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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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The story starts with a girl’s Haldi / Ubton / Turmeric Ceremony is going on..
Let’s check who the bride is ?

• Rajlaxmi’s Residence

A girl is shown applying Haldi to the bride while smiling and saying, Hmm.. so Rajii you are saying that I will meet my prince charming in your wedding functions, Haha! Sorry Sorry! I couldn’t hold my laugh anymore. And she laughs carefree. Just then, a handsome hunk joins them and ask to the bride. So, Laxmii ji.. you said you wanted to introduce me with someone. Has that person arrived? because I’m in a bit hurry. Actually, I really gotta go home for some work and also not really feeling comfy in this ladies function.. I’ll meet that special person in evening’s mehndi function if you don’t mind. And he was about to go, just then Rajlaxmi (the bride) taunts him saying your sister is getting married and all you care about is your work how selfish bhai. The guy says, oh please stop this melodrama, I said na I’ll meet that person in evening. Rajlaxmi interrupts him in between and says okay bhai, I will not insist but now when she is here at least, I’ll make you both see each other and saying this she taps to the girl who was applying turmeric on her hand & who was sitting beside that guy all during this conversation. The girl shockingly lifts her head up and asks what? what did you just say rajii? you want me to meet someone.. really, but why? and she faces towards that guy. That guy also turns his face towards her and they share an eyelock. ( Beginning of the love at every sight )

Rajlaxmi Coughs, and they both get back to their senses. Rajlxmi introduces them to each other saying bhai she is my best friend and he is my cousin brother. They both smile formally at each other and forward their hands to greet. The guy says hi! I’m Viplav.. Viplav Tripathi and your good name? She replies Dhaani Malhotra and smiles. They both look at each other awkwardly for a moment holding each other’s hand and just then the silence breaks with a phone’s ringtone. They both leave each other’s hand. Viplav says excuse me for a minute ladies and he goes on a side and answers the phone call. Dhaani looks him only all the while he talks on the phone call. Viplav ends the call saying, I’m coming. Viplav comes to Rajlaxmi and Dhaani and says to Rajlaxmi sorry yaar work calling.. gotta go. Rajlaxmi says Okay bye and smiles. Viplay smiles and turns to go but he stops. And turns back to them and forward his hand to Dhaani saying Extremely sorry, I’ll see you in the evening. Dhaani holds his hand and says Oh please! don’t be. Work comes first. Viplav smiles and says then see you in the evening. Dhaani says, will be waiting for you! And they both look at each other for a moment (as some force was not letting them to leave each other’s hand). Just then Vipav’s phone rings. And they both come to their senses.

Rajlaxmi taunts, bhai your phone needs a watch! and murmurs always rings on the bad timing. Viplav and Dhaani both get embarrass and make their hands free. Viplav looks at her says okay see you and he was about to go Dhaani calls him Listen! Viplav stops and turns happily. Dhaani smiles and says take care. Viplav smiles and says you too. (And, finally viplav goes. ?) Dhaani sees him going and smiles.

Dhaani asks Rajlaxmi why did you want me to meet him? I hope nothing is cooking in your mind haan? and they both laugh.

Viplav is on the way to his home. A smile come on his face as he recalls meeting with Dhaani.

• Dhaani’s Residence

Dhaani reaches her home to take some rest. Her Mother comes and ask so, how’s rajlaxmi’s functions going? Dhaani answers, yes Mum all is going well. She asks her your coming na in her mehndi? and daddy? Dulari says yes of course, now you go take some rest I’ll send orange juice to your room. Dhaani Nods, and goes to her room.

• Viplav’s Residence

Viplav is helping his Dadaji in some office work. Viplav tells Dadaji. I’m very happy for Rajlaxmi as she is getting married. DT smiles and says, may god always bless her. Now all i’m waiting is for my chotti bahu, baba. Viplav laughs not again Dadaji, you and Maa have this topic only. Oh God! save me please. And he laughs and says. Okay Dadaji, i’m going to get ready for the function you also dress up. He goes to his room and gets ready for the function.

• Mehndi Function Venue

Dhaani with her Mom & Dad reaches the venue. Manohars parks the car, Dhaani tells her mom & dad to go inside I’ll come in few minutes just last moments touch up you see. Manohar laughs and says okay my princess and they go inside. Dhaani does touch up.

Viplav is welcoming the guests with his cousins. He sees a girl coming wearing a beautiful lehnga but couldn’t see her face as some guest comes in between. Viplav greets him and he goes. Viplav looks around anxiously for that girl and wonders who was she. Just then someone says from behind Mr. Tripathi. He turns back and sees Dhaani standing behind wearing that lehnga which Vipalv saw. Viplav gets mesmerized! and looks her lovingly. Dhaani says ahem ahem.. I’m waiting.. Viplav says so..sorry? did you say something? she says i’m waiting. He says for what? Dhaani says I know I’m looking beautiful but I think you also want to say how am I looking, right? and she laughs. Viplav sees her laughing and smiles. He says, is it? and he looks her form top to bottom and pretends umhh.. umhh.. Dhaani says say na?? He smiles and says yes you are looking beautiful as you are by your heart. Saying this, he goes inside. And Dhaani is still standing she turns back and looks him going, Viplav also turns and shouts come on in beautiful. Dhaani sees him and laughs. Scene freezes here.

PRECAP: Viplav dances with his cousins. Later, Viplav goes to drop Dhaani to her home. ( Actually , next episode is full of fun, don’t miss it At All! ? hehuhahahaa! )

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Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Wow Mahira it was just awesome. Post the next one ASAP plsss. I loved it…

    1. Thank you Maria. ❤
      Yeah, tomorrow InshaAllah!
      Keep following.

  2. Amazing loved it post the next one soon

    1. Thanks Ahana. ❤ catch the next episode tomorrow.
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  3. Aww i loved it !! I loved it !! I loved it !!
    So cute vidhani moments 🙂 🙂
    Thnks for this beautiful story..!!
    Keep going 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! ❤
      Keep following.

  4. keep going Mahira….loving it…..

    1. Thank you. ❤
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  5. Mahira mashallah ur ff is fabulous loved it keep it up

    1. Thanks a lot! ❤
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  6. good start … keep it up .. waiting for next

    1. Thank you! ❤
      Will be posting it tomorrow InshaAllah.
      Keep following.

  7. Mahira it was so fun and I think the next part is much more funny than this right?

  8. Setiously awsm ..

    Love it….

    1. Thank you so much. ❤
      Keep following.

  9. Thanks Louella. ❤
    Tomorrow’s episode contains quite light and fun moments, hope you’ll enjoy it. ?
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  10. Awesome episode mahira.

    1. Thank you. ❤
      Keep following.

  11. Speechless too good mahira but u said there is no villain but viplavs phonesis ha ha ! Very interesting. Could visualise the scenes.

    1. Thank-you. ❤

    2. Haha. ? I know, I too hate his phone, but same time.. it was funny. ? keep admiring Vidhaani. ?
      Keep following.

  12. Mahira,superb episode.

    1. Thank you very much!

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