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A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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Episode starts with Vidhaani sleeping after a lovely talk.. it’s morning now..
Let’s meet our Dhaani first ?

• Dhaani’s Residence

Next morning, Dhaani wakes up and goes to take a shower. She goes to the kitchen to make breakfast when she sees, the dining table is already set with breakfast fast. She smells the food and shouts Mom! Dulaari comes out from the kitchen. Oh my Princess got up. She hugs Dhaani. Mom, when did you came? you didn’t wake me up?? where’s Daddy?? Manohar walks in. So many questions! Dhaani goes and hugs him tightly. Daddy, I missed you guys so much! We too missed our daughter. Three of them share a cute family hug.

They sit to have breakfast. Manohar asks, so how was your day? Dhaani recalls the happy moments with Viplav. Superb daddy! Manohar asks, Really? something special? Dhaani gets tensed. No.. no .. nothing special. Just a usual day. Dulaari interrupts them. Dhaani, your Dad and I want to talk to you about something important. What is it Mom? Is everything Okay?? Manohar replies, Yaeh..Yeah, everything is fine. We’ll talk after the breakfast. Dhaani says okay Daddy.

• Viplav’s Residence

Viplav is sitting in the lounge with his Dada ji. Kanak joins them. Viplav, we were thinking to talk to you but you were quite busy with your work last day. Viplav reminisces yesterday’s moments with Dhaani. He says, what happened Maa? Is anything serious. Dada ji says, Beta actually, we were thinking about your marriage. Viplav looks on shockingly. He laughs. Sorry.. Dada ji.. Maa.. But what’s new in this. You guys are always after my marriage. Kanak says, but Viplav, we have seen a nice girl for you. She is well mannered, educated and most of all she belongs to a respectable family. Viplav gets thinking. But Maa, I told you.. I don’t want to get marry now. Dada ji says, Beta.. but the girl is very nice. Kanak adds, yes and you also met her? remember? Viplav gets suspicious. Where? Kanak says, In Rajlaxmi’s wedding? Viplav goes into the Flashback.
‘How he first saw Dhaani, and felt some unusual vibes .

Dada ji says, Baba.. Manohar and his family is very good. Viplav comes out of his flashback and asks what? Kanak says, yes Viplav we like Dhaani. And we think she is the best girl for you. We thought to ask you first before taking proposal to them. Dada ji smiles at Kanak and asks Viplav. Baba, say? are you happy? Viplav is stunned and is lost in his mind. Kanak again says, Viplav. Beta tell us? Viplav says Maa, Dada ji I respect you both, but I can’t marry her. Kanak & Dada ji gets worried and ask. But why Viplav? You have met her, she is a nice girl. Why are you rejecting her? Viplav gets tensed and stands up. The two of them also stand up and asks what’s the matter. Viplav says. Nothing, she is indeed a good girl but.. he stops. But what? Kanak asks. Nothing Maa, okay I’ll think about it. Give me some time to think on this. But till then, you won’t take my marriage proposal to them. Promise me! Kanak looks at Dada ji and says. Viplav, she is a nice girl, but after all it’s your life decision, take your time. She smiles. Viplav goes to his room.

• Dhaani’s Residence

Dhaani comes to her parent’s room. Daddy you called me. Dulaari sings her to come in. Dhaani sits with them and says in jolly mood. You are discussing someone? who is that lucky person? Dulaari says, we are discussing about our would be son in law. Dhaani coughs and jokes, what! Son in law? when did that happen? Daddy you didn’t told me that I have a sister and that too, she is getting married. Dulaari stares her. Dhaani gets quite. Manohar laughs. I have only one princess in my kingdom, and her name is Dhaani. Dhaani hugs him. Manohar says, beta we have seen some one for you. Dhaani looks on. Dulaari says. We know their family well, they are good , i’m sure they’ll treat you like a princess. Dhaani gets irked and talks to Manohar. But Daddy, I don’t want to marry. She smiles innocently. Manohar says. but.. Dulaari interrupts, Dhaani.. let me complete my talk, for once. Dhaani listens half heartily. Dulaari continues. You also know him. Remember you met him at your friends marriage few days back? Dhaani hears this and gets into a flashback.

‘When Dhaani accidentally collided with Viplav and he holds her in his arms.’
Dulaari says, Tripathi family is well mannered and known as kind hearted family. Dhaani gets shocked. Tripathi family? Manohar says. Yes, we like Viplav. He is matured and hardworking. And I think he is the right guy for my daughter. Dhaani’s words gets chocked. Dulaari says. What do you think? Dhaani says. Viplav, but how this can be.. Dulaari asks to say clearly what she saying. Dhaani asks. Did they send any proposal? Dulaari nods in no. Dhaani gets up. Then why are you asking me Mom! Dulaari says. Because we like the guy. If you say yes, we can take this talk ahead. Dhaani gets mad. But I don’t want to marry na! Manohar asks her to sit. He says. You don’t like him? Dhaani says, he is a good guy but.. I don’t know Daddy. Manohar signs Dulaari to stay calm. He says to Dhaani. It’s alright Dhaani. We are not in a rush. It’s your life. You have the right to say. You take time and think about it. Dhaani says thank you Daddy and goes from there.

Dhaani comes in her room and lies on her bed. What is this happening! If I say yes, Mom & Daddy will talk to his family. What he will think about me! I called him my friend, best friend and all of a sudden i’m willing to marry him! No.. no I can’t! I just can’t let my reputation go wrong. And most importantly he’s the guy, if he is not taking the first step by sending marriage proposal.. then I should not worry and think about him. Yeah, that’s it I’ll say no to Mom & Daddy.

PRECAP: Kanak asks Viplav what’s his decision.. Viplav is tensed. ( Don’t get depress from today’s episode because tomorrow’s episode will bring a new bright shine! )

Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Mahira again u rocked. It was a good episode. At least Tripathi family and Manohar family will talk to each other about vidhani’s marriage. Waiting for the next part. Plz post it soon.

    1. Thanks dear. ?

      Let’s see if it happens or not.

  2. go on Mahira…make Viplav Dhaani say YES for the proposal 🙂

    1. Thank you Sujie! ?

      Wait for the next episode, if they say yes or no.

  3. This was indeed a sad episode yaar pls unite them soon!! But eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Thanks Maria! ?

      Don’t worry about that. My story is of Vidhaani. And will show Vidhaani scenes only. You won’t get bored.

      1. Although next part would be happy but today it was sad. Liked the parents conversation at both places.

    2. Maria where is your next episode!!! ?

      1. It’s posted already..

  4. Nice..hope they say yes in next ep

    1. Thanks Amy! ?

      For that you have to wait.

  5. Thanks Renu. ?

    Yeah next episode is happy one! This was the first and only sad episode of this fan fiction! ? so cheer up! All will be good! ?

  6. Awesome story Mahira loved it.

    1. Thank you so much!

  7. Nice Mahira. This is not a sad episode. I enjoyed the parents conversation and dhani’s ego. Loved it.

    1. Thanks! ? I appreciate your observation it was indeed a good part, this will be the reason for them to stay close!

  8. Mshira, as usual superb episode raelly I loved it.

    1. Thank you Nima! ?

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  10. mahira nice one

    1. Thanks.

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