Unwritten Love Of Destiny – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Hi lovelies ??? sorry to be a whole 2 days late!!! Actually the thing is, I didn’t have time to write day before yesterday (8th Nov) and then yesterday (9th Nov) was such an unfortunate day ???. Normally I write these on my phone and save in notes. When I finally got time yesterday and wrote half of this chapter, battery went dead ???. Then I couldn’t recharge my phone coz there was a power cut in my area almost the whole day ???. So please don’t be angry with me ???.

You know what? I just love this like and dislike feature TU have added!!! I was so happy with the response I got from you guys for my last chapter ???. Coz I got 51 likes and 5 dislikes for that!!! You have no idea how much happy I was to see this. I admit 5 dislikes are the highest number of dislikes it have got ??? but in totally 56 have read my ff ??? I was just dancing when I saw that!!! Thank you so much guys. And my dear readers who spent your time to leave encouraging words to me, thank you guys too ???. I love all of you a lot ???.

Ok now let’s go to today’s part. I’ll give you a hint. It’ll have a confession ???.

WARNING!!! Short epi alert!!! Hope you Gus like it though ???

Previously on “unwritten love of destiny”

“Guys…… (She paused to take a breath and said in one go) I’m in loveeeeeee……!!!!!!”

Both Pragya’s and Isha’s jaws dropped ???. Pragya was the first to come out of the shock. Then she started to thank all gods.

“Thank you thank you Bhagwan ji! ??? thank you so much!!! At last she understood!! Uss nalayak will be so happy to hear this!!”

“Really? You think he’ll be happy?” Sanchi asked smiling ???.

“Of course yaar! Why won’t he? He’ll be the happiest man on this earth when you tell him this!! Kyun ki woh bhi tumse-” Isha cut off Pragya’s rant by asking,

“Waise Sanchi, tell us who stole your heart?”

Pragya intervenes. “Yaar Isha, is there anything to even ask? She loves Ve-”

“Shut up Pragya, let her talk!!” Isha said seriously and Pragya stopped. Both were anticipating her answer.


“Dr. Kabir!!!” Came her happy reply ???.

“KYAA??” Both were utterly shocked. Pragya’s face turned in to frown.

Before she say anything Isha asked again. “Did you say Dr. Kabir?”

“Yeah!! Mein jaanti hoon woh hamari senior hai par kya karuu!!………… I couldn’t sot myself from falling for him. I love him!!! I agree he’s a khadoos but behind that cold exterior, he’s a loving human ???” Sanchi replied.

“Lekin tu yeh bhi jaanti hoon na woh Riya se engaged hai?……” Isha asked cautiously while Pragya was still trying to analyze the whole situation.

Sanchi slowly went near the window. She looked at the beautiful night sky that was adorned with millions of stars. She lost in her world when she replied.

“Jaanti hoon mein…… I know he’s engaged. But I know he doesn’t love her. He loves me. I can feel it!! Whenever he look at me, his eyes tell me a different story than his words. He always scold me for even the simplest mistake. He use his words like knives. But no matter how laths his words are, when I looked in to his eyes, his unkind words, his anger, doesn’t reach his eyes. Instead of anger, all I can see in his eyes are love. So much love that I can forever get lost in those beautiful eyes.” She smiled shyly while talking.

“I’ve seem him with Riya too. He’s not like that with her. I don’t know why he’s engaged to her. He never looked at her the same way he look at me. With so much love, trying to hide from everyone. I couldn’t understand my feelings for him before. But now I know!! Now I know I love him. I can’t live without him!!” She slowly finished her explanation and turned around to see two dumbstruck girls.

She got scared. “Hey I know it’s not nice to fall for someone who’s engaged already. Please guys don’t hate me!! Do you think I’m cheep girl?”

“No Sanchi, we’d never think like that. It’s just… It’s just that way you talk is so different” Isha thought to console her.

Sanchi smiled. “It’s all because of him! He make me turn in to a different person. Whenever I think about him, I feel so different!!” ???

“I know, I can see that! Sanchi, never think you’re cheep just because you fell in love with someone. You can’t choose your destiny, it all happens the way it’s destined to happen.” Isha said wisely.

Pragya mumbled “yeah” slowly and earned a hard pinch from Isha. So she added further. “It’s not like your khadoos is already married to Gareebon ki super model. He can still break the engagement and come to you”

Sanchi hugged both of them tight. “Thank you guys. I’m so lucky to have you two in my life. You are the best. Thank you so much”

After a while she fell asleep thinking that she’ll confess to Kabir tomorrow. But the other two couldn’t even get a wink of sleep. They were having a whispered conversation.

