Unwritten Love Of Destiny – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Previously on “unwritten love of destiny”,

**pain? What pain? What did I do? Maybe he’s sad that I don’t remember him? 
everyone’s sad because of that!!** she was thinking about what he said but came out of her thoughts when she felt something warm on her forehead.

She opened her eyes to see him kissing her forehead. He had her eyes closed. It was a longing & loving kiss that spoke millions of words that can not be turned in to words.

Unknown to her tears fell from her eyes to her pillow. She too closed her eyes. After few seconds, he left without turning back.

“What kind of a relationship we had? Is it just a student-mentor wala one or something more?” She sat on her bed thinking whole night. “What’s this feeling? Why do I feel so much pain? What’s the reason?”


……….next morning……….

Sanchi was in her hospital room getting ready to go for her duties as she was feeling better. Suddenly someone came in and locked the door. She turned to see who it was and turned out to be Riya.

“Hey Riya! Good morning ???” she greeted pleasantly.

“Oh puh….lease Sanchi, stop your drama. I know you’re trying to him but let me tell you something. Kabir is mine. He’s my fiance and we’re getting married!! We would’ve been married already if that hostel didn’t caught on fire that day” Riya kept talking.

Sanchi was getting angry with her. “So you two are engaged? Ok now can I go? Unlike you I have work to do” she left without listening to her reply.

In the ward she was checking her patients but anyone could say clearly, that she isn’t in a good mood.

Finishing her shift, she went to where the elevator was. Pragya called after her but she didn’t hear anything.she just got in the elevator, lost deeply in her thoughts.

**What’s her problem? Yelling at me like that!! ??? and Kabir sir is engaged. He’s ENGAGED!! Why didn’t anyone tell me that? Why didn’t HE tell me? Oh God!!! Stupid Sanchi, why would he tell you? Who’re you? You’re just his intern!! But am I just an intern to him?? ??? Does he kiss all his interns when they’re asleep??? ??? I don’t know what’s happening to me!!! Why am I so bothered knowing he’s getting married???**

She didn’t even realize that there was another person in there with her. Suddenly the elevator jerked a little, making her come out of her thoughts. “Now what’s with this dumb elevator?” She asked herself but on the next second, power went out and the elevator stopped.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” she screamed.

“Sanchi, what happened? Are you alright?” A voice asked.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” she screamed again.

The person took out his phone and switched on the torch. He saw Sanchi ready to scream again, so he placed his hand over her mouth.

“Mmpphhhh” her scream was muffled. She looked scared. Her back pressed to the wall, a hand over her mouth and on top of that a tall man was towering her in a dark elevator, which is stuck right now. Who wouldn’t get scared???

Thevman felt her fear. He could feel her tears running down her face, through his hand that placed over her mouth. He held the torch to his face, so she could recognize him and stop being scared.

He can see that she was crying with her eyes closed. “Why are you crying? Yeh main hoon…” He said softly and took away his hand. She slowly opened her eyes to see the person she was thinking about earlier. Her face turned in to a small smile.

“Kabiiirrr!!” She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly, making the phone on his hand fall and the torch went off leaving them in the darkness. Kabir was surprised by her sudden action AND she called him by his name. He didn’t notice what happened to his phone at all ???.

At first he thought to respond to the hug, then the past came to his mind and he stopped himself from doing so. He tried to be angry. “Yeh tum kya-” He stopped what he wanted to say when he heard her words.

“I-I’m s-so scared!! It’s so dark!! I thought- I thought-”

“Shhh!!! Don’t worry nothing will happen. I won’t let anything happen to you” he too wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. They stayed like that.

Sanchi was having another flashback.


A girl and a boy stuck in the elevator just like this and when the door opened, the girl was in the boy’s arms and the people outside were smiling at them.

End of flashback……….

She came out of it and didn’t say anything about it to Kabir. But she did realized that she was still hugging him. She wanted to let go of him but was trapped in a miilnd battle.

