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Episode starts with Viplav drops Dhaani at her home.. he reaches his place.. notices the shopping bag which Dhaani left in his car..
Let’s see what’s the story of this bag ?

• Viplav’s Residence

Viplav in his room gets busy in his assignment work. But the shopping bag of Dhaani is becoming the center of distraction to Viplav .. he is curious about the bag.. as Dhaani didn’t let him to see through it. He keeps on controlling his eyes but he sees the bag and thinks to check what’s inside.

Finally, restless Viplav goes to the bag and picks it up. With a thought coming in his mind , ” I should not open it without her permission ” – he put the bag again on table (something falls from the bag) and goes to do his work again.

Viplav is busy in his work. Where is my phone. In search of his phone he goes near that table, something comes in his foot. He sees a card on the floor. Viplav wonders , where did this came from. He picks up the card, it’s a thankyou card. Viplav opens it and reads;

” Hey Viplav! I know it’s bit weird that i’m writing all this on a card instead of talking. And trust me, I also don’t know why i’m doing this. Anyways, it’s just that I really want to thank you ! for all what you have done for me in past few days.
We met.. and.. it’s all so quick. For me, actually, I don’t make friends in first meeting. But you have got something especial I don’t.. what exactly it is.. but yes.. you are a Friend.. and .. top of all .. you are such a BLESSING to me.. Thank you Viplav!
And yes! I Loved the dress you choose for me.. more than that.. I loved that you choose something for me even after you did so much for me.
Please accept a little gift from me. I just saw this in the mall. And thought you’ll look more handsome in this. haha.. Hope you’ll like it.
Thanks for being with me! ❤

-Dhaani :> ”

Vipalv touches her name and smiles. I didn’t do this all for you Dhaani. I did this for me, Because I can’t see you in any pain. He gets happy thinking Dhaani has given him a card.. how sweet. He thinks, she has given me something else also. He opens the bag and sees a three piece suit in black color with a purple shirt. He says, Not bad.. she has a good taste and smiles seeing his gift.

Viplav is sitting on sofa, thinking how to say thank you to Dhaani for the gift. He types a message but then erase it. I should call her. He calls Dhaani.. and Dhaani who is anxiously waiting for Viplav’s call already, picks his call immediately.

• Viplav – Dhaani Phone Convo

*Viplav : Ha.. Hello, Dhaani?

*Dhaani : Yep.

*Viplav : Umm.. what’s up..?

*Dhaani : I’m good. You tell? what made you call at this time?

*Viplav : Actually..

*Dhaani : yesss.. i’m listening Viplav.

*Viplav : Thanks for the gift! I really liked your choice.. I mean the gift.

*Dhaani : No.. no.. no need of it. You have done so much for me. It’s just a gift from
me.. to my only BF..

*Viplav : Sorry??

*Dhaani : B..BF I mean Best Friend.. best friend.

*Viplav : Ya, right.. thanks.

*Dhaani : Pleasure.

*Viplav : And..

*Dhaani : And??

*Viplav : Thanks for such loving words.. I mean.. it means a lot to me that, you sees me as a blessing to you.

*Dhaani : YOU ARE! YOU ARE A BLESSING TO ME! Although I don’t know, why I feel so protected in your arms.. I mean.. when You are with me I feel like no one can bad eye on me.. I.. I feel like..

*Viplav : Princess

*Dhaani : Ya, but how do you know..

*Viplav : I.. don’t know.. it just came in my mind..

– They both get silent for a moment.

*Dhaani : Anyways, It was nice meeting you VIPLAV.

*Viplav : Same here, DHAANI.

*Dhaani : k then?

*Viplav : hmm..

*Dhaani : Bye?

*Viplav : yep.. Bye!

*Dhaani : Good Night.

*Viplav : You too.

They both end the call.

Both recall each other’s words and sleep while thinking.

PRECAP: No precap. ? ( Something will happen tomorrow which is not so good. ? )

Thanks guys couldn’t get time to reply you all on previous episode. Keep liking like this. And again sorry for a short episode as I was very busy yesterday, but get ready for tomorrow’s epic episode!

Till then keep watching IKRS daily! ✌

Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Nothing to say you are marvellous. Just loving it more and more day by day. When I open tu my eyes only search for your ff pls update the epic episode soon… ?

    1. Awww! Thank you dear!

  2. Very nice Mahira. Loved their phone conversation.

    1. Thank you so much!!

  3. go on Mahira…loved it …… 🙂

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  4. Mahira again ur episode rocked. Too good specially vidhani convo.

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  5. Lol! So less comments. ? Anyways, guys don’t wait for today’s episode, I’m busy with my mom in law. Will try hard to post it by the evening, but if not then, I will post it tomorrow.

  6. Hey mahira ur married i thought u are in 11th. Good to know. Yr episode is as usual superb liked the card n phone conversation but scary precap.

    1. Not yet married. ? Got Engaged last year. Btw i’m of 22 . ✨

      Thanks, yeah next episode is scary! ?

  7. mahira superb conversation
    waiting for next but take ur own time

  8. Mahira, as usual superb episode…love the vidhani’s conversation keep going..

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