Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan fiction (Intro)


So probably many of you know me and if not you will know me??Just kidding??So let’s have a short intro of me (Guys lemme tell you I am very weak in preposition sorry if it is wrong?) So Hi!! I am Zuha Fatima , A person who writes FF , apart from it I am currently writing 3 FFs , 1 for Swaragini as”Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (Story of our dreams)- Swaragini” and 2 for Qubool Hai , respectively. This is my 4th FF , so now 2 for Swaragini and 2 for Qubool Hai! Guys as you know I am writing 4 FFs so it will be hard to be regular , by the way I am having vacations , summer vacations? so I will be free so I will try to be regular?


Guys let’s have a intro of my upcoming FF;

The story revolves around 2 families , The Maheshwari’s who are Marwari and The Gadodia’s who are Bengali. Both familes are business rivals , and also share a dark past which is still burried , but as it is said , “The more we try to hide , the more it expose!” Same goes for both the families!! The new generation of the respective familes will join the two warring families , so for that have a look on the new generation;

The Gadodia Family;

Swara (Gadodia):A sweet , innocent bubbly girl , full of enthusiasim , believes in herself and loves her family alot. She also has a connection with music and plays guitar. She is the eldest daughter of Sharmishtha and Shekar Gadodia.
She do believe in Love and God! Has graduated from university and holds degree of Computer Science.She takes Maheshwari family as good people and thinks that Gadodia’s are also at fault.

Ragini (Gadodia):She is a bold , confident and a bit rude personality , though she is soft-hearted. Is emotionally-challenged kind of personality. Hides herself from all , is the younger daughter of Sharmishta and Shekar Gadodia. Also has a connection with music and plays Sitar. She has no firm belief in Love and God , and take it as a waste of time. Has graduated from university and holds degree of Business Studies.She hates the Maheshwari family and thinks that they are enemies of her family.

New role:Abhay Gadodia , this role will be played by Parth Samthaan (You can think him as the expected child of Shekar and Shumi in the actual serial!) He is the youngest child of Shekar and Sharmishta Gadodia. No interest in music. Shares a close bond with Swaragini , and they also love him alot. He is doing Masters in English Literature and is a complete flirt.

So this was the new generation of Gadodia’s , now see what is their age , I know this is a bad habit but , Anyways??

Swara:Age 25
Ragini:Age 23
Abhay:Age 20

Now let’s have a sneak peek in the lives of Gadodia’s;

Shekar Gadodia , is the famous business man not only in India , Internationally as well as. He is a very strict for the world but , The Best Father and The Best Husband. (No Dadi , Dada and Dida here!) He loves his family alot. His wife Sharmishta is also the perfect Woman. They have 3 children , Swara , Ragini and Abhay. The trio is ultra modern but still value their traditions and family moral values. Swara and Ragini are not only sisters but a soul , they have abbreviated themselves as SwaRagini , which is enough to describe their relation. Abhay is the most loving child of his family as he is the youngest of all.

The Maheshwari Family;

Sanskaar (Maheshwari):A gangster , though he belongs from a well-to-do family but still….His father Durga Prasad Maheshwari , is very cold-hearted , is always angry on Sanskaar as he is always drunked and not at home , does not have any interest in family business which troubles him alot. Sanskaar has been terminated from his university because of his non-serious attitude due to which he was not able to pursue his MBA. He has been to jail once. Is a very egoistic personality.He hides himself from everyone but shares a close relation with his brother , Laksh and sister , Uttara.

Lakshya or Laksh (Maheshwari):He is a very well-mannered and an organized person , he is the CEO of Maheshwari Groups and Industry. Is very sincere towards his business , the favorite son of DP, respects his family values and is very concerned for Sanskaar. Believes in God but thinks Love needs time and he is not ready for it. Hates Gadodia’s as DP has brain washed him against them.

Uttara (Maheshwari):She is a complete chatter box , she is also doing Masters in Eng. Lit. Is the most loved child of the family , as she is the youngest and the only daughter of the family. Hates those who flirt and is a very decent girl!

Let’s see what’s their age?

Sanskaar: Age 28

Let’s have a sneak peek in the lives of Maheshwari’s;

Durga Prasad Maheshwari is a very strict and cold – hearted personality , actually emotion-less. Hates the Gadodia’s alot , and can do anything to insult them publicly , is a big business man and recognized Internationally. He has a wife Anappurna , who is the Best Mother for her children. She is very soft-hearted and very much concerned towards Sanskaar. Sanskaar a gangster , who hates his father and is against of his strict rules , a drunkard. Laksh is the best son of the family. Both share a close bond yet are 2 opposite poles. Uttara is the lovely child and a common connection b/w SanLak.

 ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄

Now lemme tell you the couples of my Fan Fiction;


 ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄_ ̄
So hope you enjoyed , do tell me how was it.

Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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  2. it’s very nice …plz next time write ff on swaragini n qubool hai mixed ….specially swasan n Sanam ahil

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