Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction (Episode 6)

Once upon a love story…A swasan and raglak fan fiction Episode 6

Hey guys Zuha is back after a long gap! I know you all must be waiting for this FF so I am back to entertain you all with my boring ideas 

Nafrat ki talwar…Pyaar ki takraar…Ishq ki baazi…pariwaar ki sehmati…Rishton ka mol…Zindagi ka jod..Ishq or badle ke aag mein tarapte 2 dil! Kya hai inn ki kismet mein?? (The sword of hatred…Fights of love…Trick of love…Acceptance of family…Cost of relations…Match of life…In the fire of Love and Revenge…2 lonely hearts! What is in their destiny??)
Scene 1;
Sanskaar enters DP’s ward and cries seeing his condition…He re-minces doctor informing Dp is in coma due to break down. He remembers his hatred towards DP, how he insulted him, and AP blurting out the whole truth to Sanskaar, he comes near DP’s legs and hold them tightly and cries and says, “I am bad, I am so bad, today you are in such condition because of me. I have hurt you a lot, gave you much pain but I promise that I will leave all my bad doings all please wake up. You are angry on me, slap me, scold me, punish me but don’t punish yourself!
Bade papa, you have brought me up as your own son, never differed between Laksh, Adarsh bhai and I, always loved me, and provided me with all the luxuries but what I gave you in return? Tears, sorrows, pain, betrayal, hatred but I promise that I will avenge them I will avenge the Gadodia’s! They have ruined our lives I will not forgive them. I don’t believe on God but if there is anything like God exists so I ask him to support me! Now the revenge will complete!”

Scene 2 ;
Swara is driving the car and drops Ragini to the office, on the way to home. Swara remembers Sanskaar’s words about Gadodia’s. She thinks, “Was Sanskaar saying truth, really Mr.Sunin Gadodia did this. But I am a Gadodia and I trust my family but….I have to get the answers of my questions and only one person can tell me PAPA!”

Scene 3;
Sanskaar comes out of the ward and dials a number and says to the caller, “I am sending you the picture just make sure that you do your work!”
Caller: Don’t worry Boss! The work will be done!
Sanskaar: Good! I am sending you the picture reach the place!
Caller: Yes Boss!

Sanskaar sends a picture to the caller, the caller receives it while the picture is uploaded it is revealed that the picture is of Ragini!!

Scene 4;
Ragini comes out of the office busy talking on phone;
Ragini: Yes papa, the meeting just got over! Yes, Swara dropped me on the way, but the car is here I am coming home! Yeah the meeting went well and I am sure that we will get the project, no chance of Maheshwari’s getting this project as they are already broken after Durga Prasad’s condition! Anyways I will talk to you later! Take care! Love you!

She sits and starts driving the car…She drove a little further when “CRACK!!!!” a goon hit the windscreen with a stick causing it to broke and Ragini to get some bruises! Ragini with much difficulty gets up, whereas the goons forcibly open the car’s door and drags Ragini out, opposite to the sight Laksh came out of a building where he observes everything happening, but at noticing Ragini he rushes shouting, “RAGINI!!!!!” Ragini turns and is shocked to see Laksh.

Laksh runs towards Ragini while the goons continue dragging Ragini and putting her in the jeep, but Laksh kicked a goon from the back, making him fall down! The goons and Laksh indulge into a fight, Ragini looks on while music plays…

Pal bhar teher jaao
(Wait for a second)
Dil yeh sambhal jaaye
(Let the emotions gain control)
Kaise tumhe roka karun
(How to stop you?)
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
(Each and every sorrow coming to me slips)
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
(I fill you in my eyes)
Bin bole baatein tum se karun
(Talking with you I say to you)
‘gar tum saath ho
(If you are with me)
Agar tum saath ho
(If you are with me)

A goon get hold of a gun and points towards Ragini, both Laksh and Ragini get shocked.

Goon: Now Mr.Hero go and show off youe heropanti somewhere else!
Laksh: Look I am telling you leave her or else…
Goon: Else what? You will hit me? You will push me? You will slap me? Come go ahead? But what about this girl? She will lose her life!
The goons laugh…The goon aims the gun and warns Laksh to leave or else he will shoot!
Laksh: Okay! I am leaving!
Ragini gets shocked!!!
Laksh: Look I am leaving!
He moves back…
Ragini: Laksh!!!
He moves a step back, and then “SMASH!!!” he kicks the goon on his face making him fall down, Laksh rushes to Ragini!
Laksh: You okay?
Ragini: Hmmmm….
He holds her hand tightly and both of them run hand in hand!
Music plays…
Teri nazron mein hain tere sapnay
(You have your dreams in your eyes)
Tere sapnon mein hai naraazi
(Your dreams are annoyed)
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
(I feel that the talks of heart…)
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
(Are the game/betrayal of words)
Tum saath ho ya na ho
(You are with me or not)
Kya fark hai
(What’s the difference)
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
(Life was painless it is still painless)
Agar tum saath ho
(If you are with me)
Dil yeh sambhal jaaye
(Heart controlled)
{Agar tum saath ho}
Har gham phisal jaaye
(Sorrows slip)
{Agar tum saath ho}
Din ye nikal jaaye
(Day passes)
{Agar tum saath ho}
Har gham phisal jaaye….

Screen freezes as Ragini eyes Laksh lovingly….

Precap: Maha episode: Jahan Swara ko milegi ek nayi pehchaan (Where Swara will get a new identity!) Sharmishta shouts, “Shekar is not your father!!!” Swara is shocked!…………………………………………
Vahi Ragini ka bhagya jude ga Laksh ke saath (There Ragini’s fate will join with Laksh) Annapurna is seen doing Ragini and Laksh’s ghat bandhan while the mantra plays..both Raglak are ready for rounds as they eye each other tensedly!

I know the update is short but sorry….Do leave your suggestions 🙂

-Zuha Fatima

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