Unwritten Love Of Destiny …… Chapter 21

Chapter 21

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Previously on “Unwritten Love Of Destiny……”

The two had breakfast together and Kabir helped Sanchi with the dishes ignoring her protests. After keeping everything aside, Sanchi found him staring at her. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

He came near her and tucked a hair strand behind her ear. “I was thinking how perfect everything is right now. You’re here with me…. I woke up seeing you…. then we had breakfast together and now we’re going to work…. I want everyday of my life to start with you and end with you….”

“Are you proposing me?” She asked a bit weirdly.

“Nope. Not yet. But soon… I would be expecting a yes from you”

She gave a playful smile. “What if I say no?”

“Then I’d marry Maya!”

“Noooooo!!” She wrapped her arms around him possessively. He laughed and gave her a kiss on her forehead. “C’mon. We’ll get late. It’s so bad we can’t go together!!”

“I have to get changed na”

They came out of the house.

“I was just thinking Kabir…. ??? if you got married to Maya, then there’s Dr. Karan for me na ???”

“Kya kaha tum ne?”

She ran to her car. “See you at the hospital..!!”


In SDCH, Sanchi came later than Kabir. When she entered, she saw him and walked towards him with a sweet smile ☺☺☺. Suddenly, Dr. Karan came out of nowhere and stood in front of her irritating both of them.

Karan had a pleasant smile ???. “Good morning Sanchi..!!”

“Good morning Karan, how was your conference?” She greeted him and asked about the conference he went for.

“It went well. But I missed you…” seeing her raise her eyebrows in surprise, he added, “I mean all of you… Veer, Riya, Isha, Pragya… and of course you!”

She just gave him an awkward smile. “Ok Karan, gotta go now. I have some important work to finish. See ya!!” She couldn’t take even few steps ahead, he called her from behind.

“Waise Sanchi, you look very beautiful today ???”

“Thanks Karan ???” she smiled and turned back. Heaving a huge sigh she looked for Kabir. Seeing him glaring at Karan made her laugh heartily ???. But she stopped herself from laughing. Going near him, she tapped his shoulder. “If looks could kill, he would’ve been ash by now!! ???”

He got irritated with her. “Very funny!!”

Both went to their respective cabins and did their work. But one thing disturbed Kabir’s mind continuously. **I have to do something about this Karan. He’s always after my Sanchi..!! I know Sanchi just consider him as a friend… But HE doesn’t seems to have the same idea!! I know no matter what he did, she won’t fall for his charms but I don’t like to see him trying to take her from me!! Oh god!!! I sound so possessive!! But what to do? I can’t live without her!! I won’t let this Karan or anyone else come in between me and my Sanchi..!! I have to do something fast!!**

There’s a meeting with the interns at 12.15 p.m. in Kabir’s cabin. As their instructor, along with Kabir, Sanchi too has to attend this.

Now I forgot to tell you about Maya!! After the gang explained to her about Kabir’s and Sanchi’s years long bond she took a few days leave and went home. She was unable to accept that Kabir only love Sanchi and was adamant to get him at all costs. When she told her father about this, he kindly tried to make her understand.

“Listen Maya, ever since your mother left us, I’ve never let you feel anything less in your life. I’ve fulfilled all your wishes, gave you everything you asked for. Now you have to do a small thing for your papa. You have to forget him. He’s not destined for you” – Mr. Raichand aka Maya’s dad

“But papa I love him!!”

“Maya… in life only one sided love isn’t enough!! Dr. Kabir doesn’t love you, he loves someone else. And for the brief moment I saw her, I realized she too share the same feelings. And he, himself told me he loves that girl. You should let him go Maya.”

Now today she’s back. She is trying to move on but not easy.

……….Kabir’s cabin……….

“Ok so you have work blah blah blah”

“Your next exam will be on blah blah blah it won’t be easy. So study well as well as you do your duties.”

“Thank you ma’am, thank you sir!” Interns went for their duties.

“Kabir that 369 patient?”

“Yeah I read his file. He’s improving, but we have to do some tests.”

For the next 15 minutes they discussed about some patients and their treatments. Finally after their work finished, they were just talking (I don’t know what they were talking ??? so don’t ask me!)

She was walking around his cabin, looking at various things. She stopped near his chair seeing two picture frames on his desk. One was of his mother and father. And the other one was a group pic. In fact it was their batch when they were interns. There Sanchi was standing on one side of Kabir, and the other side was Riya. On Sanchi’s other side was Pragya and Isha. Veer was poking his head from behind.

Sanchi laughed remembering that day. “Veer tried everything he could to get you agree for this pic. ??? you agreed only when Dr. Malhotra told you to!! ??? now you have this on your desk?”

He too remembered that incident. It was before Sanchi lose her memory. Even before she fall for Veer. At the time they first joined as interns. “It was the only photo I had of yours. That’s why I have it on my desk” she blushed a little ☺☺☺.

She turned her attention to the picture again. “You know I was so scared of you at that time!! ???” she said with a laugh.

“You? You weren’t afraid to break almost all the rules in this hospital but you were scared of me? Seriously?”

“Yeah!! You were so scary with that khadoos frown on you face. And you always punished me for the simplest mistakes!! Who knows? You might’ve given me a punishment for standing next to you for the picture too!!”

“??? So how about now? Are you still afraid of me?”

“Now? ??? No! You’re just putting up a facade to show others that you’re so strict and mean. But in reality, you’re so kind and gentle in heart. I’ve seen it myself. So why would I be afraid of you?” She said still observing the photo.

