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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with Dhaani reaching an old house seeking for help.. She saws Viplav but in a wink of an eye he disappears.. She sees light coming out of a door.. she opens the door to the backyard..
let’s check what’s in the backyard ?

• Old house

As she opens the door to the backyard. She gets amazed on seeing a table for two under a beautifully decorated shed. As she was about to shout. Someone from the back comes and stops her by putting hand on her mouth. Dhaani’s eyes gets bigger. She turns. Viplav says, you are always ready to roar na? He removes his hand and asks her to don’t shout. Dhaani looks on surprisingly. Viplav checks his wrist watch. Dhaani gets angry, and she starts confronting him. What is it haan? Why are you checking your watch again again? what’s the matter?! Viplav stops her and pins her to the wall. Shhhh! Just two seconds! He switches on the button on the light board and shouts HAPPY BIRTHDAY DHAANI! He hugs her. Dhaani is deep shock of happiness. ( so you are, right? ? )

Viplav frees her and says, Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day! He pulls her cheek. Dhaani comes in her senses. And asks, my birthday? when? where? what is happening here!!!! Viplav smiles and turns her face to the backyard. She sees the whole area lighten, decorated with red & white balloons. And a stunning cut out of Dhaani holding a text bubble carrying ‘ Birthday Girl ‘. Dhaani adores the whole ambiance . She looks back at Viplav and hugs him tightly. Viplav smiles. He removes tears from her eyes and says, today is her special she should smile only not cry. Dhaani says, how did you know about my birth date? Viplav says, no more questions! first Birthday Girl will cut the special cake. Viplav forwards his hand, Dhaani gives her hand. Viplav takes her to the table and shows the customize cake with Vidhaani’s beautiful picture on it . Dhaani is about to say something, but Viplav asks to her to cut the cake first. Dhaani does the cake cutting. She gives a bite to Viplav and Viplav too makes her eat.

Viplav goes out from the shed and asks Dhaani if she liked the surprise. Dhaani also comes out, just then.. it starts to rain. Dhaani rushes into the shed and asks Viplav to come under the shed he’ll get ill. Viplav sees her lovingly. Dhaani calls Viplav come. Viplav kneels down and with his arms open wide in the rain, he asks Dhaani…

” Miss Dhaani Molhotra, Will You Be My Wife? ”

All other sound gets mute to Dhaani. She is on ninth cloud hearing this, but is unable to say anything by the sudden shock of a huge happiness.

Viplav says,

” I don’t know when did this happen and how. I only know that after meeting you I can’t imagine anything in my life without you. ILOVEYOU Dhanni! I repeat, I love you Dhaani ! Today only I realize, that day when I saw you for the very first time, I feel something .. some trigger or alarm.. right here.. here in my heart.. but I didn’t understand that day.. that, it was Love.. Love At First Sight.. Actually no! My love is Love at Every Sight. I want to grow older with you Dhaani. Will you be Mrs. Dhaani Viplav Tripathi? ”

He eyes her lovingly. Dhaani runs and clutches him tightly. She happily says, I love you too Viplav. I really really love you more than my own life. ( Ishq Ishq plays )

( There were hugs and tears as they united with two bodies but one soul. ❤ )

After some really touchy minutes, they came inside the house. Dhaani says, by the way, what was the need of this whole drama.. you made me spent my best moments of life in these night trousers , she gives an arrogant look. Viplav holds her close and says, so you are back in your ‘ I’m the Princess ‘ avatar.. he pulls her cheeks and says, trousers are not that bad and he leans closer to Dhaani. Dhaani frees herself and goes, oh hello! don’t get so happy okay. I’m still angry with you. She goes and sits on the sofa with an annoying gesture. Viplav smiles and jumps on to the sofa and folds arm around her neck. So, madam.. what’s bothering you? Dhaani says, first tell me.. how did you get to know about my Birthday and why you behaved so rudely with me after dinner? Viplav says, calm down girl , have patience. He tells in restaurant when you went to clean you dress.. A FB is shown,

” Viplav is sitting, he sees Dhaani’s phone ringing. He sees the name, it’s Rajlaxmi calling, Viplav smiles and thinks to take the call but then leave the idea. The phone rings again, this time Viplav takes the call. Before he could say anything, Rajlaxmi starts wishing Dhaani Happy Birthday.. she says, she is wishing her earlier because she’ll be going to Paris from tonight’s flight and won’t be able to wish. So is wishing before her Birthday. Before Viplav could tell .. the call gets disconnect. He put back Dhaani’s phone. ” FB ends..

