Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction (Episode 1)


Thank you so much guys for your lovely comments!!!!
First let me tell you the cast because some of you were confused;

Varun Kapoor as Sanskaar Maheshwari
Helly Shah as Swara Gadodia
Namish Taneja as Laksh or Lakshya Maheshwari
Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar as Ragini Gadodia
Parth Samthaan as Abhay Gadodia
Khyati Mangala as Uttara Maheshwari

So this is my lead cast☺

Guys please do comment , it is my first episode of my Fan fiction “Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction” Please do support me!!

I hope I am able to clear all the misconceptions. Guys , till yet just take Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s and business rivals and you will surely come to know much more behind their rivalry☺

The journey begins…

A dark , rainy night in Kolkata , a beautiful girl , with hair open having bangs , wearing a nice pink dress with rosey lips and diamond studs , was seen driving a car. She gets a call , the name flashes , “My Life!!” , she receives the call….

Girl: What happened Ma!

Yeah the girl was talking to her mother!!

Mother:Shoona!! Where are you? It is quite late and the weather is also not good!
Girl:Ma , don’t worry , I will reach soon! Take a chill pill!!
Mother:Ok ! Come home soon!
Girl:OK Ma! Bye! Love You?
Mother: Love you too , beta!

She disconnects the call , the girl is our bubbly Swara!

She sees a man in front of her car , in an inebriated state , she immediately stops the car and goes towards the man who was stumbling!

Swara:Hello!Mr.! Hello! Can I be a helping hand for you?!?

Before the man could reply , he lands up unconscious in her arms. After too much difficulty Swara was successful to make him sit in the car.

Swara:Uggghhh!! Why do people drink too much when they can’t control over themselves??Who is this young gentleman?

She finds a wallet in his pocket ,where she finds his ID card , after seeing it she was left berserk!! The name said , “Sanskaar MAHESHWARI” The word “Maheshwari” left her shocked.

Swara thinks,”Oh Shoot! He is Sanskaar Maheshwari! If papa comes to know that he belongs from the Maheshwari Family , he will definitely kill him! What shall I do , I can’t even leave him like this!”

Scene shifts to Gadodia Mansion….

A girl is seen reading a newspaper ,wearing a blue maxi with straight hair tied , a boy came and snatched the paper from her hands! She shouted out loud ,”Abhay!! Give me back the paper!” The boy ran as fast as possible , and so do the girl rushing behind him! They reach the dining hall where all was set for dinner!

Girl:Papa , Look this idiot Abhay snatched my paper from me.
Father:Laado! My child! Abhay , why are you disturbing her?!?
Abhay:Papa , Di should read the paper in the morning , is it a time?
Ragini:Just Shut Up a d give it back!

A woman cane dressed in a traditional yet moderm sari , saying , ‘Shekar , don’t scold my son!’

The father was Shekar and the woman was Sharmishta.

Shekar:Ask your son that don’t disturb , Laado!
Shumi:Abhay , why are you disturbing your Di?
Abhay:Yes , yes , you all take her side!
Ragini: Now stop your mellow drama! Look , I am not reading paper.

They all sat down for dinner.

Shekar:Mishti , where is Swara?
Ragini:Haan , Ma , I have not seen her from long!
Shumi:Yes , she will be coming I called her!
Shekar:Good! Laado tomorrow is award function and we are nominated for it , I want you to represent our company!
Ragini:I am OK with that! By the way , who is representating Maheshwari’s?
Shekar:That is not important!
Ragini: Of course it is Papa! I can’t see those people winning over us!
Shumi:Ragini , stop it!
Ragini:Why Ma? They have already hurt our family too much with their cheatings , I don’t know why there is a rivalry between is but I know it is much more than business rivalry!

She storms towards her room!

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion

A girl dressed in yellow and red anarkali dress came towards a room , where a boy was seen working on laptop , before the girl could knock, the person said , “Come in , Uttara!”

Yes the girl was Uttara , she said , “Lucky Bhai , how you guess that it’s me?”

Yes the handsome hunk was our Lucky!!

Laksh:Dil se hai dil ka naata koi….something like that!
Uttara:Anyways , Dinner is ready come downstairs!!
Laksh:Is Sanky back?
Uttara:Bhai , You know na , he is back around mid night after his games and all , I don’t what is his problem? And Papa he just hates his habits and friends but what can we do he never listens to us!????
Laksh:Hmmmmm……Let’s go!?

They reach downstairs. His father and mother , Durga Prasad Maheshwari and his mother Annapurna were waiting for him.

DP:Come Son ! I was waiting for you!
Laksh:Ji papa!
DP:Beta you know tomorrow is the award ceremony , I want you to represent our company! I want to make sure that the Gadodia’s lose!And you are perfect for it!
Laksh:Don’t worry Papa , I will try my level best to make us win!
DP:That is good!
Laksh:Ma , I am not hungry right now , I will have dinner later , I am going to my room , there is some work pending!

He leaves…..

Scene shifts to Ragini’s room….

She comes to her room , there is a wall in her room covered by a curtain , he removes the curtain , there are many pieces of paper pinned on that wall , saying “I will finish those people!” , “I will bring an end to their empire!” , “Maheshwari’s are gone!” etc….

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion…. In Laksh’s room , he opens his wardrobe , he removes his clothes and of is revealed that there are many chits where he has written a lot of things against Gadodia’s same as Ragini

Scene splits into 2…One side Ragini and the other side Laksh…..

Laksh says,”I have been waiting for this day when I will defeat the Gadodia’s!!! I don’t know what is their fault but still….My father has always stated them bad so for me they are bad!

Ragini says,”Maheshwari’s are demons for me , my parents have always said to me don’t think much about those cheaps but I know they hate them! If they hate them , then I also hate them! Tomorrow is the biggest fight of my life and I am totally prepared for my win!”

The screen freezes on Raglak vengeful faces…..

Precap:Sanskaar is brought at Maheshwari mansion by Swara….Award Ceremony….Raglak come face to face…..Shekar and Durga Prasad fight…Abhay flirts with Uttara and gets a slap in return………

So hope you enjoyed , I am very sorry I was not able to reply you guys due to some internet issues , but I did read your lovely comments…Keep commenting!!!

Love you Guys!!!!

Credit to: Zuha

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  8. Hope they don’t humiliate swara at their house…….plz update soon…..hope their rivalry end soon …. It’s nice….

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