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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with Viplav and Dhaani both reaching their places..
let’s check our Viplav ?

• Viplav’s Residence

Viplav reaches home. He lies on his bed and smiles thinking about Dhaani. He picks up his phone and types a message to Dhaani.

” Sorry to disturb you at this time. But something is bothering me. ”

**He sends the message and waits for the reply. His phone beeps and he immediately checks Dhaani’s message. Message reads;

” It’s alright, no problem. Say? what’s bothering you? ”

**Viplav gets happy that she is still awake and answering him. He types the message.

” You are still awake! Anyways, The thing is, I was driving back home, late night. But SOMEONE ( Remember, in this whole conversation SOMEONE is Dhaani ? ) didn’t feel the need to wish me a safe drive or a good night . Although that SOMEONE always wishes me but don’t know how my wish got skipped tonight . ? ”

**Viplav waits for her answer . He gets reply by Dhaani, written;

” SOMEONE’s big fault! how can that SOMEONE forgot this! Ridiculous. That SOMEONE is feeling sorry for this. Hope you’ll understand. That SOMEONE was feeling very special at that time and was very happy to see a person dancing in the middle of the road. ”

**Viplav shouts, No!!! she saw me dancing! Viplav you are such an idiot! He smiles and types;

” No need of sorry. That SOMEONE’s smile is enough for me. And, that wasn’t a dance that person was doing warm up only, quite embarrassing though. ”

**He sends the message and gets an instant reply;

” But I Loved that SOMEONE’s warm up dance. Anyways, you know what, super heroes also need a sleep. So Good Night SOMEONE’s Super Hero! ❤ ”

**He gets happy on reading.. Good Night SOMEONE’s Super Hero! ❤.. Viplav smiles and replies her;

” Don’t forget about the Princess’s Beauty Sleep, Sweet dreams! ✨ ”

**Viplav receives instant reply;

” Hmm. Good Night.. Viplav 🙂 ”

**Viplav smiles and types his last message;

” Good Night.. Dhaani 🙂 ”

Viplav smiles thinking about Dhaani. He says, tomorrow is a big day Viplav! Sleep well! And he falls asleep.. thinking about Dhaani.

It’s morning. Viplav is in his sweet dreams. Kanak comes in his room and asks him to wake up , they are waiting for him on the breakfast table. Viplav says okay Maa coming. Kanak goes thinking, this is a miracle, he woke up in my first attempt. He never does so.. anyways, it’s a good thing.

Viplav comes for the breakfast. Dadaji tells him that he needs his help in some office work, he better not go anywhere in the evening. Viplav gets tensed. He thinks, but today I have meeting with Dhaani. Kanak reminds babo ji about the anniversary party of their family friend which is in evening. Dada ji thinks for a moment and then says, yes.. I forgot. He says to Viplav that we will do office work tomorrow. Viplav gets super happy. Kanak says, Viplav you have changed in one night. Food gets stuck in Viplav’s throat. Kanak gives him water and asks what happened. Viplav says , nothing Maa. Kanak says, today you woke on my one call. Dada ji says oho! good change and laughs. Viplav gets relieved that Maa is only saying about this. He says, yes Maa.. I have some work today. That’s why woke up early. Kanak smiles.

Here in Viplav’s room. He is all set to go. And as usual he is looking cool in formal T-shirt with black leather jacket and Blue jeans. He calls someone and asks if everything is ready, he says perfect i’m coming. He sees himself in the mirror and says. Viplav Tripathi, are you ready? for your first date. He smiles and then takes his car keys and leaves.

• Dhaani’s Residence

Here our princess, Dhaani is getting ready for the date. She thinks, I know I was overjoyed when he asked me about the date, but Dhaani don’t show him that you were dying to have a date with him. She asks to herself, why i’m blushing so much! Oh God! she hides her face with her hands. She gets ready wearing a formal outfit. ( Short Frock of Tea Pink color with a three – forth black jeans ) She picks her bag and leaves in her car.

