Unwritten Love Of Destiny …… Chapter 20

Hi guys ??? it’s me with the next part of Unwritten Love Of Destiny! I know it’s been more than a month since I’ve posted this last and I’m very sorry about it!! The thing is…. I wasn’t well past few days. That’s why I couldn’t post after I posted my other fs. But I’m elated to see all your requests for this ff. I didn’t expect to see a lot of you love this ff this much. So without further ado, let’s go to the story.

Previously on “Unwritten Love Of Destiny”,

Sanchi and Kabir got stuck in the elevator on Christmas eve and they confessed their love on Christmas 12.00 a.m. Maya got to know that it was the gang’s plan to get Kanchi stuck.

Maya was looking like she’d explode in any minute. “You shouldn’t have played matchmaker with Dr. Kabir!! Why can’t you just live your own lives?”

“Because we know they love each other” veer said seriously.

“No! That’s not true!!” Maya exclaimed.

Riya looked at her with pity. “But it is true Maya. Kabir only belongs to Sanchi. That was how it was in the past, present and the future. I can understand your situation well. There was a time that I was in your place too. I did everything I could do to separate them. I even married him. But still nothing could change his love for her. They are made for each other. No one can come between them!!”

The gang told Maya the whole story. How Veer and Sanchi loved each other, how she lost her memory, how she fell in love again, how he rejected her love, how they lived past 10 years without each other…… everything. Maya ran out crying at the end of the story.

“I really feel bad for her!! Bechari Maya, she really thought it was easy to take Sanchi’s place in Kabir’s heart” – Pragya

“Yeah. Now she know the whole story. Hope she’ll understand now, what she was doing was hopeless” – Riya


Few days passed like that. Sanchi had to tell her best friends, Pragya, Isha, Veer and Riya what happened in the elevator coz they were annoying her. There was no choice. But she didn’t give them all the details. (You know ??? somethings are a little bit too personal ???)

“Oh my god!!!! ??? Who would’ve thought my hottie could be soooooo romantic ???!!!” Isha squealed earning a glare from Sanchi ???.

“Now now Isha, darling…… you have to stop calling my Kabir, hottie!!” She said as a warning.

“Oh ho….!!! My Kabir….” all couldn’t help but to tease her.

“Shut up guys!!” Sanchi yelled in embarrassment.

“Ok ok so when will we get to call him Jiju?” Pragya asked.

Sanchi just shook her head. “I don’t know!”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Both Veer and Riya demanded.

“It’s just…. we just got together…. So how can we think about marriage so soon?” Sanchi asked stupidly.

Other 4 hit their heads.

“Girl, how old are you? You’re 32 and he’s 36. You two have wasted 10 years of your lives living separated. How much more time you want? Just think about your lives!!” Riya asked obviously annoyed.

Sanchi looked down. “I know that Riya…. But you know na I’m a bit traditional. I’m just waiting for him to propose me. That’s why….” She said quietly.

“So this is bhai ka fault!!! Ok ok we understand. You know what guys, I think we should leave this to Kabir bhai. We helped them enough!! Now let’s see how our khadoos hitler ask his girl’s hand in marriage!! ???” Veer grinned at others.

Pragya slapped Veer on his head. “Seriously Veer? Hand in marriage? We’re not shooting a film ???. But anyway nalayak!! I agree with you. Let’s see how our future Jiju make this maharaani agree ???”

From then on Sanchi had to answer the same question 4 times. Why 4 times? Coz Veer, Isha, Pragya and Riya all asked the same question. What’s this question? Didn’t he proposed yet?

Sanchi was annoyed to hell with them asking the same thing over and over again. Now whenever she see anyone from the gang she yells “NO” before they even ask the question. Because of them she was angry with Kabir too. She kept thinking why he isn’t proposing yet so she can get rid of gang’s nonsense!! But poor Kabir has no clue about any of it.

Taking today as an example! Today Sanchi was in Kabir’s cabin talking about a patient. Kabir was asking her something but she wasn’t in this world. He came near her and kneeled before her. He slightly shook her to get her back to this world. “Sanchi? Where did you get lost? I was asking you something!”

Hearing his voice she came to her senses and saw him kneeling before her. She gave her a sweet smile and said “Yes!! I will..!!

