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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with Dhaani watching Viplav going.. Viplav sits in his car..he turns to see Dhaani but gets shocked ..
Let’s check what made Viplav shocked. ?

• Dhaani’s Residence

Viplav shouts Dhaani!!! He quickly gets out from the car and runs to Dhaani. He sits on the floor and holds Dhaani in his arms. He pats on Dhaani’s face. Dhaani!!.. what happened.. open your eyes Dhaani!! .. Dhaani ! He screams . He picks her up in his arms and takes her to her room. He calls doctor. He sits with Dhaani holding her hand.

Doctor comes. He checks Dhaani. Viplav stands still. Doctor goes out from Dhaani’s room. Viplav asks what’s the matter doc? Why she fell unconscious all of a sudden? Is she alright now? Doctor stops him and says, calm down, young man, she is fine now. He says the patient fell unconscious because of high stress level .. she have gone through something bad.. which gave her tension and she irresistibly fell unconscious. Viplav in a fearful voice asks how is she now? Doctor says, nothing is serious.. she’ll get her consciousness back in some time.. but you have to take good care of her.. try and keep her away from any kind of tension.. do such things, which makes her happy.. that’s the only way to get her out of that frustration. Viplav sings yes. Doctor leaves.

Viplav goes back to Dhaani and sits beside her. Tears were filled in his eyes. He caresses her forehead. He thinks, please be okay Dhaani. He goes out from her room and sits on floor. He says, i’m responsible for her this state. I should not have called her in that party. This is all my mistake.. he curses himself for Dhaani’s current state.

Viplav is sitting outside Dhaani’s room. He hears someone’s cry. He rushes into Dhaani’s room. He sees, Dhaani with her head down crying badly. He sits in front of her and asks Dhaani are you okay? why are you crying? Dhaani lifts her head up. She shouts at him. What do you think of yourself haan?? And she starts beating him with her hands. Viplav gets shocked.. and asks, what happened? Dhaani says angrily, how dare you to go, leave me like this..she gets over him.. Viplav losses his balance and falls into the bed.. Dhaani falls over him. She cries holding him tightly. Viplav says, Dhaani.. I was right here..outside your room..please, stop crying. He tries to move her aside but she grips him more tightly. She says, I got so worried on not finding you when I opened my eyes .. I thought you went away.. leaving me alone.. please don’t leave me.. please. She again starts crying. Viplav with his eyes filled with tears.. controls his emotions and says, okay Baba.. but please let me get up.. saying so, he moves Dhaani aside and gets up. Dhaani sits on the bed hiding her face from pillow. Viplav removes his tears and says in a happy tone. Come on Dhaani, I didn’t know you are so weak. Dhaani removes pillow from her face and says in arrogant manner. Oh hello i’m not weak! Viplav smiles and sits beside her. Clutches her hand and says, then my brave Dhaani.. why are you taking so much stress.. I told you na to forget what happened last night.. stop thinking about it okay! Dhaani glares him. He says, I know how to change your mood, okay. But first I’ll bring breakfast for you and then we’ll talk. He stands up and turns to go. But Dhaani holds his hand. Viplav turns and looks her. Dhaani also looks at him. They share an eyelock. ( Agar Tum Saath Ho Plays )

Dhaani leaves his hand and stands up. She goes close to him. And says, who are you? I mean, this is my house right? so I’ll bring the breakfast, she turns but stops and says, actually no. I’ll make breakfast for my own ONLY! Viplav says how rude! Dhaani says, is it? and she laughs. Viplav smiles seeing her laughing. ( Dheere Dheere Sey Instrumental Plays ) Dhaani says, I meant, that I will be doing breakfast in my home and you will have your breakfast at your home. Viplav’s smile vanishes hearing this. ( Oh poor! ? ) She says, don’t be so surprised, you heard me correct. In all this mess, you completely forgot about your family. Kanak aunty would be worrying for you, you must go home now. I’m fine now. And she shows him a fake smile. Viplav smiles and sits on the bed. Dhaani stares him in wonder. Viplav says you thought about my family but, what about your parents? Dhaani shouts Oh yes! and she looks for her phone. And says, Don’t know what happens to me whenever i’m with you… And she stops as she realizes what she said. Viplav looks her. Dhaani says, ya I will call them.. but first you go.. and she gives a awkward look to him. Viplav says okay.. but.. Dhaani says, I know I know.. If anything happens I will call you… and she gives a broad smile to him. Viplav says, fine then. Babye! He thinks how rude and turns to go.

