Unwritten Love Of Destiny …… Chapter 23 …… GRAND FINALE

WARNING…… LONG CHAPTER!! don’t tell me I didn’t warn you ???.

Some highlights of the story, so far……

“Hello everyone!! I want to tell you all something special. You all know my daughter Riya’s age is now good to get married. And today I’m gonna announce her engagement with someone you all know!! It’s none other than…… Dr. Kabir Kapoor!!” Dr. Malhotra said in his usual reality host wala tone.



Isha didn’t say anything. She just looked on what’s happening, thinking, **I don’t think all that will happen easily. Something big will happen. I can feel it. Everything will be changed. Everyone will get changed. A storm will come to our lives and mess everything!**


Dr. Malhotra’s phone rang. He answered it and it fell from his hands. “Hostel has caught on fire!!” Were the only words escaped his mouth.

Kabir stood from the mandap instantly and was about to leave but Riya stopped him. He shoved her hand away and ran removing his pagdi and throwing it on the floor.


“I’m afraid due to the hit on her head, now she has a partial memory loss” all gasped as Kabir continued to explain. “It may not be permanent, but can’t tell how long it’ll take her to regain her memories. She has all her childhood memories and remember the day she got enrolled in college along with Pragya and Isha, as her last memory. She doesn’t remember now that she’s a doctor who’s doing the internship. She doesn’t remember anyone from SDCH and anything happened here”


“Guys…… (Sanchi paused to take a breath and said in one go) I’m in loveeeeeee……!!!!!!”

“Waise Sanchi tell us who stole your heart?”

Pragya intervenes. “Yaar Isha, is there anything to even ask? She loves Ve-“

“Shut up Pragya, let her talk!!” Isha said seriously and Pragya stopped. Both were anticipating her answer.

“Dr. Kabir!!!” Came her happy reply.

“KYAA!!” Both were utterly shocked.


“I know what I’m talking about Kabir…. I don’t know when it happened and how!! I only know that I can’t stay away from you. Please Kabir, don’t make me leave. Don’t push me away from you!! I LOVE YOU!!” She leaned closer and gave a soft peck on the corner of his lips.

He startled and opened his eyes to see her looking at him lovingly. All the feelings and emotions he tried to block away for months rushed to him. Overwhelmed by the love, he grabbed her by her waist and kissed her on the lips, without thinking twice.


“I…… Don’t…… Love…… You……” he said those words with so much difficulty. His heart was shattering as he let those words out.

She gave a faint smile. “You said it. So from now on, I promise, I won’t talk anything about you and me, ever again” she placed both her palms on his cheeks. “I could do anything for you if it makes you happy. If you’re happy with Riya, then I’ll move away from your path. I’ll go far away from your life”


They took the rounds and sat back. Kabir filled Riya’s hairline with sindoor and made her wear the mangalsutra. While doing this his eyes met with Sanchi’s eyes. She was smiling happily while he looked like an empty shell.

Pandit ji announced them as husband and wife.


Dear Kabir,

I guess by now you got to know that I’ve already left India. I’m sorry I didn’t inform you earlier. I wanted to say goodbye yesterday, but it was a special day for you. How could I spoil that?



I can’t thank you enough for the things you have done for me.



Please treat Riya well. Move on and give her the life she deserves. Ok?



One last thing, I know I shouldn’t say this after everything I said before. Specially when a new chapter of your life is starting. But what can I do? My heart won’t listen to me!

I love you Kabir, always……



Tears were silently rolling down from Kabir’s eyes now. He closed his eyes and whispered,

“I love you too, Sanchi…… always……”


……10 years later……

“Sorry yaar I forgot! Ab tum iss ghar ki bahu hai na, yeh sab tumhari zimmidari hai..!” Sanchi teased Isha.

“Yaar not only the house, she controls me too…… (in a whispering tone) never thought she’ll ever be this much responsible!!” Said Veer.

“What are you whispering?” Isha asked suspiciously.

“Nothing darling! Just telling Sanchi, how hard you worked for the party today……” Veer replied sweetly.


“I gotta go now Avni, my friends are looking for me!”

“Is that so? Just give me a sec and I’ll get my husband. You should talk with him too!!” – Avni

“I will! But later, Avni. Gotta go now. Excuse me!!” Sanchi hurries away thinking, **Is she- is she Kabir’s WIFE??? Did he remarried? What happened to Riya then?**


“Oh Sanchi, this is my husband, Karthik Dhanraaj! Karthik, this is my friend, Sanchi Mishra.” As Riya was saying, Sanchi was trying her best to hide her surprise but Riya notices it. So she decided to answer the silent question.

“Kabir and I went our separate ways a long time ago, Sanchi. We realized that we aren’t made for each other. We belong to different people!”


“I thought you’re Kabir’s wife!! And- and Mishti, isn’t she his daughter?” Just as Sanchi blurted that out, Neil bursted out in to laughter.

“I don’t know what made you think that but no, he’s NOT my husband!!” Avni said while trying to control herself from laughing but failing miserably.

“Besides, Kabir isn’t married right Neil?” Avni said winking at Neil.

Neil too got the hint. “Haa…… He got married around 10 years ago I think. But soon got divorced. He didn’t get the girl he loved. Well that’s what masi told me!! After that, he didn’t get married. Many girls tried to win his heart. They still do. Poor Kabir!! I think he still loves that girl!!!”