Kabir gave her a look like she had two heads. “What yes? Have you lost your mind? I was telling you we should not give this meds to this patient and you want to give it to him?”

Sanchi was dumbfounded. “What? You were talking about a patient?”

“Yeah what did you thought?”

She stood up abruptly glaring at him. He too got up and had a curious look. “What’s wrong?” He asked kindly.

“Oh you have no idea!!” She turned without sparing him another glance and went out.

“Ab maine kya kia? Kabir beta, this is what happens when you fall for a weird girl. Blame yourself for that!!” He wondered out aloud.

Later on he tried to talk to her but she completely ignored him. If she met him face to face shed glare at him. The day passed like that. At night he called her as usual he did for past few days. But today he doesn’t think she’ll answer coz for some unknown reason, she was angry with him.

“Hello?” Ah ??? her lovely voice filled his ears.

“Hey Sanchi….”

“A bit busy right now Kabir. Let’s talk tomorrow, ok?”

Her answer made him frown. “Ok then. Good night!” He hanged up before she tell anything else.

On the other side, Sanchi felt bad. **You shouldn’t have behaved like that Sanchi… He loves you. It’s not his fault. You should apologize to him. (She took her phone) no! He might be annoyed with me. I’ll talk to him tomorrow!!**

Both fell asleep thinking of each other.

Some time later, Kabir woke up with a jolt screaming Sanchi’s name. He was bathed in sweat. Breathing heavily he realized it was a dream. But knowing that didn’t calm him. He took his phone and called her.

She picked it after few rings. “Hello?” She was sleepy.

“Sanchi, are you alright?” He tried to talk normally so she won’t get worried bit his voice was laced with panic.

“It’s 2 a.m. Kabir, why wouldn’t I be alright?”

He was silent from the other side.

She sat on her bed. “Kabir? Kya hua?”

“Nothing Sanchi, you just go back to sleep”

“No tell me what happened?”

“It’s… it’s just a dream. That’s all. Nothing to worry”

“But it got you worried na!”

“No no I’m just going back to sleep. Bye” he hanged up.

She went to a flashback on the night they got stuck in the elevator.

“Why? Have you dreamt me always?” She teased him ??? but he replied honestly.

“Everyday. I’ve dreamt of you every night. Every time you were leaving me. I was left alone. Sometimes I don’t sleep and make myself busy with work coz I’m afraid to see you leaving me again and again and again. If maa was here, it would’ve been better but she left me too. Both women I loved in my life, left me. I was all alone in this world” he leant his head back to the wall.

“He won’t sleep now. He’ll be awake all night!” She jumped out of her bed.

Other side, Kabir was staring at the ceiling. Sleep is nowhere near him. He just kept thinking. Suddenly he heard his door bell ring, taking him out of his thoughts.

His eyes went to the clock. It 2.30 a.m. “Itni raat? Kaun ho sakta?” He went down and opened the door. “Sanchi?”

The said girl launched herself on him. “What are you doing here?” He whispered to her hair.

“Won’t you ask me to come in?” She whispered back.

He broke her hug and took her in. She sat comfortably in the living room and saw him staring at her. “You’re not dreaming! I’m actually here” she said with a laugh.

He walked closer. “If I’m not dreaming, then why are you here in the middle of the night?”

“Alright then, if you want me to go, I’ll go!” She stood up but he made her sit and gave her a look saying ‘answer the question’

“Okay okay!! You told me na you had bad dreams of me leaving you. So when you called today I guessed today too you had that kind of dream. I knew you won’t go back to sleep after that. I came here so you won’t see me leaving you again coz I’m here with you. And now you don’t like that I came here, so I’ll go back” she said with her head down.

He crouched down. Taking her hands, he kissed both and looked at her. “Thank you! Thank you for coming here sweetheart. (He cupped her cheek and stared at her lovingly) You have no idea how peaceful my mind is after seeing you. I love you”

She frowned. “Yeah yeah only you love me. I don’t love you. That’s why I came” she was being sarcastic.

He laughed at her expressions and sat beside her, keeping his head on her lap. It made her smile. She stroked his hair.

“So what did you told aunty when she asked where you’re going in the middle of the night?”

