Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction (Episode 5) (Maha episode Part 2)For Swasan fan

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I guess enough of my emotional atyachaar…let’s start with the story!
Afssos ki lehr jab dil se takraye…Aankh se aansoon behte jaaye…Rishtein aur nafraton ke registaan mein, akele do dil…Kya hai inn ki kismet? (When the wave of guilt hits the heart…Tears roll down the eyes…In the desert of relations and hatred 2 lonely hearts…What is in their destiny?)

The episode begins at an undisclosed location where Sanskaar is seen sitting on a bench having a drink (wine) in his hands and he has already taken an excessive amount of alcohol and is fully in an inebriated state, remembering how he insulted DP, how he said him a murderer, how he (DP) suffered heart-attack, how AP told him the actual truth!

Sanskaar: How bad I am! Seriously! I almost killed that person who did every possible thing for me! And I hated him that much that my hatred neared him to death! Oh God! I know I have never believed you, but if you really exist please, please save my dad! Please! I am praying to you for the first time but with full devotion and please I beg you to save him, please!

Scene shifts to Gadodia Mansion…All are having dinner there…And laughing and spending a quality time!
Shekar: Laado! Please get me my BP’s medicine!
Ragini: Ji Papa!

She goes to get the medicine box but learns that the medicine has finished!

Ragini: Papa, the medicine has been finished!
Sharmishtha: What?? But he has to take it, it is very important medicine!
Ragini: Don’t worry Ma, I will go and buy it from the medical store!
Shekar: No, no beta, don’t need to go anywhere! I am okay! And it is already very late, you shouldn’t go alone!
Swara: So what’s the problem! I will go!
Shekar: Just learn something from your sisters Abhay! (slightly hitting at his shoulder!)
Abhay: What Papa?! You buy me a car, then next time I will get your medicine! Look both, Swara di and Ragini di have car, but poor me not even a bike! You know how cheap it looks, that Shekar Gadodia’s son is dropped by his sisters at college!
Shekar: Car? Bike? First get good marks in your examination then ask me!
Abhay: Bas! Studies, studies!
Swara: Sahi toh bol rahe hai , nikame! ( He is absolutely right, useless!)
Abhay: Ma!
Sharmishtha: Don’t tease him!
Ragini: Yeah, you always take his side! Anyway, Swara let’s go!

And they leave!

Scene shifts to the hospital (Where DP is admitted) the doctor comes out of the OT…All rush towards her…

Uttara: Is papa alright?
Dr.: Look we can’t say anything right now, but the treatment is going on so keep your fingers crossed, By the way Mr. Maheshwari (referring Laksh) can you get this injection please, actually it is not available in our pharmacy, you can get it from the Medical store which is 150 foot steps from here, about 20 minutes away!
Laksh: Sure doctor!

And takes the prescription from the doctor, and leaves from there…

Scene shifts to a medial store where Swaragini reach…
Ragini: We have reaced Swara!
Swara: Ragini, you go and get the medicine from the store I am here in the car!
Ragini: As you wish!
And Ragini leaves to get the medicine…And as destiny wanted Laksh reached the same medical store to get the medicine for DP…

Ragini: Bhaiya! Can you please give me “XYZ” medicine for blood pressure!
Laksh: Please I want this medicine! (Handing over the prescription)
Shopkeeper: Yeah sure!

*And he (shopkeeper) leaves to fetch the medicine … Ragini and Laksh don’t notice one another and look towards the opposite ways… The shopkeeper comes back…

Shopkeeper: Here you go!

Both Ragini and Laksh turn and keep the hand on the medicine at the same time hitting each other’s hand…A shiver pass through their body… They are shocked to see one another!!

Raglak: TUM!!
Ragini: What the hell are you doing here?!
Laksh: Why can’t I come here, is it only your medical store?
Ragini: You…
Laksh: I am in hurry so please don’t waste my time in fighting, fight with me later!
Ragini: I am fighting! Even I hate to talk to you!
Laksh: Actually, I should hate to talk to you, after what your stupid family has did to my family!
Ragini: Ooyee! Don’t you dare blabber against my family!
Laksh: When you will come to know about the reality of your family then you will definitely be ashamed of yourself that you belong to such a family.
Ragini: Listen, Laksh Maheshwari! My family is my pride so don’t you dare say any rubbish against my family!
Laksh: Cheap people!

And leaves from there buying the medicine! Ragini also leaves from there in an angry mood!
Ragini comes back to the car in an angry mood…

Swara: What happened Ragu? You seem a bit tense!
Ragini: Tense? I am super doper angry!
Swara: Now should I ask, or you can read my face! What happened?
Ragini: Shoona! You remember that Laksh Maheshwari.
Swara: Yeah, yeah, son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari! How can I forget him, the way he insulted papa and our family!
Ragini: I met him!
Swara: Where?
Ragini: Right now! In the store! And you know what he said!

