Episode 16


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RECAP : Karan apologise

The episode starts with lucky saying

Lucky – ok listen he is good i think i met him before 2 years when he came to kolkata for his tour. u know what har wakth vo shona…shona bolthi rahethi hai but he is nice man…… he loves her so much….. and he can do anything for her. i hope he is fine now because how can he live without swara…..because i know that sanskar is NOTHING without swara…..

Ragan was silent then shalu said

Shalu – then y she leave him…..

Then again the bell rings

Lucky – shall we go now we already missed one class

Karan – ok guys meet u at lunch break…..

All nods and went to their respective classes….

1 yr. Mec class :

After finishing lesson sid said

Sid – ok frnds now i have a good news oops sry i think its a bad news for u…..

Rina – sid tell na…

Sid – ok….


jas – ok students listen i have a announcement that…..

Karan – are u going to get married ¿¿¿….jas please dont do that na my heart……( interuppted by jas )

Jas – shut up karan and dont u dare to call me as JAS…..

Karan kept mum and jas continues…

Jas – ok students listen ur semester exams are going to start….

All – arghhhhhhh

Jas – shut up guys….karan i need ur three semester marksheets

Karan – but…

Jas – last year u studied in pune so we need that for verification..

Rv – mam but for that, first he needs to pass na…

Jas – means…

Karan – vo i have ariers

Jas – how many ?¿¿¿¿¿?

Karan – vo…vo…just 8

Jas – what¿¿¿¿ …urghhhhhh

By saying this she starts to leave.karan hits rv’s head and starts to call

Karan – jas please…wait….

But no response she went frm there…


sid – listen friends ur semester exams are going to start after diwali and ya…..( interrupted )

All – ohhhhhhhhhh………

Sid – ok ok we ll talk about this later and one more thing i m going to my home town so….

All – so…..??????

Sid – so for the next one month a new lecturer will came to teach u all……

Ragu – sid this is not fair….!!!!!

Sid – listen guys i told him everything about u all and he is also new so dont bother him ok…be good ….bye frnds

By saying this he went frm there….all are in worry then it is a lunch break so all went canteen……

““”“CANTEEN “““

swaraglaklu was waiting for kavi…after 5 min they came. karan was looking very tired he came and sat on the chair….lucky said

Lucky – what happened bro??? Why are u looking so tired ???

Rv – JAS

swaraglaklu – whatttttt ??????

Karan gave him a death glare and said

Karan – rv u r my frnd na….

Rv – ya buddy ofcourse….

Karan – then y u pull my legs everytime first infront of jas and then now….

Rv – ummmm sry but i ll definetly say that….

(After jas leaves the class karan follows her and said wait….wait….but all in vain she roam around the whole clg karan also. but she is not even turn to him once….)

Rv said everything now everyone is in shock….

Lucky – wowww bro EIGHT ariers in 1 yr….!!!! Bro how u doing this much brillent work…

Karan – lucky……..

Then everyone starts their lunch…. all the time swaraglak was laughing and giggling. Karan was composed himself

Karan – lucky do u have any girlfriend ????

Lucky – no….and u…i think u and sweety are in relationship rite…!!!!!

Ragan was in full shock then after a minute ragini said

Ragu – no we r just friends…best friends there is nothing like that in between us….i know karan also thinking the same…i trust him….am i correct karan….

Karan – haan ya ragu is correct…with a expressionless face.

An unknown appears on lucky’s face . Rv feels bad for karan.

Karan monologue- (what will she do if she came to that i loved her….but now i dontvlove her na….no karan u still love her…no how can u karan she loves lucky…she only loves him….should i tell her or not because how can i hide this frm her….karan….she trust u…no karan if u tell her then u will lose her friendship…no karan dont her anything….)

Then everyone finishes their lunch and swara said…

Swara – hitler….really dont u have any girlfriend ????

Lucky – no….

Swara – now also….

Lucky – i m saying na shona i dont have any girlfriend.

Ragini smiles by hearing his words

Lucky – waise shona why u broke up with sanky….???

Swara – lucky listen i hate him that was the fact and dont love him ok…

Lucky – shona if now he came infront u what will u do……????

Swara – silent…..

Everyone is waiting for her reply….

Without giving reply swara hurridely gotup frm there and starts to leave lucky said

Lucky – shona..why…

But before he could complete he see that swara was dashed with someone and the person is holding her by her waist…..swara was looking into his eyes…..

The screen freezes in that person’s smiling face and swalak shocking face……


PRECAP : guess who is that person ????


I know this is short update but i want to be regular so please accept it and ya one more thing thank u so much for reading….

Thank u »…..
Stay blessed….
Keep smiling……

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  1. Manasvi

    Dii, thank you you had posted.. Love you..
    But you again left me with suspense..
    So if you are free plz post the nxt part soon..

    Episode was
    Episode was
    Arre baba saying, episode was
    Episode was simply magical, amazingly awesome and fabulously fantastic..
    *I guess I said almost all the adjectives*

    1. Mahavir

      choti wait i ll post next after two days only..because u know na how busy i m and thank u choti….keep reading
      aree wait i forgot onething haan “cutiee” this is ur nickname do u like it…????


    it was our sanky.. am I right..? professor also sanky tha… mahi thangachi awesome epi… Swasan meeting… waiting for it…
    n yeah exam epdi panna… ?

    1. Mahavir

      akka….nan exams romba nalla panninen and about ur guesses ungaluku adutha epi la answer kidaichirum….thank u akka….keep reading.
      and ur nick name wait wait haan “TAMIL QUEEN”. How is this akka ….???


