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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with Dhaani is lying on the floor, crying loudly..
Let’s see what happens next ?

• Dhaani’s Residence

Viplav rushes to Dhaani and hugs her tightly. Dhaani holds him tightly. (Ishq Ishq plays)

After some time Viplav breaks the hug and cups Dhaani’s face and says, I’m sorry Dhaani! I’m sorry! I said all this in anger I didn’t mean to hurt you. I couldn’t control my anger seeing you in pain. I’m sorry! he put his forehead on her’s. They both cry. ( Humdard from Ek Villain plays )

Viplav & Dhaani are still sitting on the floor. Viplav removes Dhaani’s tears and says, this is all my fault.. I should not have leave you alone.. I’m sorry Dhaani. Dhaani on seeing Viplav like this (folding his hands), breaks out in tears and hugs him tightly. Viplav also holds her tightly and the both share a tearful hug.

Viplav on realizing that, they are too close, tries to free himself but Dhaani gets more close.. Viplav also folds his hands around her. And after some time, they both fall asleep in each other’s arm.

Next morning, Dhaani’s head is resting on Viplav’s shoulder, they both are holding each other tightly. Dhaani opens her eyes, and gets shock at the same time happy from inside, She stares Viplav with love. Just then, Viplav wakes up from sleep, he sees Dhaani & smiles thinking he is dreaming. Dhaani immediately gets up and looks at him tensely. Viplav sees her, and blinks his eyes. He thinks, Viplav beta.. you are not dreaming. And he gets up. Viplav sees Dhaani’s face and thinks that she might misunderstood the situation, he is about to say something, just then Dhaani says, Viplav look.. before you say something.. I.. I.. (she closes her eyes and says frequently ) you have to believe me, nothing like that happened in between us, last night. Viplav after a pause laughs. Dhaani opens her eyes surprisingly. Viplav says you stole my words. He goes near her and clutches her hand and says, Dhaani..relax! everything is fine.. don’t worry okay.. he kisses on her forehead. Dhaani sees him with tears in her eyes. Viplav sees that and says, hey! come on, “Bary Bary shehron mein aisi Chotti Chotti baten hoti rehti hen Dhaani Madam” Dhaani smiles. Viplav says that’s like a good girl.. you know your smile is stress relieving. Dhaani hears this and looks in Viplav eyes lovingly. Viplav realizes what he just say, he gets embarrass, he turns his head to the other side. He says, Dhaani.. Uncle & Aunty? Dhaani comes out from her dreams and says..they will come after two days. Viplav turns towards her and says..okay.. so..so.. I think I should leave you take some rest.. He moves towards room’s door. Dhaani holds his hand.. Viplav turns.. Dhaani says, wait.. One coffee? Viplav says, no..(but his heart his shouting YES!) no Dhaani.. no need of any formality.. you take rest.. I’ll come .. some other day. Dhaani says, (with her head down) I’m offering a coffee just to say thanks.. for..for saving my.. Viplav stops her by putting his finger on her lips. He says, Sshhh.. Dhaani, listen.. NO ONE CAN HARM YOU! do you hear me.. No One Means NO ONE! from now on.. Every problem will go through me first before coming to you. Viplav’s stares in her eyes fiercely. Glare comes in Dhaani’s eyes. Viplav gets back and changes the topic saying.. so you’ll make coffee or I go make myself one. He smiles. Dhaani removes her tears and says..No..no i’m going. She stops and says.. but first we both need to freshen up. And they both look at themselves. She says come i’ll show you the bathroom.. she takes him to another room and says, you can use this bathroom. Viplav smiles. Dhaani goes back to her room.

Viplav comes in the kitchen area. He sees Dhaani working and says to himself, what’s happening to me .. whenever she comes in front of me, why my eyes lies on her only..I forget all my pain, my worries.. why.. it feels like.. some attraction.. which can’t be seen.. but clearly effects me emotionally. He sight her lovingly.

Dhaani sees him.. she says, you okay na? Viplav gets out of his dream world and says..ya..yaa..yes.. perfectly fine. Dhaani says, then come here sit. Viplav goes and sits on the chair. Dhaani stands on the stool and searches for the coffee jar. She says, where it is? Her foot trips in her trouser and she end up falling.. (the most obvious and predictable situation ya’all know, what will happen ?) .

PRECAP: Dhaani asks Viplav, does he believe in love at first sight. ( I love Short Precaps! ? )

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Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Wow it got posted..!!
    I will read it and tell how it is?
    Just wait ?

    1. HAHA! I too got amazed seeing it! ?

    2. Ya, sure enjoy! ?

    3. Ok read it now

      As usual superb??❤
      Sorry but my vocabulary is very bad to find new words daily??
      It was really awesome.. loving it appi??

      1. Haha! Really no problem at all! ?

        This appi word will work as a compensation! ?? Thank you so very much!!! ❤❤

  2. Oh touch wood! ? TellyUpdates, published it just after few minutes. ? Lucky yo! ?

  3. Mahira it is good n reminded me of the day when viplav had taken dhani to hotel as she was drunk☺?great words used to depict their attraction towards each other. Hard work indeed ??????

    1. Thank you so much Renu!

    2. Yeah, I wrote these scenes making a memory of that real one. ❤

      I mentioned earlier.. don’t remember if it was you or Someone else.. who was the only one to recognise that radio scene.. I mentioned that I will add more scenes from the real IKRS! And will anxiously wait for the fans of IKRS to recognize or relate some scenes with the real one. ?
      Keep following!

  4. Finally tu posting ff … Its amazing mahira

    1. Yeah finally! ? Thank you dear keep on admiring! ?

  5. Are waah Mahira tarif karne ke liye shabd kam pad rahe hai. Loved the hotel scenes. Waiting for the next one…

    1. Aww.. Thank you Maria. ?
      Yeah, tomorrow I will be posting the next episode. Keep following dear!

  6. keep going dear….those tight hugs …full of emotions….full of love…. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you!! ❤
      Yeah those hugs! Could imagine the whole scene and the emotions while writing. ?
      Keep following.

  7. Oh finally ff is posted. As usual it’s superb. I don’t have new words to say everyday. I can just say it’s as usual superb and amazing.

    1. Haha.. thank very much dear! ?

  8. Mahira, awesome episode..?

    1. Thanks Nima!! Keep reading! ?

  9. Awesome Mahira.

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  10. mahira as usual while reading i can clearly picturize it 🙂
    go ahead

    1. Thank you!! ?

  11. Hahahahahahaha Mahira enjoyed reading te episode first part so romantic and second part was funny hahah u r a rocking writer

    1. Haha .. Thanks! ?

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