RECAP : swalu and rv went to beach and ragan went to mall and finally karan fell on navi’s leg


Episode starts with karan was lying on the floor in front of navi .ragini and navi was giving a hifi and laughing holding their stomach then karan standsup and clean the sand which is in his nose and said

Karan – ragu do u know her ???

Ragu – haan monkey she is my friend

Karan – but she is our senior rite???

Ragu – no kiddo she is just my frnd and she is playing a prank with u and she knows about u

Karan – but how

Ragu – hey see what is this??? ( showing her mobile phone )

Karan – mobile

Ragu – haan i m the one who send ur pics to her afternoon and she found u here and she loves to play pranks so thats y she is doing like this .

Karan – oohhh ab samji u both na go to hell but ragu she is beautiful beautiful than u and ya navi nice to meet u by the way which collage

Navi – oh i already said na

Karan- u mean redfort , sachi ???

Navi – haan but not mechanics i m in electronics

Ragu – ok bye navi dear see u in collage

Navi – bye dear bye karan

By saying this navi leaves from there and ragu said

Ragu – karan shall we go

Karan – haan chalo..

Then they both went to the entrance there in the road they saw some boys doing cycle wheeling . Karan then went and bought his bike from parking and comes near ragu in his bike and he notice that she was staring the boys actually not that boys the wheeling then he getdown from his bike and wave his hands in front of her…..ragu comes to her sense and karan said

Karan – ragu what ????

Ragu – no nothing shall we go

Karan – ya wait a minute

By saying this he went to boys and gives them some money and he bought something frm them and bought cycle frm them and comes to ragu. She was just staring but she could not understand what he was doing . Karan came to her and said

Karan – shall we go

Ragu – by this

Karan – yes any problem

Ragu – but

Karan – no ifs or buts come its already 6 yaar

Then ragini sits in front and and karan starts to ride the cycle…..


Swalu and rv was walking on the beach , the three were talking something ( infact not three the two ) and then swara stops in the mid as something was hit her leg she bend to find that thing she found a chain there with SS pendent in it and tears makes there way on swara’s cheek ( this was not noticed by ravlu as they are busy in talking ) some sweet moments of swasan was flashing in her mind her thoughts was cutted by the sweat voices

Voice 1- akka that is mine please give it na

Voice 2- haan di this is her’s please give it to her

They are little girls of age 10.
Swara wipes her tears and said

Swara – yes i ll give but u need to give me one thing

Girl 1 – haan tell me

Girl 2 – haan di bolona

Swara – ok bacho first give me a kiss then i ll give it to u

Then the both girls kiss swara and she give the chain them and said

Swara – and bacho first tell me whats ur name ???

Girl 1- i m nive

Girl 2- and i m kakali

Swara – haan kakali bolo how come u know hindi ???

Kakali – haan didi i m nive’s cousin sister and i m from assam

Swara – ohhh ok nive u say ur name is nive then whos this pendent

Nive – akka this pendent na my mom gave me this

Then ravlu notices that swara is not with them and they turned to search her then they saw the girls kissing her cheeks and leaves frm there and then ravlu came near her and said

Rv – why u stopped here and who is the girls ???

Swara – haan they are my frnds and did u both finish ur talks or not ????

Shalu – hmmm swara shut up and rv its getting late shall we go

Rv – yes swara shall we

Swara – haan chalo


Ragan reached hostel and ragu down frm the cycle and said

Ragu – karan why u bought this

Karan – because u love it na

Ragu – means

Karan – haan ragu i noticed that u stared the cycles so i guessed that u love cycles and i m correct u loveee cycles

Ragu – how u saying that i loveee cycles

Karan – i noticed that also how much u enjoyed the cycle ride

Ragu – hmmm karan i wanna a ask u something

Karan – haan

Ragu – karan shall we be friends

Karan – mathlab

Ragu – i m asking for ur friendship yaar…..

