First of all sorry guys . I wrongly mentioned KAPOOR mansion as MEHRA mansion in last epi . And thank u soooo much for my friends who all commented on last epi and i think many of u dont like the story so i think to end this ff soon if u said ill continue it and silent readers please comment. Ok now lets start

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RECAP : In swara’s flashback , family masti , dance and finally swara shock….


I was shocked to see the scene in front because . Sanky was sit on his knees in front me with a yellow rose and red rose in each of his hands…..he starts .

Sanky- swara i need to say u something and i need to make ur birthday more special. So swara i…i….. sorry wait a minute i m just tensed ok cool sanky cool swara will u marry me ??? ( oooh he finally said lol).

Shanthanu and shikar gave a hifi…vijesh uncle and dad hug each eachother . And all around us were happy by seeing this but i was in full shock . Then again sanky starts.

Sanky – swara i think u r still in shock . I know u can share ur secrets ,your problems , your happiness and ur everything with me as a close but will u share ur whole life with me as my partner??. Ok swara now if u accept my proposal then take this red rose otherwise take this yellow rose so by that i can understand and we will be friends forever…

I cant say anything u know i was so confused because one side i was very happy because my sanky proposed me but the other how can i accept his proposal because i think him as my best friend how can he propose me and finally i came to a decison i dont gave damm look to sanky then i went to my father and said…

I – papa i told u na sanky was my best friend ( sanky face turns to pale ) and if i got any feelings for him in future then i first says to u first so papa now i said u i love him papa……

All are shocked then my dad said

Shekar – beta i m really happy for u both . Infact we all are really happy with relationship.go beta ur sanky waiting for u

Then goes to sanky he gave a death glare to me and said

Sanky – areey u know i was dieing here but u….

Before he could complete i palced my hands on his mouth and said .

I – offfff sanky abhi abhi app muje propose karthe hena phir now u talk about dieing…

( they both had a eyelock )

Then we both here a voices around us that was my bhaiyas and my bhabhis are circling around us and they said

Shanthu – arey bhai dekhona …ooo what a love scene ???

Shikar – haan shanthu dekho ye love birds how cute na.

Uthara – bhaiya dekh see they are blushing ooo

Shivanya – arey baba rukho guys do u know i this exactly half an hour before anybody said we are just a friends but i dont remember who said that shanthu do you know that ??

Shanthu – haan bhabhi waise i also dont know , swara do you know that

Then i said – ok guys enough enough now stop teasing me ok now i said we not just a friends we love eachother is it enough

Then all said in unison – ooooooooo

Shikar – anyways i was happy for my doll
Shanthu- me too bhai
Shivanya – haan hum bhi
Uthara – ya me too

Then they all gave hug to me and sanskar

And then vijesh uncle said

Uncle – wowww now sweet swara going to be my bahu swara right .

I said – no uncle abhi bahu vahu nhi because i m too young to marriage infact i m just 17 na

Sanky -but i m 20 na

I – shut up. Uncle u tell na

Uncle – haan beta but now u r perfect for engagement na yes beta shaadhi apke padaai ke baadh .

I – tk uncle .

Shekar – ok vijesh waise why dont we do the engagement today itself .

Shanthu – arey dad aap dono ki enagement oo papa thats not fair ok . Papa think what will society say about ….

I interupted and said

I – buddhu thats not funny

Shanthu – really is it not nice

Then we all said in unision – shut up

Shanthu – ok he said while put his hand on his mouth .

Vijesh – haan coming to the point tonight is swasan engagement ok

Then said with exitement – yeeeeee hurrryyyyyyyy .

And it was 12 pm . That time i had call from someone i really feel happy after hearing the news but how can i tell that to my family then i saw everyone in the house was busy in the arrangements i was walked out from my room and i saw that dad was inviting someone in phone and vijesh uncle was busy in fighting with decoraters and my mom and aunty busy in discussing the menu and my bhabhis was busy in selecting dresses finally my brainless brothers fighting with eachother for slecting a party theme i saw everyone with a discusting look and went near my dad and said

I – dad i need to talk to u

Dad – beta please chalo ham baadh me bath karenge i was litte busy ok ab chalo
Then i went to uncle

I – uncle i …
Before i could complete he says

Uncle – beta tu andhar chal ham iss decorater ko nhi chodungi tu chal beta

Then i just nods and went my mom and aunty
I – mom i want to tell u something

Mom – but beta tu avo na yaha beto hum teeno saath milkar ye menu select karenge

I – mom i ….
But mom didnt listen to me she said

Mom – leela ji kya ham desertt ke liye halwa order karunge
Then i hit my haed i went to my bhabhis

I – bhabhi aap free hena

Uthara- haan swara isiliye ham dress select karee

Shivanya – haan avo na swara tu bhi dekh ye brown wali hena ya apko bahuth achi lagungi

I – ( monologue ) ooo i know what is next better i should leave from here . Then to my bhabhis – bhabhi app doono dress dekho ham ko abhi mood nhi hen . I ll leave .

They just nods and i leave from there to my bros
I – bhaiya ham tumse kuch baath karne he

Shikar – haan bolo na doll

I – bhai wo wo red….

Shikar – haan dekho na shantu swara bhi red choose kiya so party theme is red

Shanthu- arey bhai i know y u select red because bhabhi fav colour is right am i right bhai

Shikar – haan han ham bhi janthhi he why do u choose blue because uthara fav colour is blue right

Shanthu – bhai thu hena

They starts there fight again i hit my foot on ground and went from there . That time sanky came to the house i went near him
I – sanky i need to tell u..
Before i could say anything his phone rings he goes from there then my anger reached its peak i go and sat on sofa …..


PRECAP : this time pakka flashback finishing . And MR.HANDSOME entry

Guys done with another part and ya if anyone want to end this soon then tell me ill surely end it please comment guys silent readers too.

And guess , swara lived a happy life without any trouble then what is the reason for her sadness guess it and tell me ur guess via comments .

Till then bye and take care .

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