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one more thing guys i am thinking to give nice plot of raglak also in this story as per the request so may be i can give 50% swasan and 50% raglak or sometime it can go 60% swasan and 40% rglak so please let me know how many raglak fans are reading this story so that i can take plot for them
guys i had updated intro of this story so please read also

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one more time i am giving character sketch of character




story starts with a girl seating in her room in bridal dress she was nervous as well as happy because this is first night with her husband but happy because she thinks that he is right person who will make her life full of love which she crave in her whole life because from childhood her mother was died, father was too much busy in his business that he never gave good attention to her, but she was happy that still her father was there but 1 month before god took everything from her and her father died the most rich person of mumbai died in accident, that day was hilarous for me, i forgot to live but LAKSH was there who supported me and today i somehow came from that trauma, but my father realy wanted me to get married in front of him but he could not see it but i married to same person who is selected by my father, yes me and lucky got enganged infront of my father only my and lucky relation was just like a deal of merging to big companies of mumbai into one,

i was not ready for this forced marrriage but lucky agreed even after knowing my black past(revealed later), because i know no one can except me after knowing my past but lucky did, he stood with me when my father died so i am very happy that i got correct life partner of my life, i think today may be my first day after that incidense i will sleep peacefully because protection of husband arm is very different as i read in many books which makes us feel like heaven, in husband arms we forget our sorrows, we just sleep like a small baby kid sleeping with his mother with no worrries no tention, just hapiness, today i realy wanted to thanks god that after my bitter past life, a new shadow of light came in my life which will make my whole life happy, today all thought chain is running in my mind because from today new era of my life is going to start….

just than she hears door sound her heart beat starts raising she was nervous as well as excited for first night with her husband, she was thinking will he do s*x with me first night or not ohh bhgwan please i dont want him to be typical husband who do that with her wife on first night (guys i dont think couples do s*x in first night of there marriage) because i wants some days for this type of think, i just want we both understand each other feelings likeness and become good freind, i am not thinking about love and all stuff, it is just imaginary concept, if he will love me it will be like heaven but its okk i will also like it if he manages to be in society marriage with me in which he undrerstand his husbandary rights and care about me, standing with me in every position it will be well and good because if these goodness is there in our husband, no need for thinking about love because love will happen automatically, if that person is caring about us this much it is sign of love only my all thought of trance came out by lucky’s voice “swara are u comfertable”(i know all guessed 100% correct)

SWARA feels shy today infront of him but dont know why, because she mate him many times in business parties and in deals but never felt strange, but ya it is just because today i am seeing him as my husband place which i never saw him before, ya how much feeling change about a person when he became our husband, one day before i did not care about him what he talks what he do, but today when he beacame my husband his every word have different feeling in my body, it bacomes like ideal, ya today i realy felt that statement correct that HUSBAND IS LIKE GOD FOR INDIAN WIFE which i am feeling today because after entering this room i was just thinking about his goodness only i know i dint love him but a husband is husband it has very different feeling in our life, again my thought process were stopped when he again ask are u comfertable swara i think i am just fool is just thinking like mad about her husband he is standing infront of me and i am busy in his thought, i am still in shyness, i just nodded in agreement i think lucky is also nervous may be boys also feels aucquard but again i felt very nervousness and unconfertable when lucky seats near me by placing his palms on mine i was feeling the hand of my husband today it was realy very differnt feeling which i am getting when he touched me, in my whole life i never felt like this feling before ohh god how different is husband than other normal man, he places his hand on my chin and make my face confertable to look at him, now we had eye contact with each other i got very nervous i felt now i could not seat properly due to his gaze on me, i cant look at his eyes today swara maheshwari who always talks to client by her proud head is feeling shy yes today swara first time feeling shy that is ALso infront of his hubby, this is reason i think why husband is very important person in girls life\