**Oh God!! What am I doing?? ??? Tu pagal ho gaye ho kya, Sanchi? He’s your senior!!! And he’s ENGAGED!!! Let go of him right now!!!……….but I don’t want to let go!!! I feel so safe right now. Like I always belonged to be in his arms this way ???. No no no no no!!! Sanchi, absolutely not!!! Just let go of him. What would he think of you?……….hell think I’m scared of darkness. OH MY MATA!!! Sanchi Mishra, since when did you start to take advantages from the situations? ???……….??? I’m not taking any advantage!!! I’m actually scared of darkness and you know that. So don’t blame me like this ???**

As soon as she was finished with her mind battle, lights came. So she HAD to let him go even if she didn’t wanted to and looked at him.

“I’m sorry about that sir, I was-” she wanted to apologize for hugging him. (Well, she can’t tell him that she wanted to hug him, can she? ???)

“No it’s alright, Dr. Sanchi. You were scared. That’s all.” He ended the conversation without sparing a single glance at her.

**Ab inko kya hua?** as she was thinking a reason for his sudden weird behaviour, the elevator too, started to work. It reaches the ground floor and stopped. As the door opened, they saw many people looking at them including Pragya, Isha and Riya. Kabir went out first followed by Sanchi. Seeing Kabir & Sanchi stuck together inside the elevator, Riya glared at Sanchi hard ???.

**Why do I feel this way?? It feels like I shouldn’t let him go, but how can I be with him all day?……..??? Oh no!!! It can’t be!!! Do I lo-…….no No no no a big no!! Don’t think weird things Sanchi, just focus on your work.**

Pragya and Isha rushed to her.

“Yaar we called you but you didn’t hear us and went to the elevator. Then you were stuck in there. Are you ok??” They asked.

She didn’t get enough time to give them a reply. She was enveloped in a tight hug.

It was none other than a worried Veer, who came running.

“Are you ok, Miss Golgappa? I was so scared when these betaals said you got stuck in there.” Veer kept talking while hugging her.

She felt uncomfortable and tried to get herself out on his embrace, but didn’t work. In the middle of her effort, she saw Kabir looking at them from afar, still with the same weird expression on his face. Then he looked hurt. She understood what’s the reason and got out of Veer’s hug. But Kabir had already went.

“Yeah Veer, I’m alright. Besides I wasn’t alone na. Kabir sir was with me ???.” She said normally but Veer’s face darkened at this.

Days passed and Sanchi got more and more flashbacks. None of them were clear for her to recognize the people in those.

Kabir ignored her completely. He always scold her for even for a simple mistake. Riya was delighted with this.

The surprising thing was Sanchi wasn’t complaining about anything. She just smile when Pragya was badmouthing about Hitler.

Now today Veer insisted that they should go to eat golgappa. Sanchi asked Pragya and Isha to come too but they were trying to send them alone.

“Sorry yaar I got to check bed no.144 wala patient and Isha have to do record room duty, courtesy of uss khadoos hitler” said Pragya.

“Kya?” Asked a clueless Isha. Pragya stomped on Isha’s foot hardly.

“Oh yeah I have to…..” Isha tried to cover it.

“Oh please!! ??? stop giving me such pathetic excuses. I know you’re lying. You told me this morning that you took care of 144 wala patient. And Isha, today you don’t have to do any record room duty. It was yesterday. Not today!!! So guys……. we’ll go out now. No more work!!” Sanchi made them agree.

……….Golgappa Stall……….

All 4 were having fun eating golgappa. Sanchi and Veer were having a competition. Sanchi is clearly winning. Veer’s eyes were red eating so much theeka.

“Alright Veer that’s enough!! You can’t eat that much theeka!” Sanchi said with concern.

“No no I’m gonna win today!!” Veer was determined.

Pragya whispered to Isha, “look at her!! She may have lost her memories on him but she still care for him!!”

Isha nodded. “Haa yaar lekin this is just concern na?? Not love. She doesn’t seem to halve the feelings she had for him.”

Pragya slapped her hand hardly. “Abae ooo!!! Don’t say like that!!! Pyaar wala feelings don’t disappear when someone loose their memory. Those feelings are deep in her heart.” She said frowning at her ???.

“What if those feelings aren’t strong enough??” Isha questioned.

“What do you mean??” Pragya was puzzled.

“True she had love wala feelings for him, but what if those aren’t strong enough to be deep in her heart even after the memory loss?” Isha explained.

“No yaar I’m sure- Sanchi, kya hua yaar?” Pragya asked from Sanchi who was holding her head as if she was in pain.


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