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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with Dhaani saying that she will say no to her parents for Viplav..
Let’s check what Viplav thinks about the marriage ?

• Viplav’s Residence

Viplav hits the basketball on the wall ( Viplav pareshan ho or basketball na ho, esaa kabhi ho sakta h ? ) as he recalls Kanak & Dada ji’s words about Dhaani. How can they think about Me & Dhaani together?! Ahhh! He sits on the bed. Yes I do lov.. he stops.. just .. like her.. but. It doesn’t matter what I think about her. Important is, what she thinks about me! She takes me as his friend only!! And my family is thinking to make a relationship with her! Oh God! What if I say yes, and my family take proposal to them? No, No Viplav! Your reputation will be screwed! She will think worng about me! Should I ask her? He picks up his phone. But what will I ask her! Damn!! Take a deep breath Viplav. Be a man! Fortunately, nothing went wrong. You can still save your reputation. So it’s final! I’ll say no to Maa. Yep this is the only way.

Next morning, Viplav gets ready for his college. Kanak serves him breakfast he takes it in a hurry and leaves for his college.

In evening Viplav is sitting in his room doing some work. Kanak knocks on his door. Viplav says, Oh Maa, come. Kanak sits beside Viplav. Kanak says, Viplav.. So.. what is your decision? Viplav gets worried and pretends. Which decision Maa? Viplav yesterday we asked you something, and you told us that you will give your final answer after sometime. Viplav, who earlier.. got himself ready to say no, gets tensed. He tries to say what he thought yesterday but couldn’t come up with words. And end up saying, Maa.. I need some more time to think. Hope you understand. Kanak smiles. It’s alright beta. She goes and Viplav hits his head in anger. What’s wrong with you Viplav! Why didn’t you say no! A simple no! Why you are getting so restless and feeling worried.. just go and say a simple no!

• Dhaani’s Residence

Dhaani comes home from her college. She goes to her room. After a while, she hears a knock on her door. She goes and opens it. Dulaari says, can I come in? Dhaani says, of course Mom. Actually I was doing some work that’s why I locked the door. They both sit. Dulaari asks, so.. what is your opinion about Viplav? Dhaani gets tensed. She tries to speak what she had decided but couldn’t. Dulaari again asks her. She says, Mom.. I think I need some more time.. Please?? Dulaari gets sad but says, no problem Dhaani, take your time. And she goes out. Dhaani throws the pillow and shouts. God! please help me!!! Don’t know what’s happening with me! I wanted to say no.. but my heart didn’t gave me permission. Why! She sits on the floor thinking.

——————–- A Week’s Leap -–——————

( In that whole week, Vidhaani didn’t do any contact with each other. Also, they haven’t answered both their respective families, about the same marriage question. )

• Party Venue

A guy is shown from the back , talking on his phone. ( Phone hai, tow obviously aap samjh hi gaey hongy k kon ho sakta h ? ) He turns, ( Dekhaa! wohi hai na?? ? Handsome! ? ) and he is none other than Viplav. He says, yes i’m in a party. He ends the call. Just when he is about to go, he feels a cool .. familiar breeze. He happily turns, thinking something.. But didn’t see anyone. Just then his eyes stops on a anklet lying on the floor. Viplav looks around and sees a girl going. He calls her but she goes. He picks up the anklet and thinks to follow that girl. Viplav goes to the corridor and sees her going in the ladies toilet. He calls her but she was already gone in. Viplav stands outside for a minute. He thinks, why i’m getting so desperate. He thinks to put the anklet on the bench outside the toilet and leave. Just then, he hears someone’s coming out of toilet. He turns to see. The girl lifts her head up. And Viplav gets surprised and says, Dhaani! ( Is moment pe tow Happy wala Dance banta h readers ?Ek episode I mean they are meeting after a whole week! ? ) Dhaani sees him and gets happy. But controls her emotions. Hey Viplav! What a pleasant surprise. Dhaani gestures to hug him but Viplav forwards his hand.. Dhaani gets back and forwards her hand but then Viplav comes closer and hugs her. Dhaani feels good and holds him too. Viplav says, how are you Dhaani! by the way you are looking gorgeous. Dhaani says, Thanks for the compliment Mr. Handsome! Viplav smiles. Dhaani asks him what is he doing outside ladies washroom. Viplav shows her the anklet. I found it on the floor.. I followed the girl, but before I could reach her she went in the washroom. Dhaani says, OMG! Viplav you are a Supper hero to me.. you always jumps in to help me.. like you did when that.. she stops, glare comes in her eyes. Viplav sees it and recalls that hotel incident. He says, wait.. is this anklet is your ? Dhaani speaks slowly, yes. Viplav hands her anklet. Dhaani says, come. They both walk to the hall and sit on a sofa.

