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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with Viplav dropping Dhaani back to her home.. after confessing his love.. Let’s move to our final episode ?

• Dhaani’s Residence

It’s Morning, Dulaari and Manohar comes in Dhaani’s room and wishes her birthday. Dhaani wakes up takes blessings from them. They share a family hug. Manohar announces that, he is throwing a birthday party for her daughter tonight. Dhaani gets happy. She tells them both that I want to give you guys another happy news on this day. Dulaari asks what? Dhaani says, Mom.. i’m ready to get marry.. to the guy you both had chosen for me. Dulaari hugs her and says really, oh Dhaani you have given me double happiness. Manohar says, I told you Dulaari.. that our daughter has grown up, she can take her decisions. They all smile happily.

• Viplav’s Residence

Viplav comes to the breakfast table. Takes blessing from Dada ji and Maa. Kanak tells them about invite of Dhaani’s birthday party. Viplav gets happy and thinks it’s the right time, I should talk to them. Viplav tells them that, he has no issue in marrying Dhaani, they can take proposal to them and smiles. Kanak and Dada ji gets surprised and Bless him. Kanak shares her happiness by hugging Viplav . She tells today is the best day, I think we should talk to them in today’s party. Dada ji says, absolutely!

Later in the evening, Viplav gets ready wearing the three piece suit which Dhaani gave him when, they went for shopping. He smiles seeing himself in the mirror and says, I’m looking too good in it. He looks around and says, my life and my room is waiting for Dhaani and smiles.

• Dhaani’s Residence

Dhaani is getting ready in her room. (And guess what she is wearing, yeah right! ?) She is wearing that purple long gown which Viplav choose for her. She smiles seeing herself in mirror and recalls Viplav proposing to her.

Manohar is welcoming the guests at the party. Dulaari is seen busy with the guests. Viplav and his family arrive, Manohar welcomes them. Viplav greets Dulaari, all get busy in enjoying the party. Viplav goes on a side & thinks where is my Dhaani.

Kanak asks Dulaari to call Dhaani. Dulaari says, there she is coming. Everyone looks at her. Dhaani walks down from the stairs and sees Viplav standing. Viplav sees her and gives a flying kiss. Dhaani blushes. Dhaani meets up with the guests. Viplav comes to his family. Dhaani comes there and takes blessings from Kanak & Dada ji . Kanak praises her beauty and says to Dulaari & Manohar. I think this is the right time to ask you. Dulaari asks what’s the matter. Kanak moves to Dhaani and says, Bhabi we want to take your daughter’s hand for my Son. Dhaani shies. Dulaari & Manohar gets happy and say, Viplav would be the best guy for Dhaani. We have no issue. And Dulaari hugs Kanak. Everyone gets happy.

Dhaani goes to Kitchen. She asks servant to take sweets to mom. Servant goes. Dhaani smiles and says, finally. Just then someone comes from behind and covers Dhaani’s eyes, asking her to identify. Dhaani smiles and says, may be some cheap guy. Found me standing alone here and came here to take advantage of the situation. Viplav says, Achaw beta! Just now our alliance has fixed and you already started acting smart. Not Bad, princess. Viplav removes his hand. Dhaani say, Viplav.. I.. I. Viplav gets happy and forwards few steps towards her.. yes you? Dhaani pushes him back and says I am very happy. Viplav says, ufhh! Dhaani goes out smilingly.

Manohar makes the announcement about Dhaani & Viplav’s engagement , which will take place next week . Everyone congratulate both families. Viplav smiles at Dhaani. Manohar says, time for double celebration! play the music! Manohar goes to Dulaari and takes her to the dance floor . Everyone is dancing in pair. Viplav comes and stands beside Dhaani. Dhaani says what? why are you smiling like this? Viplav forwards his hand and says lets go. Dhaani asks where? Viplav says, lets dance. Dhaani’s eyes gets bigger, she asks what! you know na I can’t! Viplav says, but now you will! just hold me and look into my Eyes Dhaani. Dhaani looks him, and then smiles. Viplav takes her to the center. Dulaari & Manohar gets surprised thinking Dhaani is going to dance. Everyone applauds for them. Lights gets off, spotlight spots Vidhaani on the stage. ( Song plays Pehli Nazar Me Esa Jadoo Kar Diya ) Viplav holds Dhaani by her waist, Dhaani rests her hands on his shoulders. They both get lost in their eyes and dance like no one is watching them. They dance.. dance & dance. Screen freezes here.

