my “Once Upon a Time” didn’t end “Happily Ever After” (episode 1)


Thank u frndz for your support…your views really matter to me.. M sry guys i won’t be able to post it regularly as i have exams and i m posting my ff trough cellphn so it takes lots of tym in typing also..hope u all will understand..but i will try my best to post it regularly after my exams..
Rasika’s character will be played by twinkle of tei..
And for uttara she is drashti dhami (madhubala)

Now coming to the story..

Its morning time:
Scene open at maheshwary mansion..
Two ladies are cooking breakfast in kitchen. They are ap and sujata.

Ap:- sujata..can you think how time passes by..our daughter became so big dat she is going to get married in a month..

Sujata:- yess jiji.. I am also thinking the same.

Ap:- have you visited her room. Did she wake up? What was she doing?

Sujata:- yes jiji she woke up…and u know na what iss she doing from last night.

Ap:- so still she is busy in calling that designer.. What kind of stubbornness is this dat she will only wear clothes designed by her on her wedding..

Sujata:- i can’t understand dis girl jiji..sometimes i think she is doing dis marriage just to wear the clothes designed by that designer.

Ap:- (laughs) ha..ha..ha..bdw i forgot the name of dat designer…do u remember…??

Sujata:- haa jiji….how can i forget her name..for last 5 months i am continuously listening her stories from your insane daughter (laughs)…well her name is…Sa….Sam….Sammie..yes Sammie..

Ap:- yaa i got it…but dis girl is strange…no one knows anything about her personal history or about her family…how can dis be possible.?

Sujata:- i think she is reserved type girl that is why she dont like to share her personal info…but i am not getting one thing dat if she iz reserve type den how can she accept a marriage invitation of her client dat too of whom she doesn’t even have seen.
Ap: i am also not getting the reason behind dis…i think we won’t be able to understand dis girl..

” But i think i know the reason” a voice came from behind.
Ap & sujata turn back…there standing a girl near d entrance of kitchen..She was wearing a full length anarkali suit of baby blue colour with minimum makeup. She had made her hair puff from front and high pony tail from back and was wearing a small of gold ear studs..she was looking very cute..

Ap:- Uttara u came…good..come help us in kitchen work. This will be helpfull for u in your in law’s house..
((Yes the girl is uttara.. Guys let me tell u..uttara calls Ap as maa and Sujata as mom))

Uttara:- (pout face as if someone told her a very heavy work..) Coming maa

Sujata:- what is dis month is left for your marriage and now also you dont wanna learn household chores…what will u do in ur in law’s house…

Uttara:- i will just eat there just like princess( wink 😉 )

Sujata:- this chhori na jiji….i am telling u…she is total mad.
(The trio laugh)

Ap:- (in laughing tone) enough now u guys…..and uttara have u talked to ur designer..when is she coming…we have to make arrangements for her stay..

Uttara;- yes maa i have talked to her…she will directly come in tomorrow’s party..and she is coming here with her best friend ragini khanna..And yes maa i don’t think she will stay with us.

Ap:- but why uttara..dey are our guest na so they will be staying with us na..

Uttara:- maa i also want the same so dat i could spend time with her but i dont think she will agree..(pout face)

Ap:- don’t worry beta
..i will talk to her..

Sujata:- haa chhori…dont worry…bdw what were you telling the reason of her arrival..

Uttara;- yes mom…i got to know dat sammie and ragini belong to Kolkata…but as per news they have left kolkata 10 to 12 years ago… I guess this is the reason she accepted our invitation so that she could attend my marriage and visit her hometown too.
Sujata: but why she left kolkata??
Uttara:- don’t know maa…she never shared the reason.

Sujata:- lo jiji…another mystery…this girl is total mysterious..

Ap:- dont worry sujata…when she will come na den we will try to know many things from her…..and now breakfast is ready…call them or else your laadla son will start to shout again because of hunger..
( the trio laugh)
…….. ……….. ……….
Outside the kitchen one boy was standing and listening to their conversation…his face is shown he is none other than our sanskar..

Sanskar:- ( to himself) so finally i am going to meet you tomorrow.. I don’t know but when i hear anything about u…i feel like i know u…i haven’t ever met u but still i feel strange wen i talk about are really mysterious sammie…and after knowing dat u were from kolkata…m dying to meet u..

PRECAPE:- sammie’s/ swara’s entry

Sorry guys i could not introduce swara today but i will show her entry in next update…

And sorry for my bad english or grammatical mistakes… If you guys don’t like it or find it boring just let me know please..

Credit to: ahana

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