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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episodes starts with Rajlaxmi’s Mehndi function going on..
Let’s check how’s it going ?

• Mehndi Function Venue

Viplav & Dhaani both get busy in the function.

Dhaani goes to meet Rajlaxmi on stage and says, OMG! Rajii you are looking too good yaar. They both chit chat for a while and take pictures.

On the other hand Viplav is also busy with his relatives. Rajlaxmi’s Mehndi ritual completes. Her cousins & Friends start their dance performances. Dhaani is siting with Rajlaxmi. Viplav comes there and asks Rajlaxmi to get ready after this performance me and you are going to burn the stage. Dhaani hears and laughs. She says, Rajii and dance Haha. Good joke. Viplav says, i’m not joking, It’s her mehndi she will dance for sure. Okay Laxmii jii. Viplav shows a broad smile to Rajlaxmi. Rajlaxmi says, look bhai you know I’m a very bad dancer and I don’t want to make fun of me on my own mehndi, so please! Viplav looks on. Dhaani says Aww! now?? who will burn the dance floor and looks at viplav to tease him. Viplav says fine I’ll go on alone. And he goes from there Dhaani looks him lovingly and says (inner voice) Uhff! Cuteness Overloaded.

Lights get off. And spotlight is shown on Viplav standing on dance floor and song plays. He dances along with his cousins. And Dhaani looks only at him. The performance gets over and everyone cheers for them.

Later, Viplav comes to his Dadaji & Maa. DT says come baba meet Mr. Manohar , he is your father’s good friend. Viplav comes to them and take blessings from them. They all talk for a while. KT says to Dulaari , Bhabhi where is your daughter? last when I saw her she was of 4 years, is she here? Dulaari says yes she is here, I’ll call her.

Dhaani is siting with Rajlaxmi she gets a call. She says, okay i’m coming mum. She says, Rajlaxmi I’ll come Mum is calling me and she goes where her parents are sitting.

Viplav is talking to Manohar . Dhaani comes there and says, Yes Mom. Everyone looks her Viplav also sees her. Dulaari says, Beta He is Shambhu Uncle’s Father and She is Kanak bhabi.. Shambu Uncle’s wife you remember, your daddy’s friend. Dhaani takes blessings from them and says of course I remember mom. Kanak says, She has grown up and asks Dhaani to sit with her. Dhaani sits. Kanak says, He is my son Viplav Tripathi, Dhaani sees him and says, oh! so he is your son. Everyone looks her shockingly. Dhaani says I mean.. I just saw him dancing, He dances so well. And everybody laughs. Viplav looks her. They all chit chat.

Later, Viplav is talking on his phone, he ends the call and passes by Dhaani. He turns back and looks, Dhaani is talking with her parents. Viplav comes to them & asks Manohar. Uncle is everything alright? Manohar answers yes beta. It’s just that, we are leaving for home but Dhaani is insisting to stay here for some more time. But we can’t let her stay here as It’s late, how will she come home Alone. Viplav says, is it.. Hmm. Uncle, if it is okay with you I’ll drop her. Dhaani looks him and thinks, He’s such a gentleman! and smiles. Manohar says, That’s a good idea. Thank you so much beta. Viplav says no need of that uncle. Come I’ll leave you to the parking. They go. Manohar & Dulari leaves in their car.

Viplav & Dhaani walks in. Viplav says, so do you need anything else? Dhaani signs towards the juice counter, let’s go. They both sit on the counter. Dhaani gets busy in talking to a friend. Beside Viplav a guy is looking in his phone, Viplav looks at his phone. The guy had taken Dhaani’s picture, he is talking to her picture.. How can someone be so beautiful, I think I’m in love with this girl. Viplav hears this and smiles. He goes near Dhaani and speaks slowly. Listen, someone is really feeling strong for you, and he points to that guy. Dhaani laughs and says, is it? I’ll see. Dhaani goes to that guy and sits beside him. Dhaani says oh wow , show show.. and she snatches phone from his hand. Wow! but wait i’m looking chubby in this pic, she deletes that picture and gives his phone back. The guy gets tensed. She says, oho! don’t be sad I’ll click a selfie with you in my phone. And she forcefully clicks a picture with him. Dhaani smiles seeing picture and shows him too. She says, you know what.. my dad is in Army. I’ll send him this picture. After all, he also needs to know, who is his son in law to be. And she laughs. Hearing this, the guy gets frightened and he says sorry didi sorry and runs from there. Dhaani laughs loudly. Viplav also joins her. Vipalv says hahaha didi.. and he laughs more louder.

The function gets over. Viplav starts his car, Dhaani comes and sits in. Viplav asks for her address and they leave. On they way, Viplav says. So, you are doing business studies. She signs yes. They both talk further about studies. Dhaani compliments him for his dance. He smiles. He asks you didn’t dance, weren’t you happy for your friend’s mehndi. He laughs. Dhaani says haha funny. She says I don’t dance. Viplav asks why? she says because I can’t! I can’t dance. And she looks on. Viplav says, cool. Dhaani plays the radio, song plays, ‘ Ye larka hai dewana hai dewana ‘ Dhaani hides her smiling face with her dupatta. Viplav changes the frequency. Song plays, ‘ Larki hai ya charri hai khamby jesi khari hai ‘ Viplav enjoys but Dhaani changes the frequency again. Song plays, ‘ Tum larki ho, me larka hun, tum ayein tow, sach kehta hun aya muasam dosti ka ‘ . Viplav looks at Dhaani. Dhaani shows her cute smile.

