Unwritten Love Of Destiny – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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WARNING!!! long dialogues and sad scenes. Nothing interesting. Read at your own risk. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you ???

Previously on “Unwritten Love Of Destiny”

“I’m engaged!!”

That did it. Sanchi finally snapped.

“You think I don’t know that?? Your BELOVED FIANCÉ never leave a chance to remind me that always!!” He cringed at her words. “And yet…!!! Yet, knowing everything, I still fell for you. But you’re saying that was a-” she couldn’t speak anymore.

“I’m getting married next week” were his next words.

Hearing that, the tears that have welled in her eyes ran down her face. He looked at her silently. He never wanted to become the reason of her tears. He couldn’t bear it anymore. He tried to touch her face but she stopped him.

“If you want me to stay away from you, and let you get married to Riya peacefully, you have to do something Kabir!” She said wiping her tears.

He looked at her confusedly, so she explained further. “You have to say that you don’t love me and I’ll do what you want”

Today we start from there.


Kabir was lost in thoughts. **No, god no!! Anything but that!! How can I say that when I love her more than someone could ever love another person? I can’t do that!! But, but I…**

“I don’t love you” he finally said without looking at her.

She turned his face to her. “Not like that. You have to say that looking in to my eyes”

“I…… Don’t…… Love…… You……” He said those words with so much difficulty. His heart was shattering as he let those words out.

She gave a faint smile. “You said it. ??? so from now on, I promise, I won’t talk anything about you and me, ever again ???” she placed both her palms on his cheeks. “I could do anything for you if it makes you happy. If you’re happy with Riya, then I’ll move away from your path. I’ll go far away from your life”

She said while smiling through her tears. “One last thing!” Saying she stood on the tip of her toes and placed a soft kiss on his forehead with so much love. Kabir closed his eyes to save the moment.

She moved away after about 5 secs. She started to step backwards. A lovely smile on her face.

“Remember always…… I’ll love you forever……” She said softy and opened the door to leave.

Kabir looked like his whole world crumbled.

**Even now I know, you love me. There must be a good reason for you to say that. I can’t force you to accept me Kabir…. I only want to see you happy. For that, I can do anything. Today…… I’m going away from you…… from your life…… please be happy. That’s all I want!! Good bye my love……** tears run through her eyes but her smile didn’t falter.

Giving him a one last loving glance, she stepped out.

Inside the cabin, Kabir fell to his knees. He was crying ???.

**Why god why?? If you don’t want us to be together, why did you made me fall for her?? Today she went away from me…… from my life…… I don’t want her to go. I want her to stay by my side. But I can’t do that. I can’t make her mine!! She was never mine!!**

……….in the hostel……….

Isha and Pragya were discussing about Veer. Well not exactly discussing. Pragya was ranting and Isha was listening to all her nonsense.

“How can Sanchi do this yaar?? How can she just go to Dr. Kabir and kiss him just because she lost her memory?? Did she even once thought about Veer?” said Pragya.

“Pragya, she don’t remember that she even loved Veer. She fell for Dr. Kabir genuinely” said Isha.

“How is that? Ok let’s just assume she don’t remember anything about Veer and don’t feel anything for Veer!! Then what about Dr. Kabir? He know everything right? So how can he do that? He should’ve stopped Sanchi’s nonsense!! But no!! Mahaan Harishchandra did not do that!! What did he do? He took advantage from this situation!! Sanchi don’t remember anything so he thought he’d take his chance!!” Pragya said accusing Kabir.

“Shut up yaar!! Ab bohot ho gaya!! Enough is enough!! Veer is my friend too. Even I’m sad that this happen to him. But that doesn’t mean we should blame Sanchi and Dr. Kabir. What’s Sanchi’s fault if she loves Dr. Kabir?” Isha too got angry.

“Oh ho ho ho hooo!! Look at her!! Arre of course you’d take uss ghatiya aadmi ka side!! After all, he’s your beloved hottie right!! I can’t believe it. You all betrayed Veer. Bechara ladka, don’t know how he is after getting broken his heart this bad” now Pragya was blaming Isha.

Isha was on the verge of losing her patience and trying to control herself from giving a well deserving slap to Pragya, who was putting the blame on everyone.

“Listen Pragya, this isn’t any of us fault. Sanchi lost her memory and now she loves Kabir sir. We both know as much as Veer loves her, Dr. Kabir does too. He loves her so much that when he got to know that Sanchi loves Veer, he let her go for her happiness. He never even tried to make her love him. He just moved aside from their path and gave them the chance to be together.” Isha’s words were calming Pragya. So she continued.

