Asusual very veryyyyyy big thank to u all for reading my story and sorry if u found any grammatical mistakes or spelling mistake because as i told to u earlier i m not that much fluent in english .and onemore thing i m a bio student. So enough of my bak baks now lets start the story .

RECAP : sid entry . Rv jealous . Swara starts to reveal her past .


FLASHBACK in swara’s POV

That day was the life changing day in life . It was big mansion is and it was named as mehra mansion . There my two bhais were dancing with alia bhatt on saturday song ( the boys are noneother than shanthanu and arjun ) .then suddenly they both hear my voice ,i said ” hey bhuddhu , bhaiya utto … ” . yes they are in dreamland . But didnt get up so i went to wash room and get a bucket full of water and pour it on shakar ( shanthanu + shekar ) . both wake up and sat with a jerk . And ” swaraaaaaa……….” both in unision said it with their top voice . I started running and shakar were get down from their bed and starts to run behind me . We were came to the hall while running shanthanu ” u monkey i ll kill u today ” . Swara ” first catch me then talk about killing ” . Shikar ” choti rukh .. varna ” .shanthu ” bhai did u think that she will stop by ur rukh rukh ki aawas se ” . Shikar hit shanthanu’ s head . Trio runs around the whole hall that time mom and dad came there i go and hide behind them.

Dad ” what are u doing , kya tum doono hamari beti se ladrayu kya ??? ” he asked with narrowed eyes . Shanthu ” papa this choti na she totally messed up my dream do u know me and bhai dance with alia in that but she …. ” he was interupded by shikar ” what ??? I mean exactly this is my dream ” . shantu ” jute math bol yaar .aise kaise ho sakthi ” . ” no yaar idont lie ” . Suddenly i said ” wait wait i ll tell u .u both have same thoughts same taste , same pagalpan….” before she could complete shakar goes near her and raise their hands like they gonna punch but before that swara said fastly ” same love on ur sister ” then they both gave side hug to me .my mom dad was having tears in their eyes by seeing us like this . Then mom said ” ok now boys can u guess what is the occasion today ??? ” . I said ” tell buddhu ” . Shantu ” chupp, let me guess ur wedding day “. i hit him in his hand and said ” hey buddhu dont u remember our parents wedding day ??? ” .

Shantu ” oh sorry it was last month right ok maa i have very little brain so please tell na ” . I said ” ooho shantu beta we know that u dont have a little brain infact u dont have a brain ” and he then hit me on my head . Shikar ” oh yaa shanthu she is right u dont have brain today is my cute doll choti ‘s birthday how can i forget it because u r my life my sweet sissy na wish u a many more happy returns of the day my choti ” . Shikar gave hug to me . Then shanthu said ” no bhai i know that today is my cute choti doll ki birthday hena i just play a prank on her ” . I said ” no buddhu u r a lier u forgot my birthday . I hate u ” . By saying this started leaving but before i m leaving from i hear a group of voice from the entrance we all see their with a confusion and there is my vijesh uncle , his wife and his daughter uthara and shivanya and finally his son my best friend is their my sanskar is their . They all came towards me starts their wishing rain . Then my shakar bhaiyas and sanskar tied a black cloth in my eyez and take me to the roof . They untied my eyes i was really feels like a princess their because the whole roof was decorated with a blue and white baloons and it was specially decorated for me , for me only. I said ” wowwwwww bhaiyas thank u so muchh ” by saying and i gave a tight hug to my bros and they said ” happy birthday doll ……” in unision . Then sanskar said ” ooh hello i m also here and this all are my plan to gave a surprise to u like this . But hugs are only for ur bros this is not fair yaar ” he said with a pout face , i goes near him a bone cracking hug and i said ” is this enough ???” , sanky said ” its ok .. ” .

Then we all burst into laughter and uthara and shivanya bought my fav blackforest cake to me and i cut the cake after that we all sat down on the floor and starrted chating . Shikar said ” shivanya aap aur uthara london gayithi na when did u return ” . Shivanya ” ya but today is our cute dolls birthday hena so we postponed all the works and came to india ” . Shikar’s face was upset by her statement . Then i said ” bhai dont worry .she is lieing . Bhabhi she really missed u a lot so that y she returned , am i right bhabi ” .( guys sorry i forgot to tell this that is shikar and shivanya is engaged and shanthu and uthara love each other ) . By hearing this shikar and shivanya starts blushing . Then shivanya said ” waise sanky u said u had a important work so u need to go to delhi for 5 day , but what happening now ” . ” ooh di how can say like this . How can i go without wishing my jaan i m going to delhi tonight for my project ” . Shikar ” oooh jaan…..” . I said ” bhai dont tease my jaan ok ” .shakar ” ooooooo….. ” in unision.

Shivanya ” please guys accept it ” . Sanky ” which thing ” . ” about u and swara’ s love ” shanthu . I said while throwing a pillo on him ” hey buddhu what are u saying have some shame our parents here and by the we dont love eo we are best friends” . Vijesh uncle said ” swara beta what to have in this we are like ur friends na waise if u love sanky then it was a awesome for us . Am i right shekar ???” . Dad said ” yes vijay ofcourse i ll feel really happy if i get a son – in- law like sanky after all my beti is now turned to 17
” . Swara ” papa we are best friends if get some feelings for sanky in future then i will surely tell u ” . Sanky ” ok i also agree with u swara ok now lets start a dance ” . I asked in confusion ” dance?????”. Shanthu ” wait and watch my cute monkey “by saying this all went to the small stage on the corner of our roof except my parents vijesh uncle and aunty .

Then the lights went off and a voice came ” now we going to dedicate this song to our sis , our cute monkey , our doll and infact our life , this is for u swara . ” then the light came and i can see my brothers with their respective pairs on the stage and they started dancing ( in a emotion jaage from dilwale ) after that buddhu song from kapoor and songs starts bhaiyas came down and take me to the dance floor and we enjoyed and then the final dance starts it was by sanky before the dance starts , sanky holds the mike and said ” now listen my parents , uncle and aunty , my jijus ,my di and my began and finally my jaan ok now im going to say u something , u know what this day not only special for swara ,this day is really a important day for me because this is the day when my jaan came to this world 17 years back.she is really special to me so now this is for u my jaan . ” then song starts he dances in the song tu meri from bang bang .

In the end of the song everyone starts to dance around me .im in the center then the song gets over . I was shocked to see the scene in front of me ……….


PRECAP: same

Sorry for the short update and as u know my exams are going on so sorry for this and keep commenting .and one this i used some hindi words in this part if found it wrong or any mistake then sorry for that also.bye. keep smiling

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