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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with Viplav holding Dhaani in his arms, rose petals are showering on them, Both are lost in each other’s eyes..
Let’s check them cuties ? .. ?

• Restaurant

Viplav slowly lifts her up. He asks her is she okay. Dhaani nods. Viplav signals her that a petal is stuck in her hair. She tries but Viplav comes near and removes the petal. Dhaani eyes him lovingly. ( Dheere Dheere Sey Instrumental Plays ) Dhaani sees the beautiful decor and appreciates him. As she notices they are alone in the whole hall. She asks Viplav. Viplav gestures as he doesn’t know. Dhaani says, you have booked this for just two of us! Viplav smiles. Dhaani hugs him in excitement . Viplav asks her is she alright? Dhaani realizes and breaks the hug. She shies. Viplav says, so you like the decor? Dhaani happily answers, I love it! Viplav leads the way to their table. He pulls chair for Dhaani. Dhaani praises his choice, as he did such a beautiful decorations. Viplav says in his mind, I know my choice is the BEST. He sees Dhaani with love.

Waiter comes to them. Viplav asks Dhaani to order. Dhaani says, no you order your favorite.. He says no you do. Waiter sees them and says in a happening tone, ‘Sir, You order for Ma’am and Ma’am you order for Sir. ‘ Viplav smiles, that’s a really good idea. Waiter takes their meal order and leaves.

Viplav sees Dhaani and smiles. Dhaani asks what? Viplav says nothing.. Dhaani smiles. She says, come on.. say something.. the whole situation is getting odd. Why are we just staring each other. Viplav says, I don’t know what to say. Dhaani says, ufffh! boys are so Lalluzz! ( dumb , stupid ) Viplav gets furious and says, oh really! like girls are Einstein. Dhaani laughs yes! Viplav says huuh! give me a break. Dhaani smiles at him and says, anger makes you more cute Viplav. Viplav eyes her. Dhaani gets shy. She says, okay leave I’ll start. She ask him, if he remember that day when she asked him that he believes in love..and there discussion was remained incomplete . Viplav says yes. Dhaani says, so, here we are.. to complete our love story today.. Viplav coughs. Dhaani corrects that she meant, to complete his remaining story about love. Viplav smiles and says no problem. Dhaani smiles awkwardly.

Viplav says , you asked me that If I believe in love at first sight? Dhaani nods yes. Viplav says yes.. actually not really.. Love is which comes from your heart.. It happens without asking your permission or your allowance. Dhaani gets touched and looks in his eyes. He further tells. I believe in first sight love.. but in my piece of mind, the term is slightly change. What I feel is true love is that, which blossoms all over again whenever, you are with that person you love. So basically, I believe in Love At Every Sight. Whenever you see that someone special, a new spring of happiness blows and makes you feel like the most special, most luckiest and most happiest person. Dhaani is magnetize by his captivating words. Viplav moves his hands in front of her eyes. Dhaani comes out from her thoughts. Viplav says so? Dhaani says, amazing.. really.. I mean.. even though, you are a guy, but your thoughts about love are so touching! Would you mind me asking if? Viplav smiles, feel free to ask Dhaani. She smiles and says I know I’m being a little personal here but It’s alright if you don’t want to answer it. Viplav says, come on say? Dhaani asks, If he has ever fallen for someone.. so Seriously?

‘ Sir your meal ‘ , Waiter places their palates. Dhaani gets embarrassed and murmurs , what a perfect timing Dhaani! Viplav sees her like this and smiles. He says (inner voice ) Yes, I think Dhaani, I have fallen.. badly in someone’s love. I don’t know when and where it happened but yes I’m in love. Waiter goes asking them to enjoy the meal . Dhaani gives him a broad smile and starts having food.. in order to avoid Viplav’s smiling eyes looking at her. Viplav understands, he also starts to eat without saying anything. Both stay quite while having food. ( Bol Do Na Zara Plays in Bg )

Waiter comes and serves drink. He accidentally hits the glass of juice on Dhaani’s side. The glass falls from the table and is about to crash on Dhaani’s foot but Viplav holds it in nick of the time. Viplav put it back on the table. Dhaani asks him worriedly if he got hurt and what was the need to pop up in between. Viplav asks her to relax. Waiter apologies to Dhaani. Dhaani tells him it’s fine. Waiter goes. Dhaani says i’ll just come from the washroom as her dress got spoiled, she goes.

In washroom, Dhaani cleans her dress. She looks into the mirror and Viplav saving her from the glass scene flashes in her mind which results to a beautiful smile on her face . She says, Dhaani are you in?? What! Seriously! Am I really getting fond of him! but how?! When did this happen?! Am I really in Love? she thinks for a while then closes her eyes. She sees Viplav’s smiling face with her eyes close. She opens her eyes and says with a smile. I love him. I really love him. OMG! She gets shy on realizing that, she is in love with no other but the man who did so much for her, it’s Viplav.

Dhaani comes out of the washroom. Viplav tells her that he had already paid the bill. We can leave now. Dhaani takes her phone from the table, Viplav looks at her phone and smiles. They went out. Dhaani thanks him for the dinner and gestures to hug him but stops. Viplav smiles seeing this and hugs her. Dhaani gets happy. ( Ishq Ishq Plays ) Viplav opens car door for her. Dhaani smiles and thinks, how to say this to him, I need to find a good way as soon as possible. She sits in. Screen freezes here.

PRECAP: Viplav shouts at Dhaani. Dhaani cries in her room recalling Viplav’s rude behavior. Dhaani gets Viplav’s call..she is shocked on hearing Viplav is injured as his car met with an accident. ( OMG! Viplav! ? )

First time ever! ? I gave a long precap and almost disclosed the whole episode. Lol. ?
Anyways, enjoy with the precap. ? Let me tell you it’s the last precap of this fan fiction. ☝ From now on, no precaps! ?