“Yaar!! What if Veer got to know that Sanchi thinks she loves Veer? I can’t imagine what he’ll do!!” -Pragya

“I knew this would happen!! Don’t know what’ll Veer do but Pragya, Sanchi don’t just THINK she loves Dr. Kabir!!” -Isha

“You mean to say she actually love him? No yaar that’s not true!! She’ll love Veer when she got her memories back!” Pragya said stubbornly.

“You’re wrong Pragya!! She won’t change. Have you ever heard Sanchi talk about Beer, the way he did for Dr. Kabir, before she loose her memory? No na? She don’t just love Kabir sir, she’s madly in love with him!” Isha said thoughtfully.

“Now what’ll happen?” -Pragya

“Don’t know, but one thing for sure. We have to make Sanchi remember her lost memories soon” -Isha

“Are you mad? Don’t you remember what Dr. Kabir said? If we force her to remember, it’ll be dangerous to her!!” -Pragya

“But we don’t have any choice na? If we don’t tell her and she got to fine all on her own, then what’ll happen? She’ll hate us too for not telling her!!” -Isha


Though Sanchi wanted to confess her love for Kabir tomorrow, that tomorrow never came. Whenever she tried to talk with him, he’d just avoid her. He has his own reasons. After she held his hand and sleeping scene and the elevator scene…. he staying away from her as much as possible. But Sanchi didn’t give up.

Today she assisted him in a surgery. After finishing that, they were in the room that they keep their belongings when they go to the OT. Sanchi was tritons to get Kabir to talk to her but no use. He only talks about patients ???.

Finally she had enough. “Are you ignoring me?” She questioned.

“What’re you talking about?” Came Kabir’s answer.

“I know you’re ignoring me!! But the problem is why?? Why are you ignoring me?? What did I do to you??” She asked frustrated.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Kabir replied slowly averting his eyes from her and pretended to be busy with something.

“Kabir, I know you love me!!” She said softly.

“Dr. Sanchi!! Is this a way to talk to your senior? Have you no manners?” Now he’s using the fake anger card.

Sanchi came in front of him. He turned away. She placed both her palms on his cheeks and made him look at her. “Don’t look away from me. I can’t take it!!” He looked at her silently, listening to her sincere words. “I’m not talking to my senior right now. Our duties were done 10 mins ago. Now I’m talking to the man I fell in love with”

His heart filled with joy. The words he always wanted to hear from her, the words he always dreamt she’d say, the words he always thought she’d say to someone else….. She finally said those words to him. She love him. Not Veer. HIM!!!

The cold, khadoos facade he put up and maintained for months, after knowing that Sanchi loves Veer…… slowly crumbling down hearing those words he longed to hear. He wanted to scream at her rudely and make her go away, but his heart didn’t let him do that.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Sanchi” he closed her eyes and said helplessly.

“I know what I’m talking about Kabir…. I don’t know when it happened and how!! I only know that I can’t stay away from you. Please Kabir, don’t make me leave. Don’t push me away from you!! I LOVE YOU!!” she leaned closer and gave a soft peck on the corner of his lips.

He startled and opened his eyes to see her looking at him lovingly. All the feelings and emotions he tried to block away for months rushed to him. Overwhelmed by the love, grabbed her by her waist and kissed her on lips, without thinking twice.

Sanchi’s eyes widened first baby surprise but on the next second, she too responded him. The kiss started as a simple innocent one but gradually turned in to a passion filled one. Both poured their love for each other.

Kabir’s arms wrapped around her waist and held her do close to him, like he’d never let her go again. Now if we talk about Sanchi, her hands tell a totally different story. Both her hands snaked around his neck, one hand on his perfectly styled hair, messing his hair ???.

The two were do lost in each other, they didn’t even hear the sound of someone opening the door where they were.

Someone opened the door and came in, only to see Sanchi and Kabir in each other’s arms.

The person was totally shocked. ????????????. The person couldn’t believe what’s happening. **no this can’t be happening!! They’re together??? How did this happen??**


Ok friends that’s all for today. Sorry if you’re dissapointed with the confession ??? I really can’t write that much romance. I’m trying……. Abae yaar!!! I’m a simple single person who only think about my studies!!! So don’t expect that much from me!!! Hmph!!!