        Tamil queen… ha ha ha.. lol.. tamil therinchavanga idha padicha…??? u knw enoda other name ends with arasi??

      2. Mahavir

        akka nenga unmaiya ve arasi dhan and navi akka evllo periya don u ennaku nallave theriyum….huhuuu

  3. Nice episode and i think it is sanskar

    1. Mahavir

      thank u for guessing and thank u vk….keep reading.

  4. Scooby

    Ofcourse sanskar i think d person whom swara dashed and he is new professor may b… donno guess…. omg thangachi dont feel. School life is lil hectic but ur briliant so no prblm… ena knjm hard wrk pani padikanum… al d bst. Epo half yearly arambikudhu???
    Tc… sleep tite and eat well

    1. Mahavir

      yess akka konjam kastam dhan but i can manage and akka half yearly innum date finalise aagala but confirm dec ending illana jan first…

      1. Scooby

        Wow hey karan ku pair kedaika podhu. Nxt sanski entry…
        oh kk mahi.. elarum nalla padi soluvanga.. bt na solamatten.. dont take tension.. u wud study and excel in examz.. so eat well sleep weell.. omg enaku thala nu peru.. thnk u do much siso… and nive and manasi nane cute… na unaku peru vaikuren.. ur teddy…

      2. Mahavir

        wowwww teddy-a me akka it was awesome name huhuuu thalaiva u r great…

  5. Scooby

    Chapie ws awesome.. Karan omg u hv 8 arrears…. congratz bro.. and pavom one side love…. give a pair for karan thangachi..

    1. Mahavir

      thank u for guessing akka…haan is a brillent guy so thats y 8 ariers and about his pair….hmmmm ya akka he is also my fav after all how much good he is then how can i leave him alone . avanukum pair irruku but adhu theriyum bodhu nenga romba shock aagiduvinga
      …be careful. thank u akka…keep reading.

      1. Mahavir

        aiyooo akka how can i forgot to tell ur nickname ok akka “THALA” this is ur nick name…


      maha already ava thala… Don… unakku theriadha…?

  6. Excellent dear….. Please update soon.

    1. Mahavir

      thank u febi dear….keep reading.

  7. Amazing

    1. Mahavir

      thank u ash dear…keep reading.

  8. Mia

    Awesome epi Maha. I think Sanky must be the person.

    1. Mahavir

      thank u mia dear….keep reading.

  9. Mia

    But why was lucky shocked. Urggg so much suspense. But would wait for revelation. And sorry I may not be able to follow the story for next a few days but definitely gonna read it after coming back. Till then take care and keep giving such good chappys.

    1. Mahavir

      its ok dear dont be sry…when ll u come back u read it i dont have any prob by the way where are u going….???

  10. Asra

    ofcourse our Sanky dear…am correct or not dear….Amazing update dear…
    seriously karan 8 arrear….too much dear…sissy and rv nenga 2perum yeapadi en karan na jas munadi and Ella frnds munadiyum kaala varalam…am angry with both of u..don’t feel bad karan.. am always with u dear…adhuku karan ena ne frnd accept panipaya…
    and sissy nalla padi dear ne xam nalla panuva nu enaku theriyum but irundhalum wish pananum la all the best dear.. takecare of urself sissy…

    1. Mahavir

      akka adhu sankya illayanu nan apparam sollren n btw u stay with ur karan side do u know i have my two brothers at my side….heheehh and akka how will karan reject ur friendship…and thank u akka and now only i got know my halfyearly is going to start frm 7 dec omg what will i do ….thank u akka….keep reading .

  11. SNY

    read all chappy in go………….
    It was a amazing story one of the best stories i ever read……….!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow ella chrct ennaku rmba pidichurukku……..
    Karan a nenachu rmba pavama …..
    Idha epi awsm……
    Adhu kandipa sanky dhan….

    And tc thangachi…

    1. Mahavir

      wowwww akka u read it in one go…i m glad u like it akka…thank u akka….keep reading.

  12. Dharani

    awesome i know he is sanskar

    1. Mahavir

      thank u dharani dear….keep reading.

  13. Fairy

    Awesome amazngggg fabulousss!!!!loved d chapppy dear…keeep rockng n stay blessed sweeety.. 😉 😉 😉

    1. Mahavir

      thank u farheen di…keep reading.

  14. Nice..continue soon.

    1. Mahavir

      thank u afra dear….keep reading.

  15. wow awesome .u said this story but i feel the real story when i read here maha it was….superb semma d…nan en schoola ellarkittayum sollaporen….bye d call u later…

    1. Mahavir

      oooh d u here…*pinching my hands ahhhh d it was real u first time came here and ok d ellarkittayum solliko aana nan unkitta sonadha vida stry konjam diffrent sry d and ya namalukula thanks illa ok d bye….

  16. Kakali

    I will paralyse due to suspense n curiosity Maha !!!!
    ufffff !!!! Haahhh Update soon…before i slip into coma….
    hauhuhu Love it dear…
    Thnk u… ;-*

    1. Mahavir

      di i ll update this after two days and di i m leaving tu frm june because frm june i ll be in XII std na so i need to concentrate in my studies and neet coaching so thats y and once i ll clear neet i ll be in tu…huhuuu *dreaming for future…

  17. Mirna

    Wowwwwwww 8 arrears ya konjam kamiya ila madam :)he he loved it read all ur chappy in a go 😛

    1. Mahavir

      akka pakkalame indha year ethana arrears varudhunu…u read all in a one go…i m glad u lke it akka thank u soooo much….keep reading.

  18. Balaji

    superb dnt make karan negative

    1. Mahavir

      akka karan is like a hero only….thank u akka….keep reading.

  19. Wonderful

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