Unwritten Love Of Destiny – Chapter 3

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Previously on “Unwritten Love Of Destiny”,

Sanchi got conscious next day after the sedative effect wore off. Jaya was already in her room. Others came to see her too. Veer came in and hugged her tight. “God Sanchi! I was so afraid that something had happened to you” he said softly.

She wriggled out of his embrace. “Why are you hugging me?” She asked.

“I know Sanchi I ignored you for the past 3 months but I’m sorry!” He started to apologize.

Today we start from there.


“What are you apologizing for? Who are you?” she was confused. Her question grabbed the attention of the doctor who was standing near the door. It’s Kabir.

“I think all of you should wait outside for awhile” he said calmly.

“Kyu doctor? Is there something wrong with my daughter?” Jaya asked worriedly.

“Something wrong with me? Why what happened to me?” Sanchi asked cutely ???.

“Dekhiye, I can’t tell anything without checking her first. So please app log bahar wait keejiye.” Kabir said trying not to worry others.

All had confused expressions but turned to leave. Veer didn’t budge. Pragya elbowed him and signaled him to come out with them but he just shook his head.

“I’ll wait here with Dr. Kabir and see what’s wrong!” he said.

Kabir got annoyed but didn’t do anything to stop him. Isha grabbed him and dragged him out harshly.

“Nahi maa don’t go!! Pragya Isha please don’t leave me!!” Sanchi yelled suddenly.

“You don’t have anything to be afraid of, Sanchi. They’ll wait outside.” Kabir said kindly using doctor to patient professional wala voice.

“Do you know where you are Sanchi?” He asked calmly.

“It looks like a hospital room” she said looking around.

“Yeah and you aren’t well. They need to leave so I can check you” -Kabir

She nodded.

He took her reports and start observing her.

“Do you know who I am?” -Kabir

“Yeah! You’re my doctor!!” She replied cheerfully making Kabir let out a small smile.

“My name?” he asked hopefully.

“No doctor. Sorry!” -Sanchi

Kabir was disappointed to hear that, he had expected her to say that but continued to question her.

“What is the last day you remember?” -Kabir

“Yesterday” -Sanchi

“What happened yesterday?” -Kabir

“I got enrolled in to college!!” She replied excitedly.

“What?” he was dumbfounded by her answer.

“Yeah yesterday was my first day at college!! Pragya and Isha were also joined!! I’m do happy that they’re with me!! All three of us gonna be doctors like you in 4 years” she said.

“That’s great, you wait here and I’ll come back” he went out and came to the group.

“I’m afraid due to the hit on her head, now she has a partial memory loss” all gasped as he continue to explain. “It’s may not be permanent, but can’t tell how long it’ll take her to regain her memories. She has all her childhood memories and remember the day she got enrolled in college along with Pragya & Isha, as her last memory. She doesn’t remember that now she’s a doctor who’s doing the internship. She doesn’t remember anyone from SDCH and anything happened here”

“She doesn’t remember me?” Veer said in a low tone. Even though Kabir heard him, but chose to ignore it.

“Pragya, Isha, you two can slowly make her remind everything but step by step. Don’t go on storytelling! It’ll be bad for her health. Don’t try to force her to remember anything. Let her get all on her own” he said the last part specially to Veer.

Days have passed. Sanchi got to know that she is an intern in prestigious SDCH. Pragya & Isha had told about Veer, that he’s a friend and that Kabir is their senior. She started to believe them, but don’t remember any of it. She’s allowed to take classes and surprisingly she has all her medical knowledge.

So as the days pass they treat people, they do surgeries, etc. Veer was recreating some of their past memories in order to make her regain her memories but no use.

It was another failed attempt of his. Today he recreated the memory happened when she was sick. They were playing with water and paper boats.

“Does this remind you anything Sanchi?” He was hopeful.

Her hand stilled on water and the smile she had when she was playing with the boats, disappeared. She knew that instant this incident had happened previously coz every time he ask her the question when he’s trying to remind her something.

“No Veer I’m sorry!” She stood and left the store room.

He followed her out and grabbed her hand. “Please Sanchi try na? Our memories, moments?”

