Which upcoming show on Colors are you looking forward to?

Colors is coming with two new shows, Shastri Sisters and Udaan. The former got the time slot of 7 pm, which was earlier occupied by Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon ki, and is starting from 21st July 2014. Whereas the latter is still being shown as Coming soon. It will be replacing Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon reportedly.

Shastri Sisters traces the journey of four sisters as they move from Kanpur to Delhi along with their father. The story speaks of the challenges faced by them on being uprooted from their childhood homes and their support for each other through life’s hardship and struggles. Their are many promos on air which are showing all four sisters and their natures which are completely different. Alka, Anushka, Devyani and Peeya will be soon on everyone’s mind as they are coming to entertain you by their smart and united efforts. The first promo showed the sisters leaving their old home and moving to a new city and their life changes. They were very much attached to their childhood home, but as their father gets transferred to Delhi, they pack up their bags and are ready to change Delhi according to them. Why would they change for a city, their motto is to change the place…. With such high spirits, they will literally take us to the entertainment lane.

Udaan has just aired a single promo and it depicts the whole story of the show. Udaan is basically the story of helplessness, how money influences poor people, where they have no finds to gather food, get clothes and shelter, which are the basic necessities. When a couple is shown so poor that they sell off everything to get necessities fulfilled, and then are left with nothing in hand, except the baby in the woman’s womb. The show also focuses on child labor and the social message to stop it. As that makes a child lose his rights to educate himself and just become a fiddle in someone’s hands. According to promo of Udaan, a poor pregnant woman and her husband are shown selling off few things to complete their basic necessity. Finally they need money to fund funeral then they go towards local landlord and ask what do they have to trade to make money. Lady landlord tells poor woman to trade her baby who lives in her womb to fund funeral cost. The laugh which the landlord shows is of pride, wickedness and snatching everything from the poor. The show has a new concept, and the story will progress good once the baby grows up and how he fulfills his dreams by being bounded by the rich landlord.