“Look at me!! I lost the girl whom I loved and loved me so much, because of my foolishness!! I didn’t even try to find her. Now after 10 long years, she’s back. But even this time, I can’t be with her. Now she has someone else!!! She had already moved on with her life!!!” Kabir looked sad telling them this. He fell asleep after that.


“Listen to me Sanchi!! Yes, we got divorced 9 years ago but I know Kabir still loves you!! Not just me… Veer, Isha, Pragya… all of us know that!! YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE, THAT COULD ENTER KABIR’S HEART!! HE LOVED YOU THEN, HE LOVES YOU NOW, AND HE WILL LOVE YOU IN THE FUTURE TOO!! Even if you go somewhere again, do you think he’ll stop loving you? No Sanchi, he won’t do that. You wanna know why? Coz he can’t!! He can’t coz he loves you with everything he has!! His heart, his mind, his soul…… everything!!”

Sanchi just hugged Riya when she said this, sobbing.


“Ok, you all seems to know this Sanchi’s Sunny guy right? But who’s this guy anyway?” Asked Riya not noticing Veer’s hint, not to ask that question.

Kabir’s face look murderous when he heard ‘Sanchi’s Sunny’ part.

“Ah! Sorry Riya I forgot you don’t know him. (Sanchi took out her phone and showed a photo to Riya) Sunny is my little brother!! He’s an engineer” share explained to her.

Kabir was in close distance that he could see the photo. He was relieved to see that it was the same man he saw her with, in the mall the other day. ______________________________________________

“You saw na, the two came together, and not even an hour later she got sir to smile. And there’s still the last night dance……” a girl named Disha gathered the events in summary. “I told you there’s nothing like that!!” – Maya

“How can you be so sure?” – Disha

“Because I love him!!” – Maya


“What do you think you’re doing Dr. Maya?” Sanchi asked calmly.

“Blocking your way” Maya said rudely.

“Do I need to remind you again, how to talk to your senior?” – Sanchi

“Stay away from Kabir!!” – Maya

“Excuse me?” Sanchi raised an eyebrow at her.

“I LOVE HIM..!!” Maya exclaimed.

“Ok, let’s say you love him. So why don’t you prove your love? Why don’t you show me that Kabir loves you too? If he loves you, then I’ll accept that. But if you fail to do that……” Sanchi said calmly.

“I will!! I will prove you that he loves me too!! Yaad rakh na!! I will always stand between you and Dr. Kabir like an unbreakable wall!!”


Kabir was unconsciously getting more closer, but before something happen, Sanchi’s phone made a sound alerting a message. Kabir quickly moved back to his seat.

Sanchi checked her phone and saw a message from Maya. She opened it curiously with a frown.

“I won’t let you win!!” It said.

Sanchi typed a reply. “Too bad sweetie, I already won ” pressing the send button, she looked out of the window and smirked.


“That’s not true Veer, there are more things in my life. In fact I…… (Isha halted her words looking at the cafeteria door) Why does my hottie is coming here with another handsome guy?” She asked curiously.

“Dekha tum log ne!! Yaar om your husband for God’s sake!! At least now stop calling him hottie!!” Veer whined.

“This, is Dr. Karan Singhania. Dr. Singhania’s son. He came back from Australia and will be working with us from now on” Kabir introduced the new guy.

“You must be Dr. Sanchi…” – Dr. Karan

“How did you-“

“How do I know? Dad always says there’s a young and beautiful lady doctor, who reached in to the heights of her career with her amazing talent. And just by looking at you, I realized it’s you!!” He answered.

“Are you married too?” He asked.

Veer answered him excitedly. “NO!! Not at all!!! Sanchi is single and…… (he saw Kabir glaring at him, he didn’t mind that. But when he saw Sanchi too glaring at him, he got scared a little.)…… and not ready to mingle”


“I’ll tell you directly, Dr. Kabir. My daughter Maya likes you and wish to marry you. What do you think?” – Maya’s dad


“…… You made me fall in love with you again and again each passing day!! But now you’re talking about another man!! It feels like you’re stabbing my heart!! Choking me by taking away my breath!! I can’t take anymore!! I love you, Sanchi!! I love you!! I’ll die if I lose you again!! I love you!!!”

“How long I’ve been waiting to hear those words from you? Each and every passing day, I wished you’d say you love me. I spent 10 years thinking that my love was happily married to another woman!! It’s not like I haven’t met good people. There were many who tried to get my love. Kabir…… no one could ever take your place in my heart!! No one ever will!! I’m only yours…… I love you……!!”


The gang told Maya the whole story. Maya ran out crying.

“I really feel bad for her!! Bechari Maya, she really thought it was easy to Sanchi’s place in Kabir’s heart” – Pragya ______________________________________________

“I was just thinking Kabir… if you got married to Maya, then there’s Dr. Karan for me na…”

“Kya kaha tum ne?”

She ran to her car. “See you at the hospital…!”


“You just don’t do anything special, but your very presence is what brightens me. I don’t know what will happen to me without you… I don’t even want to think about it… I only want to be with you… forever… Will you give that happiness in my life? Will you marry me sweetheart?”

She couldn’t control herself with his words. She just kissed him, with so much love… so much passion…

“So is that a yes?”

“It’s a yes, forever!!”


After the Valentine’s day, days seems to be flying. Sanchi and Kabir had planned to get married in a month and now 3 weeks had already passed with shopping and other preparations. Now it’s the day of their haldi.