——————–- 11 Months Leap -–——————

• Viplav’s Residence

Dhaani is watching moon on terrace. She says, it feels like a dream come true. She thanks God for giving her such a beautiful life. Someone from behind covers Dhaani’s eyes, and asks to identify. Dhaani smiles and says, may be some cheapster, who found me standing alone here and came to take advantage of the situation. Viplav removes his hand and pulls Dhaani close. He looks into her eyes and says, nothing has changed. Dhaani smiles and says, yes! you are same with your cheap tricks. Viplav kisses on her cheek and says, oh really! and you are the same Princess who tells her husband cheap, he kisses on the other cheek. Dhaani frees herself. She holds his collar and says, i’m not your Princess okay! how many times I have to remind you this. And she goes and sits on the swing. Viplav takes the glass of milk from the table and sits beside her. Dhaani, how many times I have told you not to take stress in such small matters. Remember your doctor had strictly told me that I should take special care that you don’t get disturb. Here, take this and drink it fast. Dhaani glares him. Viplav, i’m not in a mood, please.. I’ll drink it after some time. And she shows her innocent smile to convince him. Viplav says, no Dhaani no.. I’m now familiar to your these childish tricks .

I won’t compromise on your health and on our baby’s health. So, come on drink it fast. Dhaani drinks the milk. Viplav says, good girl. Now come on, don’t sit like this. Dhaani stands up holding Viplav’s hand. They start walking. Viplav says, so what were you saying.. You don’t like me calling you princess. Dhaani says, yes and you know the reason very well. Viplav smiles and says, yes. Because, according to you.. In this Tripathi Kingdom, you got married to the Prince of your dreams , me.. Viplav Tripathi. But now, after this big happy news, you told that our ranks got promoted now. And to this Kingdom, I’m the King .. and you are my Queen. And.. soon our Kingdom will get a cute little Princess. Dhaani turns to him and smiles. Yes! you don’t know what you are for me! I’m very happy Viplav, I can’t imagine my life without you, you are a blessing to me! I love you Viplav! Viplav says, my love.. Our love will get more stronger and will stay for centuries. I saw you fall for you .. but my love gets more deeper & strong as I fall for you again and again. Because my love is ‘Love at every Sight.’ I love you too Dhaani! And he rests his forehead on hers. Screen freezes here.

And it’s an end to a new beautiful beginning. ❤

I read somewhere;

” Love isn’t something you find, love is something that finds you. ❤ ” And it’s look like they found there’s. ?

A big thanks to everyone here, who followed the story! I’m so grateful to ya all for supporting me. Would like to mention some names who supported me with their lovely comments throughout this journey of seventeen episode. Arshdeep, Maria, Renu, Sujie, Laxmi, Loullea, Ahana, Nima, Avijit, Pethu sri, Amy, Latha, Fatrajo, Hafsoh, Butterfly, Batool, Goldie, Neil & Nikki, Meena, Shuruthy and every silent reader! Love you all! ? (sorry if I missed anyone. )

Keep Rocking Ishkoholics! ? And don’t forget to support and follow IKRS! ✌

And I guess it’s the last and seventeenth one.. ” DO WATCH IKRS DAILY! ❤ “

Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Hi mahira thks for remembering me. Would read n conment. I haven’t read till now as it is last episode. U know the feeling of last day of a lond vacation ??

    1. Pleasure is all mine! ?

  2. Omg Mahira appi first time in life I had tears in my eyes after reading ff I don’t know why but seriously I had tears love you so much yaar, I don’t know why I have tears but I will miss your ff very much please be back with another rocking story soon. Love you loads ?????

