My unusual but intensive fright by Ooshi

Today is 25 march 2018.
I didn’t offered my 2 prayers of yesterday and 1 of today and it was the time of today’s 2nd io so i offered all today. Between i was praying to Him as all prays. So i prayed for non-muslims to get the right path to Him. Now reader will think that i prayed this because of humanity or i use to pray it.
But No here a twist comes which even makes me to feel as if i am The 9th Wonder of the world , and don’t want any 10th wonder like me because i can’t think how he/she will used to live.
So the reason of me pray this is
As it’s the believe of all muslims that there’s afterworld after the death in this life and the people with whom i am becoming friendly these days are mostly non-muslims (don’t believe in Allah and after world) but to me these both things are the biggest truth of the world and life.
And when i think that they will thrown in hell in the afterworld i just can’t handle it. I starts crying and even today i cried for the non-muslims that they aren’t bad humans. If they have some bad qualities then they also had some good ones too. So just because they born in a non-muslim family they will thrown to hell. Then i prayed Allah to give me idea of such article through which i can bring them to the right path(Islam). And can try to make their afterworld better. Then after offering prayers i recited Quran and one of it’s verse gave me the idea that by using that verse i can try to achieve my goal.
Then after the recitation it was the time of 3rd prayer so i stand for offering it. But before offering the prayer i prayed to Allah while weeping to help me,give me permission to make non-muslims realise about their biggest exam (to change their religion) and make me succeed in this try please please please Aameen .
And during that i was also feeling to be unique/out of the world Muslim that i am praying to Allah for non-muslims to show them the right path while my prayer was getting late and even now (26 march 11:13 pm i did some addition to it) when i think about that i just question Him what He made me a crazy person who just follow his(actually her) heart and his(actually her) heart is more crazy than him(her)self. I have just two questions Why He made me like this and why am i like this. It’s something i don’t know and i am the same and will be always.
I want to know is their any thing about afterworld and being punished or rewarded in other religions. If there is then please tell me and if it’s not then think that you don’t get any harm in related to that religion and that religion is surely true but if that religion and god proved to be wrong in the afterworld and if it got proved that there’s a judgment day in the afterworld when every one will be punished or rewarded and that punishment will be millions time frightening than every punishment of the world and there will be no death but a punishment which will kill you and He will again cure you to be punished and that process will never finish. This world will finish one day but that world will never ever then what will you do.
So please believe in one God Allah,His beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him as He promised for the day of judgment in Quran and if that happened then what will be your place. Heaven or hell.
The people believed Him and His Prophet and also obeyed His orders will blessed by Heaven.
The people who denied Him and His Prophet or didn’t obey Him will be thrown into hell.
And it’s our/Muslims believe that it will happen so the muslims readers be careful in your this life as it’s the preparation of a never ending life. The verse i was talking about’s translation is
ALLAH says in Holy Quran
in this verse the time we spend in this world is called as some days (in comparison to the time we will spend in that life) and as i said earlier that life is everlasting there.
So just think if The Judgment Day will come (as it had to) then what will be ALLAH’s judgment for you as you neither believe Him nor follow Him. JUST THINK.
And if your heart says that i am right then don’t have any other thought like about world/people (as the way to truth isn’t easy but who guided you to the right path will help you too) or that you have spent your half of life on the wrong path instead think you still have the time to make your afterworld better and He is very merciful and forgiving when someone wants forgiveness from Him true heartedly He forgives the one.
Follow heart because heart always speaks truth.
I know no body would like to talk about this, but it’s my craziness that just because my heart said all this i wrote it as article and it published with ALLAH’s permission because He wants to give you a chance to come to Him.
So please understand His sign and come to Him.
And one more thing
for further help you can search Holy Quran’s translation in whatever language you want. Through Holy Quran Allah has told us the the way to live, what is heaven and what is hell, how the people in heaven and hell will be treated, what happened with the nations who got against the Prophets and asked about The Day Of Judgment that when will it come and what was happened with that nations.
So please try to come to The right path/ Islam.
And in Holy Quran Allah Itself has said that He gives guidance through It/Holy Quran to the people whom He wants and He also misguide from His path through It to whom He wants.
May Allah guide you all to His way.
Aameen Sum Aameen Ya Rab Bul Aalameen

my Readers it’s just an unusual thought if it touches ur heart or/and mind then it will be my pleasure and if not then still i will pray for you. But don’t forget that we r humans and should have humanity too. What i m talking about u can understand easily by reading my 2nd article if u want to. sorry i talk too much and can’t deny it.

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  1. Negisanyukta

    Dear definitely this aricle touches my heart.???Really appreciatable work.
    Keep writing dear nd eagerly waiting for ur writings.

    1. Ooshi

      suggest me any topic as i don’t have any in mind

  2. Appi it is really heart touching …Your article is worth reading …Lots of love to u

    1. Ooshi

      it’s heart touching because it’s from heart

  3. ImRagela

    Really Ooshi it is heart touching ..And i felt every words in my heart..I am feeling so fulfilled ..Thank u so much for this ..And pls keep writing more ❤❤❤❤

    1. Ooshi

      happy u replied it and liked it and a person who had sisters like u all can’t stop writing and will be like me can’t disobey his/her lovely sisters Love u all and thankful to Allah for give me blessings like u all and all the people who came in my life

      1. Ooshi

        it’s not replied it’s commented my mistake

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