but my one think suddenly striked in my mind does he thinking to romance with me, ohh no today please god i did not prepared well for this thing, i realy wanted some days to do that with my husband, in these days i will be able to feel comfertable with him so that i can open up for doing romance but my surprise he asked me to change clothes and sleep comfertably, ohh god what non-sense i was thinking, today i will surely become mad, i slowly made place went to washroom and wore some confertable clothes as i enter to my room i saw he was seating on bed but was thinking sometthing important, again my useless mind starts thinking i think i should ask something about chai coffee to him may be he had habit of drinking but who cares if he will need he will ask to worker it is his house, but swara he is ur hubby it is ur duty to take care of him, i came towards him and asked do u need coffee or milk something else now lucky smiles at me raplies its ok u sleep servant will bring tea i told her but my wifery mind again thinks no no swara u should bring tea for him he is ur husband u shoud care about his feeling his likeness and all, i think if i will care for him he will surely care about me so i went out of room and brought tea for him in 10 minutes

lucky- ohh swara why did u take tention u sleep here
swara- its okk it is my work to care
lucky places tea on other side and make me seat on bed and says u are same swara which i see in office

again my evil wifery mind started thinking am i same swara who never care about anyone but in one day i just changed fully like ideal houswife, ohh god afte marriage this type of changes occur automatically but i just smiled at him
he also smiles and says no need to be formal to me swara we will live same as we both lived before as good freind again my evil wifery mind comes wov he is such a wonderfull hubby how much he cares about me, ya if this word every hisband tells to wife on first night of there marriage all girls live happily in there life, again i said shut up to my wifery mind i just nodded and went to otherside of bed and lays down

lucky also sees me and made all lights off, he also dozes near me
but i was feeling restless because today i was not in my house it is other house and i am not confertable with it, my mind was full of one stuff what should i do to make my hubby happy, what to make tomorrow in rasoi, i know we are rich but i want my hubby should eat food by my hand only, i will make our relation strong, it is near about 2 hour lucky slept and i was just mad in his thought only, now i heard some movement in my back i found that lucky slept near me in his sleep his one hand falls on my chest, and he pressed it when he was adjusting to sleep properly ohh again my evil wifery mind, my hormones had increased because till now nobody touched me there but today by mistake he touches it, ohh god it was just different feeling which i am feeling, i never got this type of sensation in my body before, now i have to remove his hand before something more happens to me now i slowly removed his hand from my body, now i was feeling relexed my hormones also decreases, shivering sensation in my body also decreased but till now the effect which he had done on me was there and i also slept with this new feeling of my life with my hubby thinking for better future……………………

precap- story will start from 3 year leap, swara heart broken, lucky
guys i think this type of feeling may have in girl mind when she gets married, AND u will get to know later and if anyone is married here please let me know that what i showed is correct or not
guys i am not girl but i think it would be thinking of girl in her first day night so if u get hurt for that i am sorry
one more thing as i thought to give good plot of raglak and i dont like this name of story so i am giving u option which was given by reader of other story please select
good name or if u want same name i will take that name only
1) swaragini was it my sin
2) black world of rich people
3) swaragini broken glasses of relation
4) things that make relation strong
5) current name is good
guys if u feel to comment u can comment i am not preessuring u to comment

guys one more thing u all may be thinking how can swara feels very differnt even if she dont love him but guys please note that feeling of husband is totally different
in real life even if we dont love him
guys did u like swara’s wifery mind

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  1. Good one dear.. Im looking fwd to read Swasan track.. Pls give more importance to swasan.. Die hard fan of swasan i am..

    1. Pathan

      OK I will give and keep commenting and liking my story

  2. Nice story.. I love Raglak.. waiting to read more

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story and I will surely give good plot for raglak also

  3. nice.. update soon…

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story and I will surely give next update soon

  4. Loved it and swaragini it broken glassess of relationship is a good one ….keep going .

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for giving beautiful suggestion keep commenting and liking story

      1. Thanks for ur reply and ya love and your ff . Please give me more swasan scenes …please post it soon for me pleaseeeeeeee

      2. Sry for the mistake love u and your ff

      3. Thanks for ur reply and ya i love u yaar and haan i am ur big fan…… this ff so muchhhhhh…. han one thing i am a silent reader but now i break my silence for u

    2. Pathan

      I really feels glad that you are big fan of my ff and I am happy for loving me as well as my writing keep reading my story and ur comment was really amazing and stay blessed

  5. Yaar this is not correct…swara and laksh are married…thn also u r showing relation between swara-sanskar and ragini-laksh?

