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Episode 13

RECAP : swaRAGLAKini covo and kalak fight and finally THAPPAD


episode strats with ragini slapping karan for lucky , the whole students in the ground was seeing them then ragini turn around and said to the students

Ragu – if u all r done with staring us then go, go to ur respective classes they are waiting for u all….

All are seeing her silently then ragini continues

Ragu – i said GO guys….

Then all starts to leave and here karan is waiting for ragini’s explaination….

Karan’s POV

What the hell is happening here today . ragini , my ragini slapped me for that bluddy idiot , who is he ??? Why is he interfearing between me and my ragu today he is sat beside my ragu how can i tolerate this and moreover i know my ragu she knows what is doing ,i know that she will definetly explain me i know my ragu

Karan’s POV ends…

Karan is still touching his cheeks and then ragini turned to him and said

Ragu – karan i need to talk u

By saying this she turned to see her frnds who were looking at her with shocked reaction they understand her words by her eyes then swalu and rv starts to leave leaving raglakan in the ground soon as the bell rings all students in the ground then only raglakan are there then ragini starts

Ragu – what is this karan y r u doing like this ???

Karan’s POV

What the ff*ff i m thinking that she will explain to me but she…she was asking “why are u doing like this ” i dont know but now i m feeling like killing him now i cant be silent then i asked her

I – i should ask u this question ragini why are u doing like this do u know what u r doing u slapped me ragini due to this bl**dy cheap idiot…..

I stressed my last words which make her more angry then she again slapped me and said

Ragu -y karan y r u doing like this u r my best frnd na y r u doing like this it hurts me karan….

My ragu she was crying badly in front me. i…cant…i cant see her like this .within in a fraction of second i take her in my embbares try to make her calm but no she was not going to listen to me anymore she pushed me and went frm there….now also tgis whole scene was …no now also this bl**dy man is here . I want to kill him rite now no first i need to go to my ragu i cant leave her like this….

Karan’s POV ends

Then karan also ran behind ragini leaving lucky alone in the ground. Lucky’s eyes became wet….

Lucky’s POV

What is happening here ??? I can see the care towards me in ragu ‘s eyes but why i cant see her in pain??? She is no one to me moreover this is not the thing why i came here urghhhh what was that i cant see her in tears i need to take in my emmbares but….no i cant be like this no lucky u cant betray ur friend first execute ur plan…

Lucky’s POV ends…

By saying this lucky wipes his tears and left to his class


Ragini went out of the collage without informing anyone karan searched her in whole collage then he remember that when she was sad she used to go the xxx park then karan immediately took his ducati and left to that park…


karan came inside the park and searched her every where finally he saw her siting in a bench while crying karan went near her put his hand on her shoulder and ragu standsup and hugs him….


The flight lands and all are in hurry burry but there is one man came there in a black jean blue tshirt with a coolers in his eyes and take a step out of airport and says

Man – PRINCESS i m coming , i m coming for u , i ll not leave u anymore my love i need u at any cost and i made u love me wait for me….

Scene shifts to collage swaluvilak are waiting for ragan .then ragan came there swara ran and hugs ragini tightly and then said

Swara – ragu where were u we all r worried about u??? Why are u doing like this ???

Ragu – i m feeling bad so i just went to park nothing else

Rv- ok ur fight is over na

Ragan smiles and karan side hugs ragu and said

Karan – hey buddy its not a fight its just a chance to know about each other hai naa ragini

Ragini smiles at him and lucky was seeining all this with a confused look infact not only lucky the whole gang was looking like that then swara’s phone rang swara smiles seeing the caller id and she makes excuses ,went aside and attend the call ,

swara on call – haan bolo

O.S – swara he came

Swara – what ??? I cant understand

O.S – swara i m trying to say he reached there

Swara – what ??? Are u serious ???

O.S- i ll call later bye

Swara cuts the call and she was in full shock ….swara wipes her tears and went to her frnds …and there the bell rings all went to their classes

ON 1,yr mec.class

Sid was taking lessons on the full class swara was just thinking about the call . The words “HE CAME ” was echoed in her mind continuesly .her thoughts was disturbed by sid

Sid – swara what happend??? where were u ???

Swara – sorry sid

Sid – sit down …

Then after class sid calls swara to his cabin


Sid – swara beto na

Swara sits in the chair amd sid offered her water . swara takes a sip a water and then sid said

Sid – swara r u ok???

Swara – haan sid

Sid – swara please feel free i m ur frnd

Swara – sid that…that was nothing just i m not feeling well

Sid – sach me

Swara – haan sid shall i go now

Sid – thek hai

Then swara left frm the cabin and sid was still not convinced with her answers…on that time jasmin came there and said

Jas – hiii sid !!!!

Sid – hiiii jas !!!!

Jas – whatsup why are u looking so confused

Sid – haan adhu swara edho marikira ( swara is hidding something )

Jas – what ???

Sid – haan jas, swara is attentive girl in class but today she was lost somewhere i asked her about that but she was….

Jas – its ok sid we can talk about this with ragu she can handle this

Sid – yess u r rite

Then sid takes his phone and dialed ragu ‘s number and said her everything….


Swaraglu was sitting on the vouch then ragu remember about sid’s word and ragu said

Ragu – swara …( interrupted by swara )

Swara – ragu batao mujhe waha park me kya hua

Ragu – swara that…that was …

Shalu – is karan proposes u ???

Ragu throws a pillow on her and said

Ragu – swara that…dont take me wrong….

Swalu nods in agreement then ragu starts

Flashback starts….

Karan pust his hand on ragu shoulder.ragini standsup and hugs him then karan said while caressing her head

Karan – i m really sry ragu

Ragu still huging him – no karan i m sry .how can i slap i m the idiot duffer

Karan broke the hug and cups her face and said

Karan – no ragu dont cry na please

Karan wipes her tears and continues

Karan – ragu please now leave that come lets go and dont ever dare to take the bl**dy in between us

Ragu – karan please dont say him like that i cant tolerate this

Karan leaves her and said

Karan – why ragu ??? Why u cared for him this much damn it

Ragu – because i love him karan

Karan was seeing her with a shocked expression and ragu continues

Ragu – yess karan i love frm the first time i saw him . I dont know y i cant stay even a second without him i think this is an attraction but no karan i love him …i love him more then anything.

An unknown tears escaped frm karan’s eyes and ragini again continues

Ragu – karan i m really because i cant tolarate that time when u beat my lucky….

Karan – my lucky ????

Ragu- i told u na karan i love him more than anything he is mine only and karan u know na u r my best frnd so thats y i m sharing my feeling with u , u ll help me na.

Karan wipes his tears and side hugs ragini and said

Karan – i can do anything for u my beauty

Ragu smiles at him and karan said

Karan – waise ur lucky hai naa is he is that much handsome

Ragu – no he is cute than u

By saying this both left to collage

Flashback ends….

Swalu was now like a statue
Ragini waves her hand in front them and swalu came into their sense and hugs ragu and said

Swara – ragu ham pehale he janthe he there is something something between u both

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