Ragini goes into a flashback of Laksh saying;

“When you will come to know about the reality of your family then you will be definitely ashamed of yourself that you belong to such a family!”

FB ends!

Swara: Uski toh aisi ki taisi! How dare he say like that! Mad person!
Ragini: But Swara, you know I am feeling that there is a big truth behind this rivalry which we are unaware, I always thought that we both families are business rivals but now I feel that there is a lot behind it!
Swara: Come on Ragu! You are paying heed to the words of that creep!
Ragini: But Shoona…
Swara: Be quiet! And drive back to home! We are getting late!
Ragini: You are right!

Ragini starts driving…they leave from there! Suddenly, the car stops at the mid way…
Swara: What happened?
Ragini: I don’t know! Let me check!

Ragini gets down the car…she makes a sh*t face when she learns that the car’s tire has been punctured.

Swara (calls out from the car) : What happened Ragini? Is everything fine?
Ragini: No! Actually the tire has been punctured!|
Swara: WHAT??
Ragini: You sit and relax, I will get a mechanic!
Swara: I will also accompany you!
Ragini: No, no! You have asthma problem, and the weather is also windy and dusty, so it is better you stay back here as the inhaler is not with you right now!
Swara: Ragu! Please…And I am fit and fine!
Ragini: Even if you are fit and fine, will we leave the car all alone in this unknown place!
Swara: Point to be noted!
Ragini: I am going in search of mechanic, and don’t you move from here! Understand!
Swara: Ok Boss!
Ragini: Take care! I will be back!

Ragini leaves…Swara was waiting for quite a long time and there was no sign of Ragini being back…Swara looks at the wrist watch.

Swara: Oh God! It has been half an hour and Ragini is not back! It is about 10 of night! Ma and Papa must be worried, I should inform them!

Swara reaches for her in the car (she was outside the car) she gets her phone and dials Sharmishtha’s number.

Swara: hello Ma!
Sharmishtha: Hello Shoona!
Swara: Hello Ma! Hello…hello!
Sharmishtha: Shoona I’m not able to hear you!
Swara: Ma hold on! There is no network here!

Swara moves to get network forgetting Ragini’s warning/advice.

Swara reaches an undisclosed location/ground..

Swara: Am I audible?
Sharmishtha: Yes! Where are you? Come back home, it is getting late!
Swara: Uhhmm..Actually Ma, our car’s tire got punctured so we will reach late!
Sharmishtha: Okay! Come home fast!
Swara: Okay Ma! Love you!
Sharmishtha: Love you too beta!

Swara disconnects the call…A cold breeze hits her as she folds her arms feeling cold! She was enjoying the weather although Ragini asked her to be safe! Swara notices a man ( Sanskaar ) sitting on the bench nearby.

Swara thinks, “In such a weather who will be out in such a place and all alone! Strange!”

Swara approaches towards the man…She hesitantly places her hand on his shoulder…The man turns and much to Swara’s shock he was Sanky.

Swara thinks, “Oh shoot! He is Sanskaar Maheshwari! Should I talk to him? No, no Swara how can you, don’t you remember how his khadoos brother misbehaved! No, I should thank him after all he made papa win! If Ragini comes to know about it?! Baat kar hi leti hoon!”

Sanskaar: WHAT!?!
Swara: Nothing! May I sit beside you? (pointing towards the empty space beside Sanky)
Sanskaar: And if I say no, then?
Swara: Then also I will sit!
Sanskaar: Look, leave me alone, I am already very tensed!
Swara: And may I ask you why are you tensed!?
Sanskaar: Why are you asking so? Do I know you!

Swara thinks, how she met Sanskaar that night when he was inebriated (Ep-1) and he land up unconscious in her arms.

Swara: Yeah…I mean no…I mean yes…NO!!
Sanskaar: Look Miss don’t waste your time after me, just go!
Swara ( sits and moves a little bit away from Sanky as she maintains distance) : You seem tensed! May I help you?
Sanskaar ( laughs sadly on himself ) : You will help me? My own family can’t help me then how can you…Look leave from here and leave me alone!
Swara: Jo dard apnon ke sath na banta ja sake who ajnabiyon ke sath banta ja sakta hai. (The pain which you can’t share with your loved-ones you can share it with strangers) {Forwarding a handkerchief to Sanky}
Sanky takes the handkerchief and wipes his tears…

Sanskaar: You know what…And starts narrating everything to Swara…

There Ragini reaches with the mechanic to find Swara nowhere…

Ragini [to herself] : Where has Swara gone? I said to her that she doesn’t go anywhere but this girl is just impossible! She loves giving tensions!

Ragini [to mechanic] : Bhaiyya! You fix the puncture; I will come in a short time!
Mechanic: Okay Madam!