    1. Pathan

      OMG I can understand ur feeling ya I know it is not write breaking marriage relationship but it is reality of rich people and many middle class people and my story is based on reality not on mahanta type story so just read story u Will get to know that I really did correct by doing this and all character will be justified at their place

  6. Pavani

    Ha ha ha u know what bro u r just awsome u presented it very neatly nd yes u are absolutly right girls attitude changes after marriage nd that happens unknowingly .really that magalshtra have some power ha ha we will give more importance to our husbands than our own parents nd this happens in a fraction of seconds nd main thing we will leave our whole family for him happily(really I didnt cried during my bidayi but after some days I used to cry for my parents as everything nd everyone is new) .nd don’t take me wrong u made me remember my first night he he he .I should say u r a matured kid nd understands others feeling nd I think ur wife will be happy to get an understanding hus like u .god bless u .last but not least I want equal importance warning u(ha ha just kidding) nd ya if u give equal imp then change the tittle nd as I said I go with option4

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful and amazing comment Di I was waiting for ur comment only because u are experienced and u will really give good analysis and here many didn’t understwnd this episode but it’s OK when they will get married than they will remember there was Irfan once who wrote about our first night I will surely give good plot for raglqk and for u di I am giving good friendship of ragsan as u like them and thanks for saying me I will make my wife happy I don’t know what will happen after marriage to me but now I have many dreams about my marriage
      Di did u do love marriage or arrange marriage

      1. Pavani

        Ha ha ha that is wt I want to say don’t change after marriage .really the behavior of boys also change after marriage they give more importance before marriage but it becomes less after that may be they think teir responsibility increses nd will give more time to work or they were confident that once the marriage completed the girl will be completely theirs nd no need to give more imp ha ha ha nd ya this is also true that ladies expect moreee after marriage thats y they will be dissapointed .u tell me y boys doo that nd mine is arranged marriage only

      2. Pavani

        Sorry forget to mention thank u for thinking to give nice bonding btwn ragsan that’s soo sweet of u

    2. Pathan

      Thanks Di and I will surely say why boys change after marriage and I will also give boys pov in first night of there wedding night

  7. SPP

    Love Raglak
    4th one would be much better
    Waiting for the next one…………

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story and I am happy that you are regularly reading my story and I will give good plot of raglak also

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  8. AnuAnn

    Awesome bro.. Looking forward for swasan scenes

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment sis and I will surely give next episode soon keep commenting and liking story

  9. black world of rich people
    i love rags

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  10. Me….I am a raglakian…..I love them..

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and I will surely give good plot for raglak

  11. 3)
    N plzz more swasan
    N don’t show more of swaras luv or anything towards laksh

    1. Pathan

      No there will not be any love of swara towards lucky

  12. Im excited to read raglak story but you’ll never give proper importance to them. Always swasan track,?

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and I will surely give good plot for raglak as I gave in slums and in love me I already told it will be 60 40 percent and if I promise I surely goes to my promise

  13. Tamanna

    Nice…its awesome as I am a swasan fan so please give some swasan scenes soon….

    And I would suggest you to go for “swaragini was it my sin”

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and yes swasan will have good relationship and nice plot

  14. nice..for title 1 or 3

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  15. want raglak more iam crazy fan of lovely raglak

    1. Pathan

      I will give good plot for raglak thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  16. superb..i prefer 3 or 5..yeah i liked swara wifey mind bcz i m swaraholic.hehe…waitng for swasan track..

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story and I am happy that you liked swara wifery mind and u will love swara

  17. Saanvi

    I didn’t get the concept..If Swalak are married then how come Swasan are a pair?
    Extra-marital affair or past love?
    Don’t get me wrong..I genuinely liked the narration but want to understand the concept to continue reading this ff…

    1. Pavani

      Hey sissy it is about extra marital affair nd u will come to know along with the story y she did nd all

      1. Saanvi

        Oh..Suspense ah akka??