Their functions are taking place at Shagun Gardens, a beautiful garden that used for weddings. The garden is divided in to two sections with a white cloth. One side is for the groom’s rituals and the other side is for the brides rituals.

Now today during the haldi ceremony was going Sanchi received a text from him saying that he wants to apply haldi on her. She knew it’s impossible so she just ignored the text and let the ritual get complete. She was so happy and her girls gang is dancing around her teasing. Everyone applied haldi on both bride and groom. Suddenly the power went out leaving everything in darkness.

While everyone was confused how power went out, someone placed a hand over Sanchi’s mouth and dragged her from there. She was close to crying when she heard a familiar voice that she would recognize anywhere. “Sshhh… it’s me!” Her kidnapper released his hold on her, only to get a hard smack to his arm. “Are you mad? Do you have any idea how much I got scared?”

“I’m sorry, Sanchi…. I should’ve warned you…. I’m sorry” he hugged her and patted her back till she get calmed.

“So this was your idea to apply haldi on me?” She asked softly after she calmed down.

“It’s Veer’s idea…”

“That idiot!! I should’ve guessed!!”

“Hmm didn’t get any other idea that’ll work. So… May I?”

“May you what?” She questioned.

“May I apply haldi on you?” She just nodded and looked away blushing ???.

He took a some haldi on his hand and made her face turn to him. “If you look away…. how will I apply this?” He whispered in her ears making her look in to his eyes. But unable to handle his gaze further, she turned her back to him. He smiled seeing her shyness. While she tried to catch her uneven breath he moved her hair to a side, exposing her back to him. If she isn’t going to turn then what else would he do? He applied haldi on her back making her shiver with his touch. Placing a small kiss on her shoulder, he covered her whole back with haldi. She turned around placing her head on his chest. He brought his hand to her face where others have already applied haldi and applied on her cheek. Caressing her cheek, his hand slowly ran down to her neck. Her heart raised and she was breathing hard as her eyes met his. His eyes held a burning passion for her. She felt him running his hands on her bare waist. Her eyes closed at the contact. She took some haldi from his hand and wondered her hand from his face to his neck. He bent down a little to kiss her but the whole place was lighted suddenly making them startled. “I-I sh-should go” she mumbled and ran away. He smiled and ran his fingers through his hair with a smile watching her go. He was unknown to the fact that he got haldi in his hair because touched his hair ???.

When Kabir came back to his side where the rituals were taking place, Anand bombarded him with questions. “Where did you disappeared to Kabir?”

“I… um I… sir I…” He didn’t know what to say. He looked at his boys gang which were smirking at him for help.

Having no intention to save Kabir from his father, Veer came to Anand and said secretly, “he went to apply haldi on the bride ???”

“VEER….!!” Kabir hissed angrily as well as a bit embarrassed coz he treat Anand as his father.

Anand started to laugh loudly ??? surprising everyone. He kept his arm around Kabir’s shoulder and lowered his voice. Veer was leaning to hear what he was saying. “You did right Kabir. Even I did that when I was marrying Savitri. She was blushing like a tomato that day!! ???”

Veer had a horrified expression. “KYA….!! ??? We don’t want to know dad! We don’t want to know!!” He dragged Kabir away from him while Anand kept laughing like a maniac.

Other side Sanchi was still blushing. She had kept her hair covering her back so that her besties won’t ask anything. But her disappearance during the time power went out had already grabbed their attention.

“Abae ooo maharaani…! Where were you?”

“Haa yaar you went missing when lights went”

“Um… I was trying to find my phone. Couldn’t find it. So went around to find it…” Sanchi replied with a shrug to Pragya’s and Isha’s questions.

“Hmm if you say so” they reluctantly agreed.

“I’ll just go to the washroom and come” Sanchi was walking normally when she heard Riya’s voice.

“Is it me or does Sanchi have more haldi on her face than all of us had applied her? ???”

Hearing this Sanchi stealthily stepped forward.

“SANCHI…..!! RUKH….” The trio yelled and she started to run.

“ABAE OOO RUKH….!!” Pragya, Isha and Riya ran behind her laughing ???.

Now it’s next day and today is their mehendi and sangeet both together.

Sanchi was glowing with happiness with her 3 best friends draw mehendi on her hands. She was teased very badly by them yesterday. They caught her before she escape to her dressing room and had to tell them what had happened.

Riya had proudly wrote Kabir’s name on her hands wishing her all the happiness in the world. Sanchi got teary eyed and hugged her, which ended up in a group hug with her other two besties.

Kabir came to them with Veer, Satish and Karthik. Sanchi showed her hands and asked him to find his name.

“Sanchi… this is so complicated na ???. Are you sure my name is there?” He saw her glaring because of his words. “Ok ok… don’t be upset. I was just joking ???” he showed where his name is correctly which made her give him a bright smile ???.

“Arre wah Jiju… ??? even before getting married you’re making sure she’s not upset. That’s really good!” Pragya commented.

Kabir cleared his throat and explained to her. “The thing is Pragya… 3 married men gave me a big lecture. According to them, a husband should never make his wife angry with him. If he do, his wife would make him live in hell…”

“3 married men?” Pragya, Isha and Riya turned to their husbands. Satish, Veer and Karthik panicked. They slowly tried to run away and their wives ran behind them.

