Unwritten Love Of Destiny – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Hi guys ??? how are you? Hope everyone’s fine. So I got a small idea for another fs. Many of you were sad that I ended my last fs so soon. So in this fs I don’t plan to end it quickly. Hopefully it will be 10 to 12 chapters. Not less than that.

Abhi, happy to see you again!!! Ashu, hope you’ll get well soon!!! Anuradha… miss you sweetie!!!

Abhi, Riya, Annie, Anee, Anonymousaa, Ashu, Priyanshi, Dhruti, Vrushti, Niyaaa, Aliya, Amnaa, Divya, Sanjukta you guys were with me since I started writing! Thank you so much for your support. ???

And Swetha, Kajal, Tumpamoni, Negisanyukta, Khamoshi, Niyati didn’t forget you guys too. Without you I won’t be in TU. So today this new fs is dedicated to all of my lovely readers and commenters. Hope all of you will like it!! ???

Let’s get to the story.

No Mishra-Malhothra enemity. Instead of Savitri, here, Gayatri and Jaya are best friends. No Vikrant-Priya-Sanket drama. Veer & Riya are both Gayatri’s and Anand’s children. No rules that hospital staff can’t date each other. No fake identity drama but the crazy love triangle and the incidents regarding it happened as same as the show.

Kabir loves Sanchi, Sanchi loves Veer & Veer loves her too.

But after the dandiya engagement incident + Kabir lying for Sanchi incident + lift wala scene, Veer doesn’t trust Sanchi anymore.

Sanchi told Kabir all the truth, over bhaang effect. At first he didn’t remember anything when he came to his senses. But after he found the ring ??? in his coat pocket, little by little he recalled everything. She didn’t want to hurt him by telling the truth. But she also couldn’t hurt him by keep lying to him. (Not going with the scene Sanchi telling Kabir that they could stay as friends coz I hate that scene ???. Felt like hitting Sanchi for saying something like that so casually after all that happened ???)

But he got hurt ??? very badly. After all he lost the only person he ever loved except his mother. The bitter truth shattered his heart badly. He decided that love was something useless. That it makes a person weak. He turned in to a person that everyone would fear to approach. Cold hearted, emotionless, anti-social workaholic person. To say it simply, he built up thick walls around him, so that he won’t get hurt like this, again.

The trio, Veer, Kabir & Sanchi are going on their separate ways without any love drama.

So from here we start the actual story.


On a normal boring day at SDCH, Sanchi had to go to Kabir’s office to make him sign some papers.

She knocked. He called her in. She went & gave the file. While he was reading it she was thinking about how much he had changed.

Sanchi was guilty. Guilty coz she knew that it was because of her, he turned in to a such person.

He signed the papers & told her to take it and leave but no reply came. She was in her thoughts staring at him, when he looked up.


Tears welled in her eyes hearing him scold her like that. She got the file and quickly made her way out before her tears fall.

When she came out she saw the staff looking at her with pity. She just started to walk past them but heard what they were talking about.

“Poor Dr. Sanchi! He scolded her again!” -nurse 1

“Yeah, don’t know what happend to Dr. Kabir ???. He was khadoos earlier, then he turned to be somewhat kind. But now….!! I’m even scared to go near him” -nurse 2

As she went pass them her tears fell nonstop. She went to a place secluded and cried hard. Pragya & Isha, who saw her, came to her.

“Yeh sab meri wajah se hua!! Sab meri galthi!!” She was sobbing nonstop.

Veer who was passing by saw her crying. He was avoiding her but after seeing her in this condition, he couldn’t stop himself. He came to her and tried to stop her crying.

But when she saw him, she stopped crying, wiped her tears and went away without talking to him.

**I’m sorry Veer!! I had already hurt you enough. I’m guilty enough for turning Kabir sir in to a cold person!! I don’t want to hurt another like that** she thought while leaving.

Few days later Dr. Malhothra announced some good news.

“Hello everyone!! I want to tell you all something special. You all know my daughter Riya’s age is now good to get married. And today I’m gonna announce her engagement with someone you all know!! It’s none other than…… Dr. Kabir Kapoor!!” He said in his usual reality show announcing style ???.

