Episode 14


Shalu – ragu i m really happy u also find ur love

Swara – matlab

Shalu – swara….swara….

Swara – ji mein swara hoon

Shalu – two days ago rv proposed me

Swaragini – what?????

Shalu – haan i accepted it

Then swaragini jump over her and starts to cuddling and playing and due to this trio fell down frm the couch and was laughing suddenly ragini stop laughing and said

Ragu – swara what happen to u what are u hiding frm us

Swara was silent

Ragu – swara please tell me na

Swara – ragini vho aagaya hai

Shalu – yaaru ???( who??? )

Swara – sanskaar !!!

Raglu was surprised ragini feels happy somewhere as her frnds life going to be lighten but then swara said

Swara – ragini shalu come on lets sleep its already late

They are went to bed but no one is getting sleep here ragini and shalu is dreaming about their respective pairs and swara is thinking about sanskar arrival


Rv and karan sitting in terrace and rv said

Rv – karan what happend why r u looking disturbed

Karan hugs rv and starts to cry badly rv was hell shocked because this is the first time he is seeing karan like this….rv tries to console him and suddenly karan broke the hug and became silent then rv asked

Rv – karan do love her ????

Karan was shocked by his sudden question then composed himself and said

Karan – i loved her buddy not anymore

Rv was shocked his answer then karan told him the park incident and then rv said.

Rv – what are u going to do now karan ???

Karan – i ll make them together

Rv – what??? But u loved her na ???

Karan – that is once upon a time buddy now we were frnds just frnds

Rv – u r the man buddy

By saying they hugs eachother


Lucky was on the call with some one

Lucky – hi buddy !!!!

Os – what happened bro is everything is ok

Lucky – haan buddy

Os – u r hiding some thing

Laksh – no buddy nothing like that

Os – are u sure

Lucky – s buddy when will i execute our plan

Os – frm 2mrw

Lucky – ok buddy bye

Os – bye


So guys here is the next epi i took too much time to wrote this and one more thing HAPPY DIWALI TO U ALL my frnds , di and sissyes and i think many guess that man on the aiport .. ok ok wait u will get to know in next epi till then keep smiling and stay bleassed

And ya once again HAPPY AND SAFE DIWALI ……bye .

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  1. nice….. happy n safe diwali to you too….. please update soon.

    1. Mahavir

      thank u febi…keep reading.

  2. guys actually this is also 14th part but this is not update so i again posted this and ya once again HAPPY AND SAFE DIWALI to u all…..

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  3. Nice dr

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    Finally sanky camee ????

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  9. Scooby

    happyyy diwali maha…… may god bless u and ur family… tc..
    and lucky is friend or cousin of sanskar.. he is trying to unite swara with sanskar..
    sanskar entry tmrw… awww joliee

    1. Mahavir

      akka this is not fair ivlo guess pannakudadhu ok…thank u akka..keep reading and HAPPY DIWALI…


    aww… finally sanky is back… Rag realised her love for lucky… poor karan… mystery luckyyy… I think lucky is talking with sanky only… whatever it is dnt hurt Ragu… super chappies… loved it…? wish u happy diwali dr..??

    1. Mahavir

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