Kabir and Sanchi were laughing ???. “Oh they’re in big trouble”

“Of course they are!! It’s payback for trying to embarrass me in front of Dr. Malhotra yesterday”

Sangeet ceremony started with everyone dancing. The gang is gonna do a special performance for Kanchi. Girls are singing for Kabir while guys are singing for Sanchi. Starts with Riya.

Kalaiyaan… kalaiyaan…

Tu leya de meinu golden jhumke…

Main kanna vich paavaan chum chum ke

Tu leya de meinu golden jhumke…

Main kanna vich paavaan chum chum ke

Tu leya de meinu golden jhumke…

Main kanna vich paavaan chum chum ke

Mann jaa ve… mainu shopping kara de

Mann jaa ve… romantic picture dikha de

Requestaan paayiaan ve…

Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Oh baby meri chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Oh baby meri white kalaiyaan ve

Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Oh baby meri teri hisse aayiaan ve

Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Oh baby meri chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve…

She gasped in surprise as her husband Karthik pushed her away to start his dance.

Jab bhi koi ladki dekhu, mera dil deewana bole

Ole ole ole, ole ole ole

Gaao taraana yaara jhoom-jhoom ke haule haule

Ole ole ole, ole ole ole

Mujhko lubhaati hai jawaaniya, masti lutaati zindagaaniya

Maane na kehna paagal mast pavan sa dil ye dole

Ole ole ole, ole ole ole

Ole ole ole, ole ole ole

Jab bhi koi ladki dekhu, mera dil deewana bole

Ole ole ole, ole ole ole

Gaao taraana yaara jhoom-jhoom ke haule haule

Ole ole ole, ole ole ole

Pragya pushed Karthik away. She started to dance holding a bottle.

Ho… saiyaan

Mere dil ki sitti bitti ghum ho gayi

Hey… yaaron

Main nashe aaj tune ho gayi

Mere baki saiyan jhele saiyan sang jang ho gayi

Usne badle yun rang main toh dang ho gayi

Mere jhoota saiyaan haye

Mujhe yoon sataye haye

Main toh pag pag pagli ho gayi re

Main toh peg pike pagli ho gayi

Main toh pag pag pagli ho gayi re

Main toh peg pike pagli ho gayi

Veer and Karthik took her away while Satish came in front.

Banno tashan tera ati fantastic

Social media pe hukum chalaaye

Phone pe baatein kare apne left hand se

Right hand pe mehndi lagaaye


Banno tashan tera ati fantastic

Social media pe hukum chalaaye

Phone pe baatein kare apne left hand se

Right hand pe mehndi lagaaye

Boyfriend ki tujhe koi fikar nahi

Pehli date pe kahe, okay bye

Devdas ki tarah afsos woh kare

Te tu hans ke innocent si shakal banaaye

Cutiepie… cutiepie… aaye haaye cutie cutiepie…

Pragya dragged Satish away making a clear entrance for Isha.

Ruk ruk ruk ruk…

Ruk ruk ruk arre baba ruk

O my darling give me a look

Ruk ruk ruk arre baba ruk

O my darling give me a look

Dil mera dhadke tere liye

Dil mera tadhpe tere liye

Dil mera dhadke tere liye

Dil mera tadhpe tere liye

Gussa tera wallah wallah nakhre tere uff uff uff

Love love love love love love tumse love huaan

Love love love love love love tumse love huaan

Music changed again and Veer came to the picture.

Hello brother! He saluted Kabir.

Veer was acting in a ghostly style.

Aankh lada ke tune maara

Ghayal ho gaya dil bechara

Suna hai tere chaahne waale

Aage dus hain peeche baarah

Mujhko apna chaand bana le

Chamka de kismat ka taara

His ghostly style changed to energetic.

Arre ek baar se dil nahi bharta

Mud ke dekh mujhe dobara

Tan tana tan tan tan tara

Chalti hai kya nau se baarah

One two three four!

Arre tan tana tan tan tan tara

Tan tana tan tan tan tara

Chalti hai kya nau se baarah

Suna hai tere chaahne waale

Aage dus hain peeche baarah

Veer dragged Sanchi and Kabir to the dance floor and the whole gang joined.

Arre tan tana tan tan tan tara

Tan tana tan tan tan tara

Chalti hai kya nau se baarah

Suna hai tere chaahne waale

Aage dus hain peeche baarah

The gang cleared the dance floor and Sanchi was looking for Kabir who suddenly disappeared. They heard another song.

Aabra ka daabra

Mora sanwara hai bawra

Dhoti Kurta pehen ke ghoome Delhi ho ya Agra


Bareilly wale jhumke pe jiya lalchaaye

Kamar lachkaaye toh laakhon gir jaayein

Sanchi was standing looking at him. He danced around her.

Bareilly wale jhumke pe jiya lalchaaye

Kamar lachkaaye toh laakhon gir jaayein

Sanchi too joined.

Kaahe maare re taana

Kyun banta hai sayana

Na main teri gujariya

Na tu mera deewana…


Sweety tera…

Hoye! Sweety tera drama macha de hangama

Ladaayein jo najaraiya julam hoyi gawa

Haan tere hain deewane, tu maane ya na maane

Arre sun re gujariya, balam hoyi gawa



Karo ji na halla, hai dekhe mohalla

Mile kya tamasha dikha ke


Thama do ji palla

Na samjho nithalla

Mujhe pyaari bhasha sikha ke


Kaahe maare re taana

Kyun banta hai sayana

Na main teri gujariya

Na tu mera deewana…


Sweety tera…

Hoye! Sweety tera drama macha de hangama

Ladaayein jo najaraiya julam hoyi gawa

Haan tere hain deewane, tu maane ya na maane

Arre sun re gujariya, balam hoyi gawa

Aabra ka daabra

Mora sanwara hai bawra

Dhoti Kurta pehen ke ghoome Delhi ho ya Agra

Then came the last dance.

