my “Once Upon a Time” didn’t end “Happily Ever After” (episode 2)

I am back with nxt update..
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Hey guys..there is a change in uttara’s character…it will be played by nikita shatma ( kavita of swaragini)…i have changed this because at some point you will get to see grey shade in her character and drashti will not look good in negative role..
Now coming to story..
Recape;- uttara ap and sujata were talking about sammie and sanskar heard this..

Same day evening time at delhi.:-

Scene opns in a park where many people present as it was evening time..childrens were playing..youngsters came for evening walk and oldies were sittings and chatting…every one was happy and relaxing there except a girl who was sitting on the at the corner of the scene focus there we could see a girl wearing a simple floral print above knee frock..and had left her hair open..her hair is slight curled…she was not looking hot stunning or beautiful…actually she was looking dull…we can see tears drops falling on her hand….her hear is down..

Girl(to herself):- after these many year again i am going to see..i have to handle to handle myself infront of u…i can’t feel week seeing u..i can’t show u my emotions…but why am i thinking this much…i don’t even know will you recognise me or not..after all its been 12 years we met each other..and my faced iz totally changed from my teenage look and no will be able to recognize me…even if u had seen my pictures or interviews you won’t be able to recognise me…in there 12 years i have changed myself completely…(she slowly lifts her head slowly and we are able to see her face…yes she is sammie…) (saying this she took out a photo from her clutch…the photo is of a girl of 14 to 15 years.).look at me earlier and now…no one will say that this is me…(she looked at the photo to for sometimes and then kept it back.)

(The picture was of 14 years old swara…yes she clearly looked different…no one will be able to guess that she is the same sammie/swara…she was looking totally behenji in the picture…yes she was from a middle class…12 years ago her family was not rich…so she used to live very simple life…even now she loves dat life but for everyone she is sammie so she used to fake herself infront of word)
Swara(to herself):- i still love dat life…those memories were d best memories of my life…we were not rich but atleast i was with my family…my parents loved me alot…i was a small princess of my brother…my family was like a small happy family…till the day his evil eyes fell on me…(swara was lost in her thoughts)
Suddenly someone tapped her shoulder but she didn’t respond as she was lost in her own world..

Girl:- Sammie….(still no response)
The girl came in front of she could clearly see her lost in her thoughts and tears continuously flowing from her swollen eyes..

Girl.:- (wiping her tears) Swaraaa..
Now swara came back to her sense by listening her real name..(everyone call her sammie so every time after listening swaraa she reacts immidiately)

Swara/sammie:- how many times i told u Ragini..forget this name..never call me by the..swara is dead…don’t u know…i am sammie. (Yes guys for the world swara died in an accident…it was planned by swara only..u will get to know the reason afterwards..)

The girl is ragini..she was also looking very simple..she wore a light yellow sandotop and dark pink trousers and had done a side pony tail.
( actually wen they are away from glamour world..they used to live their real life..)
Ragini:- if u are not swara then why these tears are flowing. I can easily guess the reason why is swara crying but i am not getting the reason why is sammie crying…and for the world swara died for not for me and your parents…and i wont let swara die…

(Swara became silent and lowered her eyes as if her lies are caught)
Ragini:- look swara…i know you are thinking about kolkata trip..listen..i am agan telling u…if u don’t want we can cancle our trip..there is nothing left for us there..i will send uttara dress through Currier..i think it won’t be better for us to go there..especially for u…i don’t want u to face that bastard again…you gave gone through a lot.. swara now don’t go there..

Swara:- no ragini…i want to go there …i want to see that bastard…how is he living after spoiling my life…yes ragini…he ruined my life….he snatched my everthing..he spoiled my image my character in society..he snatched my parents from me…yes he is reason i don’t live with my parents…i can’t introduce my parents in media…i had to live a life of a orphan even after having a family…he took away the reason for swara’s survival….he is the reason behind sammie’s survival….i had to live a life which i never wanted to..that devil snatched my life from me…i hate him from d core..(saying this swara’s eyes turned red in anger)

Ragini:- this is the reason swara i dont want you to go there…if he will come to know about sammie being swara ….he will again try his every means to get u..swara please think peacefully…i don’t want you to face that crap again…now stop crying….you are strong…my sammie is very strong..(saying this she wiped her tears..)

Swara:- no ragini…you are wrong…not to get me dear…he did everything just to destroy defame me….that was not his love…but his madness..his madness to get me…by hook or by crook…( now taking her remaining tear drop on her finger tip)…and these tears…these are not from him….i am now no more afraid of him…you are right lado(ragini)…swara was weak but sammie is strong..

Ragini:- i know swara these tears are for whom…but even he dosen’t deserve this…he left u when u needed him the most…he thought about his reputation over you…dat highclass shareefzada…even he played with your emotions….actually no…how can i forget…he didn’t left you…the truth is he was never there for u….u loved him swara but he never loved u…he was just playing with your feelings for that blo*dy bet….that is why i am telling swara there is nothing left for us…there is only bitter memories of kolkata except our parents…
(Saying this both swaragini became emotional)
. ……….
Precape:- sammie and ragini reached kolkata..

Sorry frndz if i have disappointed anyone…some were asking about ragini’s importance…so guys let me clear dis dat ragini is just in a supportive character…after disclosing about swara’s past mystery then ragini’s character will it its importance..till den u guys have to wait…and about lakshya entry…it be shown in episode 4 or 5…

Once again thank u guys for your support…if u want u can give any suggestion….guys keep commenting to show your support..

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