Ragini leaves from there tensed!

There at Swasan side…Sanskaar finishes…

Swara thinks, “OMG!! Ragini was right much more than business rivalry! That is why papa never let us take Sunin chacus’s name!” (Sunin is Shekar’s brother and if you are confused so the link is here for you;
I hope you are now cleared)

Swara’s thoughts were disturbed by Sanskaar…

Sanskaar: Till date I hated Mr.Durga Prasad Maheshwari but now I hate the Gadodia’s and will definitely ruin them!

***Swara’s POV***
Oh God! One more misunderstanding! Whatever Sunin cahchu did was wrong I accept but what is papa’s fault? Is he at fault too? I need answers of my questions, but what about this Sanky (pronouncing as Sunky meaning mentally disabled)
***Swara’s POV***
Sanskaar: By the way, why are you so interested in listening my stupid story?
Swara: Look Sanskaar, you should apologize to your family!
Sanskaar: They hate to see my face and you are saying to seek apology!
Swara: But your inner-self will be relaxed then, you will surely feel better!
Sanskaar: Look Miss.
Swara: G…(She was about to say Gadodia but stops remembering Sanskaar’s hatred towards Gadodia’s)
Sanskaar: I asked your name!
Swara: That will be a secret, look you blurt out everything to me as a stranger so we will be friends! So hi “Dost”( Forwarding her hand for friendship)
Sanskaar: Friends! (Shaking hands with Swara)
Swara: You were saying something!
Sanskaar: So “Dost” will you help me avenging Gadodia’s?

This shocks Swara, as how can she promise someone to avenge her very own family.

Sanskaar: It may sound weird but … You must be thinking we are strangers…and one meeting…leave it!

Sanskaar gets up , and stumbles (as he is under the effect of alcohol) Swara gets up and tries to help him but stops herself as Sanskaar’s words echoes in her mind, “Will you help me avenging the Gadodia’s?” Suddenly, Sanskaar trips over a stone , stumbling, and falls over Swara, Sanskaar over Swara…They share an awkward eye-lock (Saiyaa plays in background) as they are lost in one another.
There Ragini is shouting for Swara, “SWARA!! SWARA! WHERE ARE YOU??!? SWARA!”
She reaches the same place where Swara and Sanskaar are , before she could call out for Swara, she catches the glimpse of Swasan.

Ragini: Shoona!! ( and runs to Swara, as Swasan compose themselves) You okay?
Swara: Yeah Ragu, I am fine!
Ragini: I told you not to move from there, but still no, you never listen to me! You know how much tensed I was! And (she notices Sanskaar) what are you doing with him?!
Swara: “Dost” one minute!

She takes Ragini aside…

Ragini: Should I ask or you can read my face! What is going on?
Swara: Look Ragini, for time being just stay quiet! Right now I am not Swara Gadodia!
Ragini: I know that bas***d is drunk, but are you also drunked? I am not Swara Gadodia?? Seriously??
Swara: Ragini, please try to understand! Please…
Ragini: Okay fine!

Swaragini come back to Sanskaar…

Sanskaar: So your name is Shoona? (asking Swara)
Swara: No…actually my loved-ones call me Shoona…that is my pet/nick name so you may call me Shoona!
Sanskaar: And if I am not wrong, she seems to be your sister, right (reffering to Ragini who frowns)
Swara: Yeah, she is my sister!
Ragini: Shoona, let’s go we are getting late, the car must be fixed by now!
Swara: Yeah! But Sanskaar… (Ragini gives her a stern look)
Sanskaar: I need your favor, please can you drop me at “City Hospital”?
Swara: Yeah sure! Why not! (Ragini glares her)
Ragini: But Swara…
Swara whispers, “Look he did a big favor by making papa win we can return back that favor please Lado!”
Ragini: okay, fine!

And walks away angrily.

Swara: Challay?
Sanskaar smiles as “YES”
Swara: If you don’t mind, may I help you? But wait a second you are my friend right then why formalities, of course I may!

And she holds Sanskaar, and gives him support…The 3 reach to the car…Ragini pays the mechanic, and the 3 sit in the car.

The scene shifts to hospital…..All are tensed…

Doctor: We are sorry, Mr.Durga Prasad Maheswari has went in COMA!!

The word “Coma” echoes..as Sanskaar reaches the hospital and hears it and is left shocked!!

Screen freezes on Sanskaar’s shocked face!

Precap: Sanskaar goes to meet DP in ICU…He seeks apology from him…Swara questions Shekar about Sunin Gadodia…

So here the update ends…I tried to write a long episode and I hope so that I was able to do so…I am once again sorry for the long delay…please pardon me and I hope it does not affect the comments or my readers…and if you are reading this FF please don’t forget to comment…
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And how was today’s episode … do tell me through your precious comments!

Love you guys,
Zuha Fatima.

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