•Dhaani’s Residence

Viplav says, here you go. We have reached. She gets down from the car. Viplav also gets down and accompanies her to the door step. He says, Okay good night. Dhaani says, thank you and drive safe. She adds up, and yeah, do text me on reaching home safely. Viplav looks and laughs. Wait wait.. do you really think i’m driving home late for the first time. Oh please! Dhaani says, I know you are not a kid. It’s just that, I don’t..know..I just feel like saying..so.. I just said. Anyways, go safely. Viplav looks on.. He stops her and says. Wait, but.. how I am going to inform you and looks at Dhaani (asking for her phone number ) Dhaani understands and says her number and smiles. Viplav says cool. Bye then. He turns to go, Dhaani says take care. He turns and says you too. Scene freezes on Viplav’s smiling face. ( remember, not an ordinary smile! ⚠ that killer one! ? )

PRECAP: Dhaani shouts at Viplav and scolds him badly. ( I know, I give short precaps. ? but bear with it. As I really don’t know how to write a precap .. because there is so much exciting in upcoming episode and I don’t get how to sum up all those things in this small cap. ? But still with a wicked mind i’m throwing a horror precap. Enjoy! ? )

Thank you guys for your appreciation. Aap logon na itna loving it loving it kaha, me tow emotional hi ho gae thi, comments parh k. ?? Keep supporting & following. ❤

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Till then, watch IKRS daily! Keep smiling peeps! Bless ya! AllahHafiz! / Babye! / Sayonara!

Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Good one mahira…. Those songs were in one episode of ashram where viplav and dhani were fighting and badi amma intervened 🙂 ……

    1. Thank you Sujie.
      Yeah, I loved that scene. ❤ And in upcoming episodes you’ll see more scenes of IKRS in this fan fiction. I’ve specially added some scenes. Hope you’ll like this innovation. ?
      Keep following.

  2. Masha Allah, u nailed it again. It’s going on well and interesting.
    @MAHIRA, are u on telly updates IKRS fb group if yes how do I identify u. IKRS rocks

    1. Thanks. I think you are commenting on my fan fiction first time.
      I have deleted my fb account recently. But if you can give the link, my cousin will join. She too follows IKRS passionately , she’ll join.

  3. Mahira it’s superb just loved it!! It’s fun reading your ff… And didn’t like when Viplav calls Dhaani didi? anyways post the next one asap

    1. Aww, meney tow notice hi nahi kya yeh. ?? Anyways, glad you like it.

    2. Yeah ,tomorrow InshaAllah!
      I had mentioned in my introductory episode that daily i’ll be posting one episode only. ?
      Keep following.

  4. Mahira it was so much of fun. Precap is scary. Dhaani Viplav ko daat rahi hai, omg! Anyways it was very nice. And don’t be emotional. Abhi saara emotion mat nikaalo, aage ke liye bhi bachake rakho.lol.

    1. Thank you! ☺
      Yeah, tried to create a little suspense & thrill. ? But don’t worry Viplav will handle it! As he is My Super Duper Hero! ❤

    2. Haha. Zarror! Agar aap log support or achay achay comments dety rahy tow, dobara senti hony me dair nahi lagy gi mujhy. ?

  5. Hahahahahahahajaj chotte tumhara ff ka nam hona Chaye Ishq ka rang Kaala ;P XD horror wala Ishq but loved it yaar Areh maath tan karo Teri behan Ko 😛

    1. Oh no sorry Mahira I was reading urs and chotte’s ff together sorry messed up but I loved ur ff keep it up yaar

      1. No problem. ? Thank you! Keep reading! ?

  6. Tu cha gayi……..wah kya epi hein yaar manana padege.
    Aur kya na bolu
    Tarif karne ke liye shabd kam pad rahe hein…………

    1. Haha! Shukriya Shukriyaa! ?
      Kaam nahi bohat zayada hi tarif kardi aap ney! ?

  7. Super exciting dear good tovknow that their parents know each other n now even they have exchanged nos too. Sounds great.

    1. Yeah, keep reading. ?

  8. mahira I also loved your ff very much

    1. Thank you! ?

  9. oh mahira u r ff was awesome simply suberb lot of ff was seen in ikrs page with unique concepts love to see each and every ff all the best keep rocking…. ??

    1. Thank you so much! And your story was the one which inspired me to write one. ?

  10. ohhhh dear really superb luvd it
    post next soon

    1. Thank you! ?
      I have already updated today’s episode , it’s in moderation. Keep following.

  11. superb episode mahira ..keep it up
    .. 🙂 🙂 ..

    1. Thanks.

  12. awesome episode enjoyed every scene…. loved it ?

    1. Thank you! ?

  13. Superb mahira.. lovely !!

    1. Thanks a lot! ?

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