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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with Dhaani sitting in her car thinking, how to confess her love to Viplav..
Let’s see if Dhaani does so ?


Viplav says, Thank you for making it today with me, it was nice catching up with you. Dhaani thinks, not just today Viplav.. I want to spend my whole life with you. Viplav taps on her shoulder asking where she is lost. Dhaani says, nothing.. don’t thanks, it was pleasing for me to be with you.. I mean the pleasure is all mine. So thank you! for making my night special, i’ll never forget this dat..d..d.. dinner. Viplav smiles and says. So, it’s a goodbye? Dhaani says, I just realized goodbyes are no more good amid us, she glares him and says, say we’ll meet soon? Viplav looks in her eyes for a moment but gives no answer to her. Dhaani’s eyes are waiting for his reply. Viplav sees his wrist watch and says, it’s already late.. I need to reach somewhere very important. Dhaani asks, anything serious? Viplav says, not your concern . Dhaani gets shocked on his reply. Viplav says, I mean, it’s something important.. and i’m already late.. It’s a long way, now I have to drive faster than usual. Saying so he moves to go without looking at Dhaani. Dhaani is hurt with his strange behavior, all of a sudden. She gets out of her car and goes to him. She holds his hand and asks why are you behaving like this? Viplav with a jerk frees his hand and gives an angry stare to her. Dhaani gets back a little. Viplav says, i’m sorry but i’m in a hurry.. i’m already late Dhaani. He sits in his car. Dhaani controls her tears from falling. She says fine.. Viplav starts his car and goes in high speed without listening to her . Dhaani eyes him going like this. Tears fall from her eyes. She sits in her car and goes.

• Dhaani’s Residence

Dhaani rushes to her room. She locks the door and lies on her bed. She cries badly. She says, I just realized that he is the man, who made me feel special, like a princess. He is the one, who saved me , and consoled me, whenever I was broken. I love him! but what just he did! She cries. She thinks something and removes her tears. She says, now i’m overreacting. He didn’t do anything wrong, he said na.. he has some important work. Cheer up Dhaani. She goes to freshen up herself.

Dhaani comes out from bathroom wearing lose t-shirt and her night trousers . She sits in front of mirror and blow dries her hair. She recalls all the happy moments spent with Viplav. She lies on her bed and picks up her phone. She checks her inbox, see sees her conversation with Viplav. She reads it and smiles. She reads that message of Viplav when he told her that, she forgot to wish him a safe drive. She stops and says, I didn’t get the time to wish him tonight as he was in a rush. She sees the time ( 11:00 PM ) . She thinks to message him where is he. But then leaves the idea thinking he must be busy that’s why didn’t messaged me himself. She switches off the lights and tries to sleep. But is unable. She gets up and drinks water. She checks the time ( 11:45 PM ). She checks her mobile phone again if Viplav has contacted her but in vain. She sits for a while. She says, enough! I’m gonna call him myself. So what if he is busy at least, he should have messaged me if not call. Saying so, she takes her phone. Just then, her phone rings. It’s Viplav’s number. She takes the call quickly and shouts on him without listening. She then stops on hearing someone else is voice. She asks who is this? where is Viplav? A man says, Madam.. i’m Bihari, I was walking on the road when a car passed by me in high speed, and in a wink of an eye the car crashed to the tree in front of me. I rushed to the the driver side and found a man bleeding. I took his phone and dialed the first number. Madam, the man is unconscious. Dhaani gets shell shocked. But she controls her tears. She asks the man, where they are exactly. Man tells her about the area. Dhaani says, it’s so near to my place she takes her shall on her shoulders and hurries out. Man tells her that he has already called ambulance. Dhaani asks him not to disconnect the call and says i’m on my way. She sees her car, the tire is puncture. She controls herself and runs to Viplav. ( Chan Sy Jo Totay Koe Sapna plays )