      2. Pathan

        Thanks pavani Di for supporting me and u are best di u always support me even if u like raglsan as couple

    2. Pathan

      Friend concept of this story is extra marital affair which is increasing day by day and I just want to give awareness about other world of society about which u don’t know and this story is really matured and one more thing I only write story if it have some social background

      1. Saanvi

        Hmm..interesting..will surely follow your ff friend 🙂

    3. Pathan

      Thanks for asking doubt and reading story if u have any complaints in future u can ask without hesitation or u may personlay message also

    4. Saanvi

      Sure Pathan 🙂 btw i choose swaragini-broken glasses of relation title

  18. awesome. I am crazy fan of swasan. waiting 4r swasan part.

    1. Pathan

      Ya it will come soon and keep commenting and liking story

  19. superb. I am die heart fan of swasan.. waiting for swasan scenes

    1. Pathan

      Swasan scene are coming soon and u will really love it

  20. Mica

    so, ragini is his gf or was his gf ?
    from the title is kinda the story from swara, rite ?
    wonder who will being cheater first, swara or laksh…
    awesome pathan, but sorry… somehow, you write toooo long paragh
    it lil bit unenjoyable to read, plz forgive me if it’s hurt u

    1. Pathan

      No I don’t get hurt and I am happy that you Frankly said and I just want to show what girls feel on first day of there marriage and nothing else I know many had felt boring

  21. Rasha

    1st is best but always it wnt b perfect also na.. Am die hard fan of raglak so I thought it was raglak & started reading but seeing swara am continue reading this with equal imp to both couples want.. About today part each & every moment u explain detailed but I think it’s little heavy coz now a day girls never feel this much & may b every girls why not boys also they have thr own new feelings towards thr partner about first being.. u explained about girls is feel like our old conservative women’s feelings..

    1. Pathan

      No it is not conservative because if you will have arranged marriage than u will surely feel like this because first it will be new place and second first time boy is there with u as the form of husband but in love marriage there will not be much problem

  22. Jwala

    superb part.. loved swara’s pov.

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story and also liking swara pov

  23. Jwala

    first and 3 rd option suggested by me
    . hehe

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur suggestion jwala

  24. Sumeeta

    this story based on extra marital affair.a controvertial concept.but it is one of the true shade of our does not only belongs to higher class people.we can also this in evry economical background.if both are not happy they should move on.nice concept pathan

    1. Pathan

      Ya u are fully correct and it is very controversial story but I wanted to give awareness among girls of small age so they can understand this world batter rather than giving ideal love story

  25. Really very nice prologue…. Nd I think option 5 is better….

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

      1. Hey bro I forget to tell u that I m a Raglak fan…

    2. Pathan

      OK both sister are same raglak fan
      I think ur both likeness and dislikes are same

  26. Shruthis

    superb bro intro and prologue and great conncept is also bitter truth of society 🙂
    keep going 🙂
    i would suggest 3 and 4 for title

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for giving such good suggestion and supporting me

  27. Divyanshri

    Wow…. interesting n unique concept…… n the thinking was really sweet regarding first night ??
    awsome bro… plz post soon…..
    for title 3 option is best

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and liking story and giving such good suggestion to me it will be really helpful

  28. Sweetie

    Hello there..Nice update brother.. 🙂 Swara’s wifey instincts are narrated beautifully..I don’t know anything what a girl feels like after getting married(I’m not married you see)..But liked the thoughts of Swara..Truth to be told I will not think anything how Swara thought.. 😉 Anyways I suggest “Broken glasses of a relation” as the title..I want Swasan all the while.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Pathan

      Di after marriage u will get to know what will happen but don’t forget my today episode till ur marriage and in ur first night u will remember me means my this update and thanks for liking my story and also commenting and swasan will also have good track

      1. Sweetie

        Okay,the thing I mean marriage is not in my books in the near future,so we’ll see what I’ll think after marriage which will be like after 6 years..

