Unwritten Love Of Destiny – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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So without to much talking let’s go to today’s part and find out who came yesterday ???. And if you get hurt, sorry in advance ???.

Previously on “unwritten love of destiny”

He startled and opened his eyes to see her looking at him lovingly. All the feelings and emotions he tried to block away for months rushed to him. Overwhelmed by the love, grabbed her by her waist and kissed her on lips, without thinking twice.

Sanchi’s eyes widened first baby surprise but on the next second, she too responded him. The kiss started as a simple innocent one but gradually turned in to a passion filled one. Both poured their love for each other.

Kabir’s arms wrapped around her waist and held her do close to him, like he’d never let her go again. Now if we talk about Sanchi, her hands tell a totally different story. Both her hands snaked around his neck, one hand on his perfectly styled hair, messing his hair ???.

The two were do lost in each other, they didn’t even hear the sound of someone opening the door where they were.

Someone opened the door and came in, only to see Sanchi and Kabir in each other’s arms.

The person was totally shocked. ????????????. The person couldn’t believe what’s happening. **no this can’t be happening!! They’re together??? How did this happen??**


The person slowly closed the door without disturbing them and came out. Outside in the corridor, the light fell in to his face. It was Veer!! The scene he witnessed just now kept replaying inside his head. He leaned to the wall and slowly slid down and sat on the floor. He still seemed to be in shock!!

Garv who was passing by saw Veer sitting on the floor and went to him and talked. “Yaar Veer!! What are you doing here? I was looking for you all over the hospital and you’re sitting here!”

Veer didn’t gave him any reply, just tear drops fell from his eyes. Garv looked at him closely and saw a totally shattered Veer. After all who wouldn’t be, when you saw the love of your life in another man’s arms!! That too kissing him!!

Garv panicked seeing him like this. “Bhai!! Kya hua? Why are you crying? What happened? Say something!!”

“Sub khatam hua Garv, sub… khatam… Everything is finished. She doesn’t love me!!!” Veer mumbled in a low tone.

Garv couldn’t get what he’s saying. He guessed it has something to do with Sanchi. But he can’t do anything unless he know the entire story. So he helped Veer up and took him to the hostel.

……Meanwhile where Kabir and Sanchi was……

After what felt like forever, they broke the kiss. Both were breathing heavily. Still with his eyes closed, Kabir leaned his forehead to hers. They opened their eyes and looked in to each other. Sanchi was blushing madly but still couldn’t stop the smile came to her face. Kabir too smiled at her.

But as if to remind all of us that good times don’t last for too long, realization of the situation they were in, finally hit Kabir. He let go of Sanchi instantly. She looked puzzled.


He didn’t wait there anothe minute and rushed out of the room.

“Now what happened? ???”

……….Kabir’s cabin……….

“Yeh main ne kya kiya!………..(what have I done!)…………”

When he left Sanchi in that room, he came straight to his cabin. He couldn’t understand what to do anymore.

**How could I do that? How could I? Kabir…. Don’t you remember she loves Veer? She just say she loves you and you forget every damn thing!!! She had lost her memories for god’s sake and that’s why she say all those things to you!!!** He grabbed a vase and threw it at the wall. Vase smashed in to tiny pieces.

**If I give in to my love now, when she got her lost memories back, this is what gonna happen to me. She’ll hate me! Just like these broken pieces of this vase, nothing would be able to repair me. Only smashed pieces**

**I can’t bear to see hatred in her eyes, for me. So I have to stay away from her. She’ll be sad, angry. But this is the only way to stop the pain awaiting for me in the future**

He came out of his cabin to go home, only to come face to face with Riya. She hugged him and he pulled her away roughly.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??” He yelled at her.

“Aww c’mon, Kabir. I just hugged you. What’s there to be so angry?” She tried to be cute but he gave her no reaction. So she continued. “I was wondering if we could go out for dinner!!! ??? you know, just the two of us?” She asked suggestively.

He gave a death glare to her and went without a word.

“Ab inko kya hua?……..(now what happened to him)…….. And what’s that? What happened to his hair? Normally he keep his hair so neat but right now he looks like he came out of a hurricane!” Riya wondered herself.

(Ha ha ha ??? if only she knew what he was doing and how his hair got messy ???……..don’t mind me, lame joke)

……….next day………

Sanchi was in the cafeteria with Isha & Pragya. They were having coffee.

“Abae yaar!! Yeh nalayak bhi na!! Why did he suddenly decide to go camping today?” Pragya said irritated.

“What do you mean?” Sanchi asked sipping her coffee.

Both girls gave her an amused expression. ???

“Wait a minute!! Are you saying you don’t know?” asked Isha.

“What? I have no idea what you guys are talking about. So tell me clearly” Sanchi said shrugging her shoulders.

“You don’t know that Veer went to a camp in Goa?” Pragya asked incredulously.

“He went to Goa? Really? When? Didn’t even tell me!!” ??? came Sanchi’s reply.

