Hi friends , lets start the story …..

RECAP : swara flashback ends . Swaraglu good times


Next morning

It was already 8’o clock swara was fully ready for clg she was waiting for raglu to getup from 7:30 but still they both sleeping with cuddling eachother in a same bed now swara cant wait anymore she starts to shout their names

Swara – raginiiiiii shaluuuuuu get up its already late please yaar wake up…

But swara’ s shoting did not bother their sleep they close their ears with their hands now swara goes near the music system and plays the music in maximum then she came near raglu and starts pulling their bedsheet.ragini threw a pillow on swara and said

Rag – what yaar u spoiled my beauty sleep

Shalu – (in a sleepy tone) haan see ragini my eyes got red

Swara – ok i m sorry miss beauties if u r done with ur bak baks then jao jakar fresh ho jao its already 8 : 05 yaar

Raglu sees swara with a wierd look then swara said

Swara – whatt tum doono mujhe aise kyu dekhrahio

Rag – oooo miss swara kapoor for ur kind information i m a bangalore girl and she na she is a typical tamil girl

Shalu – and swara the fact is that here is the one who knows hindi is u then if u speak in hindi with us ….

Raglu – then how can we understand yaarrrrrrrr.

Swara – offf i m sry girls i think i need some time to adopt this environment and language but i ll try .and from today i ll never talk in hindi its my kasam tk

Raglu – offffffffooooo

Rag – swara u already break the promise yaar .

Swara – i m sorry ok now go its gettinglate go get ready hurry up girls we need to be there in 45 minutes

By hearing swara’s word ragini hurridely get up from the bed and take her clothes and went to bathroom .but still shalu was lyeing in the bed swara give a her a glare and said

Swara – whatt jao na

Swara was standing near the bed shalu get up from her place and goes to swara in a kneeling position on the bed and she circled her hands around swara’s neck and said

Shalu – ooohhh miss swara first tell me one thing how can i share bathroom with ragini ???

Swara was still in confusion then shalu continues

Shalu – oofffooo miss tubelight first let her come out then i ll go Ok if u now understand or…..

Swara – haan ok ok i can understand that only ravi have a rights to share a bathroom with u right ( in a teasing tone )

Shalu – swaraaaaa u damn it how can u ….

Then shalu starts to throw pillow on swara and she started chasing her then they both rounds the whole room. Then ragini came out swara sees ragini coming out and she goes and hide behind her and said

Swara – ooo miss ugly beauty queen now go and take bath varna ur romeo will ran away from u .

Shalu – uuuuu…..( ragini interrupted )

Ragini – hey girls if u both done with ur fights then shalu go and get ready its already late .

Shalu give death glare to swara and angrily she take her clothes and went to bathroom

swaragini burst out into laughter by seeing shalu .then ragini and swara goes and sits in the balcony while waiting for shalu ,rag starts first

Ragini – swara can i ask u something ???

Swara – haan ragini pucho na

Rag – swaraaaa!!!!

Swara – oo sorry i cant control it is just coming in my mouth

Rag – its ok shall i ask u now

Swara – ok ask me yaarrr

Rag – swara y u reject him i mean sanskar .

Swara was silent and ragini continues.

Rag – swara if u dont feel like then its ok .

Swara – no ragini there is nothing like that actually ragini vo that day ( swara’ s eyes became wet )……i m just imaging about my …..( interrupted by shalu )

Shalu came out from bathroom and said

Shalu – girls i m ready shall we go now ….

