – sari sari ( ok ok ) chodo

Karan – ohhh i m sorry i dont know about this ok from now onwards i dont use a single hindi word also that is with u only not with swara ok .

Raglu,rv – ok fine

Karan – i first said that if ragini is still angry on me because she is not even says hi to me

Rag – ohhh not like that i just…. i m really sorry yarr ok now a big hi to u ( by saying this she gave a handshake to karan ) is it enough

Karan with a wide smile – ok not bad miss beauty

Rag – again beauty ????

Karan – its suits u yaar

Rag glare at him and shalu said

Shalu – ohh then am i not beautiful

Swara – me ????

Karan – girls u r also beautiful but she is more beautiful then u both

Swalu – ohhhhhh

Rag – such a flirt

Karan – haaan ok here the first beauty is ragu and then shalu then swara ( it is just karan’s pov not mine ok for me the trio is equal beauties )

Shalu – ohhh thank u

Rv feels really jealousy , so rv tries to change the topic

Rv – ok girls tell me how was ur class today ???

Shalu – haan it was awesome sid na he is really friendly with us

Rv – and by the way who is the sid

Swara – areey he is siddant our proffesser

Kavi ( karan+ ravi ) – whattt

Rag – what happen

Rv – he is ur proffeser guys how can u call him with his name

Swara – first of all he is our friend ok

Raglu – haan

Rv – ok leave it

Rag – karan now tell na

Karan – what

Rag – about u

Karan – ok as i said earlier i m karan wahi from pune my father is arjun criminal lawyer and my mom rathi is house wfe ,i studied at xxxx collage there but due to some issues i came here.

Rag – we all know this and tell me what is that issue

Karan – i will tell u when the time comes .

Rag just nods and they chit chat like this for few minutes suddenly they hear a voice behind swara then all stood up by seeing the scenerio they saw a boy sitting in his knees with a red rose in his hands in front of swara.swara with a shock

Swara – hey who are u man what are u doing

Boy – i love u my jaan will u marry me will u be my life partner

Rag – what the hell

Swara was still in shock kavi went near the boy and they starts to beat him badly . Swara starts to cry raglu trying to console her karan push the boy and he fell on ground and karan said

Karan – dont u dare to came near her ok varna

Rv – leave him karan come lets go to the class

Ragini was surprised to see karan’s care because she know about rv very well but karan she thinks that karan is a flirt and care free but she was totally wrong then ragini came out of her thoughts and said

Rag – thank u karan

Karan – no sorry and no thanks between us

Swara – thank u

Karan – hello madam the rule is for u too ok keep it in ur mind

Swara hugs him and karan hugs her back then all leave to their respective classes.

PRCAP : ragini karan bonding , NEW entry.

Done with another episode bye keep smiling and stay blessed.

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