Jaya came to them singing.

Mmm… mmm…

Munda thoda off beat hai

Par kudiyaan de naal bohot sweet hai

Munda thoda off beat hai

Par kudiyaan de naal bohot sweet hai


Dhongi sa ye bada dheeth hai


Viral ho gaya ye tweet mein


Par phool wool karne mein cool

Tu badi tezz karati hai

Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki

Humne kardi taiyyari hai


Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke aaj hil-dul ke

Le saare ke saare nazare

Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke aaj hil-dul ke

Le saare ke saare nazare

Khasma nu khaane


Hallu bade karaar karam na, lallu bade karaar, ah ha


Chad chad ke chaubaar, karam naal sweetu aaja maar, ah ha


Hallu bade karaar karam na, lallu bade karaar, ah ha


Chad chad ke chaubaar, karam naal sweetu aaja maar

Chak de


Munde plenty mere layi hogaye senti

O tere layi hogaye senti

Tere layi hogaye senti

Tere liye main set hoon

Iss baat ki guarantee


Haaye! Par phool wool karne mein cool

Tu badi tezz karati hai

Sehra baandh ke, kood faand

Tujhe le jaana iss baari hai


Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke aaj hil-dul ke

Le saare ke saare nazare

Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke aaj hil-dul ke

Le saare ke saare nazare

Khasma nu khaane!

Hoo… ooo…


Zor-zor se shor-wor kare dj gaan bajaane aa


Ruthde ruthde jija faffad humne saare manane haan


Zor-zor se shor-wor kare dj gaan bajaane aa


Ruthde ruthde jija faffad humne saare manane haan


Par phool wool karne mein cool

Tu badi tezz karati hai


Shagan teri ki


Lagan teri ki


Humne kardi taiyyari hai


Nachde ne saare… nachde ne saare…

Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke aaj hil-dul ke

Le saare ke saare nazare

Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke aaj hil-dul ke

Le saare ke saare nazare

Nachde ne saare… nachde ne saare…

Khasma nu khaane!

After the sangeet ceremony, Kabir came to drop Sanchi. They stayed outside the house letting others go in.

“Sanchi, you look upset. What happened? Did I do something?” Kabir asked kindly, seeing her upset.

She looked up to meet his gaze. “You didn’t do anything Kabir…”

He waited silently for her to open up. As expected, she spoke looking down. Her voice was almost inaudible. “I’m scared… I’m scared that I won’t be a- a good wife to you…”

“Oh ho… so this is the problem!” Kabir said trying to cheer her up but she wasn’t even look at him. Holding her chin, he made her meet his eyes. “Sanchi… You’re a good doctor, a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend. And you will be a great wife too. My only fear is that, will I be able to be a good husband to you… We don’t know what future we’ll get, but I don’t even want to think about it! We will have to face problems. We will fight over simple things and might not talk with each other for a while. People will try to create misunderstandings between us. But we will face all these things together. I can’t promise you I won’t make you cry, coz no matter how much I hate to see your tears there might be some incidents which will cause your tears. But I promise you, I’ll always try to be better and will always keep you happy…”

Touched by his words she hugged him. They stayed like that for while. Guys gang disturbed them by honking. Kabir looked irritated ??? Sanchi laughed ???.

“Enjoy your last day as a bachelor! And don’t drink too much! And if you drink too much, don’t drive!” She said concernedly.

“What are you saying? And you know I don’t drink that much!”

“Hahaha I know but those guys have some evil plans for you. So be careful!!”

“I don’t know how I became friends with those idiots!”

The car honked again.

“Now go!”

He didn’t move an inch.

“Ok fine!” She gave a quick peck on his cheek and pushed him forward. “Now go!!”

“Aww you two are so sweet!!” Girls gang teased her from the door.

……….On the Wedding Day……….

The bride’s best friends; Pragya, Isha and Riya are helping her to get ready for her wedding. Helping to get ready means…. with every topic. After all…. all three of them are married ???.

Both Pragya and Isha started to cry.

“??? yaar Isha…. aaj yeh maharaani ki shaadi hai ???….”

“Haa Pragya…. ??? how many years we dreamt to see this day ???….”

Sanchi got shocked at their sudden outburst. Riya couldn’t stop her laughter when she saw her. Then Prasha stopped their drama and laughed ???.

“Stop it guys!!! I’m so nervous and you’re making fun of it!!”

“What’s there to be nervous? It’s not like you’re marrying someone unknown. You’re getting married to Kabir. The person you love.” – Pragya

“Exactly!! He already treat you like a princess, after today, he’ll treat you like a queen!!” – Isha

“Yeah, don’t worry Sanchi…. He loves you.” – Riya

“Yeah I know he loves me and I know he will be the best husband a girl could ever get!! But what about me? Will I be able to be a good wife? What if… what if-”

“Sanchi, relax!! You will be a good wife!! I’m sure of it!! And you said it yourself…. Kabir loves you…. if anything happen, you two will face those problems together….!!” – Riya

Sanchi smiled and hugged her. “Thank you Riya!!”