    1. And thank you for mentioning my name 🙂 and coming to today’s episode I am sorry to say but I found it short I wanted to read more and more and more and the episode was as usual fantabulous loved it???

      1. Thank you! ? Chalo short tha next time bara hoga. ?

    2. Awww! Love you too girl! ???

  3. Mahira I love ur ff. Thanks for mentioning my name. This journey was a memorable one and each episode was a lovely treat for us. Thank u so much for giving us such a beautiful ff. And do come with another one soon.

    1. Thank you! ?

      Yeah, and don’t forget to comment ‘ Rocking Episode ‘ on my next fan fiction too! ?

  4. Mahira…..thanks for mentioning my name…… A beautiful ending of the story….. And you said right…..love is something that finds us….keep rocking like this dear…hope you come with another fantabulous story……. Much love to you….keep smiling dear

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Yeah will come back soon! ?

  5. Shukron for mentioning my name.
    Waiting for another ff of urs

    1. No problem! 🙂 Yep will come soon.

  6. Mahira that was again a lovely episode.. Thank you for mentioning my name. Come back with another ff and rock. Thank u so much for giving us wonderful ffs. Love u so much.

    1. Thank you dear! 🙂 Yep will try to come soon.

  7. That was such a happy and cute ending. Not dragging it at all. I just wished to read something after baby’s birth, like that father-child & mother-child bonding … But well all good things have an ending na? ?
    I just hope you write more stories like these and that you make us dream and imagine more and more ❤️
    Keep doing such a wonderful work. Will be waiting ?

    1. Thanks! ?

      Yeah, good things end on a hapt note. And I find this ending the best one. 🙂

      Yep will come soon.

  8. Lovely episode??
    Vidhani dance?? want to see in real ikrs too
    After the leap…everything is brilliantly shown
    Ending is marvellous??
    Loved it

    1. Yep, Arshdeep I too want to see their couple dance in IKRS. ?

      Ahh! thank you so much. I know, I too loved the ending very much. ?

  9. Talking about complete story

    There was not even a single episode…remember… NOT A SINGLE EPISODE..which did not fascinate me..or better to say US..all of us.. Agree na guys??

    The story…background music??…dresses.???…places… are all beautifully defined..!!

    The way they met…their phone conversations … SOMEONE..❤❤…Their meetings…and most importantly falling in love with each other at every sight???? was all sooooo beautiful..?????
    Brilliant..excellent work..!!

    We fans will always be thankful to you for this….!! ??
    This is truly above and beyond…??? I had no idea a ff could become so real to me?
    To be honest when you started you said it is a villain proof story full of only vidhanis scenes i became very excited but had no idea i would be involved in it to this extent.. At times you left us spellbound…??
    We are so fortunate to have you with us appi????
    You have set a high bar with this one..!! ?
    Wonderful and this is more than i expected..!! ???
    Phenomenal…remarkable…Magnificient…Spectacular..i can go on saying..but i will stop and say just one word(as madhuri dixit says in JDJ)

    It was PERFECT…!! ?????
    Loved it to the core?

    1. Love you lots appi…??????
      Pakistan zarur ayenge aapse or aahad jiju se milne??
      God bless you??
      Allah ka fazal ho?

      1. Aww! Bilkul! YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! I will come myself to the Airport! ?

        But it’s better I come there with Aahad. ? I hope, he make some damn good money so he can get his own private jet in future! ✈ So that, I can fly to your place at any time! ? What say?! ? Haha, doesn’t go much in taking advantage of your pilot fiance? no? ?

      2. So pilot jiju hmm???

        Good idea ??
        Come come i am waiting??

        Demands boht h vese apki???

    2. With this ff i got a lovely appi..?????
      Glad to know you??
      And yaa Will look forward to more?

      1. Aww! me too got a chance to get a genius younger sister like you! Love you more! ?

      2. ?????

    3. Thank you so very much! ❤

      You made me teary eyed with this so very special comment! ? I’m so glad and feeling proud right now.. you noticed and appreciated me for minor detailing. Thank you much for this! ??

      Thank goodness that I came up with your high expectations. ?