“All he did to hide his pain was distancing himself from everyone and turning in to a khadoos workaholic. He even agreed to marry that churail, Riya!! So do you honestly think he’d take advantage of Sanchi’s memory loosing?? No Pragya, he’s a good man, he’ll never do that. Sanchi told us herself that she loves Dr. Kabir, didn’t she? This time she saw the love he had for her instead do Veer’s. So let her come here and we’ll ask her to explain everything. Then we’ll tell her what happened in the past” as Isha finished, another person spoke from the door.

“It seems like there’s still, a lot more for me to remember” it was non other than Sanchi herself.

“Sanchi!! When did you come back?”Asked Pragya.

“What did you hear?” Asked Isha.

“I heard a lot Isha, so it’s better if you two could tell me the story from the beginning. Please!!” Sanchi pleaded before them.

So the story begins. They told her everything. About Veer, how she loved him and his love, Kabir’s love for her and all the misunderstanding. How Kabir let her go to her happiness without being a villain, how he agreed to marry Riya, everything!! Sanchi was crying uncontrollably ???.

“??? first I broke Kabir’s heart and now Veer’s ??? what kind of a person am I? Everyone who tried to get close to me get hurt ???.

“Sanchi, don’t cry Sanchi, this isn’t your fault” Isha tried to pacify her.

“How it’s not Isha? Yeh meri galthi HAI!!!………. (this IS my fault!!!)………. How hurt might’ve been Veer, when I didn’t remember anything about him?”

“How hurt and helpless might’ve been Kabir, whenever I get close to him, knowing that I didn’t love him before I forget him? Now I understand why he always push me away!!! He might’ve though that when I het my memories back, I’ll leave him again and go to Veer. He didn’t want to get hurt again ???. That’s why he did all this. He did his best to make me stay away ??? but it didn’t work coz he loves too much. Whe- when I said that I love him, he might’ve torn in two worlds, whether to accept me or reject me ???.” She was talking her heart out.

“Wait! You told him you love him?” Asked a heart broken Pragya.

“Yeah but he didn’t accept me ???. He said he don’t love me……… ???” tears fall from her eyes like a waterfall. ” I know he lied. I can see it in his eyes that he still loves me, but…… He doesn’t want me in his life”

“How could you Sanchi? What about Veer?” – Pragya

“Pragya, please don’t be angry with me. I didn’t know that he loved me and even if I did, I can’t return his love!! Veer was around since the day I woke up after the accident. He was the first one near me except maa and you two when I woke. But I didn’t get any feeling for him. True my memory hasn’t completely back but even after knowing all about Veer and me, I still don’t feel like that for him. Veer is a good friend to me. That’s all!! ??? I only love Kabir ???” she was still crying.

Both Isha and Pragya hugged get tight. They were crying too.

“I can understand you Sanchi, maybe this is how it has to end up. Maybe your feelings for Veer wasn’t strong enough. Maybe destiny doesn’t want sanveer to happen. I’m sorry yaar for blaming you. I’ll try to explain this to that nalayak!!” Pragya said trying to lighten the mood.

“So now what are you gonna do Sanchi?” Asked Isha.

“Haa yaar we can’t let you love marry that churail!! Even if it’s THE khadoos!! Just say whatever you want. We’re with you” Pragya joined in too.


Both raised their eyebrows at her reply.

“I’m not gonna do anything. Kabir said he doesn’t love me and I promised him if he could say he doesn’t love me, I won’t trouble him again. He’s gonna marry soon so I’ll help Riya with whatever she needs” she continued.

Now Pragya got more angry. “Are you mad Sanchi? I know I always took Veer’s side but we all know Kabir sir loves you. So how could we-”

“No Pragya, let him dobwhat he wants. I’ve hurt him enough. I can’t do more. Even if I did stop his wedding and stay with him or even if I get married to him, it’ll always burden his mind, whether I stay with him or leave him for Veer when I get my memories properly. So it’s better this way. At leaset he won’t get hurt because of me. Please help me to do this ???”

They agreed her at last.

That night in her dreams, her whole memory came back to her.


Sooooo that’s it for today. I won’t be sad if you dislike today’s part coz even I myself don’t like it. Don’t hate me for making our Sanchi & Kabir sad ???. It has to be done. If bad things didn’t happen, how would good things happen? Ok, so if you by any chance, even accidently like this, press the like button and if you don’t, feel free to press the dislike button.

Now on next chapter, we’ll get to see what their destiny have awaiting for them. Well, you guys have to wait until 22nd for that. And on my birthday I’d give you guys another treat. I promise!! Until then, take care and stay safe. Love you all ???

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