Unwritten Love Of Destiny – Chapter 2

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I was sad a little coz I didn’t saw many of my regular readers’ comments. But I was so happy to see so many of you have liked ??? the previous chapter and no one had disliked it yet!! So I think even if you couldn’t comment, you’ve liked it and that’s enough for me ???.

Due to some orders and threats (courtesy of Riya, Dhruti & Niyaaa ???) I decided to post this part as soon as possible. And I’m not telling this part is boring or anything negetive, I’ll just leave it for you guys to decide.

So let’s go to the story now. Last time on “Unwritten Love Of Destiny” Veer, Sanchi & Kabir go on their separate ways. Kabir turned in to a khadoos and gonna marry Riya. Today we go on from there.

Oh before I forget, Kabir’s 26 & Sanchi and the interns are 22


It was the wedding day of Kabir & Riya. Not a grand ceremony like Riya originally wanted, but it’s still somewhat grand. Kabir didn’t give a single smile. Not even a fake smile. Riya didn’t care, after all she IS marrying the guy of everyone’s dreams ???.

Now he and Riya were sitting on the mandap. Pandit ji was chanting the mantras. Kabir was doing what he says robotically. Riya was grinning ear to ear. After all what she always dreamt, now going to be reality. After the kanyadhann Gayatri came and did the gatbandhann. All the while Kabir was looking at the flames in front of him ???.

Pandit ji told them to get up and take the seven rounds. Kabir didn’t heard him. He suddenly had a weird feeling. Like someone’s crushing his heart from inside ???. Like he’s loosing something very important. He didn’t know what’s that feeling. Still looking at the flames he whispered Sanchi’s name unconsciously.

Riya’s head snapped towards him after hearing that. **Did he just said Sanchi’s name? No must be my imagination. Why would he say that girl’s name? ???** she thought. She was about to call him to get his attention, Dr. Malhothra’s phone rang. He answered it and it fell from his hands.

“Hostel has caught on fire!!” Were the only words escaped his mouth. Kabir stood from the mandap instantly and was about to leave but Riya stopped him. He shoved her hand away and ran removing the thing on his head (I’m talking about the hat kind of thing made from cloth and wear on weddings. Sorry guys I actually don’t know what that called. Hope you can understand what I’m saying ???. If you can please tell me it’s name..!!) and throwing it on the floor.

As he was going, his shawl that was tied with Riya’s dupatta for the gatbandhann fell in to the holy fire ??? and it was burning. Riya was looking at it depressed ???.

Veer and Kabir reached the hostal at the same time. They jumped out of their cars and went to Pragya and Isha who came out of the hostel with helping other interns, coughing.

“Sanchi kaha hai?” Both asked.

“Woh abhi bhi andhar hai sir. She said she’ll check if everyone’s out and come. We asked her not to, but she didn’t listen!!” they both were panicking. Kabir didn’t wait to hear anything further, when he heard she’s still inside. He ran to the fire followed by Veer.

As both boys ran towards the hostel, they were stopped by the firefighters. They said that it’s dangerous to go in. Kabir just pushed them away harshly and ran inside. Veer was still trying to break the firefighters hold on him.

Kabir looked for her everywhere screaming. “Sanchi!! Sanchi!! Kaha ho tum?”

No reply came. All he could see was blazing flames ???and hear it’s roar. He went to the second floor. There, at the end of the stairs near a biiiig vase, he saw someone laying without moving. He went closer and saw it’s, “SANCHI!!”

She was unconscious. From the look of it, it looks like she had fell from the stairs and hit her head hard on the vase. Her head was bleeding badly.

“Sanchi, uto!! Apni ankhe kholo!!” she doesn’t respond. He panicked. “No no!! I won’t let anything happen to you!! I can’t lose you!!” he kissed her forehead and lifted her in his arms, bridal style.

