Before starting the story i need to say something haan wait a minute *pinching my hands ahhhh it was real yess now i m in 10th episode of my story wowwwwwww i m cloud9 its feeling amazing thank u all kakali di ,malika di ,navi akka,irfan, varsha ( asha ) , sree ,rabia di , sindura , lisa, tani ,afra, febi , ash ,seema , sreevijayan, s , asra akka ,astha akka and vishalini akka,crazygirls,silent writer, cutiee all of u and if i miss anyones name then sorry for that, and keep supoorting me and today i want to ask u all if any one wants to be a friend with me then message me ur fb id…and now lets start the story

RECAP : karan entry and some nok jokes and finally the fight.


Episode starts at 2nd year mec.class

Karan and rv was on the same bench . Then lecturer came in and karan said

Karan – ooohh ho man what a … i mean how beautiful she is , she is looking gorgeous yaar

That is a lady lecturer she is wearing a red simple saree and rv said

Rv – heyy she is our lecturer yaar

Karan – so what she is a girl thats it

Rv – but she is elder than us

Karan – so what buddy

Rv sees him with ” are u insane ” look and said

Rv – ragu is right u r such a flirt

Karan – ya buddy but i can do anything for my friends

Rv – thats true ok lets concentrate

Then lecturer said

Lec – ok students keep quite ok first i m jasmine ( she is twinkle from tei ) ur english proffeser and ya i m also new here i just completed my graduation last year and i m doing my higher studies now and also working here as a proffeser and …..( interrupted by karan )

Karan stands up and said

Karan – excuse me i think u will feel uncomfortable if i call u mam so can i call u as jas…

Jas – no need mister ,here u r my student and i m ur proffeser so better u call me mam i m completely fine with this. And ya by the way mister….

Karan – karan

Jas – haan mister karan stay in ur limits ok dont try to take advantages. ( little bit rude ) and now sit and listen the lesson.

Karan sits and rv said

Rv – thevaya unnaku ( is this is needed )

Karan – everything is fair in flirting and war

Rv – whattt ???

Karan – yess buddy there is no place for love in karan’s dictionary

Jasmin notes this all and said

Jas – mr.karan and u (pointing towards rv ) stand up

Kavi getsup and jas continues

Jas – whats ur problem mister

Karan – no ja..sry mam there is no problem

Jas – then y u both are disturbing the class

Rv – mam thats…( interupted by jas )

Jas – no need for explaination just get out of my class

Karan – mam but…

Jas – i said get out

Kavi leaves from there with their books.they goes to canteen and then rv said

Rv – what yarr karan u know how intresting it was you spoiled it yaar

Karan – u speaking about jas right

Rv – wrong i m speaking about that lesson

Karan – ohhh my god y u made him as my friend he is such boring anytime studies studies

Rv – and u na such a flirt anytime flirting flirting

Karan – thats my nature yaar what to do…ok tell me about ur friends

Rv – about friends or about ragu ????

Karan – ofcourse about friends u know na i love to make friends

Rv – ok ok first ragini she is bold and just like u…. ( interupted )

Karan – what she is a flirt like me ????

Rv – offf no that yarr infact she hates flirting but she is like u in one thing and that is she can do anything for friendship and her friends…and swara she is little bit bold but not like ragu and naughty also

Karan – ya i know it

Rv – and she is….ok i dont know that much about her

Karan – ok and about shalu whats ur opinion about her

Rv – hmmm shalu she is diffrent yarrr just …..dont know what to say she is making me crazy…..

Karan – oohhh hello i m asking ur opinion not ur feelings

Rv feels little awkward and karan continues

Karan – buddy can i ask u something ????

Rv – ss y not

Karan – do u love her ????

Rv – i think so…. ( shyly )

Karan – ooohhh love at first sight haan

Rv – ok stop this and now tell me do u love anybody ????

Karan – i told u na yaar love is not in my dictionary phir…..

Rv – phir…what ????

Karan – there is no girl in this earth to make me fall for her

Rv – no yaar ask god there is someone for u in this world surely she will come

Karan with a smile – is it !!!

He open his hands in air he looks up and said

Karan – hey my lady where are u come here we are waiting for u ( interuptted by a voice )

Voice – i m here guys did u call me….

Kavi turns to see the person they shocked to see ragini there

Karan – no vo…vo

Rv – he is calling his lady not u

Ragu – ohhh who is ur lady karan

Karan back to his sense and said

Karan – yaa i m also searching her

Ragu- whattttt ????

Karan – yaa rvmahan hena he said there is a lady for me in this world so i m just searching her oohhh i cant find her ragu please search her na i cant find her damn it…( interupted by shalu )

Swalu also came there

Shalu – shut up yaar dont tease him he is correct defintely one day u will accept this

Karan – ok ok leave this yaar first say me hi then scold me

Swalu – haan hi!!!

Swara – ok how was ur class guys

Karan – ohhhh what to say yaarr she is just awesome ….

All gave a wierd look and rv said

Rv – oh shut up karan she is asking about class not about ur jas ok

Ragu – jas…. who is that jas ????

Karan – oh jelousy haan

Ragu – shut up monkey , rv tell me who is that ???

Rv – haan she is our english lecturer her name is jasmine u know what because of this duffer she throw me out of the class.

Karan – hello she throw me also

Swara – say clearly guys

Rv explains whole scene swaraglu burst out into laughter . Then rv said

Rv – girls dont laugh ok i m already in anger

Ragu – rv actually the mistake was his but u also……

Rv – ok ok if u done then guys shall we go collage is over

All are stood up and goes towards the entrance there they were shocked to see the scenerio especially karan

They saw sid holding jasmine by her waist and having an eyelock ( the actual scene was jasmin’s leg was twisted due to that she was about to fall but sid holds her )

By seeing this karan put his hand on his chest he is pretendibg that he is having an heart attack and said

Karan – rv please hold me ahhhhhhhh

Shalu – stop ur drama karan

Karan – ahhhhhh

Ragu – shutup yaar

Back to normal position and said

Karan – ok

Ragu – come lets go guys

They went near sidmin and sidmin’s eyelock was broke by ragini ‘s voice

Ragu – hi sid !!!!

Sidmin feels little embarassed and sid said

Sid – haan hi ragu what are u guys doing here ????

Swara – sid this is collage so we need to be here only na

Sid – ohh ya u r correct and guys this is jasmin my collegue and jas this is my friends

Jas – friends????

Sid – haan whats up

Jas – but they are ur students right

Sid – haan so what first the teacher needs to be their frnd so by that the student can talk freely with him and can share anything with him

Karan – mam learn from sir

Jas – shut up

Sid – ok guys bye tc

Then sidmin leaves frm there and then ragu said

Ragu – rv can u come with me for shopping ???

Rv thinks something and said –
No ragu i dont feel like better u go with karan i will drop swalu at hostel

Ragu – hmmmm ok bye girls bye rv karan shall we go

Karan nods and all leaves


PRECAP : ragan shopping rv and swalu convo

Guys now also i cant believe that i m in 10th episode wowwwwwww once again thank u all readers ,commenters and silent readers

Bye take care

See you in next part

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