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Episode starts with Vidhaani saying the same thing..
let’s read their conversation ahead ?

• Party Venue

Viplav says, wait. You said the same thing, what I said. But how is this possible. Dhaani clutches his hand and says, we need to sort this out and looks into his eyes. Viplav says yes. Dhaani says, so you tell what happened. Viplav says, no..no..no ladies first. Dhaani takes a deep breath and says okay I will tell first. Viplav looks on.

She says, when my parents came back to home they asked me something.. She stops. Viplav says, asked what?? She says, they wanted to talk to your family.. about.. about.. Viplav completes her phrase by saying, about marriage? Dhaani gets stunned. She mumbles, how does he know this? Viplav asks her tell me? about marriage?? She nods. But how do you know?? Viplav takes the water glass and takes few sips. Dhaani gets worried thinking, what’s going on. Viplav sees her and burst out in laugh. Dhaani gets angry. Viplav says, come on Dhaani laugh. Dhaani gets up, fine then, I think my problem seems a joke to you. Viplav stops her by holding her hand. They both look at each other. ( Dheere Dheere Sey tune plays ) Viplav makes her sit. And tells her that the same thing happened with him also. Dhaani after a pause gives him a stare. Viplav asks now what? Dhaani says, then why didn’t you inform me about this. You should have talked to me once. Viplav smiles, you also didn’t tell. Dhaani says, because I felt, you would think wrong about me and she explains. Viplav also clears his line.

Dhaani and Viplav clears the misunderstanding. After a while. Dhaani comes in her form she thinks to pull his leg. She says. How could you Viplav, How! Viplav asks surprisingly what? She says, when Kanak aunty asked about me you said no directly! how rude! she shows fake anger on her face. Viplav understands this and thinks to prank her. He says, yeah.. so what. I mean.. I can’t marry someone like you. I mean look at you.. you are so not of my type. Dhaani gets furious! and shouts what! have you seen your face in the mirror! They both get into a sweet Fight.

Viplav says, enough .. enough. Why are we fighting. Dhaani says, because you told me that i’m not a good girl. Viplav laughs, I was just pulling your leg Dhaani. Dhaani laughs. They both spend a merry time.

Party gets over. Viplav accompanies Dhaani to the parking area. He asks to drop her but she shows him the car keys and says thanks. Viplav smiles. They both leave from there to their ways.

Dhaani is on her way. She gets happy thinking that, their families want them to marry. She says. What a coincidence is this, and moreover, we both haven’t answered to our families. Maybe, something else is written in our fate. That is why on doing so much effort I wasn’t able to say no to Mom & Daddy for Viplav. She blushes.

Dhaani sees some guys on motor bikes following her. She avoids and speeds up the car. But they circles Dhaani’s car. Dhaani stops her car and thinks to scold them. She gets out of her car and asks them to clear her path. One of the guy comes to Dhaani and eyes her badly. Dhaani gets a little worry she thinks to sit in her car. But the guy holds her hand tightly. Dhaani shouts in pain. Just then a car’s headlight lights Dhaani’s face. The guy who is holding Dhaani’s hand shouts, Are you mad! The headlights get off. The guy laughs evilly at Dhaani. Dhaani sees the car and shouts for help. A man gets down from the car.

His face isn’t clear because of the low lights on the road.

A guy gets down from the motorbike and jokes. What a heroic entry. Just like the movies. Now hero will beat the bad guys and will save the heroin. Everybody laughs.

The guy who came in the car says. Absolutely correct. He forwards a few steps. Dhaani sees his face and shouts happily Viplav! The motorbike guy says, new twist in the story.. they already know each other. It will be more fun now and they laugh again. Dhaani takes the advantage of the moment. She somehow, manages to free her hand and runs towards Viplav. She hugs him tightly. Viplav frees her asks her to sit in his car.

Viplav comes to the them in his ‘angry young man’ look. One of the guy shouts, attack. They all come close to Viplav to beat him. But Viplav beats them badly. They pleads to Viplav to let them go but Viplav is angry as they think to harm ‘her Dhaani’. Dhaani gets out from the car and stops Viplav. Viplav warns them not to do this thing again with Dhaani or any other girl. The guys vanishes from their , saying thank you sister for saving our life.