Okay, that point aside, on the next part you’ll get to see who saw Sanchi & Kabir together and how will Kabir accept her love or not! Don’t know yet. You can keep guessing!! ???

So as for my friend Aafiya request, I thought to write the english translation of the sentence I use in Hindi. You’ll see it like this.


So don’t get confused. Ok now… If you like this chapter, press like button and if you don’t, then press the dislike button. Your comments are always welcomed!!! Until we meet again ???

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  1. Ziyarasheed

    Wonderful episode dear. Loved isha. She was mature enough to not jump in to conclusion and make sure whom she really loved. And Sanchi understood Kabir so well. ? And the confession scenes, oh my god, I got goose bumps. And the cliffhanger. I wonder who it is. Veer or Riya?

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Ziya ??? so happy to see your comment here ???. In the show it’s always Pragya whose trying to set up Sanveer. So I thought why not give Isha some importance here. Glad you liked how I portrayed Isha here and the confession too ???. Well to know who came at the last, you’ll have to wait till the next part ???

  2. Wow yaar its wonderful awesome fantastic fabulous mindblowing zabardast

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Rishu ??? glad you liked it dear ???

  3. Anu88

    So so beautiful and amazing episode yaar……….love u dear…..

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      Thank you so much Anu ??? love you too ???

  4. Amazing fantastic suparb mindblowind chapter and the feelings of saanchi was so pure and the confession part was tooooooo goood i have read all ur chapters and i love ur writings but i was a silent reader but today i wanted to appreciate the perfectness of ur writings

    1. RuCh23

      Aww Sanu thank you so so much ???. It’s always a great happiness to see a new silent reader’s comment ???. So happy that you liked it and all other parts too ???. Thank you so much for this lovely comment sweetie ???

  5. Ashnita456

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww confession part was superb. I like Isha character in this. Wat to say u again made me speeehless. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

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      Ashu sweetie…… Thank you so much ??? glad you liked it!!! Lots and lots more hugs and kisses for you too and love you too ???

  6. RuCh23

    Oh dear!!! I just checked this and there aren’t the English translation I added ??? Aafiya… If you’re reading this, I’m so sorry dear I’ll add those from the next part!! ???

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  7. Niyaaa

    Hey ruwani once again u nailed it… yaar kasam se soooooo beaiful Epi.. lovv isha’s character… kanchi confession r superb… hope so after regaining memory sanchi did’t took kabir wrong…. finger crossed…?? post nxt asap… nd plzz recharge ur phn fully before start typing Epi.???.. ok bye sisy Lovvv u tc????

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Niyaaa ??? thank you so much!!! Glad you liked it dear and let’s wait to find out what’ll happen when she regains her memory ??? yeah I’ll definitely remember to recharge my phone ??? love you too tc ???

  8. Niyaaa

    Hey ruwani once again u nailed it… yaar kasam se soooooo beautiful Epi.. lovv isha’s character… kanchi confession r superb… hope so after regaining memory sanchi did’t took kabir wrong…. finger crossed…?? post nxt asap… nd plzz recharge ur phn fully before start typing Epi.???.. ok bye sisy Lovvv u tc????

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing epsd nd espicially tht kissing part.. I think tht prsn is veer.. Now plz dn’t sepaprte kanchi wanna 2 see their lvly union..

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      Hey Moni ??? thanks dear!!! Let’s wait to see who’s that person ??? and who knows what Kanchi have in their destiny ???

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    Hey Ru?…. Read all the parts in one go? ! Tbh I ‘ve totally become a fan of ur writing sweetie☺…. U just banged it ????? the dialogue delivering styles were incredible… I couldn’t help myself from blushing ??? Loved it to the core …. Aur jaldi jaldi update kar on jantas demand?? …… Love you❤??

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    Ruwani dear why did u feel u r not a romantic writer? sweety I literally got goosebumps when sanchi confessed her love for kabir…….I mean the way she confessed…….haha………& yaar, so good to see, isha is playing as a cupid for kanchi, unlike pragya who alwz wants to pair up sanveer……..here also & in the show too……..anywz….enjoyed reading this a lot………..luv u a lot sweetieeeeee……..bye……tc………

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Riya ??? your comment is one of the comments I always wait to see ??? glad you liked it sweetie love you too tc ???

  12. its not boring…….its amaging…..love it very much

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Amnaa ??? glad you liked it dear ???

  13. Aafiya

    Awesome.. Superb.. Nice. The confession part was beautiful. Thank you for translation. Post soon.

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