Everyone was shell shocked to hear it. When both Kabir and Riya went near Dr. Malhothra, all snapped out of it and started to clap ???. But people were whispering among themselves.

“Dr. Kabir & Dr. Riya? I never thought he’d like her” nurse 3 to nurse 4.

“Yeah! They don’t match at all. Dr. Riya isn’t his type. I thought he’d get married to someone like Dr. Sanchi!” nurse 4 to nurse 3.

“Yaar it’s just been 3 months and he already moved on? That too with Riya?” Pragya whispered to Isha.

“No yaar I don’t think so! He never liked Riya. I think he’s trying to forget Sanchi by getting married to her” Isha whispered back.

Actually, she was close to the truth. Three days ago, Dr. Malhothra came to Kabir with Riya’s proposal and he accepted without a second thought.

Kusum didn’t liked his decision but didn’t said a word against it. She thought she too was responsible for Kabir’s condition now. She believed that if she didn’t force him to think about Sanchi, this won’t happen.

Sanchi was happy with his decision. She knew Riya loved him. She believed that now Kabir will have someone who would love him and with the time, he’d learn to love her too.

“Anyway, why should we care? Let him do whatever he wants, we should try to make Sanchi and Veer patch up. Then they’ll become a couple and everything will be fine!!” Pragya whispered again happily.

Isha didn’t say anything. She just looked on what’s happening, thinking, **I don’t think all that will happen easily. Something big will happen. I can feel it. Everything will be changed. Everyone will get changed. A storm will come to our lives and mess everything!**

Seems like destiny have some other plans, just like Isha thought. Destiny really doesn’t want them to go on their own ways without any love drama ???. A storm will come to mess everything up!!!


So that’s it. Hope all of you’d like it. Honestly I’m not a good writer like other TU writers, but I’m just trying to share my ideas whith you. That’s why I came with this. I’m not a romantic person, I’m just a boring girl. But still I came up with another dumb love story (crazy aren’t I? ???).

Please tell me whether I should continue or not, through you comments. If you don’t have time to comment, just hit the like button ??? if you don’t like it, then hit the dislike button (though I’d appriciete if you could tell me the reason for disliking it to improve my writing ???). So until we meet again, ???

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  1. Riyarocks

    Ruwani……..undoubtedly, we want to read more of this, u don’t need to ask this anyway…….btw, episode was simply amazing,mind blowing as always & yaar, don’t u even dare to say urself boring……warna thappad padjayega;)…….luv u a lot sweetieeeee………gud nt…..tc……..

    1. RuCh23

      Aww thank you sweetie ??? I’ll surely continue this, and no thappad ??? please ??? well it’s evening now so, good evening ??? love you too & tc ???

  2. Suppppr,,dear.. Amazing epsd.. Cntinue soon.. Dn’t say again tht u r nt a gd writer,,okkkk..

    1. RuCh23

      Ok Tumpamoni, I won’t say that again ??? I’ll continue this!!! Thank you dear ???

  3. Ofcourse u have 2 continue it 4 us….n ur not boring person at all….i could feel tht i am watching dis scene on tv……just update asap

    1. RuCh23

      Of course Dhruvi ??? thank you so much ???

  4. Dhruti

    ruwani……i ordered you that you have continue this ff……….understand……………….
    btw fs was superb, mind blowing……………..the khadoos kabir is back…………..
    superb idea……………..and don’t you dare about this fs is boring and all ok…………….hmm…….
    post soon next one……………………see you………………..tc……………….love you……………………..

    1. RuCh23

      ??? order accepted!!! Definitely gonna continue this!!! Thank you Dhruti and love you too ???

  5. Priyanshipp

    Superb yaar don’t say u aren’t good u r best. I think it’s kaanchi ff. Post soon. Take care.

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Priyu ??? sure I’ll post soon ???

  6. So so beautiful episode yaar……. please yaar make it kanchi ff

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Anu ???

  7. Its so nice…… Plz continue it soon

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Amnaa I’ll continue soon ???