      Aww! That perfect of MD! ? You made me to imagine that she herself in my room.. sitting on my swing.. saying this to me.. with her enchanting smile! God! ??✨

      Can’t thank you enough for this love dear! Really, right now i’m blank! ?

      1. You deserve it appi???

  10. Thanks to remembering me . Today’s episode is tooo gud … Lovely .. Full of our cute vidhanni love……. Plzz start any new ff like this… I will wait for ur ff…….

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      I will try.

  11. Assalam – o – alaikum! Mahiraaaaa! ?

    First of all let me show my immense adoration for your Fanfic. ? I was following it from start. Got fortunate, Allhumdulillah! that day when you posted the intro. And after reading the title.. I was like gone in thoughts for a moment. I got so attracted with the title, spoke to myself.. ‘ I should give it a go ‘ I opened the folder and started reading. I found it so of my type. As you mentioned no Villains only Vidhaani moments and sweet simple love story. I was like Yuppie! first time tried to read a Fanfic and got the right thing in my plate!

    After reading the first episode, I was like Aww! she write so well! she very well knows, how to gather a fans eye! Exceptionally Amazing way of writing! I truly find it a simple yet beautiful writing!

    Enjoyed it thoroughly! Was imagining each and every line of it! Trust me, you really did very well!

    I could have commented before, but thought to write one on last episode. ? Jokes apart, I really want to thank you!! for this real treat! ❤

    Btw, we are country mates you know. ? Also from Pakistan. Another reason for this much affection you see. ?

    And yeah, from now on, will start to read other Fanfics too . ? But you got to come back soon! Please! ?

    And yeah, I was a silent reader till now. But will try to be active here. ?

    Love you loads! x


      Just like the Baloons Viplav used to decorate the backyard for Dhaani’s Bday! ? ?

      True Ishqholic Logo! ❤ I’m loving this site! ?

      1. Haha.. yeah, red & white balloons! ?

    2. Aww! So glad that you liked it! ?

      And happy you finally commented! ? Btw, what’s your name?

    3. Walaikum Assalam! ?

  12. Mahira i agree with arshdeep the day u started n said no villain it was super exciting ?now i have read last part thrice n feel like reading more n more. It is such that one gets engrossed in it n doesn’t want to come back. Really feeling sad as had thought that would get to read more vidhàni scenes post marriage ??Good that u added the baby part . Would had been great if could also read babts birth n all rituals. Understand that u had decided to oen it off but i am sure that soon u would come with a similar treat??god bless u. Love u. Take care n ofcourse gonna miss u.

    1. Thank you ao much! ?

      Haha.. had save some Vidhaani moments for the next story. ?

  13. Mahira aapke likhne ka behtrareen , umda andaaj kuch aisa hai ki tarif bayan karne ke liye lafz nahi mil rahe. Khuda ki rehmat aap per barasti rahe.

    1. Thank you! Gor praising me with such beautiful words. ? I’m gonna miss this Urdu praising! A lot! ?

  14. thank you Mahira ji for mentioning my name n thanks again for the lovely ff.I enjoyed every episode especially SOMEONE conversations was my fav episode?
    this episode as usual awesome n happy wala ending.
    come back soon with your lovely ff till then take care. ???

    1. Thank you! ? Yeah, will come soon! 🙂

  15. hey mahira di i’m very happy that i got a chance to read such a beautiful story 🙂 🙂 looking forward for another one 🙂 🙂 and i’m feeling very lucky because you added me to ur friend’s list 🙂 🙂 kyunki main toh abhi abhi yahan aaya hoon aur aap logo ne mujhe itni jaldi apna liya 🙂 🙂 thanks to all 😉 😉

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

      Ahh! Don’t say thanks. I’m also new gere but still feels really good to be here amidst such loving people!

  16. superb episode di …keep it up …

    1. Thank you! ?

  17. but sad ..your ff is ended now …thank u for this wonderful experience with this ff … I read the all episodes now ..because I skipped some of them ….thank u di ..come back again with a new one

    1. Yep will come back again with a bang! ?

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