Then swara hide her tears and came iside the room and take her books and went out , ragini gave a death glare to shalu . Shalu with a confused look

Shalu – what y are u glaring at me

Rag – ooh no shalu i m not glaring at u infact i m staring at u because u r looking like a doll in this dress so thats y i m staring

Shalu – ooo really like a barbie doll na

Rag – no like a monkey

Shalu with a pout – y are u saying like this

Rag – shalu dont keep ur face like its really discusting

Shalu – y r u saying this go i m not talking to u anymore

then shalu goes and sits in the bed and starts crying .then ragini went near her and put her hand her shoulder and said

Rag – shalu dont cry

Shalu was still crying ragini anger raise snd said

Rag – shut up shaluuu

Shalu – u r like this only go i wont talk to u

Ragini sits near her and take her hands in hers and said

Ragini – listen to me first swara was about to tell the reason behind her breakup but u spoiled it

Shalu wipe her fake tears and said

Shalu – sorry but i will make her tell the truth

Then they goes downstairs their swara was waiting for them and then trio went to collage there in the gate ravi was waiting for someone .
Swaraglu went near him and ask him

Rag – rv what happen are u waiting for someone ????

Rv – haan ragu i m waiting for my friend he is joing today

Shalu – buttt

Rv – haan i can understand ur question he is my fb friend and he is also 2nd year he is from pune due to some issue he came to study here

Shalu – ooo ok

Then after 5 minutes a ducati bike in maxi speed came towards rv and stops at a inch in front of rv . Rv was in full shock

Rag – hey u devil dont u have eyes dont u know how to drive

Then the boy remove his helmet and said

Boy – hey beautiful please ask one by one

Shalu mouth was became “O” and said

Shalu – oo how handsome

Swara – wow kitini hot he yaarr

Boy – thank u for the compliment beauties

Ragini gave a death glare to swalu and said

Rag – shut ur mouth

Ravi was still in shock ragini shake him and ravi said

Rv – hey devil u scared me yaar how r u man ???

Swaraglu was confused

PRECAP – dont know

Keep guessing who was that handsome????
And keep smiling .

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  1. Obviously laksh and update was amazing

    1. Mahavir

      thank u ash and keep guesing yaar.

  2. Scooby

    Its laksh im correct… yeah… thn it ws suprb chapie…

    1. Mahavir

      thanks akka not a bad guess pakkalam yaarunu…..

  3. Rabia

    nice 🙂

    1. Mahavir

      thank u rabia di…..

  4. Malika

    Maha…….. Well well let’s me think. ………. Laksh. ………
    First I said about the ep awwwwww love it. …….. Wow…… ChoTi love your writing skill. Love you yr.

    1. Mahavir

      thank u di and keep guessing di and update ur ff soon

      1. Mahavir

        di could u message me ur fb id..if u dont mind.

      2. Malika

        I’m not in fb my dear soo sorry. Otherwise I could have told you before

    2. Mahavir

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  5. Nice

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      thank u afra.

  6. Vishu

    nannum athu laksh dhan nu nenaikuran

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      paakalam adhu laksha illayanu and by the way vishu neenga enna panrenga??

  7. Kakali

    Mahaa !! its awesome chappy dear..loved it.. awwwww their cute cuteee scene.. huhuhu…
    It was obviously a truck driver*m soo smirt..isn’t it.. yeah yeah u know…

    okay jokes apart .. i think d boy is AUTO driver… hahahaha…
    thnk u..;-*

    1. Mahavir

      ooo di u r unbelivable and ya thank u di and where is ur ff di i m waiting for that

      1. Kakali

        I have already posted … waiting for TU to update.. huhuhuhu…

  8. Waiting for next

    1. Mahavir

      thank u tani

  9. I think he is laksh…. Waiting 2 know why his princess left her prince… Nd last but not d least episode was awesome post d next part asap

    1. Mahavir

      thank u sree pakkalam

  10. Asra

    awesome….nanum laksh thanu nenaikiren….Swaragini and shalu bonding semmaya iruku….

    1. Mahavir

      thank u asra akka

  11. Asha

    hi my friend.how was your exam results.
    episode nalla irunthichu waiting for next update

  12. Asha

    hi my friend.how was your exam results.
    episode super. waiting for next update

    1. Mahavir

      hi my friend i m fine how are u and i got 86 percentage in my exams and how was urs ???? thank u for commenting varsha

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