Dhaani reaches at the place man told her. Dhaani sees her phone, the call was disconnected . She shouts vigorously, Viplav! Is anyone here! She eyes everywhere around, but doesn’t find Viplav’s car. No one is there. She tries Viplav’s number, she gets shocked on hearing his number is switched off. She sees an old house near. She goes near and shouts asking if anyone is here. She goes inside. It is dark in the house. She again asks is anyone here. Someone taps on her shoulder from back. She turns and shouts Aaaaaa!! Bhoooooot!! Bhooooot!! ( Bhoot as in Ghost ? ). Dhaani closes her eyes. She opens her eyes on hearing someone’s laughter. She sees the ghost removing her head ( eventually, the ghost’s mask ? ) . She goes near him and is upset on seeing Viplav. Viplav laughs out loud… hahaha bhooot .. bhooot.. look at your face.. Dhaani stares him. She finally breaks her silence and pushes him back. How dare you haan? Do you have any idea how much I got worried! someone called me from your number saying your car has met with an accident. She sits on the floor, and tears she were holding all this while, burst out. She says, if something had happened to you?! She lifts her head up. She stands up and looks around and calls out Viplav’s name. But finds no one around. She says, was I dreaming? but how is it possible? he was right here. She looks around. She walks to the light coming out from a door. She opens the door, and steps in to the backyard of the house. Screen freezes on Dhaani’s shocked face.

PRECAP: No precap! ( Just wait and read! ? )

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Credit to: Mahira

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    1. Thank you. 🙂

  1. Awwwww…. the ending makes me very angry at you..??

    Okay still i will control myself??

    So coming to the episode it was again a mindblowing episode??
    But a short one ??

    Humari marathon dhani?? hehehe rocked it
    Hopefully there is going to be big surprise for her..?? Loving this entirely new way of confession??

    1. Awww!! Still angry!! ???

      Haha..short one. ? Bohat achay! ? Meri likh likh k halat kharab ho gae woh kuch nahi. ?

      Yep! Inspired by Milkha Singh! ? Lol. This scene was just like, when Viplav got stabbed and Dhaani was running in search of him. ?

      That’s why I didn’t give the precap. But still you are making guess quite similar… ? why so genius! ?

      1. Hehe i am soo genius i know????

        Koi ni hume khush krne ke liye aap likhte rhe??

  2. Wow Mahira appi I love you more than your ff because you are writing it… Omg can’t live without the precap..??? how can you write so awesome yaar… You are superb amazing.. Love you so much appi ??

    1. Aww! Love you too sisi!! ? And thank you for appreciation! ?

      I want to give surprise na.. that’s why no precap, chill! ?

  3. Mahira bahut umda ???is pure wakiya me viplav miya kuch ajab tarike se pesh aye.??jaròor kuch gehra raj hai. Dhani to ab apni mohabbat jahir karne ka mauka dekh rahi hai per miya to fauran kafoor ho gaye. Huzòor ek pal to ruk jate?apko ilm nahi ki mohtarma ijhar karne ki firak me hai. Apke phone se der rat koi gair agar unko phone karke apke bare me kuch bura jikr karega to vo to sadme me aa jayeingi . Woh bhi is kadr ki bhaag kar aap ki salamti ki dua karte pahunchegi per apne unko hairat me kyo dala??ALLATALA sab sahi hona chaiye

    1. Ufffhh!! ? That line you wrote; bhaag kar slamti ki dua kr rahi thi!! Is superb!!! ❤❤❤

      And yeah, everything will be fine. ?

      1. Thks dear. Also if i write something inappropriate due to ignorance then pl forgive.

  4. Mahira a rocking episode. But two questions r roaming in my mind. One is why was Viplav in a hurry? And why was Dhaani shocked? It’s a big suspense. Can’t wait for tomorrow. And also u didn’t give a precap.

    1. Thank you! ?

      Yeah, a good Suspense! ❤

  5. Mahira….go on yaar…but Viplav ko kuch hone mat dena….. waiting for next one….. 🙂

    1. Thank you dear! 🙂

      How can I harm him! ? He’s the reason.. i’m writing a story like this.. for the first time. ?

  6. Awesome and superb episode mahira. Keep it up. I am a very big fan of your ff. Love u so much

    1. Aww! Thank you so much! ?
      Love you too!

  7. So cute Mahira m excited for the upcoming episodes

    1. Thank you!! ?

  8. I love ur ff

    1. Thank you dear! 🙂

  9. Mahira ji, it’s superb episode…..No precap? only suspence…more interesting. I think vidhani will dancing in Gerua song right ??

    1. Thank you. 🙂

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  11. mahira di loved ur episodes and the songs u used in it………..bol do na zara…….chan se jo toote……..

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