• Restaurant

Dhaani parks her car. She says, be normal Dhaani, control your butterflies of the stomach. She then, walks in the restaurant . As she enters the hall. She gets a shock on seeing darkness, there is not a single light in the restaurant . She calls, hello.. is anyone here?? But no answer. She wonders, what is this. She forwards a few steps and accidentally triggers a tied thread, but gets tripped and ends up in falling someone’s arms. ( you guessed it right ? )

Dhaani’s eyes are closed. She opens her eyes slowly. The hall gets lighten up with white lights only. Viplav removes hair strands from her face. Dhaani sees Viplav holding her, she gets happy. They share an eyelock. ( Ishq Ishq plays ) And more to this delightful sight, all of a sudden. Red & White petals of rose shower on them. Screen freezes here.

PRECAP: Viplav & Dhaani realize that, “THEY ARE IN LOVE.” ? ( Wait! but with whom!? ? )

Lol! sorry again for a stupid precap! ? but i’m super sure you will enjoy tomorrow’s Love Ka Realization Special episode! ? hehuhahaha! ? ( sorry excitement me pta nahi kya kya likh rahi hun.. as if love story Viplav & Dhaani ki nahi meri ho! Aghh! ? I’m damn stupid! ? )

Till then, watch IKRS daily! ✌

Credit to: Mahira

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  1. My daily dose is here??
    Let me read hmm??

    1. Omg so read it now??

      Wait.. Wait..
      I am speechless..!!????

      Okay so coming into senses.. ???
      Was it just an episode or something real??????

      I can feel it..i can dream it.. ?? Am i mad or what ?? ?

      That someone conversation was just awesome..❤❤..well described..!!??
      Dhani entry to restraunt and her falling and then viplav holding and petals falling over them awwww…!!!?????

      I am speaking a lot in excitement..??
      Again have to wait till tomorrow for love realisation but i dont know how will i describe it.. For me this one was best??
      That would be more than best i think..??

      I am still feeling butterflies in my stomach.. Hahaha..??
      Thank youuuu??

      1. OMG! Okay!! Right now i’m on cloud ninth!! Let me just come down!! ?

      2. Okay i’m back on my bed now. ? Safely landed.. huush! ?

        So, Arshdeep Madam! ? yaar, itni tareef nahi kiya karo! ? achanak sy itni khush ho jati hun, maar na jaon kahin.. apni shaddi sy pehly. ?

        Lol! Enough of PJs. ?

        Aaahhh!! You feel it!! you are mad then! You are like me!! ? I wrote this conversation as if like me and Aahad are conversing! ❤

        So glad that you liked the conversation, specially when I was in doubt that, don’t know you’ll guys feel or understand it.. as it is a bit different. ?

        Haha.. yeah, Viplav will never miss any chance! ?

        Love you !! ?

      3. Hehehe apko toh kuch nhi hone denge… warna hmari daily dose kon dega..??

        Okay so ….MAHIRA❤AAHAD….
        Lovely names…must be lovely couple???
        God bless you both??

        Love you too appi????

      4. Haha.. thank you!! ??

        Four episodes hen bus ab !! ?

      5. Koi na
        Itni jaldi chodenge nhi hum sab apko
        2..3.. or ffs likhwayenge abhi toh??

      6. Nahi bhae! Maafi!! Bohat patience chahye fan fiction k lye.. jo k mujhy me nahi h. ?

        Yeah, but I will come up with some short stories. I have some ideas. ? Will start to write soon. ?

      7. I read the first line and i was like noooo you will have to write..

        Then i read the last one and i was like husshh..thank god.. She already has some ideas 😀

        No problem i will satisfy myself with short stories only 🙂 🙂

    2. Haha.. Aww! ? Yeah, I have thought of a main plot and about the characters! Will start to write soon!

  2. This is interesting awe great. I really love it. Hats off and keep going.

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂

  3. *and* not awe

  4. Mahira what should I say yaar, I was having butterflies in my stomach while reading the whole episode… OMG wowoowoww so awesome lovely beautiful, can’t praise sorry no words to praise falling short of words.. I am seriously so very jealous of you…. That scene when Dhaani falls in viplav’s arms aaawwwwwww!! ??? your ff is my daily treat my breakfast lunch and dinner love you so so so much… ??

