RECAP : lucky entry and raglak pov….

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Episode 12


Episode starts with swaraglaklu went to canteen and all sits in the same table but the diffrence is lucky sits in karan’s chair and swara starts

Swara – and by the way mr.lucky i m swara

Lucky- hi!!!!

Shalu – and i m shalu, shalini

Lucky – hi shalu!!!!!

Ragu – ok then what notes u want frm me

Lucky – haan ya thats i want the all notes of last month.

Swaraglu – all notesss!!!!!!!

Lucky – ya any problem

Ragu – no nothing i ll give it to u 2mrw

Lucky – ok then.

Ragini’s POV

omg how can i control yaar he is doing something inside me but he is asking me “then” how can i answer him infact i have no words i m completely lost in his deep eyes wait ragu where is ur boldness , u r a bold girl now u afaired of him , no no what should i tell to him i have no words. Words are not coming out of my throat offfff what is this bluddy feelings …..

Ragini’s POV ends….

Ragini’s thoughts was again disturbed by lucky he was waving his hands in front her and said

Lucky – hello….ragu what happend….whats bothering u ???

Ragu – no i m ok

The whole scenerio was witnessed by swalu. they are seeing ragu with a wierd look

swara monologue – ohh their is something something between raglak but why i m thinking that i know him before

Swara then said – and mr.lucky where are u frm

Lucky – i m frm kolkata

Raglu – whatttt ???

Lucky – now what girls????

Shalu – ohhh i mean hear , in our gang i think all states of india are here

Lucky – means

Ragu – haan she is trying to say that me & rv is frm bangalore and she is tamilnadu and karan is frm pune and swara is frm mumbai and now finally u frm kolkata so thats y she is saying like that

Lucky – ohh ok

Swara – lucky did we met before

Lucky – nai tho

Raglu – ohhhhhh again hindi !!!!!

Lucky – matlab

Swara – heheehe ye logo ko….(intterupted by raglu)

Raglu – hindi nahi malum he……

Lucky burst out into laughter by seeing the trio’s antics

Swara – ok lucky leave them and did u have any nick name???

Lucky – yes just lucky …

Swara – ok

Shalu – ok then what is ur marks in 12 std ???

Like this they are talking sometime then the bell rings and all went to their classes and in the class lucky sits besides ragini by making some excuses….

Lucky’s POV

yes i made some excuses and finally i sat beside her woww lucky u done it . But lucky what is this ???what are u doing??? why u came here??? Keep that in ur mind and execute ur plan soon but yarr my heart is not coming out of her…lucky stop , control yourself u need to concentrate on ur plan

Lucky’s POV ends…

Then after class all went to the ground because of lucky once they went there lucky said

Lucky – come on girls sit here

( first lucky sits on the ground and patted the floor beside him for the girls )

Swaraglu – here?????

Lucky – haan come on girl sit down na

Then swaraglu sat beside him they are making a small circle then lucky said

Lucky – swara tell me na, about u

Swara – ok i m frm mumbai and my full name is SWARA KAPOOR then thats all about me

Lucky – ok then shalu now u

Shalu – first tell me about u

Lucky – ok i said na i m frm kolkata and my full name is LAKSH MAHESHWARI

swara – wait…wait…what did u say at last ???

Luvky – LAKSH MAHESHWARI did u have any problem with my name ?????

Swara – no i was just asking

Then suddenly they hear a voice frm behind

Voice – hey u what are u doing here ????

All turned to see the owner of the voice they all shocked to see karan and rv there

Karan – i m asking u man what are doing with my friends

By saying this karan held lucky’s collar and drag him frm the floor makes him stand and said

Karan – i m asking u damn it answer me

Swaraglu standsup and ragu tries to free lucky frm karan and said

Ragu – karan leave him ….

Karan was not listening to her he starts to beat lucky .ragu tries to stop him now ragini cant control anymore now she pushes karan with her full force and she gave a tight slap to karan which makes everyone shocked….

Screen freezes in angry face of ragan….


PRECAP – guess it na….

So guys done with another part and the next one is DIWALI special so tell me ur wishes through ur comments and one more thing my exams goona start from 7th november so couldn’t update regularly sorry for that and keep smiling always and stay blessed


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  1. Rabia

    awesome dear 🙂

    1. Mahavir

      thank u di….keep reading.

  2. Excellent

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      thank u febi….keep reading.

  3. Nice dr

    1. Mahavir

      thank u sree…..keep reading.

  4. Awesome
    What is laksh ‘ s plan ……..does karan know something about him . That he behaved like this .
    Ya swara too know him . Howww????

    1. Mahavir

      yow will get to know soon ash and thank u ash….keep reading.

  5. Kakali

    Mahaaa !!! i have a complain to u n God ji…
    1st wala for u-Maha why u made Swara so intelligent?

    2nd wala for God ji- God ji why u made me soo intelligent like Swara.. haaa !!!
    look,,,she says there is something something between them… n i can also smell something like thatttt…
    oh God m sooo lucky…
    Thnk u Maha… love it…
    n yeahhh tones of best of luck from meee.. rock d answer sheet..

    1. Mahavir

      yes di u r sooooo intelligent like swara and thank u di….keep reading.

  6. Kakali

    Opppsss !!! it’s uuuuu !!!! best of luck tooo u Maha… rock d answer sheet…n i know u’ll…

    1. Mahavir

      thank u once again di and ALL THE BEST TO U TOO di ur exams .

  7. Scooby

    Superb chapie… aah ragu slapped karan… karan cnt u stay calm.. wts lucky plan???
    All d bst for examz..

    1. Mahavir

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  8. Fairy

    superb dear…loved raglak….waitng for nxt part….keep rockng n sray blessed sweety 😉 😉

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  9. Asra

    superbbb dear….ohh no ragini slapped karan…oh poor karan….waiting for nxt one dear….
    and all the best for ur exam sis….tkcr

    1. Mahavir

      thank u akka and what are doing in studies and keep reading….

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