Dhaani asks Viplav if he got hurt. Viplav says no and asks her the same. Dhaani thanks him for saving her once again. Dhaani asks him what was he doing here? Viplav says, actually.. I.. was just .. Dhaani smiles and says you were following me, you knew it’s not safe for me to go alone at this time. That is why you were following me.. to protect me.. Viplav awkwardly smiles. Dhaani thanks him again. Then she goes and sits in her car. Viplav stands there and thinks something and runs towards her. She asks what? Viplav says, can we meet up tomorrow? at some dinner or something ? ( is actually asking for a date ❤ ) Dhaani doesn’t reply and starts her car. Viplav gets back thinking she doesn’t want to.. Dhaani necks out her head and says, tomorrow evening ‘ Royal Palace ‘ ( Restaurant Name ) . And she goes. Viplav gets happy and dances in the joy. Dhaani sees him from the rear view mirror and smiles thinking. When did he became this much to me, that his simple smile pacifies my all worries. She says. How can I say no to you Viplav and a smile comes on her face.

PRECAP: Vidhaani’s Text Messaging. ? ( Lol! dun forget about the date I mean the dinner. ?)

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Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Wow Mahira loved it yaar no words to describe pls don’t end it plsss… You know everyday I wait for your ff pls don’t en

    1. Thanks Maria! ?

      Yaar! ? I had written the climax! ? But don’t worry I will come up again n again with short stories! ?

    2. And yes Maria, I had followed your previous story too.. that time I was a silent reader but in the end I started commenting. I think you forgot. ?

      At that time there were only two Fan Fictions.. hate me / love me by you & my girl is a lair by pethu sri. I was following both stories! ? but commented in last few episodes.

      1. Thank you for following my story… I dont remember wheather you commented or not but thank u for that.. And come sooon with a new ff okay?

      2. yeah me tooo
        main bhi woh dono pehli padi thi
        usme se mujhe ek ff likhne ka prerana mili
        thanks a lot to maria and pethu sri bythe way where is she?
        i missed her a lot

      3. Yeah me too missing her! She writes amazingly! ?

      4. Yep Maria InshaAllah!

    3. And now following each n every story here! ? Each one is with unique and beautiful story! ? And I try to comment on every fan fiction. ?

  2. go on Mahira…. waiting for the date..

    1. Thank you! ?

  3. Woww it was amazing…full of love❤❤….beautifully written….??… i just ? it…!!

    I know i am not commenting sometimes..i am sorry for it..?
    But its just tooooo goooood??

    1. Thank you! ?

      Ahh! Don’t be! ? just keep reading and admiring Vidhaani! ?

  4. no way mahira i’m in love with ur ff…… <3
    but i'm really sad that u r ending it very soon
    plz after ending this come back with another soon

    1. Thanks laxmi! Means a lot to me! ?

      Don’t be sad dear! ? Enjoy the story and feel it! ?

      Yeah.. yeah I will come up with short stories! ? Itni asaani sy nahi choron gi subko! ?

  5. i like your ff gorgeous….keep it up!!

    1. Thank you Batool! ?

  6. Mahira now I m in love with u and ur ff. U write so amazingly. Plz post the next one soon dear. Anxiously waiting for it.

    1. Aww! Love you too doll! ?

  7. Vidhani ki guftgo umda thi. Aaj phir viplav ne dhani ki asmat to beaabro hone se bachaya thodi mushakkat to karni padi miya per hone wali begun sahiba ke jigra me ab aapke liye jagah ban gai hai apko mubarik. Hi mahira khuda aapko har bala se masroof rakhe. ??pl correct all wrong words used shuriya.

    1. First of all Thank-you so much for writing this! ? while reading I was literally smiling! ??

      You’ve written superbly! ? just two corrections; on the place of jigar you can use dil ( heart) .

      Secondly, Masroof means busy, engage. ? Instead of masroof you might be meaning Mehfooz which means protect. ☺

      On the whole it was perfect! ✨ Thank you so very much. I’m truly honored with your sweet gesture. ?

      1. So sweet of u mahira thks for the corrections

      2. No problem dear! 🙂 would be waiting for your more Urdu comments! ?

  8. Masha Allah, u blessed. This is an awesome episode, thanks for the treat and keep it up

    1. Thank you so much! Stay blessed. 🙂

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  10. Wow! Mahira, as usual superb really I loved it 🙂

    1. Thanks Nima!! ?

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