“Okay Sanchi! Now enough chit chat!! You need to save your energy!! You have to go through your wedding ceremony, cry in bidai and that!! Let’s not make you tired!!” – Pragya

“That? What that?”

“That…. Sanchi….!!” – Isha


“Oh ho!! Tubelight!! Your suhaag raat!!” – Riya

“But it’s not like his first night na ???” – Isha

Noticing face darken a little, Riya slapped Isha on the head. “Oye!! Chup kar!! You know we didn’t share that kind of relation!! Arre yaar, he never even touched my hand, suhaag raat toh bohot door ki baat hai!”

“Haye…. think about how loyal he was to his love….” – Isha

“And desperate!! ???” – Pragya

“Shut up guys!! And why are you worrying about my first night this much? I’ll take care of that you just mind your own business!!”

“Oh ho…! Seems like she’s more desperate than Jiju…” Pragya and Isha high fived.

“Haa… after all, she had been waiting for more than 10 years for him too na?” Riya too joined to tease her.

“Yeah, imagine when finally they are together… in a beautifully decorated room… alone… I don’t think anything will separate them for a second ???” – Isha

“SHUT UP….!!!!” Sanchi yelled frantically making everyone quiet.

“????????????” all four laughed their heads off.

Jaya came inside. Seeing Sanchi dressed as a bride, made her teary eyed. “Kisi no nazar na lage meri bachchi ko!”

Sanchi too got teary and hugged her mother.

“Tum dono bhi na!” – Isha

“There’s still time for the going away ceremony!” – Isha

“Now stop trying to make us cry too. Warna Sanchi I promise you… achcha nahi hoga” Pragya threatened Sanchi making everyone laugh.

Nearing the auspicious time, they lead her to the area where the mandap was built.

“Barat aagaya!!” Sunny yelled from somewhere. Sanchi’s head snapped that way immediately just as Kabir was making his dramatic entrance on horseback.

“Remember when we were interns Veer asked you what type of a wedding you want and you said that a traditional style Indian wedding where the groom comes on horseback?” Isha asked from her side.

Sanchi remembered it. Those were the times Veer always annoyed her. “Haa I remember. He planned this didn’t he? ???” Kabir winked at her making her blush.

Isha nodded agreeing her.

Kabir got down from the horse. Jaya did his aarti and welcomed him. Taking elders blessings he came to Sanchi. They held each other’s hands and walked to the mandap together. They sat side by side and pandit ji started to chant mantras. Sanchi’s hand was on top of his. They were putting things to the fire as they were instructed. Kabir was stealing glances from his soon to be wife’s.

“Look in the front or else you’ll burn your hand” she muttered quietly.

“No problem. My medicine is right here with me” he said looking at her. They were lost in their own world. Someone cleared his throat to get their attention. “Ahem ahem…” They turned and saw it was pandit ji. They got embarrassed seeing everyone looking at them.

“How cute these two…” Karthik joked.

“You can stare at her as much as you want…” – Satish

“Pahele shaadi toh karlo mere bhai!! ???” – Veer

Pandit ji looked at them with a smile. “Now you two should exchange the garlands”

Sanchi made Kabir wear the garland but when Kabir was about to made her wear her garland, Veer and Sunny lifted her up. No matter how hard he tried they weren’t letting him.

“Jiju, if you want to take my di away with you, you have to try more harder!”

“Kya yaar Sunny! How many things I had to do till this day? No matter, I’ll win this too…” Karthik and Satish lifted Kabir and this time he succeeded.

They took seven rounds and he tied the nuptial chain around her neck. Finally when he applied sindoor on her forehead, she closed her eyes as a tear escaped her eye. They took blessings from their elders and came outside.

Time for her bidai. Sanchi hugged her mother and cried. “Don’t cry beta. You chose the best life partner a girl can ever get. Kabir will keep you happy forever.”

“You’re telling me not to cry maa. But you’re crying too na!”

“This isn’t tears of sadness beta. You’re going to your husband’s house but you’re always my daughter. These tears are for happiness. I’m so happy to see this day… your wedding day! If Sunil was here today… there’s no one who would be happier than him!”

“I love you maa”

“I love you too meri pyaari Sanchi!!”

“So you don’t love us na ???” Pragya, Isha and Riya started their drama.

“Stop your drama yaar! You Guys aren’t sad at all!”

“Of course we aren’t sad.” – Pragya

“You finally got married to your love na!” – Riya

“We’re so happy for you!!” – Isha

“But I’m saaaaaaaad!!” Veer whined.

“Kyu Veer?”

“Coz miss golgappa would be more hitler-ish na ???” Kabir glared at Veer.

“No Veer. I won’t be hitler-ish”

“Really? ???” his eyes brightened.

“Yeah. I’ll just be Mrs. Khadoos!” She replied with an evil smirk ??? making Kabir and others laugh while Veer had a horrified look ???.

When they reached Kapoor Mansion, they were welcomed by Kabir’s aunt Shwetha. She is his cousin Neil’s mother. Shwetha and Avni did Sanchi’s grahpravesh. Sanchi made the rice on the kalash fall inside the house with her foot. She stepped on red coloured water and walked in with her husband. They stood in front of Kabir’s parents photos and took their blessings.

“If maa was here today, she would be very happy to see you today!” Kabir said with his eyes glistening a little. She took a hold of his hand and placed her other hand over his heart. “She’s with us Kabir! Not only maa, Kailash papa and Sunil papa too. They’re always with us. They never left us. They’re in our heart!” He smiled.