Karan – but we are already frnds na

Ragu – no we are frnds frm now only

Karan gave a confused look and ragu continues

Ragu – ok listen i just wanted to know about u so thats y rv sent u with me beacause rv knows that if i need to know about someone i ll take them out actually today this is me and rv ‘s plan to take u out

Karan – ragini ki bacchi

Ragu – ok first answer me will u be my bestie

Karan – yes but before that tell what u think of me

Ragu – hmmmm little bit flirt but u r really a caring and kindhearted person

Karan – oooo thank u kiddo and now friends….

He forwarded his hand and ragini also shake his hand and ragu went inside the hostel and karan leaves And soon swalu and rv also reaches hostel and swalu bid bye to rv and then he leaves .

Like this 1month passed and here swaraglukavi bonding was getting stronger and especially between ragan and ravlu and also between swaran also as a best brother and sister then oneday morning in afterclass the five was in canteen and chit chatting as always and then they going back to their classes suddenly a boy came running towards ragu and hits her when she about to fall the boy holds her frm her waist and they had an cute and short eyelock and karan , by seeing this his anger reached its peak and he made ragini stands properly and said

Karan – hey u dont u have eyes to walk properly cant u see a girl infront of ur eyes u …..( interrupted bu ragu )

Ragu – no karan its not his fault its my fault i need to be carefull karan leave him

Boy- sry guys i m really sorry i was just in a huury please i m really sorry excuse me

By saying this he again runs frm there karan shook his head and then all leaves to their respective classes

*IN 1st year MEC.CLASS *

english lecture was going on all are serously involved in the class then they suddenly hear a voice frm the entrance

Voice – can i get in mam

All see towards the direction of the voice there trio sees the same boy who collides with ragini

Prof – yes come in and take ur seat

The goes and sits in the bench besides swaraglu. Ragini was staring at him continuesly .

*ragini’s POV *

what is happening yaar…. got damn….ragini why are u staring at him…..,who is he…he made u crazy ragu…..wait he is cute……no no he is really cute ……ragu shut up what are u saying…..why are thinking about him madly …..no no u need to avoid him….

As soon as lecturer getsout he stood up and he came near me and said

Boy -excuse me

Oohh ragu what to do he is calling u damn please yaar dont came near me please damn it .ohh my god he kept his hands on my shoulder now i cant stop and stood up and said

I – haan yess ….te…tell me what do u want

Boy – haan why whats happening why are u loking so tensed ??

Ohh my god ragu please control urself damnit and again i heard his charming voice

*ragini’s pov ends*

Boy – oh miss whats happening i think u are not well its ok i ll talk to u later

He was about to go then suddenly ragini held his wrist and said

Ragu – no i m ok tell me now

* Boy’s pov *

Ohhh my god yaar lucky ( yes he is lucky ) whats happening to u when she touched u….ohh ragu i lost myself in ur big eyes when the first time few minutes ago i lost myself in u what is in her that attract me this much to her….. i want this moment to be frozen yaar please dont leave my hands ragu i need u, i need u in my life as my breath as my heart as my beat as my everything please dont leave my hands

Ohhh god damn she leaves my hand and said

Ragu – haan tell me

I – i… i m lucky laksh and u r ragini rite

Ragu – how come u know

I – hmm that my frnd said u r the topper of the class so i came to ask u some notes

Ragu – ohh ya come lets go to the canteen and there we ll talk further

I just nods and goes with her

* lucky’s pov ends *


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    PRECAP : raglak bonding and new entry….

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    Finally raglak meet.
    Both feel something…specially laksh.
    Stay blessed mahi dear .

    1. Mahavir

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      something between them and thanku ash…keep reading


    ha ha ha… lol… maha na 10yr kid eh… laughing like mad… you knw my niece is 10yr older… yipee finally I met Swalu and RV.. thnk you dear… wr is my cousin went..? kakali…

    ohho raglak feels something something then what about karan… hmm new entry is it sanky..? sanskar reentry epo..? awesome epi dr… 🙂 🙂

    1. Mahavir

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    Thnk u Mahaaa..

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    finally raglak meet….i loved it ya…
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