Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction (Episode 4) Mahasangam (Part 1)

So guys I am back with the 4th Episode of this FF “Once Upon a Love Story… A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction”
I hope you guys are doing well…So now without wasting any more time let’s get to the story!!!

Recap: Sanskaar getting slapped by DP and AP…Gadodia’s celebration…DP gets a heart-attack!

EPISODE 4 (MahaEpisode)
Utthay ga parda kai raazon se, aur lage ga jhatka nayi baaton se…Nafrat ke peechay ka raaz khud chupa hoga mohabbat mein…Rahiya ga tayaar !! (The veil will be removed from many secrets, and you will get shocks from new realities…The secret behind the hatred will be hidden in love itself…Be ready!!)

The episode begins at Hospital where all are rushing DP towards the hospital for aid…The doctors take DP in the OT, leaving behind all the Maheshwari family tensed!
AP (to Sanskaar) : Are you happy now, to see him in this condition!
Sanskaar : Why would I be happy or sad for him, when I don’t have any relation with this man!
AP : Enough is enough Sanskaar! He kept on saying that you are getting spoiled but I never listened to him, and the result is in front of us!
Sanskaar : Ma…you are…
AP : Don’t consider me as your mother, if he is not your father then I am also not your mother!
Sanskaar : Okay fine, I can leave the whole world but will never accept that person my father! MY FATHE IS DEAD!!!!
Laksh: SANSKAAR!! Do you have any idea what you are speaking! Why do you hate papa that much??!!
Sanskaar: You all want to know why you hate your great Mr.Durga Prasad Maheshwari, so listen the truth, and Ma, you must know that he killed my parents, Mr.Ram Prasad Maheshwari and Mrs.Sujata Ram Prasad Maheshwari!!

This shocks everyone!!

Sanskaar: Listen!! I also loved him like anything, but one day I came across a bitter reality, that the person whom I assumed my father was none other than the murderer of my very own parents!
Laksh (in shock) : Sanskaar you must have any misunderstanding!
Sanskaar: No bhai!! I came across a diary when I was 13, it was of my father or mother maybe, I don’t know, but it said,

“How can Bhaisa do this, he refused to give us money! Please Bhagwan ji, help us! Bhaisa refused to give me money! How can he do this to me!”

Laksh: Ha, but how can you conclude that Papa killed them!
Sanskaar: Because I remember one thing, that I was hardly 2 or 3 when I saw my mum’s dead body and later my father attempted suicide, and when my father attempted suicide so that time MR.DURGA PRASAD MAHESHWARI was there, and I know he would have refused to give money and due to his poverty and the insult given by Mr.Durga Prasad, he must have attempted suicide and such suicide which you attempt because of someone, so that someone is called a murderer!! And I am also pretty sure Mr.Durga Prasad Maheshwari must have killed my mum as well as! Bl**dy murderer!!
The person whom you are thinking as a murderer is actually your savior!
Annapurna goes in a flashback: 27 years back
Ram Prasad and he (DP) were business partners and shared a close bond, we all lived together in MM…all was going well but one day RP joined hands with our business Rival, Mr.Sunin Gadodia, brother of Shekar Gadodia…He (DP) was very angry on Ram, and broke all ties with him, and he also left MM, with you (Sanky) and Sujata.Few months passed and there was no news of you guys, when one day he (DP) got a news that Mr.Sunin and Ram had a fight with some of their rivals, and in the fight Mr.Sunin passed away, and Ram is badly injured. We all rushed there and we found Sujata crying, when we asked her the reason so she told, since Ram has joined hands with Mr.Sunin, he (Mr. Sunin) has provoked Ram to all bad things, like drinking, gambling etc. She told that he has lost his house and all his business in the game and also placed her (Sujata), and lost her as well as! We all were in an utter shock after hearing it! Sujata asked us to take care of you (Sanskaar) as she is leaving; we never knew that she will leave us forever! After few hours we came to know that Sujata has jumped down from 8th floor of a building and have attempted suicide. He (DP) was in raged on Ram, and decided to hand him over to police as soon as he discharges from the hospital. After few days he (RP) was discharged and he (DP) brought cops so that they can arrest him, but he (RP) refused to surrender and killed himself rather than handing himself to the police.

All are shocked and teary-eyed, especially Sanskaar.

AP: Are you happy!! Now listen one more thing…The person whom you ought as a murderer has actually saved you, he could have left you there, and let you starve to death, but he didn’t do that, he brought you up as your son, whatever you needed was in front of you before you asked, and you say why he is after his activities he fears that you never turn as your father because this is how he changed ! ALL CREDIT GOES TO YOUR SO CALLED MURDERER!!

Sanskaar was in utter shock!

AP: Laksh ask him to leave!
Laksh: Bhai…

Before he could complete, Sanskaar left from there in disbelief as he realized how much wrong he was to think the person who loved him like anything, was thought as murderer….

Precap: Swasan meet…

Credit to: Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRahLima)


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      Yes, indeed it was a short one dear…and I will try to post a longer one next time…I am happy that u find it interesting,..Keep reading and commenting.
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  1. Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??)

    Wow Zuha… You nailed it, what a twist… Can’t wait till the next episode ? Love you Zuha, fee amanillah and love you ❤️?

  2. saya

    Hey zuha. Really such a big misunderstanding but am happy that it got cleared and he realized his mistake. was eagerly waiting for your update. Really liked that “veil” quote in the beginning. take care.

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