“He didn’t tell you? ??? He called us this morning when he was boarding his flight. Told he’d be back in few days. Nothing more. By the way, did you two have any fight?” Pragya asked looking suspicious.

“No. He could’ve at least send a message ???” replied Sanchi.

“You’re sure nothing happened yesterday?” Pragya asked again.

Sanchi blushed at the question. She remembered what happened after her surgery yesterday. She haven’t told them about it yet.

“No Pragya I didn’t fight with Veer yesterday. In fact I didn’t even see him in the evening. Last time I talked with him was yesterday morning!! Anyway, I have to go now. Dr. Awasthi asked the reports of 321 wala patient. See you later ???” with that she went away leaving her besties to think.

“I can’t believe Veer went without telling her!! He tells her almost everything!! Ajanak kya hua?…….(suddenly what happened?)…….” Pragya asked Isha.

“Patha nahi, par kuch toh hai!” Isha said thinking.

“You wanna know why he went right? That’s because of your BELOVED friend SANCHI broke his heart!!”

They heard an angry voice say. Both turned to see Garv standing beside their table.

“What’s that supposed mean?” They asked him and he explained and both were shocked.

……….Scene change……….

Sanchi was sad that yesterday, Kabir went without saying a word. So she was trying to get a chance to talk to her. But the luck wasn’t on her side. She didn’t have any reason to go to his cabin.

As she was wondering a reason to give him, she saw Ms. Fernandez going towards Kabir’s cabin. She ran to her.

“Ms. Fernandez!!”

“Yes Dr. Sanchi, what’s the matter?” Ms. Fernandez asked stopping.

“Are you going to Dr. Kabir’s cabin?” -Sanchi

“Yeah, Dr. Malhothra asked me to give these files to Dr. Kabir. Why?” -Ms. Fernandez

“I’m going there too. So I’ll give those files!!” Sanchi said a little too excitedly.

Ms. Fernandez looked at her suspiciously. “Umm no it’s alright. I’ll give these to him”

“Ms. Fernandez, you must be tired na? Just give me those and I’ll give him. Why waste your energy when I’m going there too?” Sanchi said sweetly and snatched the files from her hand. As Ms. Fernandez looked on, Sanchi already started to walk towards Kabir’s cabin.

**She’s weird** thought Ms. Fernandez.

**Finally!! I got a reason to go to his cabin!! ???** Sanchi thought happily as she knocked on his door.

“Come in”

She went in. He was working on a file. She went near the table. He lifted his head to see who came in and his eyes widened seeing Sanchi.

“Yes, Dr. Sanchi?” He asked trying to keep his voice normal.

“Dr. Malhothra wanted to give these files to you” she said giving the files.

“Thank you. You may go now” he said and started to read the files she gave.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” asked Sanchi.

“No I’m busy. Have read these files” Kabir said khadoosly.

“Stop your drama!!” Sanchi said with a raised voice.

“Excuse me??” Kabir raised his eyebrow at her.

“You’re not reading that file you’re avoiding me!!” Sanchi said.

“Dr. Sanchi, I have more important work than avoiding you. Now go. I have to read this” he again looked at the file.

“Oh really? You must be so amazing then, to read the file upside down!!” At Sanchi’s angry reply, he noticed he was actually holding the file upside down.

He kept the file on his table and came near her standing right in front of her.

“Ok so what do you want to talk about?” He questioned.

“About us. About yesterday……” She said softly.

“You should forget what happened yesterday” he said emotionlessly.

Sanchi was shocked. She wasn’t expecting him to say such a thing. “W-wha-what? Why?”

“It was a mistake!” He said a bit harshly.

“Mis-mistake? You’re saying it’s a MISTAKE??” She was getting teary eyed and angry at him at the same time.

**Yes Sanchi, but it was a beautiful mistake that I will keep in my heart forever!!** he thought bitterly. It was hurting him more to say all these to her, but to keep her away, he had to. So he said the two words that he hated most in his life right now.

“I’m engaged!!”

That did it. Sanchi finally snapped.

“You think I don’t know that?? Your BELOVED FIANCÉ never leave a chance to remind me that always!!” He cringed at her words. “And yet…!!! Yet, knowing everything, I still fell for you. But you’re saying that was a-” she couldn’t speak anymore.

“I’m getting married next week” were his next words.

Hearing that, the tears that have welled in her eyes ran down her face. He looked at her silently. He never wanted to become the reason of her tears. He couldn’t bear it anymore. He tried to touch her face but she stopped him.

“If you want me to stay away from you, and let you get married to Riya peacefully, you have to do something Kabir!” She said wiping her tears.

He looked at her confusedly, so she explained further. “You have to say that you don’t love me and I’ll do what you want”


So that’s it for today!! On next part, let’s see what Kabir will say!! Will he accept her love? Or reject her? If he reject her, then what’ll Sanchi do? Will she fight for her love? Or will she step aside from his life? Wait for the next chapter to know that ???.

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