Avni took Sanchi away winking at Neil ???. She said that she’d accompany Sanchi to the room.

Kabir came to his room -no now it’s their room- and found it in darkness. He switched on the lights and saw the room beautifully decorated. In the middle of the bed his bride was sitting with her head covered with her veil. Giving her a curious glance and he sat beside her. He tried to take her hand but she pulled her hand away shaking her head.

“What? You won’t let me touch your hand? (He was trying to suppress his laughter) Are you waiting for me to take your veil?”

She nodded.

“But I think our wedding was traditional enough”

She was motionless. He stood up and started to pace around. Then suddenly he was laughing uncontrollably ???. “When did you changed your gender, Veer?” He asked all the while laughing.

The bride who was sitting on the bed immediately took off her veil, only to reveal that it was Veer instead of Sanchi. “You knew it was me?”

Sanchi, Avni, Neil and the gang joined them laughing ???.

“Of course I knew it!” – Kabir

“But how?” – Isha

“If I can’t recognize someone from my wife, I’m hopeless!” He said looking at Sanchi and she blushed.

“Aww you two are so sweet!!” – Isha

“And you guys should leave now” – Kabir

“What’s the hurry bhai?” – Karthik

“Don’t be so dumb Karthik. They must be tired. Let them take some rest” – Satish

“Yeah. And their firs-” Pragya’s teasing was cut off by Sanchi’s warning tone. “Pragya….”

“Ok guys let’s go. Tomorrow we have more rituals too.” Neil and Avni dragged everyone out.



They yelled while going. Kabir sighed giving Sanchi a side hug. “Thank god those idiots went away!”

She placed her head on his shoulder and looked at him.

“Why?” He asked.

“Nothing. I’ll just change and come. Ok?”


She went to the bathroom while he looked around the room. There aren’t much changes for now, except for Sanchi’s luggages that was kept in a corner of the room. He smiled thinking how everything will change and he doesn’t have a single problem with it.

Sanchi came out of the bathroom and found him lost in thoughts. She placed her chin on his shoulder getting him out of his thoughts. “Kya hua patidev? Having second thoughts about being married?”

He smiled wrapping one of his arms around her. “No way!” He looked up and down. “Waise you looked so beautiful in the wedding dress”

“I guessed it by the way you were looking at me constantly!”

“And now too in a night dress” he had a playful smirk ???.

She pressed a towel to his chest. “Thank you and now go!” She escaped his hold and went to the balcony.

When came back after a shower, she was still in the balcony lost in thoughts. He wrapped his arm around her from behind. “Kya hua? Having second thoughts about being married?” He copied her question from earlier.

“Nope. I was just thinking about us”


“Hmm… look at us. How long it took us to get here?”

“Hmm that’s true. Many things happened. Now looking back at the past, it’s all worth it. In the end we’re together”

“In the end we’re together and that’s for a new beginning…”

“Another road ahead with twists and turns…”


“Kanchi? We still have time to think of baby names sweetheart…”

She elbowed him in the ribs. “I’m not talking about babies!! It’s a combination of our names. Kanchi or Sabir. Today we became Kanchi or Sabir!”

“Yeah but you know I think those two names are suitable for our kids” he said thoughtfully earning a glare from his wife.

“Hmm…” then she agreed quietly.

“But before that… our first night…”

“Shut up Kabir!!” She looked away blushing ???.

“Look at you! ??? You’re asking me no ordering me to shut up! Who would’ve guessed that innocent, kind and caring intern from 10 years ago would talked to me like this?”

“……” no reply.

He lifted her up in his arms making her squeal. “Kabiiirrr..!! What are you-” he spinned around carrying her. She laughed holding on to his neck. The two are in their own world.

He carried her back to their room.

“I love you Kabir…” she whispered when he gently placed her on their bed.

He shook his head with a slight frown which made her confused. Leaning down he tucked away her hair locks behind her ear. Then he gave her a handsome smile. He whispered, “I love you more…” They were looking in to each other’s souls through their eyes. Without breaking their eye contact, he kissed her hand. His hand slowly ran up to her shoulder and then to her back making her shiver and get goosebumps with his touch and finally stopped on her waist where her dress was tied. He kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and finally his lips rested on hers, coaxing her to respond to him. Her dress slowly came untied. Soon they got lost in each other’s passionate embrace and forgot everything about the whole world. They had been one by heart by soul since long time ago. Today they became one with the most sacred union in the world… by marriage.

A sneak peak at their life ahead.

A month later.

……….in Kabir’s cabin……….

She had her arms crossed over her chest. “What should I do with you? First Pragya and Isha had a big crush on you-”

“Wait what? Really?” ??? he asked in shock.

She frowned ???. “Yeah. But it vanished the moment they saw your khadoos mode ???”

Now it’s his turn to frown at her words ???. She kept on talking. “Then Riya. You married her. Then when I came back there was Maya coming after you. And now… now this Ayesha!! Seriously Kabir, what’s so special about you that these girls come after you?”

He stealthily snaked one of his arms around her and pulled her closer. With his other hand he tucked a hair strand behind her ear. Her arms got uncrossed and went around his neck. He whispered in her ears. “You tell me, what’s so special about me that you couldn’t ever think of any other person besides me? For 10 years you couldn’t move on. And now that you’re married to me…. you should no what’s so special about me? ???”

