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Episode starts with Dhaani bids goodbye to Viplav.. Viplav leaves for his home.. Dhaani eyes him going..
Let’s check on Dhaani first ?

• Dhaani’s Residence

Dhaani comes inside her room and sees her bed. What is all this mess! and reminisces falling on bed with Viplav.. a smile comes on her face . Oh God! what is happening with me .. he was just helping me.. and i’m thinking about him in a different way.. Oh! she pat on her head. She stands in front of the mirror.. Enough of this filmii thoughts Dhaani.. and she looks around her room. She gets busy in doing the house hold chores.

Dhaani comes out of bathroom.. and looks around the room.. now everything looks perfect. Her phone rings. She picks it up and sees Dulaari’s call. She takes the call and greets her mom. Dulaari asks her where were you my love.. you didn’t call us for once. You are fine na? how was yesterday’s party? Dhaani recalls yesterday’s incident, tear comes in her eyes .. but then she recalls Viplav’s words and smiles. MOM! calm down.. you are asking me so many questions. I’m fine mom.. party was good. Anyways, you tell how’s Daddy? and you? They talk for a while.. Dulaari ends the call saying.. we’ll come tomorrow. Dhaani says bye mom!

• Viplav’s Residence

Here, Viplav reaches home. He sees Dada ji sitting with Kanak.. he goes and greets them. Kanak asks, Where were you whole night? Viplav recalls the moment when Dhaani and he fell asleep in each other’s arm.. he smiles. Dada ji asks what happened baba.. Viplav comes out from the Flashback and says, Maa actually, after party.. I went with my friend at his home for assignment work .. Dada ji says, see bahu I told you he must have gone with his friends. Viplav says, Maa i’m going in my room. She says okay.

Viplav lies on his bed. Thinks about Dhaani. Why I’m thinking about her like this. She only takes me as his friend. Viplav you have gone mad. He sleeps thinking.

He gets up and goes to bathroom for a bath. He comes out and sees the clock and shouts oh shit! I completely forgot! I told Dhaani, that I will take her to movie. She must be waiting. He gets ready in a hurry and leaves for Dhaani’s place.

• Dhaani’s Residence

Viplav reaches there and rings the door bell. Dhaani opens the door. Viplav sees her and gets magnetize ( Ishq Ishq plays ) Dhaani says, you are late. Viplav comes in his senses. Yeah, sorry.. I got late. She says, so? He says, so? Dhaani says, we missed the show because you came late, so if not movie then.. you need to do something else in exchange. Viplav gets cheer and says ya..yaa.. anything.. Dhaani says, good then let’s go for shopping. Viplav says as you say and gets happy.

• City Mall

They enter the mall. Dhaani points at the shop and holds Viplav’s hand, let’s go there. She takes him. Viplav sees her holding his hand and feels happy. ( Ishq Ka Rang Safed Plays ) Dhaani gets busy in shopping. Viplav passes by a mannequin, he sees and imagines Dhaani wearing that dress. He asks the Sales boy.. and takes that dress. Dhaani tries some sandals. Viplav comes there and shows her the dress. Dhaani gets happy and says So Beautiful, But for whom you are choosing haan? and she teases him. Viplav says, I found it nice.. so I thought.. he gives dress to Dhaani and says.. Try it. Dhaani gets happy and says really me? oh so sweet Viplav and she pulls his cheeks and goes to the trial room. Viplav’s cheeks get pink. ( Haaeey! ? )

Viplav is walking outside the trial room. Dhaani comes out of the room wearing a
Purple Long Gown. She calls him. Viplav turns and gets mesmerized seeing her. ( Ishq Ishq plays ) Dhaani walks closer. How is it? Viplav says, You look Adorable! Dhaani says, Awww! Thank you. Viplav replies with a smile, Pleasure is all mine. Dhaani looks at him and they both have an eyelock. Viplav’s phone rings ( his phone’s ringing was missing in past few episodes right? Haha ? ) Dhaani smiles. Viplav gives a fake smile and goes to take the call. Dhaani says, he helped me in my tough time and thinks to give him a thank-you present.

Viplav is standing at the billing counter. Dhaani comes there with a shopping bag in her hand. Viplav gestures to take the bag from her hand but she excuses. Viplav says, Shopping was on me. Give me I’ll pay for all. She says, no.. I mean .. you are already paying for all my stuffs, I’ll pay for it. Viplav says, Okay! if you insist, by the way what’s in it? She replies, Nothing .. just some things for my home. Viplav smiles.

On the way, Dhaani informs him that her parents will come tomorrow. Viplav drops her to her place. Dhaani gets down from the car takes shopping bags from the back seat. She leaves that one bag which she paid herself and smiles seeing it. Viplav says bye to her. Dhaani comes to his side and says ( y’all know ? ) Drive safe and take care. Viplav smiles and says ( y’all know ? ) You too. He leaves.

• Viplav’s Residence

Viplav gets down from his car. He is about to go but stops on seeing something on the backseat of his car. He opens the door and sees that shopping bag which Dhaani didn’t let him see. Oh, She forgot her bag. He thinks to go back but then says, i’ll give it some other time. He picks up the bag and goes inside.

PRECAP: Vidhaani’s Phone Conversation and more! ?

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Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Mahira as usual awesome. U r too good. Keep going.

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  3. Mahira….too good dear…..keep going ….lovely episode…… 🙂

  4. Mahira u know what i don’t like ur ff I loved it it’s awesome and too good u have become a fan of yours u r just brilliant can’t wait for the next episode

  5. Mahira, awesome episode… ?

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    by the way epi was rocking

  8. Thank you friends!

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  9. As usual rocking Mahira. Love ur ff.

  10. Hahahaha.u are so good Mahira.u are making vidhani fans so special with these beautiful vidhani moments.i swear,nothing is beautiful than these awesome fan fictions u guys are writing on ikrs.once again thanks a lot for this treat.

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