  8. undoubtedly you are one of the best writers dear
    and i also don’t like when sanchi said we can be friends who on earth can say that yaar
    and kusum saying that she is also responsible for pushing kabir to love sanchi truee
    you know what literally im waiting for your ff and im soo soooo happy dear

    1. RuCh23

      Aww thank you so so much for this lovely comment dear ??? I’m so happy reading it!!! I’ll try to post soon without making you wait so much ???

  9. Niyaaa

    Hey ruwani dear awsome mindblowing intro… not a boring epi nd not u… i m not requesting u m ordered u(itna haq banta h boss??) to start it nd post nxt asap…. nd thank god tum sanchi nd kabir frndship wala scene nhi liya… mtlb dil tod diya or maze se dosti krne chal padi???ndkusum aunty mujhe sabse jyada glti unki hi lagti h kabir ko itna expectation dikhane ki kya jrurat thi… ok bye post nxt asap.. bye Lovvv u tc

    1. RuCh23

      Yeah dear I totally agree with you ??? Sanchi & Kabir could’ve been friends with different circumstances. But after all that happened….. NO WAY IN HELL!!! ??? And kusum interfered too much in this. She should’ve mind her own business and see from a side if Sanchi & Kabir will become a couple or not.

      And no worries… Orders accepted mam ??? I’ll try to post soon love you & tc ???

  10. Aafiya

    Wow.! Awesome.
    Please continue..

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Aafiya ???

  11. Negisanyukta

    Awesome .I just loved it to the core.????
    U r such a wonderful writter nd no need to call u boring.
    I’m extremely sorry for not being the part of ur previous ff but i promise……now i’ll comment on each and every part.????
    If i talk about this episode i m happy with this concept,because in SDCH they have done Oh My Mata of our lovely Kaanchi?????
    And yes i don’t know what destiny wants..i just know the fact that i want Kaanchi yaar.
    So,keep writting dear.????

  12. RuCh23

    Thank you Sanyu ??? I’m on cloud 9 reading your comment!!! And yaar don’t be sorry ok? Dost I mei no sorry, no thank you! Right?? So what if you weren’t there with the my previous ff? You’re here with this ff na? ??? that’s more than enough for me!!! I’ll try to post soon ???

  13. Anonymousaa

    Arey hum log next epi kab aaraha hai puchne wale hain aur tum continue karoon ya na karoon puchti ho….??
    This was awesomeeeeee…..Isha has become astrologer too???I hope the storm brings Kanchi together.
    Post next epi ASAP.

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks sweetie ??? yeah I’m giving some importance to Isha in my ffs coz in the serial, only Pragya get to shine helping sanveer ???. And yeah I’m gonna submit the next epi now, so you’ll get to read it soon ???

  14. Khamoshi

    Ruwani …just a word FABULOUS. Yaar kaha thi tum itne din?? Your story is more mature than the serial track.. post soon. Lots of love 2 u

    1. RuCh23

      Kya karu yaar, busy with studies as usual ??? next part is posted dear, read it too ???

  15. Hey ruwani dii sorry dear for late comment …..the story is fab…aur ek humble request hai do ki iss sanchi ko please tadpana jaise issne kabir aur veer ko tadpaaya hai!!! Sorry di but kya karoo uspe bohat gussa aata hai….waise agar aapko thik lage toh! Waise aab kabir kya karega iiska mai eagerly wait kar rahi hoon ! Ur first chappy has rocked dear….eagerly waiting for next episode…. Bye sissy love u loads….

    1. RuCh23

      No worries sissy ??? glad you liked it!!! Aur Haa Sanchi has many things awaiting for her. But you just need to wait ??? luv you bye bye ???

  16. Abhilasha

    Yipeeeee…..RU is back……..?????…it was superbbbb….but riya air kabir ki shadi like seriously…. He he…..joke……but story is ossmmm……post soon!!! Loved it!!! Love uh!!!! And keep rocking!!!!

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks Abhi ??? yeah Riya aur Kabir ki shadi ??? just see the next part, it’s already posted!!! Luv you too ???

  17. Ruwani dear…..glad to see u back….sorry for late commenting dear….it’s awesome as always …..same pinch I am too boring person & romantic writing is very far away from me?? …..do update soon & lots of love to u.

    1. RuCh23

      No worries dear ??? glad you liked it!!! Next part is already posted. So read it too ???

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