It wasn’t an easy task to get her out. Everywhere he turn, he can only see fire, fire & fire. He leg was burnt from a curtain, that fell on him but he managed to save Sanchi from getting burnt. After what felt like hours to him, he came out.

Just as he came out there was a stretcher, waiting. He placed her on it carefully. They took her to the hospital and Pragya, Isha & Veer rushed with there too. Riya who had came to the location, tried to stop him from going AGAIN.

“Don’t go Kabir! There’re other doctors to take care of her. You don’t have to go there, we should go home. It’s our wedding day!” She said not even noticing that he too got burnt.

He looked at her with fury in his eyes ???. “HOW CAN YOU BE SO SELFISH!” He screamed angrily. “Itni badi incident hua aur tum sirf tumari shadi ke bare me fikar hai!”

“It’s not just my wedding Kabir, it’s OUR wedding!” Riya screamed.

“Well I don’t care!! Now I only want to go to her and see if she’s alright, and that’s it!” He went straightly to the hospital and then OT, where Sanchi was being treated. Nurses tried to stop him from going in coz he too was injured, but he insisted on going in.

“Yeh ladki!! Always ruining my happiness!!” Riya cried ??? alone. Behind her was the burning hostel, that the firefighters trying their best to save from more damage. Right now Riya’s heart was same as the burning hostel.

In the hospital, it’s taking time treating Sanchi. Many of them had minor injuries but Sanchi was the only one had serious damage. Not only she had hit her head hard on a vase but also her right hand was broken due to her fall.

Veer and the others were pacing outside the OT.

“Agar usse kuch ho gaya tho?” Veer was tensed.

“Aisa math boliye bae! Woh hamari Sanchi hai, she’ll be alright!” Pragya hugged him and consoled him.

Even Jaya was informed and she too came.

Kabir was the first to came out of the OT. Everyone rushed to him.

“Doctor, kaise hai meri bachchi?” -Jaya

“She’s out of danger now, but still unconscious” -Kabir

“Can we see her? Please Dr. Kabir!” Veer jumped in and pleaded.

Kabir looked at him pointedly and said “No! She needs rest. You’ll get to see her when she’s conscious. Only her family can go in now” and went to treat his wounds.

Kabir was relived to know that Sanchi was alright. He didn’t treat her but asked other doctors to let him stay in the OT. He couldn’t bare to be away from her not knowing how bad was she.

Sanchi got conscious next day after the sedative effect wore off. Jaya was already in her room. Others came to see her too. Veer came in and hugged her tight. “God Sanchi! I was so afraid that something had happened to you” he said softly.

She wriggled out of his embrace. “Why are you hugging me?” She asked.

“I know Sanchi I ignored you for the past 3 months but I’m sorry!” He started to apologize


So that’s all for today. I’m giving you guys an early warning, I won’t be able to give you long updates. Chapters will be short!!! So now I have to say if you like this, hit the like button, if you don’t like this hit the dislike button and if you have some time to spare leave a comment to encourage the writer (me….!!!! ???). So until we meet again with the new chapter ???

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    1. RuCh23

      ?????? ⬅️⬅️⬅️ this is exactly how my face looks like right now reading your comment!!! Glad you liked it dear!!! And to know about Sanchi…… ??? you’ll have to wait for the next part. Love you too ???

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    Hey ruwani thnx a lot for accept my ordered or dhamkii??… btw groom wear the cloth r called sherwani…. on head pagdi?… nd infront of face is called sehra….hope u understand… nd Epi is totally gajabbbbb mindblowing firecracker.. jaise aaj Epi m aag hi aah thi???… totally loved it.. short Epi chalenge but update it regularly… post nxt asap bye Lovvv u tc????

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Niyaaa for telling me all these stuff. Actually I only knew about sherwani. I’m not indian and don’t have anyone related to India to know all these. You helped me a lot. Thank you so much ??? Glad you liked the epi and I have submitted the next part. You’ll see it soon. Love you too ???

  6. Fantastic episode ……. Loved it very much

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