Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction (Episode 2)


So guys I am sorry for the delay, I am really very sorry and I hope you guys will forgive me!
I am here with the episode 2 of “Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fanfiction”
So I will try to make this update a long one so that you guys can enjoy!

Recap: Swara finds Sanskaar in an inebriated state…Hatred of Laksh and Ragini towards Maheshwari and Gadodia family respectively….

Presesnting you all Episode 2:

Swara stops her car in front of MM, her face tells that she is quite nervous, she held Sanskaar and helped him in walking….

*****Swara’s POV*****
I was set off in fear and trepidation as I stepped inside Maheshwari Mansion…And this bl**dy person can’t even take a pace himself, Oh God help me!! My agitation increased as I saw a woman in a black and red, marwari sari proceeding towards me…She got hold of the man, wait, what was his name, yes, Mr.Sanskaar, I don’t think that he have Sanskaar! The woman managed to take him down the stairs (as in actual serial, the entrance of MM is through the stairs) The woman placed him on a sofa ,gently, he lazed on the sofa and slept peacefully, I guess.…
The woman came near me , she was of my mom’s age, I nervously greeted her, she also greeted me back with a smile,and moved her soft hands around my face out of love, I was damn sure that she is unaware of my identity or else no one here likes my family…but after meeting her the perspective which always Ragini shared and the hatred of Maheshwari’s in my mind changed at looking the love of this woman, but how can I say like that, she is still unawares of me being a Gadodia…I smiled back and excused myself to leave but she stopped me and thanked me making me feel conscience-stricken…I told her that it was my duty, and I whispered a fond adieu and left from there.
*****End of POV*****

Swara left….The woman was none other than Annapurna…she liked Swara in the 1st glimpse…and thought, “What a nice girl, if I knew her then I would surely make her my Sanskaar’s wife” and left from there smiling….

Scene shifts to Gadodia Mansion….

Swara enters and shouts, “I am back!!”

Sharmishtha comes and says to her in a low voice: Where were you, have you seen the time!
Swara sees the clock and makes an “OOOPPPSS!!” face and says: OMG!! It is 12 already!! Tomorrow is Papa’s award function as well as!
Sharmishtha:Now go and get freshen up, the dinner is set on the table and was waiting for you, have it!
Swara kisses Sharmishtha’s cheek and says,: I Love u Ma!
Sharmishtha:I love u 2 Shoona!
Swara leaves for her room, while Shumi smiles and whispers to herself, “Pagal Ladki!!”

Next day….Morning….
Ragini gets dressed for the award function in formals, a white shirt, with black pants and coat, with open hairs! She looks at the mirror and says, “Maheshwari’s be aware of your lost!” And smirks…She comes and wakes up Swara, who in a sleepy tone asks for the time and on that Ragini replies, “It’s 7:30 a.m” Swara jumps out of the bed, and shouts on Ragini, “Tu ne mujhe pehle kyoun nahi uthaya?!”
On which Ragini replies, “Madam, you were busy sleeping that’s why, now without wasting time go and get ready we have to reach there by 8:00 and the function will begin at 8:15”
Swara:OK Boss!! (And salutes her and leaves for washroom)
Swara gets dressed in a green and red long kurti (as Swara bose looks like), with red flapper and open hairs with bangs, she applies a light pink lipstick and comes out and Swaragini leaves for the venue…

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion…
Sanskaar wakes up and founds himself in his house and feels headache (due to the excessive amount of alcohol) he asks a servant, “Where is everyone and how I got here?” The servant told him that everyone has gone to attend the awards function and he was brought back home at night by a girl. And the servant left…Sanskaar was still unable to reminisce what happened last night but mentally thanked that girl (Swara) who helped him…

Scene focuses the ceremony hall…

Durgaparsad, Shekar, Ragini and Laksh are sitting on the stage while the rest of the Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s are seen sitting in the front row…

Laksh speaks over the mic, “Namashkar, and a very good morning to you all! I am grateful that you all assembled here. I will not take much time and deliver a long address but I will just pay a small token of gratitude to all of you for your support throughout, if you weren’t there then there was no picture of the Maheshwari Groups. Many of you may know me but I’ll give a brief introduction of mine to those who don’t know me, I am Lakshya Maheswari, CEO of Maheshwari Groups and Industries pvt. Ltd. I am the elder son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari and running this company! Today is a big day for both the Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s but I will just say vote those whom you feel are correct! Thank you!”

Now mic is hand-overed to Ragini. She comes and says, “Namaste! I will not say much, as Mr.Maheshwari has said to you, Thanks for the support you all have given to us, I know many of you may be supporting Maheshwari’s and many of you maybe supporting us, I will just say you are not forced to vote! Just do what you feel!Thank you!”

And she also sits back…

Now it is time for the result…

The host: So congratulations to both of you, you both have received equal votes 6000…wait…wait…kahani mein twist…someone has voted for Gadodia’s just now and Gadodia’s win with 6001 votes…Congratulations!!!!
DP and Laksh fume in anger while Ragini and Shekar smile in gay.

Host: Now let’s see who is Gadodia’s well wisher!! OMG!! Ek aur twist…Gadodia’s ko vote kisi aur ne nahi balke Durga Prasad Maheshwari ke chote bete Sanskaar Maheshwari ne kia hai!!

This shocks the whole Maheshwari family (Guys, Sanskaar is not here but at MM) DP fumes in anger!!

The award is given to Shekar!!

Shekar (on mic) : Thank you so much!! I will just say that much, Agar haarnay wale na ho toh jeetnay wale paida nahi hosaktay!! Thank you once again!!


Outside the venue Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s come face to face…

Shekar: Meri taraf se apne bete ko thanks kehna! (Say thnx to your son from my side!)
DP:Congratulatins!! Choti si jeet paa kar apne aap ko fateh mat samajhna! (On this small win don’t think that you are a looser!)
Shekar:Hum to choti choti cheezon mein apni khushiyan dhoond lete hain! (We find our happiness in small things also)
DP:Well said!!
Laksh: Let’s go papa! It is useless to talk to these people!

Ragini:Before leaving just listen one last thing, we are not like you, Our eyes are on the stars and feet on the ground, despite you guys!
Laksh: Excuse me Miss.Gadodia! Behave yourself! You are talking to my father!
Ragini: I know how to talk with criminals!
Laksh: Just shut up!! Criminals, my foot!
Swara: Yeah….so can I ask you a question if you don’t mind…If I am not wrong your brother is a drunkard and is a big gangster and has went to jail as well and I don’t want to say but he has all qualities of criminals!!
Laksh: How dare you blabber against my brother! You bl**dy, idiot!
Ragini: Zabaan sambhaal ke baat karo! (mind your language)

Shekar: You have given quite a good upbringing to your kids DP
AP: If I am not wrong, you are the same girl who came to drop Sanskaar yesterday?
Swara: YES!! And Mr.Lakshya Maheshwari for your kind informmation your brother was lying on the road in an inebriated state if you love your brother that much so please take care of him!!
Lakshya, Swara and Ragini indulge into a heated, verbal argument!!
There families took them away very hardly from there!
The episode ends on the angry faces of SwaRagLak…

Precap: Sanskaar is slapped by DP…Abhay flirts with Uttara at University and gets a slap in return…

Hope you enjoye today’s episode, tell me via comments and once again sorry!!

Credit to: Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRahLima)

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