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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with driver setting luggage in car..
(Manohar & Dulaari are going to airport & on their way they will drop Dhaani at the party venue).
Let’s accompany them ?

• Dhaani’s Residence

Dulaari shouts Dhaani come on, we are getting late. Dhaani comes out from her room saying Oh God! Mom .. I’m ready.. let’s go.

• Party Venue

Viplav is standing outside the venue thinking should I ask her, is she coming or not? Viplav talks to himself, why I’m thinking about her let’s go enjoy the party, he moves ahead but stops, saying, but what goes in asking her. He types a message to Dhaani.

Dhaani is on her way to the venue. She gets happy seeing Viplav’s message.

Viplav gets a reply from her that; ‘I’m on my way’. Viplav gets happy.

Viplav is waiting for Dhaani outside the venue. He thinks to go inside. Just then, he feels like someone coming. He stops & turns back to see.

He gets mesmerized seeing Dhani walking in, wearing a beautiful white gown.

Dhani lifts her head and sees Viplav standing. She waves her hand. And goes to him.

Viplav complements her saying, you are looking like a princess in this gown. Dhaani thanks him. She says, and you are looking dapper as usual. They both laugh and goes inside.

Conference ends. Everyone gets into the party hall. Dhaani & Viplav sit together.

Viplav asks her so.. Dhaani says, what.. Viplav says, Naah.. nothing. Dhaani smiles. She says, so tell me about your life.. friends.. any girl friend? Viplav lifts his head up and says, what?.. I mean.. I mean yes..No..no.. I mean no girl friend yet. Actually, haven’t met someone like that. Viplav in his mind, but there’s something in you, which is why i’m unable to stop thinking about you. Viplav asks her you tell.. Dhaani says, same here. Waiting for the one, with whom I feel like a princess. Viplav says hmm, waiting for prince charming. Dhaani smiles, and says in her mind, I feel like I have met my prince charming. They both talk.

A girl comes to them, Hey! let’s go and dance. Viplav looks at Dhaani and says, sorry but i’m not in a mood. The girl says it’s alright and goes from there. Dhaani says, why didn’t you go with her? Viplav says, because i’m enjoying sitting here and smiles at her. They both stare each other with love.

Just then, Viplav’s phone rings, Viplav says, God this phone is! he controls his emotions and says i’ll just come.. he goes to attend the phone. Dhaani smiles seeing him.

A man is shown adding a little amount of alcohol in a soft drink’s glass. He comes to Dhaani, and asks her permission to sit with her. Dhaani smiles only. The man sits beside Dhaani giving her the Soft drink’s glass. He says Cold drink? Dhaani takes glass from his hand. They man looks on with a wicked smile on his face. Dhaani drinks it thinking it’s an ordinary cola.

After some time Dhaani gets a little bit drunk. Her head starts shaking. The man smirks. He says, are you okay. Dhaani says, I’m not feeling well and she tries to stand but the man holds her tight and says, I think you need some rest come.. come I’ll take you to my room, he takes Dhaani to her room. Dhaani resists but he forcefully takes her with him.

Meanwhile, Viplav ends his call & comes to the place where he was sitting but gets shocked on not seeing Dhaani, He looks for Dhaani in the hall but didn’t find her.

In hotel’s room, that man pushes Dhaani on bed. Dhaani shouts for help. And warns him to stay far from her. Man gives an evil smile and says, I have been watching you since you came in the party. He goes near Dhaani and was about to touch her just then, Our hero enters with the sound of a bang on the door. Viplav looks at him with his deadly eyes, splitting fire. Viplav shouts how dare you and he drags that man to the wall grabbing his neck. Viplav gives him a tight slap.. Viplav beats him harder.. harder and harder, until the security comes in and they hold Viplav’s by saying.. Sir, leave him.. sir..We will take him to police.. Sir, madam is.. Viplav gets in his senses and rushes towards Dhaani.

Dhaani is crying loudly in fear. Viplav comes and hugs her tightly. Don’t! Dhaani Don’t! don’t cry.. everything is fine. Dhaani holds his back tightly, and cries more louder. Viplav is also having tears in his eyes. He controls his tears, and tries to break the hug, but Dhaani was not leaving him. He takes her to his car holding her in his arms.

• Dhaani’s Residence

Viplav gets down from his car. And takes Dhaani to her room. Viplav in full pain and anger Removes Dhaani’s hand from his back and pushes her on her bed saying, what were you thinking Dhaani! Why you went with that busta*! And he turns to go from there crying. Dhaani hears this and gets stunned. She with full force tries to stand up and shouts, What! why would I go with any stranger! He took me there forcefully! She further says, you were the one who called me in that party! You Viplav! You! and she bursts out in tears and sits on floor crying. Viplav hears this and cries in pain. Scene freezes here.

PRECAP: No specific precap. ? ( P.S. Gear up for some emotional scenes, don’t forget the tissue papers, see ya! ? )

Very happy with your positive response but still hungry for more! ? And sorry for short episode, actually i’m not feeling well today. ?

