Hey Everyone!
Aamna here🙂
How R U people?

This Episode is dedicated to My Purvi Dear 🙂She Only reminded of this FF and asked me to Post it😊


Forest drown in darkness which indicated the presence of evilness ; howling sounds were heard ; heavy storm was breaking in Forest.

In the heavy dark woods a woman was seen hiding behind the trees as she was crossing her paths ; dressed in a white tucked in tight office shirt with black jeans ; revealing her curves.

She moved ahead with a caution : catious enough not to make any sound and alert her eniemies.

Her petite frame moving into the dark bushes with a gun ; Sounds of howling were fading as she moved ahead.

There came her destination but the hurdle was those heavy armed men ; She can’t fight them alone ; gathering courage once closing her Eye’s remembering him ; His manly figure appeared infront of her.

His Ever greening smile never fading giving her courage to go ahead ; His figure disappeared in Dark.

Finally Out of her Bubble ; with courage and anger shot eyes made noises in the bush she was hiding.

The two men surrounding the house got alerted ; one of them went ahead and never came back.

Other one made noice calling him ; No Response scared him ; He move ahead to those bushes but a Voice called him.

In side the bush she hit that man who was Lying Unconcious in bushes with frustration and anger.

She left from there with Anger ; Her eye’s blood red vowing to destroy her enemies ; reason of her myseries.

She came inside a house which was far away from city ; It was all surrounded by his fragrance ; His Smiling face appeared infront of her Eye’s.

His voice rang in her Ears ; His painful smile pricked her heart ; His shirt drenched in blood.

She walked inside a Room which was dark
as the house and her life ; opened the door and made her way to a drawer on their bedside.

She switched on the Lamp revealing her Face ; She was twinkle ; Her mind reminded Cop Twinkle.

Her Voice choked ; She felt to hands around her waist ; A smile appeared on her lips sensing his presence.

Next Moment she Felt her back touching soft mattress and his body hovering her in the dark ; She gasped his Name “KUNJ”


I End this Here 🙂
Hope U people Enjoyed 🙂
This Episode is Specially for Purvi🙂

Let Me Clear U People Somethings..

This Story won’t last too Long
Maybe a Story Maximum Upto 7 – 10 Shots
And surely this Story won’t have happy Ending.. And I hope Upeople Won’t even ask for cause this is a DARK STORY..
It’s a Dark Story with Grey Shaded Character’s

Do Comment wether +’ve or -‘ve

I will take a Leave🙂

Bye Everyone🙂
Aamna urf Aanu


  1. Aveesha

    It’s so mysterious😃😃
    Loved it💕💕
    Plz post soon😁
    Don’t make me wait for it😂😂
    Post soon

  2. Aamu


    |Registered Member

    Sorry for the late..but it seems really interesting aanu post sooon..
    Gn love yaa..
    Goota sleep😥 jaana hai no lambi cmnt😳😲

  3. Kriya

    It’s making me curious
    What’s her myseries?
    What’s her pain?
    His painful smile?
    His blood drenched shirt?
    This much suspense😍😍
    Waiting for the Next one😊😊
    Post soon

  4. Ramya


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Amazing so interesting
    Fully suspense aanu
    Can’t wait Post soon
    Love you keep smiling

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.