Sorry for the late update frnds because i had a tight schedule now a days cant post continuesly sorry for that and i also think to end this ff soon becz i cant manage all this and sorry once again.guys i gave this part in third person pov . lets start the story.

RECAP : swara accept sanky’s proposal . Swara wants to tell something.

Swara angrily sits on the sofa . Then she starts to shout as she had a pain in her legs by hearing her scream all are came to her and said…..

Shakar – swara kya hua aap teek tho hena

Sanky – jaan what happen to ur leg .

Shomi – beta bolo na kya hua??

Vijesh – sweety what happen??

All starts to ask questions all are very furiously waits to hear swara’s answer suddenly she burst out into laughter…first all are confused and soon sanshakar understood that she was acted to get their attention. Then sanshakar said in unision.

Sanshakar – swaraaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

By hearing them swara get up from sofa and starts to run. soon the trio starts to chase her they ran out and reached garden there shanthanu catch swara’s hair and said

Shanthu- u stupid monkey ??? How dare u to act like this haan .

Swara – aahhhh chodo monkey, shikar bhaiya bolo na

Shikar – haan shanthu leave her ham uske deklungi

By saying these sanky and shikar hold swara’s both wrist and said

Shikar – doll u know what shanthu is correct u are really a monkey

Sanky – dont u have sense how could u act like that ha do u know how i feel that time i…i…

Then hearing sanky’s statement swara eyes become wet . They share a short eyelock . And swara said

Swara – im…..i m….really sorry vo…vo i need to say something to u all but u all are busy with ur works and u guys are not just give me a second to speak so thats why i act like that . ( swara was almost crying )

Shikar – doll its ok why are u crying tk chalo ab andhar chal . Shanthu , sanky come inside all are waiting for us .

Then the four went inside the house there all family members are waiting for them in hall . Shikar went and sat behind shekar and said

Shikar – doll ab bolo . What do u want to say ??

Swara stand in front of all and said

Swara – bhaiya vo …..vo . I got admission in chennai redfort collage . And i need to go there for my studies .

All are looking swara with a expressionless look.

Shekar – beta but there is many famous collages in mumbai also . So u can join here na y are u going to chennai .

Swara – papa but it was the no.1 collage in india infact i got admission in merit .please papa i want go there.

Sanky – please vlease nahi dont go anywhere jaan i will miss u .

Shanthu – haan monkey tu kahi nahi jaayenge thats final .

Shikar – shut up guys , she got admission in merit thats a big thing . Papa please socho na

Shasan – bhaiya/jiju abb

Shekar – stop it. Swara shikar , swara kahi nahi jaarehe swara ko ham mumbai collage me admission lelungi this is finall

Swara become sad. Sanky went near her and said

Sanky – swara please understand how u stay there alone without us its not safe. Infact how we stay without u thats …..please swara understand .

Shanthu – haan swara sanky is right but dont worry , u can join in my collage na we can study together. Please swara maan jao

Swara – tk sirf aab dona ki vajase.

Sanky and shanthu give a hifi.then that time came swasan engagement .it was now 6pm swara was dressed in a simple red anarkali with simple jweles and light make up and sanky was dressed in a black coat and red shirt with a rolex watch in his hand the party theme was red so all are dressed and all relatives and close friends are gathered at a poll side for a party there they all enjoyed the party and the anouncement came by mr.vijesh and shekar they said

Vijesh- welcome ladies and gentlemen .

Shekar – and have a good evening with us ok shall we start the party .

All – yesssss

Then swara came there with shivanya and uttara on her both sides . All are looking the three girls but there was a three pair of eyes are mesmerissed by seeing their beauties that was none other than sanskar, shanthu and shikar .
The servent came there with a cake then swara cut the cake and then again the anouncement starts

Vijesh – ok now the first phase our party is finished and now the second phase

Shekar – dont get confused we are talking about my sweet daughter’s engagement

Vijesh – yes now my sweet swara going to be my one and only sweet bahu

All gave aplouse

Shekar – ya we want say that today along with swara’ s bday celebration we going to do the engagement of swasan
All gave a big round of aplouse then vijesh said

Vijesh – wait still we are not complete yes we decided to do shanthu and uttara enagement along with swasan

Shikar,shivanya , swara, sanskar and ya ofcourse shanthu and uttara was damm shock.
Then shekar said

Shekar – beta dont get confuse ur sister told me everything.

Shanthu gave a death glare to swara. And the he go and hug swara.

And then the two engagement was done first shatara and then swasan……..


PRECAP: same

Sorry guys because i have tight schedule after my exams and so i cant post regularly . I try to complete the flash back but i dont got time so sorry for that and please do comments.take care

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