Do watch IKRS daily! ✌

Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Nice episode.. & vidha r getting to know abt their fondness for each other. Waiting 4 d next .update soon.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, but not so easily, it will take time.. realization of love is not that much easy. ? Hoty hoty ehsaas hoga inhen.. but till then enjoy their beautiful chemistry. ?
      Feelings are there but they won’t except it so easily. Wait for the day dear.. and keep admiring Vidhaani. ?

  2. nice episode.

    1. Thank you.. keep reading. ?

  3. go on Mahira…lagta hai bahot rulane wale ho aap agle episode me…that’s why you are asking us to grab tissue papers and get ready….. i can’t see Viplav Dhaani in pain …..

    1. Thank you! ☺
      HAHA! Actually, not really. But yeah..some intense scenes definitely. But don’t worry, I know we fans want them to saty together whatever comes doesn’t matter, as long as they are together. ?
      Hope you’ll enjoy.. keep supporting.

  4. Are waah Mahira mashallah just loving your ff day by day..

    1. Thank you so much dear. ❤

  5. Mahira it’s too good. Plz post the next one soon. And take care of yourself. Get well soon.

    1. Thanks dear. Ya, today’s episode is ready, i’ll post it right away.
      Thank you. ❤ I’m really in need of that.. not feeling well. But i’ll keep on updating my episodes daily InshaAllah. Stay tuned.

  6. Superb as usual..!!
    Cant tell u how much i love reading ur ff..❤
    Its like my daily dose..
    As the serial isnt showing lovely scenes between our love birds.. we get to see them here..??
    Thanks a lot for this treat !! ???

    1. Thank you so much! You really made my day with this comment! ?
      I wrote this story just keeping the same thing in my mind. Being a fan I know what would be most pleasing things to the readers. And while writing, I got so connected to the story that It was actually moving around my eyes, every single scene of the story! ?
      And i’m really very glad that you all are liking it. Stay connected. ❤

      1. You make my day everyday with your story????

    2. And yeah, I made a daily fan fiction of my current favorite Daily Soap Ishq Ka Rang Safed! ❤
      That’s why I post one episode daily. ?

      1. Thanks a lot yaar
        You are never late in posting the next episode ?

    3. Awww! This really mean a lot to me! ? Thank you so much yaar. ?

  7. Good epi deat

    1. Thank you so much! ?

  8. Nice Mahira.

    1. Thank you. Keep following. ?

  9. Guys, due to site maintenance I’m unable to post today’s episode. Sorry for the inconvenience. ? I can’t tell you what i’m feeling right now as I won’t be able to continue the story ? But InshaAllah! I’ll post it whenever the site will be able to accept it. ? Till then, don’t forget the story.. keep it in a safe in your mind. ? See ya! ?

    1. No no no please post it somehow..please..
      Tellyupdates please accept the episode?

    2. Yaar! ? post nahi ho raha na.. ?

    3. Mujh sy khud control nahi ho raha.. bus nahi chal raha k kesy bhi kar k aj ka episode post kardun.. agar aj reh gaya tw story ka pora momentum hi toot jaey ga! Please, tellyUpdates fix it ASAP! ?

      1. Ohoo chal koi na.. ho jayega..dnt worry..
        Thode time baad try karna

        Bdw in which class u r?

    4. Hmm. ? I have done Masters in Urdu Literature.. and currently ghar pe bethi hun farigh. ?

      1. Okay
        So u are elder than me
        I should better call u didi?

    5. In case if you don’t know Urdu.. it is Pakistan’s National Language also Offial Language.

    6. Oh so sweet of you! ?
      But didi is a bit odd for me.. you can call me sister ? Appi or something else? ?

      1. Sure as u say?

    7. By the way.. how old are you dear?

      1. I am 17 yrs now
        Going to be 18 soon?

      2. Good! I’m of 22 . ?

      3. Okay appi ??

    8. Awww! ???

  10. Mshira it is so good that i got involved in it n whole scenes were alive in my eyes i gould feel the expressions of vidhàni n i on reading that viplav came in nick of time i was too glad thks for this nice story

    1. Thank you so much Renu! ?
      And yeah, Viplav will always jump in! Whenever Dhaani is in need. ?

  11. mahira really awesome dear i can feel ur story loved it very much

    1. Thank you so much.. keep following! ?

  12. A bad news i read somewhere that there will be no update by TU till 29

    1. ????

    2. Yeah. The most sadden news of the Day for me. ?

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      site will be slow and unresponsive at times.

      Hence, we are not accepting new submissions temporarily.

      We plan to start accepting new submissions from 29th April 2016 (or sooner if possible).

      Pending submissions that we we have already received will be reviewed as we get time.

      1. Ops
        I think TU is over burdened now..!!

    3. Whatever it is. Hope they fix it soon. ?

  13. superb mahira i am really like it…… nice story keep going

    1. Thank so much dear. Keep following.

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