He comes out from her home and goes to his car. Someone pats on his shoulder. Viplav turns to see. Dhaani says Hi! Viplav in an irritated way says, now what? Dhaani shows him his car keys. Viplav searches his pocket and says Oh! my keys. Dhaani gives a cute smile.. I found it on my bed.. may be when we fell over.. she stops and gets embarrassed.. Viplav and Dhaani both recall their moments in Dhaani’s room.. and smiles to themselves. ( Zahenaseeb plays )

Viplav takes the keys and thanks her. He says, look Dhaani.. don’t think about that night okay.. you need some rest.. hey wait.. I know.. Dhaani asks what? He says, I know how to divert your attention.. see.. I’ll come to pick you up in evening okay? Dhaani looks him astonishingly but why? He says.. we’ll go for movie okay? Dhaani says, But why.. I.. Viplav stops her and says no but wat! we are going and that’s final.. She says okay if you insist.. Viplav hugs her in happiness and excitement . Dhaani feels good. Viplav breaks the hug and says sorry.. Dhaani says, it’s okay. Viplav bids good bye and sits in his car.. see you in evening.. he starts his car. Dhaani bends down and says.. drive with care .. and take care of yourself . Viplav smiles and says you too. He goes. Dhaani sees him going. Scene freezes here.

PRECAP: Viplav notices the time and says, i’m late, Dhaani must be waiting for me. ( Hurry up Mishal! ? )

Hey there readers! ?
Thanks a bunch for saying ‘ as usual good episode ‘ for my fan fiction titled as ‘ Unusual Attraction ‘ . I just noticed your comments.. and this came in my mind. You guys are usually liking the unusual thing! ?
Don’t know if I make any sense but all I want is to thank all of you!! ? Keep showering your love on IKRS, VIDHAANI & MISHAL! ❤

Do watch IKRS daily! ✊

Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Dil jeet liya Mahira par ye telly updates ki problem kya hai hamesha late post karte hai…?? Par kehte hai Na sabr ka fal meetha hota hai. Yaha bhi sabr ka ff meetha hota hai 😉

    1. Haan yaar. ? tellyUpdates is acting as Villain to my fan fiction, Lol. ?

      Anyways, thankyou love! ? keep supporting like this!

  2. Mahira it’s too good. Precap is interesting. Plz post the next part soon.

    1. Thank you! ? Yep, If viplav gets late Dhaani will scold him yet another time! ? Kidding. ?

      Yeah, will post it tomorrow.

  3. Mahira….. I am getting jealous now…. 😉 😀 why so talented??? anyways keep up the good work…… keep showering your entertainment ka dose and we will keep showering love………… 🙂

    1. Thank you dear! ? Naah.. not more than you! ? It’s just a sweet & simple story. ?

  4. Mahira good going keep it up and update next episode fast.

    1. Thanks! ? Yeah, will update it tomorrow.

  5. Yaar Mahira ur ff is awesome really it’s an unusual attraction for me love ur ff so sad I couldn’t comment in previous episode 🙁

    1. Thank you! ? Oh! Please, don’t be. Comments are not necessary my friend. Just keep admiring IKRS and Vidhaani. ?

  6. I love this pls update next part soonest. U’re such a great writer, barakah lahu feeh

    1. Thank you so much dear. Thus means a lot to me. ? Stay blessed.

      Catch next episode tomorrow.

  7. Mahira,my guess was right na ?
    and, that dheere dheere…love tune instruments ?????
    awesome episode i enjoyed a lot ?

    1. Yep you were absolutely right. Your guess was actually on point! ?

      Haha.. thanks! Keep liking! ?

  8. Hi Mahira. I’m a silent reader of many fan stories of IKRS especially. I must say, your fan fiction made me wait as eager as for the show episodes. Loving it so much. Hopefully we get more and more romantic scenes of ViDha. Keep doing your great job 🙂

    1. Oh! Thank you dear. I’m glad that you are liking it. Stay Blessed!

    1. Thanks!

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  10. i think u made some silent readers comment through ur unusual attraction
    really loving it

    1. Thank you dear. ?

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