hi friends how are u friends ok now today no bak bak lets start the story….


RECAP : swara said that she dont want to do the engaement and she went to her shanthu followed her



Swara sits in her bed crying badly shanthu came there swara hide her tears and said

Swara – shanthu please leave me alone

Shanthu – swara please do u hide anything with ur friend ??

Swara – shanthu please i cant…i cant tell this to please i ll tell u when time comes but i dont love him that is the truth

Shanthu – just nod and he went from there


Shekar apologies to vijesh and leela , shikar,uttara and shivanya tries to console sanskar ,sanky was just numb he sees shanthu coming sanky get up from his place and ran towards shanthu and held his hands and said

Sanky – shanthu is she said something i know shanthu there is a reason behind all this tell na what she said.

Shanthu was numb all are seeing sanky with moist eyes.

Sanky- shanthu kuch tho bolo what she said ( angry )

Shanthu – she said she dont love u sanskar do u understand so please sanky understand

Sanskar ran towards swara’s roomand knock the door very hardly the door was still closed sankar said no almost shouted

Sanky – swara darwasa kolo i want to talk to u

Sawara – but i dont want to talk to u infact i dont want to see u leave from here sanskar leave

Sanky – swara please just say why are u doing like this please swara pleaseeee…..(almost cries)

Swara now open the door and said

Swara – ok mr sanskar , u want to know na why i m doing like this then listen i hate u mr .sanskar mehra i hate u and i dont love and i cant love u this is enough na so please leave from here .

By saying this swara shut the door in sanky’s face. Sanskar was numb there swara words are echoing in his mind he starts crying loudly and he sat infront of the while crying and said

Sanky – swara please dont do this to me i cant live without u please swaraaaa…..

After 15 minutes all came there shakar lift sanskar and made him stand properly then vijesh came towards the door and said

Vijesh – (calmly ) swara beta listen if u think me as ur dad then please open the door beta.

Shikar – swara uncle bolre hena open the door damnit…( angry)

Shanthu – bhaiya please let her open

About five minutes gone there was a no sigh to the door opening .

Shekar – swaraaaa what are doing inside come out .

Vijesh – no need shekar please dont force her sankar come let us leave .

Shekar – vijesh please …..( interrupted by vijesh )

Vijesh – no shekar aaj se ham aur swara ke thodengi . And i said that there is no relation btw swara and my family but abhi be i have a relationship with u , shomi and ur two sons .
By saying this vijesh held sanskar’s hand and take him from there and his family members followed them.
This night was very dreadful in all of their lifes

Next moring , in the hall of KAPOOR MANISION

Shakar and shekar are seated in the sofa shomi comes there with coffee

Shomi – shekar ji coffee

Shekar – nothanks shomi

Shomi went to shakar and said

Shomi – shikar beta shanthu coffe lelo na

Shikar – no mom i dont feel like .

Shanthu – nothanks mom.

At the time swara came from her room with a bag .

Swara – maa papa i m going to chennai for my studies .

There is no response from anyone . Swara went to shomi and shekar and touch feet and starts to go from there but before that shanthu called out her name and said

Shanthu – swara come i ll drop u in station

Swara just noded and she starts walking towards the entrance and she turned to see his beloved brother but there he was not intrested to give her a damn look .


swara was crying loudly after finishing her miserable flashback . Ragini came close to her and hug her tightly and said

Rag- shhhh swara please dont cry please ( with moist eyes ) .

Swara was still crying but after somtime she composed herself and said

Swara – ragini ok i m feeling sleepy let me sleep gud night ragini gud night shalu

By saying this swara starts to cover a bedsheet over her .
Ragini and shalini are still in confusion they went to bolcony and rag said

Rag – shalu dont u feel like there is something is missing in swara’s past

Shalu – haan ragini but y swara suddenly rejest sanky without any reason.

Rag- yes shalu thats the thing we need to find out .

Shalu – hmmm

Rag – ok come let we sleep now

Then they both goes to bed but the three was sleepless by the past……


Sry guys i know that many of u are waiting with chappals and tommatos ok ok all are accepted before that sry for all who are commented in previous epi because i cant give u all reply . But i think here i fulfill all ur confusion and wishes ok frnds stay blessed and keep smiling till then bye

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  5. Kakali

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    Sorry for late comment mahi sisy.. it ws superb and pity sanskar.. next part im waiting for sanski entry.. thn if not who is he???

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