    1. Haha.. thanks a lot!! ? Itni tareef digest nahi ho rahi mujhy sy! Aj lunch kesy karon gi! ??

      1. Are apka lunch ham kha lenge pass kardo ? lekin ap bhi apna lunch kar Lena meri bato pe dhyaan mat do? love you yaar you are so sweet can I also call you appi just like my younger brother calls me please??

      2. Ary yaar, most welcome! ?

        You know what, I tried my mum’s special Chicken Biryani for the first time. I made it! And Allhumdulillah! It was yummiest!! ?? not more then mummy! ?

      3. Wow chicken biryani yummm my favorite send it here also!! ?

      4. Ab tw kha bhi li. ?

      5. Kya yaar bachaya bhi nahi meri to flight bhi book ho gayi thi vaha ane ki??

      6. Ary aa jao! Me abhi bna leti hun dobara! ? Aapki Birthday Treat! ?

    2. Aww! You made me emotional! ?? Of course you can Maria!! ??

      Btw, my younger bruh calls me bajjo ( baj-jo ) ❤ Although he teases me, by calling MJo. ?

      1. It’s OK dear younger brothers are like this only?

      2. Yep. ?

  5. OMG! Mahira ji aapko bahoot bahoot shukriya aapne itni achchi love story likha apke SOMEONE msg ne toh meri SOMEONE ko yaad diladiya. yaad k maare ro pade :-P:-)

    1. Thnak you! ?

      Aww, don’t cry. ? Aap bhi message karlen apney SOMEONE ko. ??

  6. And eagerly waiting for the next episode.. I want you to break your rule and post the next one today itself plsss plss. I hope you fulfill my request okay?? Pls pls???

    1. Aww, Maria thora sa wait karlen. ? Please. ?

      And if you are very eager, then come here.. Kaan ? me btaa deti hun story agay ki. ?

      1. Haa batao Na please ? ye lo mere kaan ab jaldi sunao!!

      2. Awaaaz aii? Meney pori story bta di! ?

      3. Oh no yaar kaan me earphones the ab kal tak ka wait karna padega??

      4. Lol. Wait for today’s episode. ?

    2. I too wanted that maria??
      But only 4 episodes are left?
      So i would love appi to carry it on to 4 more days??

      1. Yep Arshdeep. 🙂 I too want to give four blasting episodes in next four days! ?

      2. Its OK dear we will wait for it eagerly because you are so lovely suspense writer!!

      3. Very excited..?????

    3. Haha.. thank you girls!! ?

  7. Very nice …your precap is so funny..cant stop smiling after read your precap.

    1. Thank you Amy! ?

      That’s really sweet of you! But actually very bad in Precap writing. Probably, I’m very selfish.. ? I want to make sure that , the readers don’t get to know what exactly the next episode is about. Suspense! ?

  8. wow fantabulous….can’t wait for next episodes……

    1. Thank you Batool! 🙂

  9. SOMEONE here is writing fantastic ff…and giving us wonderful episodes ….. go on Mahira

    1. Thank you so much dear! ❤

  10. Hi mahira again a awesome episode. I also go with arshdeep and Maria I was also feeling butterflies in my stomach. U people are killing us by giving such wonderful and awesome ffs. Please post next episode soon.

    1. Thank you much dear! 🙂

      Keep supporting like this!

  11. Aag hai dono taraf lagi barsbar kuch ham tanha kuch wo bekrar. ??tabhi to ek dusre ko phone ke jariye paigam bheje ja rahe hai. Miyan aap to mohtarma se milne ke khyaal se hi josh me aa gaye ki ammijaan or babajani bhi hairat me hai ??☺ab jo milne ka jajba aisa hai to milne ke bad to kayanat aajsyeegi???????mahira apa apne vidhàni ke darmiyan ke lamhe bahut najakat se pesh kiye hai.thks for bearing me but u have written fabulous ??✌✌????khuda hafiz.

    1. Bohat Khoob!! ? Renuuuuu MashaAllah! Your Urdu is so good! ?

      1. Thks mahira i dont know i just grasp the words from tv

      2. You are such a good Lerner! 🙂

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  13. Mahira again ur episode rocked. I was very busy two days so couldn’t comment. So sorry for it. But today’s episode made my day. Let’s see the next episode.

    1. Thank you so much doll!! ?? no need to say sorry! ?

  14. mahira u r too good and sorry for the late post

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