“Well patidev…. now that I’m married to you…. I realized there’s nothing special about you all…???” She replied thoughtfully.

“Achcha….?” ???

“Haan” ???

“Why don’t I do something special then?” He leaned down with a teasing smirk ??? but she stopped him. “What are you doing? Yeh hospital hai. Someone might see!!”

“I know this is the hospital. But it’s not the first time we’re kissing here. Even our first kiss also happened in this hospital.”

“That was 10 years ago!”

“So what? That time you weren’t even my girlfriend. If that’s ok then why can’t I kiss you here? Mera cabin, meri biwi. If I don’t kiss you, should I kiss our neighbour?”

“??? Shakunthala Dadi would love that! Hahahahaha ??? after all she is 80 years old. Hahahahaha ???”

” ??? I wasn’t talking about her. I was talking about her granddaughter…. the one who has a crush on me….”

“Kabiiirrr…!!! Another one??? ??? I can’t handle this much women in your life!!”

“Hahahahaha ??? complaining already? It’s still just a month since we got married. How will we go for a lifetime? ???”

He got a death glare from his wife but didn’t have any impact on him. He touched his forehead with hers lightly. “Why are you getting upset? No matter all the female population came after me. I only love this crazy woman in my arms right now. I only loved her and will keep on loving her forever. No one can ever take her place in my heart. My heart… my soul…. my everything belongs to her and only her. And that is you my sweetheart…”

He was about to close the gap between them, but the door opened with a bang getting the attention of the both. A lady wearing an alluring mini dress came to the view. Sanchi tried to get out of Kabir’s embrace but he kept one arm around her back and tightened his hold around her.

“Dr. Ayesha? What’s this?”

“Dr. Kabirrrr…. hey…! I joined here today. Just came to say hi…”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Congrats on joining here. Now that you said hi, get out of here!”

Sanchi elbowed him for his rude statement. He rolled his eyes ???. “Oh wait a sec! I forgot to introduce Dr. Ayesha, this is Dr. Sanchi. Dr. Sanchi Kapoor. My beautiful wife!”

This time Sanchi rolled her eyes at him ???. “Nice to meet you Dr. Ayesha! Hope you’d have a good time working in SDCH” Sanchi said with a polite smile ???.

“Thank you Dr Sanchi… I’ll definitely have a good time here…” Ayesha replied glancing at Kabir.

The frown on his face got deepened. “Now that the introduction is done, Dr. Ayesha, remember to have some manners and knock before entering someone’s cabin. Or else you might get scolded for disturbing people’s work and have to witness people’s private moments, which I’m sure you don’t want to see”

Ayesha frowned at his open insult to her. **You maybe married Dr. Kabir. But marriage isn’t something that could stop Ayesha from getting what she want. Besides, there’s always the divorce option. But for now, I’ll be the well mannered doctor and listen to you** she gave a 100W smile ???. “I’m sorry Dr. Kabir… I’ll remember that next time ???” she went out closing the door.

“She’s such a shameless woman!” He said angrily after she went.

Sanchi placed her head on his shoulder. “Kabir, don’t mind her. Why waste your time getting angry with her?”

“You’re right…”

“Now if my memory is correct… Someone asked for a kiss little while ago…”

His face instantly brightened at her words. “But that someone refused me coz we are in the hospital… ???”

She placed her arms around his neck and pulled him down a little. “What if that someone changed her mind? ☺☺☺” she had an adorable cute little blush.

“You know I can never get enough of seeing you blush… and to be the reason of your blush, is a plus for my happiness…” he captured her lips with his in a sweet kiss and so their lives went on from there.

Sanchi suddenly broke the kiss much to his disappointment. “Patha hai Kabir!! Pragya’s gonna be a mother!!”

“Sanchi… it’s the third time you’re telling me this. I know she’s pregnant and I’m happy for them too……. ??? now wait a minute Mrs. Kapoor!! What’s with you? Do you want to be a mother too?” He asked playfully ???.

“I’m just happy that I’m gonna be an aunt finally!!” She said with pout.

“Yeah yeah… first be an aunt, then you can be MAA…!!”

“You’re too much Kabir!!” She started to hit him lightly. He hugged her laughing at her antics.

Their love wasn’t written by destiny. God created two individual people with the intention to see them together. Destiny kept on creating hurdles on their paths to make their paths come across. With the various decisions they made to face those hurdles got them closer. So much close that they fell in love with each other. There wasn’t any less trouble in their life journey now that they’re married. But together they would fight with the whole world for each other.

……….THE END………


That’s the end of the story. Thank you so much for staying with “Unwritten Love Of Destiny” for the past 5 months. I can’t believe it took me this long to complete it ???. This whole ff had been like a rollercoaster ride. It had its own ups and downs. I had Manny good reviews as well as not much good ones….. **ahem ahem…. Kabir + Riya + marriage….** ??? but still you all stayed with me to see the end. In the end I hope I had met your expectations or came close to it.

I’m so sorry Priyu I couldn’t keep my promise to you and post this last Friday. I couldn’t finish it then. And when I almost completed it, I forgot to save it and it was deleted. Then I had to write it again. You asked me to make the last part special and I hope you like it.

And I’m planning to write a new ff. There are two plots in my mind. I’ll post them separately to see which one you’d like the most and then I’ll write that. So until then, I’m going. Don’t forget to like/dislike and comment for this last part. Tell me what do you think ???. Love you ???

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