“I’m sorry Veer I don’t remember anything!!” -Sanchi

“Koshish tho karo na!!!” He shook her by shoulders.

She held her head. “Stop it Veer. My head is hurting!”

Just then Kabir was passing by, he saw what’s happening. He came to them asking “what’s going on here?”

Veer let go of her as Kabir came near.

Before he get a reply, Sanchi fainted, falling right in to his arms.

………In Sanchi’s hospital room………

Kabir treated her and she was resting. Slowly she was coming to her senses. She heard him scolding someone in a low but harsh voice.

“I told you not to force her to remember anything!! What were you thinking Veer?? This isn’t good for her health”

She slowly opened her eyes and said “please sir, don’t scold him. He was just trying to help me!”

“You keep quiet!! Don’t try to save him!!” He scolded her too. “Forcing you to remember anything could cause more damage than you already have! Agar tumhe kuch ho gaya tho? Main-” he stopped what he was saying abruptly as he realized what he was saying and turned to go.

“Where’re you going?” -Sanchi

“I can’t stay here all day I have work. He’ll stay with you and will look after you” Kabir said harshly and pointed Veer.

But she stopped him by holding his hand. With that contact of there hands, she had a flashback.


A guy was holding a girls hands.

“Bohoth koshish ki tumhe door rahne ke liye. But couldn’t do that” boy said to the girl.

Then he held a ring towards her, she took it and wore it.

End of flashback……….

The images were unclear so she didn’t know who it was. All the while she was holding Kabir’s hand so tight.

“Dr. Sanchi, what do you think you’re doing? Let go of my hand, I have work to do!!” He said angrily trying to release his hand from her grip. He looked at her when he didn’t get any reply only to see a weird expression on her face.

She mumbled “please don’t go… Don’t leave me” and fainted again. He sat on a stool near her bed. She’s still not letting go of his hand.

Veer looked on sadly. Kabir doesn’t have to look at Veer to know that he was hurt by her sudden gesture.

Miss Fernandez came in asking Kabir to come for some work. He just dismissed her by saying that he’ll do all the work later.

Miss Fernandez got surprised to hear Kabir postponing his work. Then she noticed Kabir’s hand, which Sanchi was still holding and a small smile appeared on her face. She just went without giving further comments.

Veer too slowly stepped out of the room with a sad face.

**Im sorry Veer, I’m not trying to take her away from you. But I can’t leave her right now. I’ll do everything I can to make her remember everything and then-then she’ll come back to you** he thought sadly. His mind screamed at him to leave her hand and go but but his heart stopped him from doing it.

Riya saw all this from the door and got angry. **No Sanchi! I won’t let you take my Kabir away from me! He’s only mine** she thought angrily.

After sometime Sanchi came to her senses. It was night now and it was dark inside the room. She saw someone sleeping on his hands holding her hand. His face was covered with his messed up hair. She carefully moved his bangs from his face not waking him.

“Kabir sir? Yaha? (Noticing her hand) I might have not let his hand go ??? How uncomfortable he must be feeling!! (Letting go of his hand) Even so he look so cute when he’s asleep ???” she was talking to herself.

“I don’t know why he’s always so khadoos ???. I heard he was called hitler before, and then he changed. But again he turned in to a cold emotionless person ??? what could be the reason for that?” (Yeah, only if you know you are the reason ???)

Kabir started to wake slowly. She pretended to be asleep. Kabir woke and looked around.

“She look better and now I have my hand back! She might’ve let go when she was asleep. I should go back now” he said to himself but she heard him.

“How I wish things happened differently! How I wish you didn’t gave me this pain!”

**pain? What pain? What did I do? Maybe he’s sad that I don’t remember him? ??? everyone’s sad because of that!!** she was thinking about what he said but came out of her thoughts when she felt something warm on her forehead.

She opened her eyes to see him kissing her forehead. He had her eyes closed. It was a longing & loving kiss that spoke millions of words that can not be turned in to words.

Unknown to her tears fell from her eyes to her pillow. She too closed her eyes. After few seconds, he left without turning back.

“What kind of a relationship we had? Is it just a student-mentor wala one or something more?” She sat on her bed thinking whole night. “What’s this feeling? Why do I feel so much pain? What’s the reason?”


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