“She didn’t ask anything”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Hahaha ??? she wasn’t home. She went to see my Chachu. Only Sunny and I was home. I left him a note saying I’m going for an emergency” she laughed again.

He tapped her head. “Liar..!!”

“Hey!! I didn’t lie!! I didn’t say I’m going to the hospital ??? I just said it’s an emergency. That’s all!” She shrugged.

He smirked ???. “So…. coming to see me is an emergency?”

And she blushed. “You’re too much Kabir! I’m going home!”

“NO FREAKING WAY!!! You’re not going anywhere alone at this time. If aunty was home I would drop you myself. But now you’re staying here”

“Why should I stay here? I shouldn’t stay in a house alone with a man!!”

“You should’ve thought that before you come here”

“You know I’m klutz so I’ll go! C’mon, get up!!”

He leaned up and gave her a kiss. “Sshhh! I won’t let you go”

He placed his head on her lap again and kept staring at her.

“Ok then, don’t let me go”

“So why were you angry with me today?”

“I’m really sorry about that Kabir. Those idiots messed with my mind. I shouldn’t have vent my anger on you. I’m sorry ???”

He stretched his hand to caress her cheek. “Apology accepted!”

She kept talking about many things. He was listening. Later he fell asleep with a gentle smile. She too fell asleep caressing his head.

……….next morning……….

Sanchi woke up to see Kabir’s face. He was staring at her (Yeah yeah I know that’s all he does ??? just deal with it!)

“Good morning!” She greeted.

“Good morning!” He got up and stretched. “I don’t know when I fell asleep last night. I’m sorry Sanchi, it must’ve been very uncomfortable for you” he was upset seeing her turn her neck to sides.

She quickly stopped doing that and got up. “I’m perfectly fine Dr. Kabir. Go and freshen up, I’ll make you breakfast”

“Yes ma’am” while he went towards his room, she went to the kitchen.

15 minutes later, Kabir came to find a busy Sanchi in the kitchen. He leaned on the door frame admiring her. Looking at her right now, he felt how perfect everything is when she’s with him. He went near her and hugged her from behind placing his chin on her shoulder. “What are you doing?”

“Oh I’m dancing here!”

“Really? It seems like you’re cooking though!”

“Then why did you ask such a dumb question? You can see what I’m doing, yet you’re asking me what am I doing!!”

He tightened his arms around her. “So you think I’m dumb?”


He started to nuzzle her neck placing little kisses on her shoulder. “Kabir kya kar- stop it na!!” She turned around in his arms stopping him. “What was that?” She asked sternly.

He cornered her to the kitchen counter. “Wow! You’re demanding me to answer! Already acting like my wife ??? not bad!!” He gave her a playful smirk ???.

She just glared at him.

“You said I’m dumb”


“And I didn’t get my good morning kiss!!”

“And you won’t get it either!!” She pushed him away to run but he caught her immediately.

“Too bad!! I’m gonna get it anyway!” He gave her a sweet kiss that made her forget all her protesting.

“And now my breakfast..!! Let’s see what you made..!!”

The two had breakfast together and Kabir helped Sanchi with the dishes ignoring her protests. After keeping everything aside, Sanchi found him staring at her. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

He came near her and tucked a hair strand behind her ear. “I was thinking how perfect everything is right now. You’re here with me…. I woke up seeing you…. then we had breakfast together and now we’re going to work…. I want everyday of my life to start with you and end with you….”

“Are you proposing me?” She asked a bit weirdly.

“Nope. Not yet. But soon… I would be expecting a yes from you”

She gave a playful smile. “What if I say no?”

“Then I’d marry Maya!”

“Noooooo!!” She wrapped her arms around him possessively. He laughed and gave her a kiss on her forehead. “C’mon. We’ll get late. It’s so bad we can’t go together!!”

“I have to get changed na”

They came out of the house.

“I was just thinking Kabir…. ??? if you got married to Maya, then there’s Dr. Karan for me na ???”

“Kya kaha tum ne?”

She ran to her car. “See you at the hospital..!!”


Ok I know it’s dumb but that’s all came to my mind and I just wrote it anyway. I’ll post next part soon but for now hope you’d like thus one.

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