  29. Yashasvi

    wowww bro!!!!!!! U WROTE SWARA’S pov Amazingly !!!!!!!!!!! will be waiting fr the epi bro !!!!!!!! Hope ragini ka ko jldi dikha doge aap……….. and ya even i didn’t like the story’s tittle that much i think 3rd option is better…………………….

    1. Pathan

      Ya first episode start with Regini entry and thanks for liking my story and keep commenting my sister

  30. It is nice concept….
    I have 2names to suggest .
    1 finding true love
    2 finding true love after marriage…

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and for ur good suggestion keep commenting and liking my ff

  31. Suha

    2) is better i think.. i am not new to t u.. but in swaragini this is the frist ff i rd & loved.itz superb bro.heart touching.though i am single yet i also felt the feelings of wife accro to ur explaining.very creative yaar.difrnt plot.. i like swasan than raglak.anyway waiting for this ff. keep rocking…this ff is going to be a hit.. congratz!!

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur wonderful and heart touching wishes towards my ff and I am happy that you are reading my story keep reading my story I will surely give good plot for both the pairs I don’t know whether it will hit or not but I am happy that u are reading my story

  32. Just awsm….Main sochi thi ki comment nhi bhejungi but prologue aisa hai ki I can’t stop myself 2 comment….

    1. Pathan

      Oh my sisu u commented but I will give such update you have to comment and how ur studies are going on

  33. Sethooty

    Hi….when saw ur tittle..I was in confusion.. Read or not…just bz of u I read this…the tittle it self reveal the extra marital affairs.. I don’t like such type of story…after reading the prologue.. I was just impressed seriously yaar…your Ff swaragini love in slum…is one of my fav..fiction….u r my fav writer…. And the best thing is u r a boy….
    I didn’t see any boy….that too a fan fiction writer.. everyone is girl…readers and writers…
    For this chapter… Amazing…I have no enough words to praise u…haha…actually I really don’t a girl feel in her first night…am not married yet.??…
    I think these r the true feelings may happen to her…hormones works…?
    You beautifully narrated her emotions and small small things….frankly speaking.. I also dreamed..the safety in his arms..sleeping in his warmth like a kid..stupid me na(day dreamer).. Haha….not me every girls…dream
    was like this….
    I think this is a long comment sorry….
    May be I can’t able to comment regularly… Bzy hey yaar…
    But boss keep writing.. Stay blessed…

    1. Sethooty

      Forget one thing tittle….
      Swaragini Broken glasses of relationship…

    2. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful and this much big comment and yes it is extra marital affair but you will really love this story and one more thing as you know I write story only based on creating awareness among you guys about black world of society
      Ya you are correct sleeping in husband arm is very different feeling you will get to know after marriage
      For me it is needed u read my story if u can’t comment regularly than also it’s OK and stay blessed

  34. Hey bro I haven’t comment anywhere yet but your story forced me to comment….. firstly amazing FF bro….. the way you show Swara’s POV is awesome…… though I’m not married yet I’m just 14 but whenever I think about my marriage I think the same as for arrange marriage ppl it’s really hard to to move forward in one nyt itself….. I must say you are a really understanding person bro and your to-be-wife would be really lucky to get you as a life partner who understand other’s feeling this much so hats off to you bro….. You know I was thinking about the same concept and here you are came with same one….. first of all thank you soooooo much for thinking on this concept as there are some ppl or kids here who are totally unknown about the bitter truth of society and can never expect such thing ever happened in the society….. they should know the new shade of world or I should say ppl….. and learn something from it…… and plssssssss can you give boy’s POV as we all know what a girl but we can never understand what a boy feel at this stage of his life…… I must say you are a really amazing writer come soon waiting for you badly bro

    1. And I forgot to say about title for me 1,2,3 are fine but my favorite is 2nd one as this story is about dark side rich ppl

    2. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment tooba and I am happy that my ff forced u to comment and I know I was thinking to show boy pov but I can’t show of lucky in that way that u will get to know later but I will surely show when swasan gets married and keep commenting and liking my story and thanks for giving suggestion
      Thanks for liking moral of this story

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