They both are starring each other. They want to talk but can’t get the words. Dhaani then tries to tie her anklet. Viplav sees her having difficulty and smiles . He kneels down and forwards his hand, may I? Dhaani gets happy, but doesn’t show on her face. She gives him the anklet and says, Sure. Viplav opens her Sandal’s step and removes her sandal. As Dhaani feels his touch, a current flows in her body. Viplav ties the anklet. ( Jeeney Lagaa Hun Pehley Sey Zayada plays ) Dhaani is lost in Viplav. Viplav sits back on his place. Dhaani gets out of her dreams. Viplav says, it looks beautiful. Dhaani smiles and while wearing her sandal back she asks. So Where were you? long time no see. Viplav gets sad and recalls what happened in last week. He makes an excuse by saying, you were also disappeared? And they both stare each other for a moment. Dhaani thinks. Because, I was upset with what happened. She smiles and says. Oh, smart indeed. You threw a question instead of answering to my question. Tell me what’s the matter? Viplav says, maybe you also don’t want to answer my question that’s why asking me back. Dhaani says. Okay fine! We’ll say together! okay! Viplav thinks for a moment and then nods in acceptance. Dhaani counts 3 , 2 , 1 .. they both with their eyes closed speak together. ” Something happened, which was quite upsetting. ”

Both open their eyes with a jerk and says, What! Did you copy my words?

PRECAP: Viplav & Dhaani share the marriage issue. ( Guys get ready! they are finally getting in the feel of love! ? )

Remaining six episodes are full of love , fun & surprises!! So Stay Tuned! And do share your ideas about the next episode!

Till then, don’t miss IKRS! Watch daily! ✊

Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Mahira as usual it was a rocking episode. Keep it up dear!!!

    1. Thanks.

  2. Mahira as usual mindblowing eagerly waiting for the next part and sad that only 6 episodes are left..

    1. Thanks. ? Me tow bohat khush hun finally sakoon sey dosri fan fictions parhon gi, roz post karny ki tension khtam hogi. ?

  3. This was rocking Mahira….keep going 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dear!

  4. NO MAHIRA ITS CHEATING agar aise hi sab log apna ff khatham karegi toh hum bore ho jayenge
    by the way coming to ur epi its was awesome

    1. Thank you dear. ?

      Don’t be sad yaar. I can’t do anything as I had written the whole story before posting the intro. I wrote a series of seventeen episodes. So only six episodes are remaining in the queue.

    2. By the way, I was just thinking.. that, comments are decreasing day by day.. so was little sad. But anyways, no worries! ? I was thinking that tomorrow I will update all the remaining episodes.. so that the story gets finish. Just a thought. Don’t know if I will do so..

      1. Mahira don’t be sad about the comments dear, when I started my first ff I was also sad about comments but later I realised there are many silent readers also and many don’t comment because they are busy.. So don’t feel bad.. And you asked me Na when I am ending my ff? I am continuing it till 20 episodes. So basically only 6 episodes left… Same pinch…

      2. I know yaar! I never wanted many comments, but now seeing only three comments is nearly disappointing. ?

        Yeah, when that day, I asked you about the episodes. It was because.. me number of episodes sy andaza lagaana chah rahi thi k Dhaani ko kub realize hoga. Lol! Itnaa involve ho gae thi story me! ?

        No yaaar!! Please, make it a little longer!! Me apni khtam karny k bad araam sy enjoy karna chahti hun! ?

      3. Oh ya now days the comments are less previously I also got 10 to 12 comments now only 9 that too very slowly.

        And thank u so much for getting involved in the story.. She will realise soon. And I don’t want to drag the story otherwise it becomes boring. And my first ff also I completed in 20 episodes. Sorry for that but if more people say I will extend it to 25 not more…

      4. Yeah I remember. And that time there was no other fan fiction except yours and pethu sri’s. And you both ended it together! ?

        But please this time make it a little longer.

      5. Yes I know but did you read my first ff?

  5. Mahira I loved ur episode

    1. Thank you dear! I’m very glad that you are taking part in comment. Stay Blessed!

      1. *commenting

  6. Inshaallah nayaab . Beintaha khobsarat jise lafjo me bayan nahi kiya ja sakta . Àpke pesh karne ka andaj kuch àisa hai ki sab hakikat ki tarah najro bas jata hai. Sukoon ke liye shukriya mohtarma. Hi mahira pl dont laugh on my words as i am a fan of urdu but don’t know. ???

    1. Haha! OMG! I was reading.. I was like does she really writing it herself! ?

    2. But really nice Urdu dear! ?

      Mujhy khushi hai k apko merey likhny ka andaaz pasand aya.

      Haha.. by the way saakoon means peace. ? If really meant peace?

      1. *If you really meant peace?

    3. You wrote really well di
      I was continuously thinking what to commnt..could not get anything
      Loved your commnt

    1. Thank you Batool!

  7. Ya mahira hame sukoon ke mayana ki malummat hai aur ye tuta futa hamne hi likha hai kya aap hame shagird banaiyengi apa

    1. Tooti phooti nahi bohat umdaa ( superb ) likha hai aapny! Why not! ?

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  9. Mahira ji, hamesha ki tarah aaj ka episode v umda tha shukriya ji 🙂
    actually Mahira hume v urdu words n iski sound bahoot royal lagti hai kash hum v Renu ki tarah urdu me comments kar sakte 🙂

  10. hamari comment mein agar koe words galat ho to maafi chahenge

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