Because of my motoo cousin, I got to know. And a thought came in my mind, to make your this birthday the most special one. That’s why I pretend to be harsh with you , just to add a little spice. Dhaani says, oh how sweet rajii wished me. Viplav says, wow! how sweet for her.. and what about all this? I did for you!? haaan!? He gets close to her and says. Don’t you think I deserve a tiny miny thank you kiss. Dhaani pushes her shyly, don’t think of it. My complains are not over yet. Viplav gives an irritated look. Dhaani says, where is your phone? someone called from your phone and told me about that blo*dy terrifying fake accident. Viplav laughs, oh that! he was just crossing the road I asked him to do little drama . Dhaani says, what if I get into a heart attack listening to that news. Viplav says, hey.. don’t say like this, never. Dhaani looks into his eyes. Viplav changes the topic, and before you ask me about this house, I’ll tell you . This is my friends house, he doesn’t live here.. so I just thought to do some quick arrangements near your house and it seems the perfect destination. Dhaani smiles and hugs him. Viplav holds her back. Viplav plays with Dhaani’s hairs, Dhaani blushes. ( While, Jeena Jeena Plays in Bg ) Viplav asks her for his return gift. Dhaani shies and says, you want gift… okay.. Dhaani gets close to him and asks him to close his eyes. Viplav gets happy and closes his eyes. Dhaani takes her mobile phone and kisses on Viplav’s cheek and takes a selfie. Viplav smiles and he kisses on Dhaani’s forehead. They spend some time there and then Viplav drops her back to her home.

PRECAP: No precap ya. ?

So, happy with this? ? They have finally confessed their love! ? What else do you need! ? Viplav proposed to Dhaani! ?
Now a Happy Ending episode is waiting for you all! ? Do catch it tomorrow! ?

Only 1 episode to go! Stay hooked! ✊

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Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Sad…
    It’s going to end…??????

    1. Aww don’t be. 🙂

  2. Mahira…. I am upset because you’re ending it… but come back soon with another superb story….. and this episode…. 🙂 gave me butterflies 🙂

    1. Thank you my dear. 🙂

      Yep I will try.

  3. Mahira it was the most rocking episode. Go on. But sad because u r ending it. But u have to come with another ff, okay?

    1. Thnak you! ?

      Ya, I will try..

  4. No comments today because I am speechless today… Your description, writing, everything was perfect just loved it to the core… Come back soon okay??

    1. Thank you Maria. 🙂

      Ya, will try.

  5. Hey Mahira.

    Cant believe it’s already coming to its end. I really enjoyed it so much. And ViDhaani’s confessions, in night dresses, was a nice one. ??❤️ Cant wait to read your next and last chapter though. Keep going on 🙂
    PS : i dont know if you read my last comment and would read this one, or even comment them, but yeah if you want to reply, send it via email. i would at least know what you want to say

    1. Thank you. 🙂

      I don’t remember if you have commented before. Also, I didn’t understand what you said about reply thingy. Take care. 🙂

  6. Mahira ji, so romantic n lovely episode loved it.

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  7. Do i have to say anything?????

    1. I have a lot to say actually??
      Okay so it was sooo romantic❤❤
      Did not expect her bday…but expected the proposing thing

      I read that line almost 4 times over n over again
      Miss Dhani Malhotra..will you be my wife?????

      Will keep few words for the last one??

      1. Thank you. ?

  8. Oh i reAd all episode ..but i didnt comment…. Ur ff is so so soooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooo nice…. I lub it…..

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

  9. So romantic and awesome episode very much loved it

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  10. Mahira really good and lovely episode. one more episode only left yes its really bad thing but OK I hope u will be back soon…….all the best my dear…..?

    1. Thank you dear. 🙂

      Yeah, will try.

  11. hey mahira loved your episodes!!

    1. Thank you Batool. 🙂

  12. Wah dhani sahiba kal tak tha khauf aur aaj hai khafa☺ VIPLAV KI IJHARE MOHABBAT! !! REHMATO KI RAAT HAI VIDHANI EK DUSRE ME SAMAYE OR DO BADAN EK RUH HO GAYE.
    JANAMDIN KI MUBARAKBAD DENE KA ISSE BEHTAREEN AUR NAYAAB intezaam??hum to apki ashiqui ke kayal ho gaye!!

    1. Or me aapki Urdu ki qayal ho gae janab! ?

      1. Guruji u have to teach me. ??

  13. Mahira dear it is awesome fabulous marvellous fantastic outstanding superb. .. ….. now am speechless. U r ending it?????

    1. Thank you Thank you! 🙂

  14. mahira di i think ur ff is more super than real show. because it is very boring with unnecessary dramas……no proper vidhaani scenes at all…….but ur ff its just mind blowing 🙂 😉

    1. Thank you. 🙂

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