He pulled her by her hand and made her sit on his lap. “Kind and gentle? You should know, Dr. Sanchi… I’m still that khadoos person and it’s not a facade. It’s a part of me. But you… you always managed to see my kind side. You’re special… that’s why”

She got so happy hearing that she’s special. Her happiness could be seen from her eyes. She didn’t understand why his simple words made her so happy. She gave a smile but a pain went through her neck. “Ouch!”

“Kya hua?”

She quickly smiled to cover her pain. “Kuch nahi Kabir. Just-”

“Don’t lie, your neck is sprained right?”

“No it’s noth- ouch!!” She winced in pain as he touched her neck.

“Still saying it’s nothing? This is my fault. If you didn’t sleep in that couch last night, this wouldn’t have happened. This is because of me!”

She frowned. “This is exactly why I didn’t tell you. See… You’re blaming yourself”

He stopped her when she tried to stand. “Stay like this. I’ll make the pain go away” he started to massage her neck.

“Kabir what are you doing? Someone might come in!!”

“No one will come in. If you haven’t noticed it’s our lunch time. Besides, I’m not doing anything wrong. Your neck is sprained and I’m treating you. I’m a doctor you know” ???

“But if someone see us like this they’ll misunderstand na!!” ???

“No one comes to talk to me in lunch time. I’ll never let anyone raise their voices against your character. Don’t worry, no one will come” she got a tiny bit convinced but still looked worried. “Now relax na meri jaan! Tell me if the pain is going away? Otherwise you’ll have to stay like this the whole day!!”

She laughed a bit. “It’s getting better……” She said closing her eyes at the comfort in his hands. Placing her forehead on his shoulder, she sighed in content. “It really feels good. You have a magical touch!!”


“??? Oh shit! I said it loud!!”

“Hahahahaha ??? now that you feel better, you have to thank me”

“Thank you Kabir” she said softly.

“Aise nahi”

“Phir kaise?”

“Hmmm ???”


“What no?”

“Whatever you’re thinking, I won’t do it”

“Ok. Koi baat nahi”

She looked at him to see why he agreed so easily, still her head on his shoulder.

He too looked down at her. The way he was looking at her was so different. It’s hard to describe what she felt under his gaze. He was watching her with unconditional love that both couldn’t explain. Just from the way he looked at her, she felt safe. Solwly, he leaned down and placed his lips on her forehead. Through that simple gesture, she felt millions of emotions her was trying to express. “I love you” he murmured softly.

“I love you too”

Unknown to them a pair of eyes saw their sweet exchange. It was a girl that got her heart broken. Yes, it was Maya who saw them. She was completely shattered hearing Kabir say the he loves Sanchi. No matter what others said, she had a small ray of hope but now…. everything is gone. She couldn’t stop her tears. She just ran from there.

……….later that evening……….

Sanchi was walking around the hospital. She was a girl sitting on a bench. With a closer look she figured it was Maya and that she was crying. She went near her. “Maya?”

Maya lifted her head to see her and glared at her with red eyes. “What do you want? You must be so happy to see me like this right? You won right? You finally proved me he only loves you!! You must be so happy!!” She said angrily ???.

Sanchi looked at her. She remembered her past when she saw Maya. She felt her pain. She knew there’s nothing she could do to ease it other than giving her a comforting hug. Maya was surprised with the sudden gesture. “What are you-”

“Shhh Cry as much as you want. I can’t ask you not to cry. I know it’s really painful for you…” Sanchi said while patting her head. She couldn’t control if anymore. She cried and cried and cried on her shoulder.

After a long time, she asked through her sobs, “why are you being nice to me?”

Sanchi made her sit properly and looked at her. “When I see you now, I see myself…”

Maya looked puzzled.

“You’re crying because his heart is with someone else… I was just your age when I watched him getting married to another person… knowing that his heart is mine… knowing he only loves me… knowing he’s taking a decision that would separate us forever… I cried for so many things. Don’t even think for a second I’m happy to see you in this condition Maya. I can understand what you’re feeling!!”

Maya looked at her with a amazed expression and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry!! I’m really really sorry for everything I did. I was very mean to you. I never thought about how you had felt. I thought only about myself”

“Don’t say lime that Maya… you’re like a little sister to me. You know God don’t let anyone be alone in their lives. He create everyone in pairs. It’s not easy to move on, but if Kabir isn’t meant to be yours, then there’s someone out there looking for you. You will find him someday, when the right time comes…! Until then, you need to make your mind!!”

“Thank you di… um… is it alright if I call yo-”

“Of course it’s alright. Now come here” they hugged each other. Maya went to the hostal while Sanchi went to the car park. She found Kabir there, leaning against her car. “Going home?” She asked casually.

“Hmm” he came near her and caressed her cheek. “You’re so amazing you know. You even won Maya’s heart?”

“You saw?”

“Haa I saw as well as heard everything. I have hurt you lot Sanchi, I’m sorry!”

“Kabir… how many time do I have to tell you? Let go of that past!!”

“Lekin main ne-”

She cut him off by placing her palm over his mouth. “Sshhh… chup! Aur kuch nahi”

Through her hand, he smiled gently and nodded. She smiled back in return. When she was about to take her hand back, he took it on his hands and kissed it. “You should go home now. Good night..!”

She blushed at his sweet gesture and mumbled a soft good night, getting in her car.


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