And.. And.. And.. besides the lame jokes, I want to make an announcement. So here it is! ” The countdown of Last Three Episode begins! ? Cheers! ? ”

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Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Three more episodes,i can’t believe Mahira,how many beautiful moments of vidhani u gave.u are just awesome.if u wrap up this come soon with another one.
    I am not afraid of precap bcz nothing will happend to our super cute hero,after all he is the hero na.pls update next part soon yaar.

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

      Yeah, precap is scary but let’s see what happens next.

  2. Very nice… precap is scary

    1. Thank you Amy! 🙂

      Wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  3. loved that romantic dating n whole episode is too good n precap is scary

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Keep supporting!

  4. Mahira great ff but shocking precap

    1. Thank you! Stay tuned. 🙂

  5. Amazing mahira… But precap is damn scary……

    1. Thank you dear. 🙂

      Don’t get much scare. ?

  6. Mahira scary precap yaar, but I know everything will be fine again, please yaar don’t end it I am very angry with you you are not listening, I will not tell anything about today’s episode… You made me upset on my birthday… ???

    1. Yaar.. don’t get angry with me. ??

      And, please share your thoughts about today’s episode! ? You are one of the regular and cute commentator. ❤

      1. Lol! Just read my comment up there ⬆I meant, commenter. ?

      2. OK I can’t control myself I can’t be angry for a long time… Now coming to the episode…
        As usual awesome omg the date when she falls in his arms, the petals falling on them… Their realization wow loved it thoroughly can’t believe and don’t want to believe that only 3 more are left, okay fine you have decided to end it but one request please accept it give me as my birthday gift, make the remaining 3 episodes the longest of all, will you accept it please ???

      3. Yaar, thaank you. ? I think thry are not short. ?

    2. Don’t get upset. ? I tell you what, I was writing more but in past few episodes fue to less or I may say no response. I thought to cut off. And in anger I removed a set of four prepared episodes. ? I edited the 17th episode and made it last one. ?

      Sorry for disappointing your sentiments. But really, I was very disturbed with such low response. And just then, the devil made it to my brain.. asking me not to drag story .. no use of showing leads romance.. just end it. My mistake, i’m very bad at anger. Sorry.

      1. Yeh apne kya kia??????????????????????????

      2. Extremely sorry!! ??

        I can’t hold back my anger! ?

      3. ????

    3. Btw, it’s Mahira Appi here! You forgot?! ?

      1. Oh sorry next time SE yaad rakhungi.. Mahira appi

  7. Brilliant appi..!!????
    The date was outstanding..!! Well described..??

    Better you dont give us precaps??

    1. Thanks. 🙂

      You are taunting your appi? Haww! ?

      1. Hehe yeah ??

      2. Very bad! ?

      3. Sorry?

  8. Mahira it was too good. But precap is very scary. Arey don’t end it so soon yaar. I will miss so good ff.

    1. Thank you! ? Aww! Don’t be sad, just enjoy it! ?

  9. Wah viplav miya apne dhani sahiba se tanhai me milne ka bakhoob intejam kiya gulab ki pankhuri barsane par to mano jannat ka ehsas ho raha tha. Apne rubaro hogar nigahe milake lafjo se na sahi per isharo se apne pyar ka ijhar to kar diya. Apko abhi ilm nahi hai ki unhone bhi apka ishq kabool farmaya hai lekin man me . Jab man ne kabula hai to jaban pe bhi ho hi jayega . (Itminan se ) ?

    1. Wah wah!! Mujhy lag raha tha k me koe novel parh rae hun! ? yep itminaan sey! ?

  10. Mahira first of all everyone loves yr writting a lot so please dare not think of ending due to less comments. Luv u ?

    1. You guys are shaking my plans. ?

      But this story will end. ? I’ll try hard to come soon with the new one. ?

      Love you more! ?

      1. Can u please re write one or two episodes which you have cut??

        complete it with 19 episodes..paka.. Lucky no.

      2. Actually, yaar if I add them again.. then I will have to think about the end.. ? It will again get long. ?

        Cum’n guys! I said na I will again. For now just enjoy this! ? Please everyone.

        Aap saray esy bol rahen hen, mujhy lag raha h mujhy curse kar rahy ho story end karny pe. ?

      3. Okay okay sorry appi
        Will enjoy it??

        Do come back

        And where is next episode??

  11. Mahira did i write cirrectly as i know many words would be wrongly used.

    1. No no.. perfectly! ? I’m really speechless, how can someone just grasp words from tv and use it so well! ?

  12. Longing to see you with yr AAHAD.

    1. Aww. ❤

  13. Awesome episode mahira and you are doing fab job and come back with new story…….lovely ff…….keep rocking…… All the best…..?

    1. Thank you verh much! ❤

    2. Hi ka…aaáavya
      i luv yr writing too along with mahira’s when r u coming back.?

      1. Yeah me too! ?

        My girl is a lair was the best story I’ve ever read! So emotional, so real! ?

      2. Oh renu dear me too like writing story but I can’t make it for next two month but I am keep trying to come back and definitely I come back for u and saran…….so wait little bit long k thank u renu for your love and support….??

  14. superb episode mahira di …I did not comment in previous episodes .. ..but read every episode ..sorry for not commenting …but who told your ff has less comments …your ff and my ff have highest comments ..always more than 30 …don’t end due to less comments …
    thank u and keep writing best di …

    1. Thank you Avijit, right? Your name.. ?
      No problem at all! 🙂

      Haha.. I know after saying so, the comments are getting more. ? Wish I would have demanded it in the first episode. Lol. ?

  15. mahira di i can’t tell u how much i’m happy after reading this epi but precap seems to be horrible but no problem

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