Hey Everyone!
Aamna here?
How R U people?

This Episode is dedicated to My Purvi Dear ?She Only reminded of this FF and asked me to Post it?


Forest drown in darkness which indicated the presence of evilness ; howling sounds were heard ; heavy storm was breaking in Forest.

In the heavy dark woods a woman was seen hiding behind the trees as she was crossing her paths ; dressed in a white tucked in tight office shirt with black jeans ; revealing her curves.

She moved ahead with a caution : catious enough not to make any sound and alert her eniemies.

Her petite frame moving into the dark bushes with a gun ; Sounds of howling were fading as she moved ahead.

There came her destination but the hurdle was those heavy armed men ; She can’t fight them alone ; gathering courage once closing her Eye’s remembering him ; His manly figure appeared infront of her.

His Ever greening smile never fading giving her courage to go ahead ; His figure disappeared in Dark.

Finally Out of her Bubble ; with courage and anger shot eyes made noises in the bush she was hiding.

The two men surrounding the house got alerted ; one of them went ahead and never came back.

Other one made noice calling him ; No Response scared him ; He move ahead to those bushes but a Voice called him.

In side the bush she hit that man who was Lying Unconcious in bushes with frustration and anger.

She left from there with Anger ; Her eye’s blood red vowing to destroy her enemies ; reason of her myseries.

She came inside a house which was far away from city ; It was all surrounded by his fragrance ; His Smiling face appeared infront of her Eye’s.

His voice rang in her Ears ; His painful smile pricked her heart ; His shirt drenched in blood.

She walked inside a Room which was dark
as the house and her life ; opened the door and made her way to a drawer on their bedside.

She switched on the Lamp revealing her Face ; She was twinkle ; Her mind reminded Cop Twinkle.

Her Voice choked ; She felt to hands around her waist ; A smile appeared on her lips sensing his presence.

Next Moment she Felt her back touching soft mattress and his body hovering her in the dark ; She gasped his Name “KUNJ”


I End this Here ?
Hope U people Enjoyed ?
This Episode is Specially for Purvi?

Let Me Clear U People Somethings..

This Story won’t last too Long
Maybe a Story Maximum Upto 7 – 10 Shots
And surely this Story won’t have happy Ending.. And I hope Upeople Won’t even ask for cause this is a DARK STORY..
It’s a Dark Story with Grey Shaded Character’s

Do Comment wether +’ve or -‘ve

I will take a Leave?

Bye Everyone?
Aamna urf Aanu

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  1. SidMin23


  2. OMG??
    It’s so mysterious??
    Loved it??
    Plz post soon?
    Don’t make me wait for it??
    Post soon

  3. Presha

    Loved it

  4. Sidmin ki sadia

    Wow aamu luv this shot. Amazing. Post next soon

  5. awesome shot dear
    post soon

  6. Fantastic

  7. Nyc try

  8. Continue soon

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  10. Yuhi _love

    1. Fantabulous
      Srry for error

  11. Outstanding

  12. Marvellous

  13. Intresting

  14. Aamu

    Sorry for the late..but it seems really interesting aanu post sooon..
    Gn love yaa..
    Goota sleep? jaana hai no lambi cmnt??

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    AWESOME interesting

  16. Awesome Lilly
    Loved it

  17. Mysterious ; post soon

  18. Interesting?
    It’s making me curious
    What’s her myseries?
    What’s her pain?
    His painful smile?
    His blood drenched shirt?
    This much suspense??
    Waiting for the Next one??
    Post soon

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  20. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing so interesting
    Fully suspense aanu
    Can’t wait Post soon
    Love you keep smiling

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